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Krazy Truth #78 A successful Meet and Greet

This week we talk about the biggest positives that have come from being a swinger in the Lifestyle, Not sexual but other benefits. We also talk about how to maximize a meet and greet. How do go from flirting to a 3 sum or 4 sum or more sum. We talk about expectations of the full or soft swap and how going to have fun is the way to go. We also talk about how to put on a great Meet and Greet. Support the show


Krazy Truth #77 Art of a 3 sum

This week we cover it all, The art of the 3 sum. How do you go from flirting with another couple to a fun four some. We talk communitcation and all the little things. This is a must hear show. If you are a Swinger in the lifestyle and love soft swap, full swap kink or more Krazy truth is for you. Support the show


Krazy Truth #76 Hocus Pocus we had no focus LOL

This show was a blast!! We talked about everything under the sun. We talked about Sexy Halloween Costumes, full swaps, hotel parties, 3 sums, kink and so much more!! If you want to make your day awesome give this show a listen! Support the show


Krazy Truth #75 Keyboard Porn star

This week we talk about all those people sitting at home telling you online what great lovers they are. How they are going to make you cum like no one ever has before. Yep Key board porn stars. Be the swinger that shows your partner not tell your partner. No one wants to just dream of a great full swap or soft swap or 3 sum or more sum or one on one. People want to feel it!!. We also talk about the key board porn star that is a great flirt online but then can't even say hi face to face. This...


Krazy Truth #74 Halloween Time!!!!

Yep its that time of year HALLOWEEN!!!!! We talk about the 1st party of the year and answer Halloween party themed questions. Good Chance we were both Hung over doing this show but those are the best time. It isn't easy being a swinger but it sure is fun! Listen in to for all of the info you need about swapping, soft swap or full swap, kink and so much more! Support the show


Krazy Truth #73 Thirsty!

This week we talk about the Thirsty, desperate ways people act online in the Lifestyle. Post that sound like begging for a swinger are not sexy. We also talk about safety at holiday swinger and kink parties and taking care of yourself and owning your own actions. Swapping is fun whether it is soft swap or full swap but you have to be safe when doing it. Support the show


Krazy Truth #72 Boring old Swinging

What do you do when the swinger lifestyle doesn't get you excited any more. When its just the same old kink, same old 3 sum, same old soft swap or same old full swap? We have some ideas. Also So you think you want to start your own group? Let us give you some of the good, bad and ugly on starting your new swinger page. Support the show


Krazy Truth #71A Its all about the Community!

This week we talk about the Swinger, Kink, poly Lifestyles and they are more then just sex or scenes. It is more then Soft swap,full swap, group sex and wild nakedness. The Lifestyle is truly a community. One for all and all for one. Support the show


Krazy Truth #71 It is a Community!! (whoops this is the same as last week)

This week we talk about the Swinger, Kink, poly Lifestyles and they are more then just sex or scenes. It is more then Soft swap,full swap, group sex and wild nakedness. The Lifestyle is truly a community. One for all and all for one. Support the show


Krazy Truth #70 Picture This!

What do you do at a House Party, or Hotel take over if you are not comfortable? A swinger should always be comfortable and yes you can be in the middle of a kink scene, a Soft swap, a full swap or any sexual situation and leave at any time. Plus Pictures at parties. What are the rules and how do you go about dealing with it. Support the show


Krazy Truth #69 Damn those Emotions

This week we talk about those pesky emotions! What will you feel the first time you are doing full swap or soft swap. How about playing along or even in a poly relationship. Being a swinger is not always easy and it is not for the faint of heart. Relationships can get tested. The need for communication is so very important! Support the show


Krazy Truth #68 Miss Manners swinger style

Proper etiquette when signing up for a party in the Swinger or Kink lifestyle, How much advance notice should you give if you can't go. How much vetting is needed to get into a sex party or swinger event? Its not just about the full swap, soft swap or 3-sum or more sums but about how you represent your selves all the time. Support the show


Krazy Truth #67 Keep your hands off my Junk

This week we talk about the big Swinger party Gnomeapolozia. We also talk about consent from guys. Yep No means no for women also. We talk about the double standard in the lifestyle. How swingers, in a sex charged environment, with full swap, soft swap and kink going on around you still need consent. We also talked about control of booze and drugs and control over your relationship issues in public. Support the show


Krazy Truth #66 Sex, Lies and text messages

Swingers and swinging require lots of trust. We talk about playing and sexting. We talk about How having sex with others is not the fix for a marriage! Swapping is fun but the communication has to be strong! Support the show


Krazy Truth #65 What our listeners are saying!

This week we talk about some of the feed back we have gotten from our listeners. Feed back from topics about swingers, Performance issues, communications, Kink. Plus we talk more about your regular 3 sums, 4 sums and more. Support the show


Krazy Truth #64 Krazy Summer Nights

We talk about our Krazy Summer Nights party at Natural Pines Resort, a Nudest and lifestyle campground. You can hear about our Swinger party and the sex swing orgy, or the couples that were watching the stars. Tune into to hear about some of the soft swap and full swap activities and learn like we did a little bit more about the nudest lifestyle that is out there. Support the show


Krazy Truth #63 Keeping it Wet, Hard and Real!

We tackle the issues of your body when you are a swinger or at a swinging event. Honest talk about issues when for men and women when you are doing a full swap, or group sex or even one on one. We talk address the false the truths around dick pills and the options for women to help with wetness. We talk about knowing your body when you are in sexual situations in the Kink, swingers, poly lifestyle. Support the show


Krazy Truth #62 Diving into Polyamory

We talk about Polyamory or the swingers version a Triad. We are not experts and don't claim to be but talk about our personal experience of going from a 3 sum, to Friends with Benefits, to a polyamory relationship. We also talk about the transition for a new couple from Kink and a kinkster, to swinging and a swinger. We talk about the challenges of soft swap, full swap and more. Support the show


Krazy Truth #61 Swinging: its not just for a midlife crisis anymore.

This week This week we talk about the different age range of swingers and swinging. Can a young couple handle soft swap and full swap. Are swingers all middle age people in the middle of a midlife crisis? Is playing alone actually having an affair? Do you need to be hooking up with another couple and swapping to actually be a swinger. We are your resource for all questions regarding kink,poly, full swap, soft swap. 3 sums, 4 sums and more. Support the show


Krazy Truth #60 Pool rules!!!

We talk about the rules and respect when going to a swinger pool party/house party/event/ Regardless of the event kink or soft swap or full swap or just hanging out the hosts will have rules and you need to follow them. We also talk about what to bring to a house party. Finally we talk about same sex couples in the swinger/kink lifestyle. Support the show