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Jonah Ray has some friends over to his house to drink, listen to music, and converse....with sexy results.

Jonah Ray has some friends over to his house to drink, listen to music, and converse....with sexy results.
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Los Angeles, CA


Jonah Ray has some friends over to his house to drink, listen to music, and converse....with sexy results.






Meet Bill

OUT OF CONTEXT QUOTATION “I learned I can be bought. That’s what I learned”- Bill Corbett on “Meet Dave” Good podcast to y’all. On this weeks installment of the show, we sit down with RIFF TRAX riffing/Crow T Robot playing/Meet Dave screenwritin’ Bill Corbett. We talk riffing on movies, Garrison Keillors creepy behavior, the Masterclass teachings of Steve Martin, Meet Dave and literally dozens more things. It was great, a real treat for all involved. Don’t trust anybody who says...


Freaked Out Idiot Box

Podcast Ahoy, me mateys! This week Alex Winter and Tom Stern stop by and old friend Ryan Case helps us welcome them. We talk a bit of the Bill and Ted sequel, Jonah and Toms early days on the Andy Milonakis Show, their classic horror movie FREAKED, seeing the Ramones out in the village in NYC, working with the Cannon film guys, and more Jonah is in Nashville this weekend at Zanies. In Chicago the next week at the North Bar with a movie riff show, two standup sets and late saturday...


Just a Kid from Ridgecrest, CA

“He’s actually pretty tasty with what he does”- Mark Hoppus on Travis Barker Max Fun Drive Part Two. We are joined by gentleman, scholar, and bass player from Jonah’s cover band Mark Hoppus! We talk his roots, how Blink-182 initially got signed from some subtle car stereo placement, and his long history of making references to “making maternal love”. It’s also the final week of Max Fun Drive, so our buddy Lindsey calls in and reminds us of about the true spirit of the season. We learn a...


MMaximim Fun Drive (The extra m is for Metal)

This week we have a monster of an episode. Master of Metal Brendan Small, creator of Metalaclpse and the auteur of the Galaktikon universe, and Master of Head Writing Eliot Kalan (The Daily Show, the new season of MST3K, co-host of FLOPHOUSE here on Max Fun) come by to talk making movies, writing jokes, and always getting the call for the thing you’ve already done, not the thing you want to do next. Check out Brendans new music video for “Nightmare” for Galaktikon at Funny or Die, or his...


Jonah Raydio- Maybe I'm The Wrong One

Maybe I'm The Wong One "It took 3 instagram stories for [Insane Clown Posse] to take the stage" - Crisitina Johns "This podcast is awesome" - Jeff Rosenstock This week on Raydio: Old friend Christina Johns (formally of Side One Dummy Records, now at HOPELESS RECORDS) brings by new friend Jeff Rosenstock (Bomb The Music Industry, Chris Farren's friend). Jeff was in town for the premier of the Cartoon Network show Craig of the Creek for which he composed the music. Christina walks...



A returning favorite Hutch Harris from The Thermals is our guest this week. He had come down from Portland for a bit of a vacation, so he came in and discussed what record producing is actually like, past romantic experiences and broke some big news about the status of the Thermals. We feature a new jingle from one of our fans and Lindsay Pavlas from Max Fun to do a little tease for our first Max Fun Drive, coming the week of April 2nd! SONGS______ Hutch and Kathy- I Made You a...


Jonah Raydio

This week on the Raydio, old friends and Academy Award nominated screenwriting duo: Emily V Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani. We talk their whirlwind awards season that had just ended two days before, the "Emilys Hospital Room" three-film cinematic universe, Emily takes a “How Goth Are You” Quiz, and Kumail does his famous characters “laid back podcast guy” and “guy who knows anything about music”. They also do some Karaoke! Its terrible! Check out The Big Sick on Amazon, Emily’s Book Super You...


Jonah Raydio

Our Max Fun debut means better sound quality, friendship stories and one of the reigning Queens of Murder Georgia Hardstark of My Favorite Murder. We talk our new home, her meteoric rise through the podcasting charts, Queer Eye, Everthing is Terrible and Neil has the soundboard back! SONGS The Good Graces- Summer of ’93 Answering Machine- Nosejob Moon Gloom- Weave/Copy PAWS- Empire State(Studio) Madonna Inn Silence- The Deafening Sound of Absolutely Nothing Part...


Was Mad TV Over-lit?

In our finale Nerdist episode, we proudly host Mr. Blaine Capatch as we say good bye to the network that birthed us. We drank fancy tequila to celebrate and then my notes just say “it’s kinda fun to talk shit”. See you on Max Fun! Check out Lucha VaVoom, the Tulsa Skull Swingers, or this old short. SONGS Bad Lungs- DT’s Hindsight- Severance Live! From The Basement- In Charge Xpot- Roud Quad City DJs- Space Jam x The Mountain Goats This Year


Really Classy Tevas with Ben and Mike

This week on the ol' Raydio podcast we talk to the creators of Netflix's Everything Sucks, Ben York-Jones & Michael Mohan. Ben's latest movie "NEWNESS" is also on Netflix. Also, one of Jonah's favorite flicks "Save The Date" (directed by Michael) is discussed. But it's not all movies and tv! We stroll down 90's music memory lane and talk about what Prarie Home Companion would be if David Lynch hosted it. Also, there's an announcement right near the end. Which Jonah wasn't sure if he was...


