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Main Show EPISODE 267: A-LOW Rx

Clout gang represent with hosts Sean, Bob & $lim joined in studio by the Clout King himself, A-Low RX, to talk about being a vape god, Soundcloud Rap, and what got him into music. Plus! We get a run down of his crew Lot 9 and the experience of being on Tosh.o This Weeks Topics Include: Slim seeing what makes people tick, Voting, Pearl Harbored #Clout #Akron #Hiphop #Comedy


Main Show Episode 266: Mitch Zofka

Before we head out this week hosts Sean, Bob & $lim are joined by comedian, and fellow podcaster, Mitch Zofka, of the Before We Head Out podcast for a fun discussion on booing, being a baseball star, and growing up in Parma. Plus! The cats take over & Monti joins as 4th mic! This weeks topics include: Monti is a king, Hi-C boobs, Accident insurance-R-us


Main Show EPISODE 265: Sean's New Album w/ Ray Roberts

It's album release day so hosts Sean, Bob & $lim invite official Lousy Weather Media Hip-hop Correspondent, Comedian Ray Roberts over to break down and discuss the Sean Ast E.P. "Vs. Smokestack" This week's topics include: Cats, Cats, Cats #Akron #hiphop #Comedy #Ohio


Keeping it 99 Season II Episode 19 - In it For the Flyers

Keeping it 99 is your one stop shop for all things Metal, Rock n' Roll and Northeast Ohio. Subscribe to Keeping it 99 via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. Available via the Lousy Weather Media Network "This episode we talk upcoming Akron and Kent shows we are proud to have our logos on the flyers for. Also a bunch of other stuff. Music by Etched in Pain, Persistent Aggressor, and Sean Ast.**"**


Main Show EPISODE 264: Sean Goes to ICP

We sippin Faygo in this fresh ass episode where hosts Sean, Bob & $lim discuss Sean attending tonight's Insane Clown Posse concert in Kent, Ohio. Plus! Conor vs Khabib, & Cotton Candy www.Patreon.com/lwmpodcast #Akron #Comedy #ICP #InsaneClownPosse


Main Show EPISODE 263: 5 Year Anniversary Party(Dwayne Duke, Jorge Delarosa, Al Swayer, Alison Pinion, Angel Kellar, Chris Clem)

It's the 5 Year Anniversary Party, a group of characters pop in and out.


Main Show EPISODE 262: The Three Funritos II

It's all about Fun this week with hosts Sean, Bob & $lim reprising the roles of the Three Funritos. We discuss Local Politics, Growing Up, and Sean sells his Cutlass Supreme. This weeks topics include: DXM, Dairy Queen, Kittens


Main Show EPISODE 261: The Hotline is Open! (Jeremy Sheer, Chris Clem & The Ultimate Jizzer)

It's unorthodox week with hosts Sean, Bob & Slim opening up the hotline for callers. Comedian Jeremy Sheer joins us in the first segment to talk about getting settled in his new home of Colorado, followed by a rare appearance of The Ultimate Jizzer along Chris Clem joining the hotline to close out the show. Plus! Sean deals with technology, Redboxed again? This weeks topics include: Eminem, What is a Juggalo?, Urine


Main Show EPISODE 260: Ray Roberts X

It's the Super Nintendo MegaMan X episode this week with hosts Sean, Bob & $lim joined in studio, for his 10th appearance, Comedian Ray Roberts. Ray is performing at the Funny Stop tonight apart of their amateur comedian contest, September 12, as we debate his "amateur" status. Plus! $lim's experience at the Midwest Melting pot, And our Birthday is coming up! This weeks topics include: Slim invented it, Conspiracies, New Philadelphia Cheese Steak #Akron #Comedy #Amateurcomedian


Main Show EPISODE 259: Nick Fleming & Raj Kishen

We're getting cultured this week with hosts Sean, Bob & $lim joined in studio by musician Nick Fleming & comedian Raj Kishen. Nick talks about hosting the Euro Gyro open mic every Sunday night in Kent, and Raj discusses recently moving here from India and beginning comedy. Plus! The small mindedness of Sean Ast, Retro games, and Nick plays us a couple songs! This weeks topics include: Wrestling, Pronouncing Punjab, Luxury #Comedy #Akron #Kent #India


Main Show EPISODE 258: Freely Spoken II

The headliner is in the building this week with hosts Sean, Bob & $lim joined in studio by Akron hip-hop artist The Freely Spoken to discuss the upcoming Midwest Melting Pot 2\. A 2 Day Festival taking place at the Euro Gyro in Kent, Ohio in which Freely is headlining both nights. Plus! We check out Freely's song Get Back, and Big Honey (TR Rinkes) joins us via the Hotline to catch up and promote his appearance at the Midwest Melting Pot This weeks topics include: Nu-Metal, Jennifer Aniston,...


