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A real couple giving you a show dedicated to answering questions about lifestyle, Open Marriage, open relationships, Swingers, swinging,3 sums, 4-sums, orgies, couple swapping, hot-wife, Gang bangs soft swap, full swap,polyamory No questions is off limits We are not here to give you some pillow talk answers, we give you the raw Krazy Truth... Kasbh Style!

A real couple giving you a show dedicated to answering questions about lifestyle, Open Marriage, open relationships, Swingers, swinging,3 sums, 4-sums, orgies, couple swapping, hot-wife, Gang bangs soft swap, full swap,polyamory No questions is off limits We are not here to give you some pillow talk answers, we give you the raw Krazy Truth... Kasbh Style!


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A real couple giving you a show dedicated to answering questions about lifestyle, Open Marriage, open relationships, Swingers, swinging,3 sums, 4-sums, orgies, couple swapping, hot-wife, Gang bangs soft swap, full swap,polyamory No questions is off limits We are not here to give you some pillow talk answers, we give you the raw Krazy Truth... Kasbh Style!






Krazy Truth #127 Doing it Doggy style (How's my arch?)

Kole gets a new sound effect machine, but don't worry, Ms Amanda does take it away. This week we are talking sex positions. What do you do if your partner does not want or like a certain position? Can you be black balled if you do not "fuck right"? We talk about why your SO should always be the most important thing. This is your sexual adventure and should never do anything you do not want to. Also STOP looking at Porn to learn how to swing. We talk about "vanilla sex" versus "Swinger Sex"....


Krazy Truth #126 The COVID SHOW- Fuck to much, status fucks and Positive effects

Yes we have the Covid and it sucks but the show must go on. So this week we talk about questions we asked on our Facebook pages. Can you have to many playmates? The answer was NO, so how does that relate to Bed Notching. You will love the responses!!. We also tackle and hope to help put an end to Status fucking! Having Orgies, 3 sums, Full swaps, soft swaps should be about connection not Status. Finally We talk about so many of the positive effects of the Lifestyle. You need to listen and...


Krazy Truth #125 Clean Your JUNK! Hygiene, and some solutions!

This week we are talking about Hygiene! You would think it is a given but it needs to be reviewed. NO one wants to play with sweaty cooter or balls. No one wants to make out with someone whose breath smells like a garbage dump. We go a step further, would you be willing to tell a playmate they have an issue? What can you do to be better prepared at a party. What are some sexy ways to counter the Hygiene. Being clean is important! Listen to the show I think you will be surprised at what we...


Krazy Truth #124 More than just Friends with Benefits

This week we got your opinion. The question is what surprised you the most about the Swinger Lifestyle! We talked about what would you change in the Lifestyle and what has changed the most. Friendships, Cliques, respect. We are all over it this week. YOU have the power to make the lifestyle better, but do you have the balls? That is the question and the challenge we throw down to you! Well Swingers are not just fucking, and orgies, and gangbangs and kink etc. We are people. Give this a show...


Krazy Truth #123 Will You CUM already!

What a great show we have this week. This week we talk about the length of time of sex play and what is the proper etiquette on talking about how much is enough. We also talk about the challenges of keeping a 12 inch dick up and going and just overall communication with a playmate. This question was great and one I think everyone can relate to. Also we talk about kink pictures being used properly. Remembering you do not have to share those "special dirty pics" with anyone. A great show with...


Krazy Truth #122 Kissing, Fucking and Spending the Night. OH MY

This week we talk about the start and the finish of the fun time adventures. Is Kissing ok? Is it against the rules? Is there a right or wrong way in the Swinger Lifestyle? Nope and we talk about your rules and filling in your partners. We also talk about after the sex is over and it is time to go home. Is it Ok to spend the night, what is the polite thing to do, kick someone out or ask them to stay. What is the pros and cons of each. Little things like planning ahead make the sex that much...


Krazy Truth #121 Fucked in the Hot Tub!!

Sex in the hot tub is awesome, but wait what about if it is not OK with the spouse? This week we help a single female that was put in a bad spot by a couple that was not on the same page! Rules are important in the lifestyle and playing by them is even more important so an innocent person does not get caught in the cross fire. Communication, kink, sex at camp out and all of the regular Kraziness you expect are on tab for the this week. Get your swinger on and get horny listening to us! Want...


Krazy Truth #120 Desperate for Dick and Pussy. Thirsty Hunters!!

We are talking about getting Dick and Pussy. The level of Thirst is so high. You know when guys and gals are desperate to get laid! Can You have fun with out getting laid? How do you do that? Why being Thirsty is bad and in the Swinger lifestyle being desperate is bad and will hurt your chance to get laid. What can you do to have fun and not shoot yourself in the nuts. Give us a listen you will be glad you did!!!. Want to check out our other shows? go to Visit our...


Krazy Truth #119 Holy Fuck are we going to Hell?

This week besides all kinds of fucking around. Why? Because that is what we do!.. We do deal with an actual question. Are we going to hell because we are swingers? Yep it is the morality issue. So we dive right in. NO this is not some Sermon and it is not one religion is better then the other. This is a show just talking the truth. Give us a listen you might be surprises how we answer how Swingers and religion can both exist together. Alternative Swinger lifestyle do not have to be an either...


