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A real couple giving you a show dedicated to answering questions about lifestyle, Open Marriage, open relationships, Swingers, swinging,3 sums, 4-sums, orgies, couple swapping, hot-wife, Gang bangs soft swap, full swap,polyamory No questions is off limits We are not here to give you some pillow talk answers, we give you the raw Krazy Truth... Kasbh Style!

A real couple giving you a show dedicated to answering questions about lifestyle, Open Marriage, open relationships, Swingers, swinging,3 sums, 4-sums, orgies, couple swapping, hot-wife, Gang bangs soft swap, full swap,polyamory No questions is off limits We are not here to give you some pillow talk answers, we give you the raw Krazy Truth... Kasbh Style!


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A real couple giving you a show dedicated to answering questions about lifestyle, Open Marriage, open relationships, Swingers, swinging,3 sums, 4-sums, orgies, couple swapping, hot-wife, Gang bangs soft swap, full swap,polyamory No questions is off limits We are not here to give you some pillow talk answers, we give you the raw Krazy Truth... Kasbh Style!






Krazy Truth #179 Getting outed at the Class Reunion

It was Kole's 30 year Class reunion and yep our lifestyle was the topic of conversation. Yes Kole Looks different, long hair, finger nail polish and a serious attitude. Yes some of the class had found the Only fans page of Ms Amanda and her dirty twitter. It is so funny that the vanilla world is just so uneducated about the swinging lifestyle. If you are going to be in this lifestyle you need to understand what people don't know who are not! This week we talk about all of the conversations,...


Krazy Truth #178 Getting laid at the party and beyond

It is party season and are you ready? Do you really remember how to talk to people to actually get a chance to get laid or are you going to sound like you are clueless? It is amazing what a little thought and planning can do. You will also be surprised how much more fun you will have. The Second part of the show is all about how to behave after the fun is over and the next day. How do you behave, what do you share and what do you not. What is ok to talk about and when does it become...


Krazy Truth #177 Sex food chain and the importance of Singles at Sex Events!

It's party season everyone! Yep almost Halloween and all of the get togethers, hotel take overs, swing events etc. So that means we have to talk about the singles. Single guys, Single women and where do they fit in the Sex Food chain. Yep in the Ecosystem in the swinger world Singles are damn important! So this week we talk about, the good singles. We are not talking about the handful of assholes, but rather the respectful single males and females and how they can feel more comfortable at...


Krazy Truth #176 Weekday sex and Making a squirt puddle at the Club

So what an exciting show! First we let it the cat out of the Bag that we are bringing back Krazy Winter Nights! That will be a show all on its own but mark your calendars for Jan 15th, We do also actually answer some questions. We all know we all have different work schedules and our 1st couple has a problem, they work every weekend. They want ideas on how to be able to get hook ups during the week. We try to come up a couple of options and solutions for them. Send us your ideas for this...


Krazy Truth #175 Questions and Drinks leads to Sex

This week we had a couple of questions that were totally new. We answer a question from a couple that is frustrated and ready to say Fuck it. They wanted to know why do we stay in the lifestyle. What is your draw, is it still hot for you? That was the easy part of the show. Next up was a couple that their adult son knows what they do. He has friends that were newly married and had questions. The son brought Mom and Dad and his friends together...... Well guess what? Yep they hooked up and...


Krazy Truth #174 Road sex? No go (No hook up) sex list

So this week we are talking about a lot of everything and a lot of nothing, LOL So we talk about sex club we are going to visit. The end of the sex at work. The over all mood and how much we need this vacation. Get ready to laugh, and see what we are all about. We do also talk about no go lists how to get on them and how to stay off of them. This is important (really important at a vacation spot) This is the show you need to hear to really get to know us. To hear all our shows go to...


Krazy Truth #173 Vacation fun and Fisting for all

This week we talk about being truthful and being up front and having a clue. Yes if you are at a lifestyle event, or on vacation at a place that could turn into lifestyle fun this is the show for you. We start off talking about a new couple that wanted to know if it was ok to "ask" a couple if they were down for some swinger fun. They were on vacation and did not want to break any rule. Listen to our answers and see if you agree. The second half of the show we helped a couple that wanted to...


Krazy Truth #172 Sinners or Saints

This week we tackle the issue that has thrown many people in to a tail spin, Religion and the Adult alternative lifestyle. The issue of morality affects those thinking about swinging, BDSM, Going to Clubs like Hedo, Temptation or Desire. What is right, what is wrong and can you be sexually free and open and still have a relationship with a higher power. Do we have all the answers? No, but we give you our perspective and hopefully it helps or at least causes you to have a conversation. The...


krazy Truth 171 The Only Fans Cluster Fuck

Yep we talk about it. The Only Fans cluster fuck! What is going to happen and why does it really matter in the lifestyle. We focus on the challenges of Lifestyle people, the average person and the fall out no only from having only fans accounts but all of the other little companies that have popped up to fill the void with the new rules on Only Fans. Can you really make a ton of money? Is it worth it? What is the real cost? This week we are keeping it very real. Give the show a listen you...


