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LOB028: Listener Feedback Special #2

In another desperate bid for content, John and Kev dip their toes yet again into the tepid pool of your emails and comments. In this episode, find out the answers to these burning questions: Which foreign accents are considered sexy in Australia? Were women allowed in the sheep shearing shed? Is Uluru really the largest […]


LOB027: The Tasmanian Tiger

In darkest, deepest Tasmania lurks a secretive creature that may or may not be. The Tasmanian Tiger is officially extinct. But many unconfirmed sightings as well as shady photos suggest that it is alive and well. Join Kevin and John as they venture into tiger land on a quest for the truth.


LOB026: Cricket by Crikey

Invented by the English, Cricket nonetheless is as Australian as you can get. Frankly if you don’t understand this ancient game, you don’t understand Australia. In this episode Kev and John try their best to explain why Australians love Cricket so much. (Hint, it has a bit to do with beating the English). Fake Alexander […]

LOB025: Avoid Mis-Steaks (Talkin’ Strine)

Let it never be said that we forget the essentials here on Lost Out Back! In this episode, John teaches Kev to secure one of the essentials of life in Australia: a tasty meal. Play along at home and see what kind of table service you get in this latest entry of the Talkin’ Strine […]


LOB024: How to Survive a Shark Attack

It’s no laughing matter folks. Sharks kill and Australia is surrounded by them. In this episode you can find out how to survive a shark attack when you’re down under.


LOB023: A Dinkum Aussie Christmas

So, who had the better Christmas? Was it John, who embraced tradition, stayed in and cooked a turkey before curling up by the fire? Or was it Kevin, who set out to experience a dinkum Aussie Christmas: sun, sand and surf? Listen in to this episode and find out!


LOB022: Christmas Special

Kev & John are confused. It’s Christmas time and you’d think they’d be merry. But no, it’s the weather you see. Kev & John are used to Christmas with snow, but down under in Aus they’ve sunshine instead. Join them in the Christmas special of the Lost Out Back podcast as they try to work out […]

LOB021: Cities of Oz

Australia has many more cities than big old Sydney. There’s the cultural city of Melbourne, the wine guzzling town of Adelaide, bronzed Brisbane, mining mecca Perth, Darwin home of Mick Dundee and last but lest there’s Hobart. Join Kev and John as they go on a virtual tour of all the big cities in Australia.


LOB020: Shear Aussie Art (Audio)

Get some culture into ya! In the first installment of “Dinkum Aussie Art”, Kevin reveals to John the mysteries hidden within Australia’s most recognized painting, “Shearing the Rams” by Tom Roberts. John has his doubts. To make this episode extra special, we have also produced a video version for you to watch here on our […]


LOB019: Talk’n Stralian – How to Ask a Woman out on a Date.

It’s the age old question. A guy meets a pretty lady and he wants to ask her out on a date. This question is hard enough even in your own language. But what if it’s not your own language. What if instead its Australian or ‘Stalian to be more correct. In this episode of the […]


LOB018: Bikinis at Uluru

What’s the big deal, anyway? Call it Ayers Rock or Uluru, Kevin thinks the big, red rock at the centre of Australia is nothing more than a glorified tourist trap. Having just experienced the magic for himself, John sets out to change his mind. Listen in and experience for yourself an Uluru sunrise with bikini-clad […]


LOB017: The Listener Feedback Special

Hey folks, it’s the listener feedback special of the Lost Out Back podcast. Yes that’s right, Kev & John have run out of material so they’ve decided to read out some of your posts, in the hope that they might be funny. The LOB boys talk of Lara the German journo’, Aleksey the Ukrainian super […]


LOB016: Tales from a Broad

The lie must end. Kevin and John have been less than honest with you over the last bit. We’ve been overseas and we haven’t made a new episode in months. Instead we have been playing a series of pre-recorded stuff to cover up our absence. Ha! And you guys didn’t even notice. Now that we […]


LOB015: Beach, City, Town and Country

In this episode, John and Kev discuss the four stereotypical types of Australian, the cars they drive and what they all have to do with Kath and Kim. Pictured here is a Holden Commodore Kingswood (the “Town” Australian’s vehicle of choice) decked out in “Country” corrugated iron—what a clash of subcultures! Photo by Gary A. […]


LOB014: Jamie Oliver’s Pigs

G’Day, g’day. Welcome to episode 14 of your favourite podcast about Australia, brought to you by two non-Australians. In this week’s episode Kev tells John about the new additions to his family while John tells Kev why he hates Jamie Oliver. Hmm, not much to do about Australia this week. I guess we will have […]


LOB013: Russell Crowe’s Pav

G’Day world. This is Australia calling. This week Kev and John have their biggest episode yet. Yeah, I know we keep saying that but really this one is massive. Why? Well we’ve secured our first celebrity interview with none other than Russell Crowe (the best Australian actor to ever come out of New Zealand). And […]


LOB012: A Croc Of Bananas

Let it never be said that Kev and John shy away from the big issues. This episode, they confront squarely the national crisis that has shaken every Australian household to its very foundation: the Australian banana shortage. Restaurant menus are changing, school children are suffering, monkeys are starving… think of the monkeys! Before you brave […]


LOB011: Matilda’s Wedding

It happens to the best of us. You’re on your way to your wedding anniversary, gift in hand and then you realise. “OMG I live in a Australia so how can I be sure that I got the right gift?” In this episode of Lost Out Back, Kev and John tackle this important issue by […]


LOB010: Beers of Australia

Travel from state to state in Australia, and one of the first things you’ll notice is how the local beer changes… or doesn’t change, as the case may be. This episode, John and Kev find out whether any of the local favourites of Australia’s various states actually stand out from the crowd. Happily, this also […]


LOB009: Soccer, The Ukrainian & Rum

It’s a big week folks. Australia is in the World Cup and we have a fan in the Ukraine. In this week’s huge episode Kev and John talk about: The Socceroos making it into the World Cup 2006. The massive impact LOB has had in the Ukraine. (Go Ruslana.) The return of Dinkum Aussie History: […]