Krazy Truth #118 All is good at the Orgy!

This week we talk about a hot topic on our website. What if you go to an Orgy and no one wants to fuck you? So we talk about what really is an Orgy, versus just a house party. What is the chance of an orgy breaking out? How do we make it happen. How do we still have fun at house party. Plus we talk about real expectations. Lets get naked and fuck! This is a crazy show but hell yes lets talk about Orgies!!!!! Want to hear all our shows? Go to Visit our...


Krazy Truth #117 Swingers Mind Fucks, body issues and shaken confidence

Yep, it happens and we do self mind fucks. Body Issues, lack of self confidence and all of the things that happen when you mind fuck yourself. This is a real person show as we talk about our issues. Is it pretty, nope, but it is real! Orgies, group sex, kink, 3 sums, swapping etc. It can only happen when you are in the right frame of mind and no matter how long you are in the Swingers lifestyle Mind fucks can and do happen. Check out all our shows at Visit...


Krazy Truth #116 Holy Fuck Geriatric Sex and so much more!

Yep this show sums it up Holy Fuck what just happened. You will laugh you ass off. We talk about some of our funny sex stories. We talk about some of our funny fuck up's. We talk about Geriatric sex and so much more! It is complete insanity!! This is the way to get your weekend kicked off!! The Swinger Lifestyle is all about having fun and this week's show is all about having fun. So if you like to laugh, well this is the show for you!!! Check out all our shows at...


Krazy Truth #115 Naked all Weekend at Krazy Summer Nights

FUCK YES it was Krazy Summer Nights!! What a great time. This show is all about the nakedness, the drinking the Kraziness that is our events. Lots of sex, lots of naked, lots of fun. Do we have some stories for you. The Swinger lifestyle is all about group sex, 3 sums, 4 sums, sexual bucket lists items being checked off , Kink and so much more. You do no want to miss this show! Check out all our shows at Visit our sponsors at:...



DISCLAIMER: We are not experts on Kink. This week we talk about Kink Shaming. One of the challenges of going from the Kink side of the lifestyle to the Swinger Lifestyle side is the difference in communication and understanding. We talk about Amanda's Young sex adventure. and So much more. Knife play, roll playing, littles, brats, and more kink Check out all our shows at Visit our sponsors at:...


Krazy Truth #113 Oh Shit we've been outed!

This week we talk about the topic that strikes fear in many swingers, being outed. First we talk to a couple that accidentally outed another swinger lifestyle couple. Oh what a difference 24 hours make, going from an awesome couples swap to being hated in their group. The second question deals with a couple that got outed by someone. Again, nothing changes a relationship like being outed!. Listen in as we help talk about kink, 3 sums, full swaps ,soft swaps and more! Check out all our shows...


Krazy Truth #112 Power of Body Image and Power of Words

This week we talk about 2 major topics the 1st is Body Image. Every Man and woman in the swinger lifestyle has some body Image issues and or insecurities. How we deal with them and how we deal with other people is huge!!!! Also what is appropriate conversation. It is supposed to be about sex not political, religious or any other type of debate. Keep it simple. Sport fucking is not this hard, regardless of if it is 3 sums, orgies, kink, couple swap it does not matter. Common sense goes along...


Krazy Truth #111 What the Fuck we keep striking out

This week we talk about the dreaded slump and how much harder it is when you are first starting out in the swinging lifestyle. We talk about relaxing and going into events just looking to have fun and not hooking up. Once you relax the 3 sums and full swaps will happen! We also talk about Flirting, and how to make a move. Kole reveals some of his secrets. (yes that is sarcastic lol) tune in, learn something, get kinky, get in the swinger mood and laugh your ass off. Check out all our shows...


Krazy Truth #110 Help My Partner is Cock Blocking us!

This week we talk about couple swaps. In the Swinger lifestyle finding another couple to hook up with, whether it is full swap or soft swap is a challenge. It is hard to find 4 people that all click. This week we answer questions from a couple that is having some serious cock blocking going on and it seems more then skin deep. We also answer another question from a couple that one half wants out of the lifestyle. How do they go forward from here. The challenge is real and so our our...


Krazy truth #109 We got an STD what do we do now?

So this week we answer a new couples question about getting an STD (STI) and what to do next. Yeah not every show is getting to talk about full swap, soft swap, gang bangs or orgies, but this is real fear for a lot of swingers in the swinging lifestyle. Look sex is fun, but when your hobby is fucking other people this is a very real risk that goes with the lifestyle. Give the show a listen today. (Disclaimer we are not dr's nor do we pretend to be. You should be tested regularly if you are...


Krazy Truth #108 Exploring the Bi side of the Lifestyle

This week, we help a listener that wants to explore his bisexuality and curiosity but he is unsure how to approach his spouse. We talk about the growth the lifestyle can give you and just how important communication, open communication really is so important. The swinger lifestyle is a constant growth of personal sexuality and understanding. It is not all just fucking lol. Cum with us on our adventure this week! Full swap, kink, soft swap, 3 sum, gang bangs, sex, nothing is off limits for...