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Hi! We’re Kelly Hudson and Dan Klein. We don’t like a lot of stuff. So we have our funniest friends come on our show and convince us to like the stuff they like.

Hi! We’re Kelly Hudson and Dan Klein. We don’t like a lot of stuff. So we have our funniest friends come on our show and convince us to like the stuff they like.
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Hi! We’re Kelly Hudson and Dan Klein. We don’t like a lot of stuff. So we have our funniest friends come on our show and convince us to like the stuff they like.




90: CANADA with Nick Thorburn

Canada? The country? No thanks. And Nick Thorburn? AGAIN? Wasn't he the guest on the last episode? Yes, he was! I don't know about you guys, but we couldn't get enuf' o' Nick and he had another topic he wanted to cover! Canada, baby. As we mentioned last week, Nick Thorburn is a musician known for his bands The Unicorns and Islands and he has a new graphic novel out called Penguins! You should also check out his podcast Critical which we can't wait to check out ourselves, cuz it sounds very...


89: JANE'S ADDICTION with Nick Thorburn

Jane's Addiction was some band at some point? I think that might be the extent of what we know about this subject so we are just going to stop there but this was a very fun episode anyway because Nick Thorburn came to tell us about them! Nick Thorburn is a musician known for his bands The Unicorns and Islands and he is also a friggin' published graphic novel author/illustrator with his new book Penguins! Penguins is out and for sale and ready to go, so go get you a copy right now. Follow...


88: TOM CRUISE with Max Silvestri

This is actually a two-parter about not only the ridiculous man, Tom Cruise, but also the ridiculous dessert, ITALIAN COOKIES. A double whammy of stuff Dan and Kelly don't like but that Max Silvestri does! Max Silvestri is on Netflix's The Comedy Lineup with his very own 15-minute special! Check that out right away. This man is very charming, as you'll hear on the podcast, and you're gonna wanna hear that set! Follow our new Twitter account @MakeMeLikeIt1! Or if you’ve got any questions,...


87: CANDY with Laura Willcox

Candy is the devil's bate, guys. What do awful pedophile kidnappers use to lure in children? CANDY! Are you seeing a pattern here? Well, probably not, since we've only given you one example, but you get the idea. It's bad stuff. But Laura Willcox wants to suck and smack on the stuff forever though! Laura Willcox is a wonderful writer and performer. You can buy her book I Am Bride and then watch her work on The Jim Jefferies Show on Comedy Central right NOW. If you’ve got any questions,...


86: HOWARD STERN with Eliot Glazer

Howard Stern is a nasty misogynist who does gross, exploitative stuff for ratings... or so we thought. Eliot Glazer is about to give us a Master Class in Stern, folks. We know this is a longer than usual episode, but it's worth it! Eliot Glazer is an actor, singer, and writer whose writing you may have seen on New Girl and Younger, or face you may have seen on Broad City or his live musical review, Haunting Renditions, OR on his podcast You're Making It Worse! He's a very well-rounded sweet...


85: TOURS with Danny Jelinek

Uhh, tours are BORING. But Danny Jelinek likes tours. When he's not busy being "Dr. Tour," Danny Jelinek is directing the hell out of a ton of great TV shows like Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Comedy Bang! Bang! and Childrens Hospital. He's a fantastic guy and also just had twins, which is very neat. If you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns about the current, past, or future Make Me Like It podcasts, shoot Dan and Kelly an email at! Follow our...


84: ALL SONGS with Ben Wietmarschen

All songs are good? Really? WHAT ABOUT THE BAD ONES THOUGH? There are so many bad songs. Countless. But we know a very pure man who says "nay" to that who is NOT a horse, he's Ben Wietmarschen! Ben Wietmarschen is a writer and performer and a good pal who has his own podcast with his fiancee Ashley Chavez called Sports Borts. He's also know for a bunch of fun stuff he did on Funny or Die including Long Haired Businessmen. Check him out! If you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns...


83: MUSEUMS with Liz Elverenli

Museums: those cold, dead building stuffed to the brim with painting of nekkid ladies. Yeah, we said it. The art world is overrated and so are their buildings! Sure, some of them have history and stuff in them but you have to like, read it or listen to it on an audio thing that you have to pay extra for. Who needs museums? Liz Elverenli! Liz Elverenli is a wonderful writer who wrote for Awkward, Foursome, and the up and coming Facebook-produced Queen America, starring frickin' Catherine...


82: WORKING OUT with Billy Scafuri

Working out feels like a waste of life. You're telling me I gotta be an adult and keep myself alive and then physically punish myself on top of that? And for what? A HOT BOD? Working out is for the birds, folks. Or for the Billys? The Billy Scafuris to be exact. Billy Scafuri is a fellow caster at Headgum who co-hosts the show No Joke with Adam Lustick. Check out Billy's short film "Triple Kiss" on Vimeo and the show he's writing for these days on TruTv, Talk Show the Game Show! Apologies...


81: JIMMY BUFFETT with Patrick McDonald

Jimmy Buffett is a big loser who makes music for other losers, right? Oh boy, we've really stepped in it this time. A lot of people really like this guy? And Patrick McDonald is here to tell us about it?? Patrick McDonald is a vibrant and sweet member of the UCB community in Los Angeles and the co-host of the Jimmy Buffett-lovin' podcast entitled "The Parrothead Podcast." He can also be found on Twitter WHERE WE MET HIM here: @patrickmcd0nald If you’ve got any questions, comments, or...


