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As you can see, we have moved to episode shapes instead of numbers, for obvious reasons. In this week's "Nature Walk", we discuss animal halitosis. Then we discuss which country has the best flag. In our inaugural "Foody Goody" segment, we promote the expansion of preservation methods. Is jerkifying a word? If it is, it probably doesn't mean what you think it does.

As you can see, we have moved to episode shapes instead of numbers, for obvious reasons. In this week's "Nature Walk", we discuss animal halitosis. Then we discuss which country has the best flag. In our inaugural "Foody Goody" segment, we promote the expansion of preservation methods. Is jerkifying a word? If it is, it probably doesn't mean what you think it does.
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As you can see, we have moved to episode shapes instead of numbers, for obvious reasons. In this week's "Nature Walk", we discuss animal halitosis. Then we discuss which country has the best flag. In our inaugural "Foody Goody" segment, we promote the expansion of preservation methods. Is jerkifying a word? If it is, it probably doesn't mean what you think it does.




Limited Appeal - Neck bag

This episode starts with a Nature Walk, featuring Who's That Bird, non-bird edition, possibly round 4. T-Bone's dog previous success has him well ahead, maybe. Warren plays the sound of a nonbird, and each of us has to guess what the nonbird looks like, what it's trying to communicate, and provide the collective term for it. We each take a guess, which is as non-illuminating as usual. However, the correct answer sets off a real flood of interest in the water economy of the animals in...


Limited Appeal - Party nonoffice

This episode, Warren describes a situation in his work bathrooms that has been troubling him: one day the overseers at Warren's office replaced the paper towels with air dryers. However, some people must have complained, because at some point someone added a box containing so-called "door tissues". This way, people who had previously used paper towels to open the door had an extra paper towel that they could use to open the door after air drying their hands. Then the problem became what to...


Limited Appeal - Bzzz... ow!

This episode involves a Nature Walk contest, "Who's That Non-Bird: Killer Edition". (We'll save the killer birds for another day.) The contest question is this: which non-birds are responsible for the most human deaths in the world per year? Warren asks the rest of us to guess the top 11. Here's a little foreshadowing: Warren will cite some stats for non-animal causes of death for contrast, and John will contest them furiously. This contest is only one episode, but it's still surprisingly...


Limited Appeal - Check out Ted's Obliquessss

Merry Tedmas everyone! In the spirit of the holidays, and just in case you have a collector in your Secret Santa exchange pool, in this episode we try to Name 5 Things that are Bad Ideas for collectible products. For example, Warren explains that cereal producers had tried to make cereal boxes collectible, which is a real thing ( Oh Ted help us. Anyway, Warren asks us to name five other things that would be a bad idea...


Limited Appeal - The New York GrapeNuts

This week we open the show uncertain about Carol Burnett's status. Turns out: still funny! Then we try to name five possible sport team names that are strange, yet somehow intimidating. Warren's suggested example is "The Long Starers". We come up with many suggestions, but most of them are perhaps more off-putting than intimidating. Anyway, our discussion naturally leads us to discussing how cereal prevents masturbation. You'll want to stay away from all those sexy, sexy foods, like...


Limited Appeal - I'm soaking in it

In this episode, we bring you a nice relaxing audio bath, because you deserve it. Warren presents Pooh Corner to start us off, by recounting an incident on a small plane in which the toilet contained no sink, but only hand sanitizer. Is this an adequate solution? What if (however it happened), you actually got poop on your hand? Would the sanitizer be sufficient, really? Are your hands food-safe? Does the answer depend on the provision of towels? Or does it depend primarily on your diet...


Limited Appeal - The peanut butter loophole

Recently the Supreme Court of Canada clarified what constitutes bestiality, and apparently it must involve penetration. But this raises a host of new questions, including the issue of the peanut butter loophole. Are you for or against it? On this week's Nature Walk, we resume our Who's That Bird non-bird edition contest with round 3. Feel free to play along, by trying to guess what the nonbird looks like, what it is trying to communicate, and what a group of the nonbird is called. Fair...


Limited Appeal - Shitting snowflakes

T-Bone brings up a recent episode on Vice featuring FMT: fecal matter transplants. Yup, it's that kind of episode. But before you flee in terror, this is a legitimate topic, honest. Turns out that for a subset of people, FMT is a real life-changer. And some animals (horses, rabbits, and assassin bugs) have their own version of FMT, but it usually involves eating instead of enemas. Is your neighbor giving you top-quality material? Whatever your situation, we hope you celebrate your...


Limited Appeal - Bollygolia

The X-Ecutioners and Ipecac Recordings.