Elvis, King of the Poops

Hey everyone, this week the Sklar Brothers sit down with us. We talk their new poop documentary @PoopTalkMovie, why Neil may actually be a nice person despite all the talk, and play a Sklar pun based game. -Songs- Negative Perspective- Kevin Fowler- send a link next time buddy Old Rivals- The Darkness Elvis- You've Lost That Loving Feeling Woziskee- Blue These Fithy Animals- Zombie Joe Purdy Shuffle Langhorne Slim- Say Yes Make sure to check out the Sklar brother...


Jonah and The Solos

Once again it’s the incredible Jonah Ray and the Solos! No guest just good ole’ hard to read handwriting in my notebook. Looks like we played Neil’s old band and Jonah’s old band and a guy who puts out music on the internet (under his own name) as Jonah Ray but isn’t Jonah. Yeah, it’s coming back. Good times. SONGS Piebald- American Hearts Intendo- Ontario Yer Outs- Home Alone Other Jonah Ray- Slow Villapianos By The Airport - I’m OK. You’re Ok. We’re Radd Rigs of Dad...


Latin Convention with XangelX

Long time friend Eliza Skinner and long time foe Greg Heller bounce their way into Chez Jonah Raydio. We break down Elizas new podcast, Cool Playlist, reminisce about college radio and everybody freestyle raps except Neil. Songs Tiny Little Houses- Entitled Generation The Kid is Dead- Wastoid For Now Sore Thumb- Suicide Mission From Hell Get Action- Back on the Ball The Good Graces- Remember the Old School Happy- Mellow Fellow


The New New New Neil Mahoney

Valuable because of its scarcity, its the Guestless episode. Well done by all involved. We speculate on what exactly a “Wolfman Jack In The Box” shirt looks liake. We play a bunch of submitted music and some ol’ favorites. Neil continues his perfect attendance record. Check out the DC music scene doc Salad Days SONGS The Beatdown- It's Alright The Stools- 30 MG Blues Someone Who Isn’t Me EP from Fourth Line Records- Broken Cars Braided Veins- Everything Dies Not Safe To...


Dogstar Groupies

Hey everybody! Long and great episode this week with Matt Sharp original bassist for Weezer and leader of the Rentals! We've been wanting to get Matt on for a long time and it was well worth the wait. Dive in and listen. Only other​​ thing you should know is that Mystery was the leader of a group of pick up artists and had his own show on MTV. The Rentals Songs The Rentals- Waiting The Rentals- Getting By The Rentals-Elon Musk Is Making Me Sad


Scotch, No Rocks

​Hey there friends and neighbors, this weeks Jonah Raydio is a good 'un. Comic book and comedy writer Gerry Duggan @gerryduggan joins us to talk saying goodbye to Deadpool, the time when Ron Jeremy was his landlord, and to listen to some listener submitted music. Check out his current run on the newest cosmic event from Marvel and also keep your eyes out for his Image title Analog. Songs H2O- Five Year Plan Nice Legs- One Total Massacre- War on Xmas (World Is Over) Half...


Sh*tty Episode

Hey everybody! This week we have a bit of a blend. We start off strong with guest Mad Magazine editor/@midnight staffer/musician Allie Goertz trading stories and having a ball. Check out Allie's first issue on the masthead at Mad when it comes out March 28th. Then Jonah got sick. A little rumbly in the tummbly. Then he had to leave. Then micro manager Neil took over. Mahonaraydio ensues. Say what you will, the title is evidence-based Songs Allie Goertz- Leave(The Room...


A Very Kloc Holidays

Forgive us is we’re a bit vulnerable, but a Dave Kloc episode is the most science based way of making us feel special. The sheer diversity of subjects discussed in this episode will shake your entitlement to the very core. The fetus of the idea for this podcast can be traced back to conversations we had with Dave years ago, so we’re all excited to have him back on. Plus he gets science based for his conversations about hockey and his new yearlong subscription program. Plus we play some...


Cody and Dave

This week on the Raydio, Jonah and the fellas are joined by musican, raconteur, and all around good guy Cody Votolato (@CodyVotolato) and Jawbreaker corespondent Dave Lyons stops by with his report. All that plus we come up with tv shows to go with theme songs. It's a hoot. It's a holler. It's only on...Jonah Raydio! Boys II Men- Up On The Roof Milou- The News Jawbreaker- Want The Go! Team- Semicircle Song PRESSERS- Shredding with Pressers PRESSERS- Still Slow The Blood...


New Studio, Same Old Sh_T

The below were submitted as notes by Neil Mahoney on the recording of Jonah Raydio episode 101 ...a drawing of a penis and balls made up of the word 4x the word penis and 1 use of the word balls like one of those old rock and roll posters from the 60s. it takes up the top half of the page'... "Vortex" by John Carpenter off of Lost Themes "Kate" by Charlotte Gainsbourg "Don't Have Another One" by FYP "Belittle My Brain" by FYP "Death Dreams" by The Shes "Satellite" by Kicking...


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