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A comedy podcast that doesn't suck.

A comedy podcast that doesn't suck.


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A comedy podcast that doesn't suck.




EP 18.13 - Whamilton w/ Seggie from SNC

We're talking with the Seggie from SNC about the streaming event of the season with Hamilton on Disney Plus.


EP 18.12 - Poser's Guide to Knives

Now that's a knife. On this episode we talk all things knives with the connoisseur of cutlery - Geoff Feder of Feder Knives


6.30.20 - Quarantined Freestyle

Man it's been weird. So we try to take our minds off things by catching up and talking about mundane stuff to try to keep our minds off the madness.


EP 18.11 - Top 8.5 Worst Clowns with Derek Sheen

Love them or hate them, there sure are a lot of clowns throughout history. Why? Like honestly, why are they a thing? In any case, our incredibly funny guest, comedian Derek Sheen joins us as we attempt to rank these things.


EP 18.10 - Overrated Rated Underrated with Carmen Morales

We're back playing our favorite game of Overrated, Rated, Underrated with a special guest. Comedian Carmen Morales joins us to discuss her career and gummy bear preference with Art.


Rejected Netflix Categories 2 w/Seggie from SNC

Dig deep in that Netflix lineup and you'll find some weird movie groupings. We examine a few of our favs with special guest Seggie from Straight No Chaser.


Our Favorite Toys w/JT Habersaat - 4.2.20

Comedian and Custom Toy Maker - JT Habersaat joins us as we're all still stuck inside. We discovered some of our favorite collectible toys around the house and play a little show and tell.


Love In The Time Of Corona

Just a quick update and some announcements as we all bare down to be quarantined for the next few weeks.


EP 18.7 - Poser's Guide To Psychedelics

We know nothing about psychedelics admittedly so we brought in Adrienne Airhart as our expert to help us dissect what to expect, what some of the vocabulary is and how to prepare before, during, and after using a bunch of different substances. Listen as she teaches three nerds the ropes.


EP 18.5 - Top 8.5 Loveable Assholes

Some characters you just love to hate. Mainly because they're really a bunch of jerks. So we decided thanks to our newest Patreon contributor, Max to list some our our favorites.


EP 18.3 - Super Half Time Show Show Extravaganza Bowl

We're talking about halftime show performances. Which ones were great? Which ones not so much? One thing is for sure, we talk about Prince and his greatness.


EP 18.1 - Red Hoth Chili Peppers (A Star Warstravaganza)

It's going to be a nerd fest extravaganza as we talk Star Wars until our face turns blue. We rank the films, discuss how we would change them and go over some of favorites of the entire saga.


EP 17.16 - Worst Christmas Songs of All Time Vol. 11

It's that time of year where we break out the egg nog, put on our kerchiefs and caps and settle in for a long long bunch of songs that should NEVER be played sitting around with your families because really, no one wants to hear this crap. Happy Holidays everyone! We love all our listeners and thank you for another year together.


EP 17.15 - The 2010s - Suck or Rule (Part 2)

Our first episode was for our Patreon listeners and now this one is for all of you. We take a stroll down memory lane for the last ten years of pop culture and figure out once and for all - Did this decade suck or rule?


EP 17.13 - Turkey Talk

We are going over all the map when it comes to Thanksgiving. From traditions to stuffing preference to odd recipes we've got it all.


EP 17.11 - Top 8.5 Horror Monsters

There's a ton of monsters depicted on screen and we decided to go over which ones make us shake in our britches. What is a britch and why do you need two of them? Who cares, we talk about scary monsters and stuff. You'll love it.


EP 17.6 - Rejected Netflix Categories w. Jay Chanoine

Guess the Rejected Netflix Categories with comedian Jay Chanoine. We'll tell you the titles, you guess the super-specific Because You Liked... Netflix recommendation. Soon to be a platinum-selling board game! We're releasing this formerly Patreon-only episode because it's hilarious and also to give you a taste of Jay Chanoine so you go buy his new album The Texas Chanoinesaw Massacre on Amazon or iTunes


EP 17.9 - Degree Of Difficulty

We rank things. All the time. Whether we realize it or not. So we decided we would grab as many topics as we could and organize them from easiest to hardest. Confusing? Sure is.


EP 17.7 - Lessons Learned from Grunge Music

During the rough and tumble times of the early 90s, grunge ruled the scene with a flannel fist. But there were lessons to be learned in all their marble-mouthed glory. We go over some of them here much to Jay's lament.


EP 17.5 - Underrated Hot Dudes

There are some hot guys out there. But the hottest ones sometimes go unnoticed and fly under the radar. So we decided we would shine some spotlight on some of the hottest guys out there that you may not think of right at first.