Limited Appeal - Chewy Keyboard

We begin this week by discussing the many sporting achievements of famous Mongolians. By many, we mean really 3, which is not to insult Mongolia but rather to reflect our quickly performed poor research on a Wikipedia page, which, incidentally, actually only named 2/3 of the athletes we discuss. Then most of the episode is devoted to another edition of Foody Goody, in which we continue our ongoing (and of indeterminate length) contest, "What am I eating and drinking and toasting?" This...


Limited Appeal - Who's that non-chicken, bird edition

Welcome to another edition of Inventions and Shit! John starts the segment with a suggestion for a new food product based on a geometry pun, and that somehow leads us to the pedagogical consequences of improper mathematical terms by fast food franchises. Obviously. The we resume our contest “Who's that bird?” contest (non-bird edition) with round two. As always, we encourage you to play along. See if you can discern what the non-bird looks like, is doing, and what you should call its...


Limited Appeal - Warren forces a guy in a wheelchair

We present for your consideration a new social problem: Warren was reaching for a food item from the top shelf at the grocery store, and some guy on a mobility scooter offered to help him reach. How do you think Warren handled this? Yup, you're right. It was awkward for a number of reasons that have to do with both the situation and Warren's reaction to it. This leads us naturally into a Name Five Things segment: what are other similar situations where someone disadvantaged offers to help...


Limited Appeal - Dot MP3

We had some technical difficulties this week, which required Luc to type most of his contributions (but the laughing seems to work, most of the time). See if you can tell the difference, huh? In the episode, we start a new contest: Who's That Bird? (Non Bird Edition). Warren awards three points per round: one point for describing the non-bird's appearance, another point for identifying what the non-bird is trying to convey by making the sound, and a third point for naming the collective...


Limited Appeal - Extinction: Hiccup Extinction::

We start out this episode with great difficulty refining the title, but we get there eventually... sort of. Then we ponder what would happen if everybody lost the ability or capability to hiccup. This leads to an interesting discussion about drinking water upside, thumps, and horse magazines. And we also get side-tracked by famous Italian cartoon star, Mr. Hiccup - although he should probably be called Mr. Singhiozzo. Email us at if you think the hiccup...


Limited Appeal - Pineapple Show Hype Show

Are you ready for a pineapple show? Well, if not, don't worry. This whole show is designed to get you ready for the pineapple show, I guess. Somehow we start the hype by talking about our guest DJ, Jacco Macacco. If you haven't yet heard about Jacco, you're in for a (somewhat horrifying) treat! The late 1790s were apparently full of spectacles that far surpass anything in modern sport, provided you're not averse to unnecessarily inhumane fuckery. Poor Jacco, and poor Puss! If you're not...


Limited Appeal - Borneophobia

In this week's edition of Name 5 Things, we try to name five phobias that are probably too specific to be an actual concern. For example, the fear of peeing your pants in a colour other than yellow while being covered from head to toe in processed cheese. Turns out the processed cheese bit is essential to making this particular phobia too specific no matter what kind of pants you are wearing. Anyway, we discover that one way to make a phobia more specific is to add a locational qualifier....


Limited Appeal - What's the one thing Google does not have an answer for, w

This show is an extended episode of Urban Legend: did you know that in the middle ages, it was fashionable to serve a gelatin dessert made from the party host's nail clippings, which would impart a flavour of the host to the guests? Well, it's apparently upsettingly true, even if the details of preparing this kind of specialty have been lost to time. We spend a lot of time considering how long a guy would have to collect his trimmings to host a party, and this musing leads to an...


Limited Appeal - Motivational sneakers

We kick off the new year with an Urban Legend: did you know that before every game, famous Canadian basketballer Steve Nash watches the final game in the movie Teen Wolf for inspiration? He also has a fondness for fat basketball players (attribution: see the movie), and would like to change his team name. And he likes passing. Without much by way of transitional material, at some stage, Warren suggests an email innovation for the postal service, which is either genius or ridiculous. You...


Limited Appeal - Let Ted poke you with something else

Merry Tedmas, everyone! After a long hiatus, in honour of the season we return to the Superhero's Phone Booth for a special festive Tedmas session. The superhero is… Candy Cane Boy! He runs around poking people with his magical candy cane, and anyone he pokes who has been naughty instantly disintegrates into a snowy white powder (not sugar, just burned human). Candy Cane Boy then snorts the disintegrated naughty person, for some reason. I will quote Warren, who explains, "He's a dark...


Limited Appeal - Let me poke you with something

This episode we finally take another nature walk! The topic this week: unicorns. OK, so maybe it's not as natural as usual, but there's a lot of undiscovered country concerning unicorns, so it's a rich vein to mine. Much of our discussion focuses on the proper dimensions of things: how many cubits per horn, how big a unicorn sleeping kennel should be, how long a wingspan you need to fly or glide over someone holding a piss trampoline, etc. If you want to contest any of our conclusions...