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Micah Wiener brings his unique viewpoint, soothing voice, and controversial opinions to the masses. Enjoy.

Micah Wiener brings his unique viewpoint, soothing voice, and controversial opinions to the masses. Enjoy.


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Micah Wiener brings his unique viewpoint, soothing voice, and controversial opinions to the masses. Enjoy.




Top Chef Talk S17E2 + Micah's Beef of the Week

Micah is back to talk about episode 2 of Top Chef. Micah also previews tonight's meal at the hottest new restaurant, La Quarentina, in Micah's Beef of the Week. We'll be back. Call our hotline: 800.392.6344


Micah Reviews "Curb Your Enthusiasm" S10 Finale

Micah is back to talk about and review the finale of Season 10 of Curb Your Enthusiasm. We're back to talk about Top Chef later this week. Call the hotline: 800.392.6344


Top Chef Talk: S17 E1

Micah is joined by Brad Kee to break down the premiere episode of Top Chef All-Stars. This new season looks *chefs kiss* *flame emoji* Give me your takes: 800.392.6344


JERZDAY: The Sitch Tells Prison Stories

The Situation is back with the roommates to dish on his time in prison, including his interactions with President Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen. It's as weird as it sounds. We're back later this weekend with a Top Chef recap. And watch Curb Your Enthusiasm Sunday and we'll talk about it next week. Call our hotline: 800.392.6344


Read: "I'm Back!" Michael Jordan's return, 25 years later

Micah is back to tell the story of Michael Jordan's return to the NBA. Lots of Mind of Micah content coming this week. Make sure to check out Jersey Shore, Top Chef, and Curb Your Enthusiasm this week, and check back here for recaps. Stay safe. Read it here: https://www.nba.com/bulls/features/im-back


JERZDAY: The Situation comes home

The Situation returns to the see the roommates. The rest of the squad sees a pychic medium. Basically, nothing happens. It's still America's number one Jersey Shore podcast, tho. Call the hotline: 800.392.6344


Beef of the Week: Denying Access to Journalists + Charles & Draymond

It's the return of Beef of the Week. This week, Micah is beefing with professional sports leagues who've used coronavirus as an excuse to ban journalists from locker rooms. Plus, Micah discusses Charles Barkley vs. Draymond Green. We're back Friday with America's #1 Jersey Shore podcast, JERZDAY. 800.392.6344


JERZDAY: Turn up, we free!

The Situation is free! Mike is out of prison, and we get a surprisingly emotional episode. We're back next with with Long Island Ann as we discuss next week's episode where the squad is reunited. Call the hotline and share your "just got out of prison" meal: 800.392.6344


Inside Planet Bernie’s Phish-fueled, down-with-the-man Super Tuesday party

Micah is back to discuss Bernie Sanders' not so Super Tuesday. We're back tomorrow with JERZDAY. Call the hotline: 800.392. Read it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/inside-bernie-sanderss-super-tuesday-party-phish-fueled-and-full-of-down-with-the-man-defiance/2020/03/04/dfd1ad38-5e28-11ea-b014-4fafa866bb81_story.html


Read: Richard Lewis is not as miserable as he appears. But he’s still miserable.

Micah returns to talk about "Curb Your Enthusiasm" regular Richard Lewis. Call our hotline: 800.392.6344 Read it: https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/richard-lewis-interview-curb-your-enthusiasm/2020/02/28/a546dbe0-4de1-11ea-9b5c-eac5b16dafaa_story.html


JERZDAY: Only in Jersey

JERZDAY is back! Situation isn't yet out of prison, but the whole squad is back and on their worst behavior. Only in Jersey does a strip club sit next to a family bowling alley. We're back next week with more Mind of Micah. Call our hotline: 800.382.6344


The Return of JERZDAY

Jersey Shore is back and the Situation is free from prison. America's number one Jersey Shore podcast is coming back Friday. Watch JS Thursday night, and check back here for JERZDAY on Friday. Tell a friend. Call our hotline and give your take on the episode: 800.392.6344


Read: New Phone, Who Dis?

After a long delay, Micah is back. Apologies for the delayed release. Today's read of the week: NEW PHONE, WHO DIS? Interview requests. Pleas for money. Favors for friends and family. What do you do when everyone wants your number? If you play in the NBA, you change those digits—often. Read it: https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2874740-new-phone-who-dis


Read of the Week: Welcome to Radio Row, Site of the Super Bowl’s Cutthroat Celebrity Hierarchy

Micah discusses the wild scene and popularity contest that is Super Bowl Radio Row. Read it: https://www.theringer.com/nfl-playoffs/2020/1/31/21116580/super-bowl-radio-row Call our hotline: 800.392.6344


Micah hates the Iowa Caucus

Micah rants on his least favorite American political tradition, the first-in-the-nation, Iowa Caucus. Call our hotline and let us know what you think. 800.392.6344


Jared Borislow talks Cameo

Minor internet celebrity J-Bone joins Micah to talk about Cameo. Support the show and get some action at mybookie.ag Use code: BDC to get a deposit bonus and bet the big game. Book Jared on Cameo here: https://www.cameo.com/jaredborislow


Read: Kobe Bryant's story, tragically unfinished

Micah is back to talk about tragic end for Kobe Bryant. Support the show and bet the big game. mybookie.ag code: BDC Read it: https://ziller.substack.com/p/kobe-bryants-story-tragically-unfinished?token=eyJ1c2VyX2lkIjoyNzU4NjA4LCJwb3N0X2lkIjoyNDgzNDcsIl8iOiJjQTNZdSIsImlhdCI6MTU4MDE4NDA5MiwiZXhwIjoxNTgwMTg3NjkyLCJpc3MiOiJwdWItMjM5NjMiLCJzdWIiOiJwb3N0LXJlYWN0aW9uIn0.7MfrTbwKj8qzmgji4I0VCpJW8KvmsJcgFd0lBumyMGQ


Micah Reviews "Curb Your Enthusiasm" S10 E1

Micah returns to break down the first episode of season 10 of "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Call the hotline with questions or comments: 800.392.6344


Micah's 2019 Year in Review Pt. 2

Micah runs through the rest of his 2019 from April through the new year, and talks a little bit about 2020. Thanks for your support this past year. We look forward to bringing you even more content in 2020.


Micah's 2019 Year in Review Pt. 1

In this long-awaited episode, Micah walks through his eventful Q1 with Brad Kee. We hear about his split with Grandex, his trip to Santa Fe, the birth of MWBK, and his engagement. It's good. You'll enjoy it. Stay tuned for part 2.