80: SHARKS with Hannah Kasulka

SHARK WEEK FOLKS! Oooooh don't you love horrifying beady-eyed ocean beasts whose one desire is to rip flesh open?! Yeah, we didn't think so. So why does Hannah Kasulka think so?? Also, wow we got an updated logo where Dan doesn't have a beard! Thanks to artist, Darin Shuler <3 Hannah Kasulka is a funny, sweet, enchanting woman known for her role as a possessed scary person on The Exorcist TV show but who can also be seen in the up and coming Playing God with Michael McKean and Alan Tudyk....


79: SKELETONS with Pat O'Brien

How does one LIKE skeletons? They're dried-out husks of human beings for CHRIST'S SAKE! They're the anonymous reminders of dead people who have been completely drained of their spirits, blood, and flesh. Oh god. So apparently Pat O'Brien loves them! Pat O'Brien is a hilarious comedy writer, performer, and artist best known for his portrayal of The Shirtless Painter on Funny or Die. Even though skeletons can go suck an egg, this is one of our favorite and funniest episodes of all time, so...


78: TAXES with Caroline Creaghead

It's tax season, folks. More specifically, it's two days after Tax Day! So obviously, we're doing a whole episode about taxes... also while we're at it, could you have someone kill us? Taxes are awful. Caroline Creaghead does taxes for a living, and sees the sweet and bright side of taxes somehow! Caroline Creaghead is a comedy producer and also a darn good tax gal who we used to know in our ol' New York days and are so glad is back in our lives! She is smart and sweet and knows her SHIT. I...


77: CRYSTALS with Hayley Marie Norman

Crystals: apparently, they hold magic and energy and healing powers or something but maybe they're just fuckin' ROCKS? Ever think of that? They're rocks somebody found on the ground! Welp, some people think they aren't just the earth's garbage! Hayley Marie Norman, for instance. Hayley Marie Norman is an actress, model, outspoken vegan, and wonderful, funny woman! You can see her in stuff like Top Five, Adam Ruins Everything, Comedy Bang Bang!, and so many other cool projects! Check her out...


76: THE REAL HOUSEWIVES with Alexi Wasser

The Real Housewives is one of those shows that we wish just didn't exist. These women won't stop going on big vacations and getting in huge fights on those vacations and just being rich and annoying. Like, come on, Bravo, figure something else out that doesn't involve rich people, why don't ya? Welp, Alexi Wasser seems to think they exist for some reason that's like, a good one. Alexi?!? Explain yoself! Alexi Wasser is an actress and a helluva good podcaster and a bubbly, wonderful person...


75: 7-Eleven with Horatio Sanz

What is 7-Eleven other than a brightly lit room filled to the brim with garbage food? It's always got a smell to it, most likely that of a hot dog that has been turning on that hot metal rolly thing for too long. But Horatio Sanz, LOVES it, folks. WHYEEE?? Horatio Sanz needs no introduction but we'll give one anyway. He's hilarious and known not only for his time as a cast member on some very golden years of SNL but his role on the NBC show Great News (that Dan writes for!). He's a great...


74: WAITING IN LINE with Jonathan Marballi

Waiting in line has got to be one of the biggest wastes of time there is. You just have to stand there! You can't go anywhere. You're in prison basically. HOW COULD YOU LIKE WAITING IN LINE? Jon Marballi thinks it's perfectly cool and great to like waiting in line which we have to admit, is intriguing. What the hell is wrong with this guy? Well, we'll tell you what's RIGHT with this guy. Jon Marballi is a fantastic actor who has 57 fucking credits on IMDB. WOWSERS. Check him out on all...


73: CHEESECAKE FACTORY with Megan Amram

The Cheesecake Factory is a perfect example of what we find unsavory about a lot of American culture. The high-fat food, the word “factory” in the name, the garishly “luxurious” decor. What is there to like that other big dumb chain restaurants don’t have to offer? Megan Amram has the answers! Megan Amram is most well-known for being hilarious constantly on Twitter and has written for many hit TV shows such as Parks and Recreation and The Good Place. In addition to being SO funny and...


72: SMALL TALK with Glenn Boozan

So, what do you do? This weather, huh? What have you been up to? MY GOD, is the worst and lowest form of human interaction small talk? COULD BE, FOLKS. But Glenn Boozan thinks it's worth a damn! Glenn Boozan is a wonderful woman. Funny as hell. You gotta meet her if you get the chance. She's written for Adam Ruins Everything and Sarah Silverman's I Love You, America and yeah, she's awesome. If you’ve got any questions, comments, or concerns about the current, past, or future Make Me Like...


71: PICKY EATING with Jess Dweck

We’ve wanted to do a show about Picky Eaters for a long-ass time. Picky eaters are just like the biggest bum-bum. They’re always yucking my yum and they ain’t got no good food in their tums! But we had such a good time talking about picky eating that we might do a part two with another guest some day. But for now, let’s talk to Jess Dweck about it! Jess Dweck is a great human being who should be checked out immediately on her Twitter profile: @TheDweck. She wrote on Fallon, Big Mouth, and...