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Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is Let’s Get Situated, the podcast that can make your grandmother laugh. Fritz, Chelsea, and Jhimmyly express their opinions, every other week, on currents events, connect them to their own lives, and turn them into jokes. Follow the show on Instagram @LGSPodcast


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Welcome, welcome, welcome! This is Let’s Get Situated, the podcast that can make your grandmother laugh. Fritz, Chelsea, and Jhimmyly express their opinions, every other week, on currents events, connect them to their own lives, and turn them into jokes. Follow the show on Instagram @LGSPodcast




The METAVERSE is not real life

Gas prices are skyrocketing with no end in sight. We discuss the potential of WWIII, Disney’s potential “active” society, and our mindsets when at rock bottom. Let’s Get Situated!


I Expect The Woman To Tip

We are in a new era of dating which means there are new rules. We discuss the rules of tipping when on a date, dating just to document, and funeral etiquette. Let’s Get Situated!



Give it up for the ladies! On this Valentine’s Day edition we discuss the origins of cheating, Valentine’s Day cliches, and some of our worst date experiences. Special guest Alyssa! Let’s Get Situated!


Tell your friends they suck !

Being honest with our friends is not always the easiest task. We discuss the importance of holding our friends accountable and being intentional about having integrity. Let’s Get Situated!


The Gumbo Pot

Too often as we express our own preferences, we do so while talking down on the preferences of others. This is especially true when discussing the type of partner we want. In this episode, we discuss the effects dating apps have on the modern dating culture, stereotypical remarks made towards black women, and the official introduction of our official LGS pet. Let’s Get Situated!


The Real Second Wave

Covid has returned with a vengeance! We discuss the new Covid variant, change in protocols, and our New Years' goals. Happy New Year! Let’s Get Situated!


Agree to Disagree

To disagree or not to disagree, that is the question. Our different interpretations of life should not divide us. We discuss the impact difference of opinion has on society today and debate some of our own differing views. Let’s Get Situated.


Expect the unexpected

Celebrities and social media often persuade us to put unrealistic expectations on our relationships. We discuss the expectations of those around us and the deal breakers of a relationship. Let’s Get Situated!


Embrace the Change S2E1

The long awaited return has finally come! Season 2 is here! As the world changes, we must all embrace the changes around us. Embrace your evolution. Let’s Get Situated!


Chelsea Chooses Who ?

Happy Valentine’s Day! The rose petals are out, the chocolate is melted, the strawberries are ripe… it’s time to KNOCK BOOTS! Chelsea$ has her debut on the show! Sadly, this is our final episode of the bonus holiday special and officially marks the end of Season 1. BUT! Season 2 is coming sooner than you know!! Until next time, Let’s Get Situated!


Happy New Year !

Happy New Year! Happy Haitian Independence Day! This episode we pay homage to our ancestors who fought in the Haitian Revolution to become the first free Black republic. Some of us would’ve been on the front lines, others not so much. We also reflect on what has been the most turbulent year in our lifetime. Cheers to a prosperous new year full of renewed hope, new opportunities, and blessings in abundance! Let’s Get Situated! Song: Ede M Chante (Help Me To Sing) Artist: Boukan...


Happy Holidays !

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays? As we gear up for season 2, we return with another holiday bonus episode! We discuss childhood Christmas vs Christmas now. Does Christmas even feel the same in an epidemic? Vaccinations have begun to be delivered. Does this mean Rona is ending soon? Let’s Get Situated!



Happy Turkey Day! Let’s Get Situated Podcast returns with a new installment to our bonus holiday season as we continue gearing up for Season 2. We say farewell to ex-President Trump, introduce our newest member to LGS, and of course, get into all things Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving to you all! Let’s Get Situated!


Spooky Season

We’re BACK!!! After a short hiatus, Let’s Get Situated Podcast has returned! Where have we been? What do we have coming? How will the future look? We answer all looming questions as we prepare for the debut of Season 2. This is the holiday bonus season of Let’s Get Situated Podcast! Let’s Get Situated!



THIS IS NOT GOODBYE... it’s see you later! Welcome, all you beautiful people to the Season Finale of Let’s Get Situated Podcast! Thank you to everyone who has supported! We will be back and better than ever! Growth is key! Let’s Get Situated!


Parent Trap

Tory, Tory, Tory.. GOOFY! This week we revisit the attack on Meg The Stallion as she has officially named Tory Lanez as her shooter. We also dive into our views on parenting. We compare and contrast how we were parented and how we think we’ll be as parents. Happy Birthday Kobe Bean Bryant! R.I.P Legend.


Happily Ever After... Or Not

FINALLY! A positive event in 2020. Join us this week as we discuss some of the of highlights of Jenny’s wedding (older sister of Fritz The Prince). We also get into the mistakes made in our early “first love” relationships, and some of the do’s and don’ts of our future weddings... wishful thinking of course. Let’s Get Situated!


Belly Button

We assure you; No belly buttons were harmed before the recording of this episode. Okay… maybe one, but it was almost 20 years ago. Join us this week as we discuss the new WAP music video featuring Cardi B and Meg The Stallion, the NRA being sued, and splitting the baecation. Prayers out to everyone affected by the tragic events that occurred in Beirut, Lebanon. Let’s Get Situated!


Are you a parking ticket?

Are you a parking ticket… because you are so fine!! JSmooth and Fritz The Prince return to discuss the events of JSmooth’s birthday, the addition of classic Black sitcoms on Netflix, and the proper way to handle rejection. Lastly, we discuss a potential Covid-19 vaccine being mass-produced. Let’s Get Situated!


The New World

It’s a whole new world!! Join us this week as we discuss some of the subtle changes that are taking place in response to the pandemic. We also discuss the recent rant by Kayne West, life in the NBA bubble, and the return of Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Let’s Get Situated!