Krazy Truth Special episode- Jeff Abraham CEO of Promescent interview

We have a treat. In almost 5 years of doing the show we have never done an interview. ( We just don't) but we have made a special exception for Jeff Abraham, CEO of Promescent. We are excited to have Promescent as a sponsor of our show, but we believe in the product and felt we need the top man at the company to tell you, our audience about the company, the product and why we are excited about them. SO sit back and give it a listen and get ready to get excited as well. Check out all our...


Krazy Truth #170 Wrong Hole! and a House Party!

What a crazy show. Yes we talk about Garth Brooks, Yes we talk about Kole Getting emotional Yes we answer questions! The first question is a story of lots of mistakes by 4 people. What happens when someone accidentally puts a penis in the wrong hole, and the person says go for it, even though it is against their own rules, that all 4 people talked about before play started? You must listen to get the whole story and we want to hear if you agree with our advise. The second question we talk...


Krazy Truth #169 Krazy Summer Nights Show

This week we talk about the most kick ass party of the summer, Krazy Summer Nights. I promise after this show you will be ready to sign up and get your camp on for our Krazy Summer Nights 2022- the Golden Edition. We talk about our New Ms Krazy Kasbh Milf winner, the activities, the games, the fun. The awesome campground Natural Pines resorts ( and our sponsors and so much more. What a great time and wow will next year be off the hook. Out door sex, midget...


Krazy Truth #168 Kole's Humbling experience being a single male at a Swingers club

Yep this week Kole got a real eye opening experience. He found out just how challenging it can be to go to a club or swinger event as a single! The funny part, we have been to the club before and the people are all very nice. This week we talk about the Mind Fuck that Kole did to himself and how walking in another persons shoes gave him a new perspective of the adult alternative lifestyle! Give the show a listen and get ready to laugh your way to a new view of being a swinger! Want to hear...


Krazy Truth 167- Bump on the Ass and She was kicking ass!

This week is a show about ass, kind of. We answer a question from a Lady who got a zit on her butt and cancelled a playdate, but this question proves it is not what you say but how you say it. She was embarrassed about her blemish and was vague in her cancellation and that is how the miss communication and NOW the rumors have begun. The second question is about making an ass of your self. We answer a question from a new couple who miss heard a conversation in the Ladies room, blew up,...


Krazy Truth #166 Ms Amanda does Rope Play and Suspension for the 1st time!

This week we get Kinky and I mean with a fetish or a kink. Ms Amanda finally got to dabble in the world of Kink and participate in rope play. She did Suspension for the very first time! Amanda really takes over the show. You are going to get to hear her opinions and description's of the event. We also talk a lot about all of the though that went into doing this, the questions to ask and how awesome the guy was that did it!! IF you have every thought about this or other kinks this is the show...


Krazy Truth #165 People you know, Smells you don't

So This week we started off with some serious tech issues, LMFAO!!! So sit back and laugh your ass off as we get silly in the beginning. We talk about all kinds of silliness. These are the shows that are the best. OK..... So we do actually talk about a couple of actual issues. We help the 1st couple as they deal with the fear of running into someone they know at one of the events. We talk about how to handle it and the fact it will happen. The second couple has a question about dealing with...


Krazy Truth #164 The true Mind Fuck when your shit don't work

This week we go into the real story of what it feels like as a guy when your shit won't work. Not Just ED but the real deal of getting older in the Lifestyle. How as a guy have to deal with the fear of if the Girl says yes and having problems. We still laugh but we bring to the light a whole bunch of truth! The honest, true issues I deal with and so do so many other guys. Its time to be honest with ourselves about the Lifestyle and the fears and failures! Tune in to get a new perspective. To...


Krazy Truth #163 What a long strange trip its been

This week we talk about our Trip to Club Forbidden Omaha ( www.forbidden-omaha) and the great time we had. The trip out allowed us to reflect on the path swingers take, from being newbies all the way to long term vets. Follow us as we talk about how cool it was to hang with couples that have been in the lifestyle for 6 months, and people that were the very first people we met at our very first Meet and Greet almost 11 years ago. This is a fun show, lots of laughs and tons of fun check it out...


Krazy truth #162 Oh Shit did we break our own Rules

Get Ready to laugh, no matter how long you are in the adult alternative lifestyle, I.E a swinger you run a risk of breaking your own rules. Well this last weekend Ms. Amanda and I broke a lot of rules and we had a blast doing it! If you want to laugh your ass off this is the show to do it. Ms. Amanda naked in front of the cop shop, Kole making out on a pool table and all points in-between. We guess we need to get out more! Check out all our shows at Visit our paid...


Krazy Truth #161 Is Age Just a number in the Lifestyle?

It is the Birthday Show!! Yep we record this on Ms Amanda's 50th Birthday and the show focused on and about age. We answered questions from a 26 year old who was treated rude by a 62 old when she turned him down. We also help a wife who's husband only wants to hook up with younger women when she prefers men her own age. The age question affects all of us in the lifestyle. We go into how the age of kids affects who people will play with, and how large or small age gaps are not as important as...