Main Show EPI$ODE 257: Epi$ode With a Dolla Sign

It's a one of a kind episode this week with hosts Sean, Bob & Slim diving into Slims various forms of fucking us. Plus! We debut $lim's new song This weeks topics include: Sean misspeaks, Slim is a MMA VIP, Ball tears


Main Show EPISODE 256: Pissburgh (Paul & Josey Reunion)

It's a family reunion this week with hosts Sean, Bob & Slim joined by our close family Paul & Josey for an old school Lousy Weather Media reunion. We catch up on what they've been up to this past year and play our favorite game together Heads Up! This weeks topics include: Redboxed, Fraternity brothers, The world's number one podcast Eye Can't Read. #Akron #Comedy #Family


Main Show EPISODE 255: Kent Sliney (Light Years) IV

We feel we've missed this guest for Light Years with hosts Sean, Bob & Slim joined in studio by Kent Sliney drummer for the band Light Years and The Missed to catch up on how things have been going recording, performing and touring. Plus! We reply to DM's and $ad with a dollar sign. This weeks topics include: Touring Japan and Europe, Forever Undone, Pizza deliveries #Akron #PopPunk #Cleveland #Comedy


Main Show EPISODE 254: Josh Volchko V

We're doing things this week with hosts Sean, Bob & Slim joined in studio by comedian Josh Volchko. Josh, a veteran of our show, always seems to be doing a lot of things. We try to grasp what he's been up to in the 5 years since his first appearance on the show. Plus! N64 Games, and Who's the Cuck? This week's topics include: YouTube, Patreon exclusives, How times have changed This episode is sponsored by: Toad Sage Skateboarding & Photography #Comedy #Akron #Cleveland #WWE


Main Show EPISODE 252: Dwayne Duke XII

Long time returning guest Dwayne Duke joins hosts Sean, Bob & Slim in studio to discuss him promoting the upcoming Midwest Queer Comedy Festival August 22-26th 2018 in the Columbus area. Plus! Sean doesn't remember Da Brat, and Christina isn't a hoe This weeks topics include: Vanilla Ice, Harland Williams, AIDS This weeks episode is sponsored by Toad Sage Skateboarding & Photography #Akron #Cleveland #Comedy #Vanillaice


Main Show EPISODE 251: The Final Front-Sheer

It's a celebration of old times with hosts Sean, Bob & Slim joined in studio one last time by Lousy Weather Media veteran and dear friend, Jeremy Sheer, to talk about his upcoming move to Colorado, finally making the jump, and the end of his current projects. Plus! We teach Slim about MS-Dos because he fucked us last week. This week's topics include: Fred Savage, Drugs, depression This episode is sponsored by: Toad Sage Skateboarding & Photography #Akron #Cleveland #Akron #FredSavage


Main Show EPISODE 250: Cheap Heat

We have the World Champions of Rock 'n' Roll in studio this week with hosts Sean & Bob joined by Jacky Wrestletastic & Papi Gato of World Champion Rock Band, Cheap Heat, to discuss the legend of The Kid and their days traveling the territories. Plus! Sean lives Dexter, and The Dug Up debuted. Eagle from the Keeping it 99 podcast sits in! This weeks topics include: Math, Pimp Daddy translated, Fanny Packs This episode is sponsored by: Toad Sage Skateboarding & Photography #Akron #rocknroll...


Main Show EPISODE 249: The Trials and Tribulataions of $lim

Fresh from his "Vacation" Slim returns with hosts Sean & Bob to discuss his recent weekend "Vacation" where Hennything was possible. Plus! Sean pays kids to mow the yard and Chris Clem joins us on skype. We lost an entire section of this episode and it still clocks in over 2 hours because we drank Hennessy. This episode is sponsored by Toad Sage Skateboarding & Photography