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MFP Episode 67 - Street Brawlin' Grandpas

Hey babes! In this episode we smoke and have a jolly good time watching grandpas beat the living daylights out of each other :D , and talking about Mandy gluing her hands together with industrial strength adhesive...amongst other things. Also, we get to play with the green screen! Granted, we only used it to watch old people fight, but still. We'll figure it out. Enjoy the show my lil strawberry shortcakes!


MFP the Lost Episode - Nightmare In Daytona

Well hey there! Sure has been a while, but here we are and that's all that matters :p This episode was recorded right before Cassi's daughter went into the hospital, so to kick off our return now that she's all better we thought we would release this little gem instead of letting it die....and after you hear Mandy's terrible tales of sex, debauchery, luring strippers away into the night with cold pizza, and biting off a good friend's dick, you'll be glad we did! Thanks for coming back and...


MFP Episode 64 - Stoner Selfie Fails And Just Roastin Bitches

Hey kids! So this is our very last audio only episode that we recorded right before the holidays. We've used our break to get the studio all put together and get things all nice and cozy :) Everything works, nothing has caught on fire (except just that once), and through the power of stoner ingenuity and cannabis we finally got some shit done. In this episode we got..way too high and started roasting everything lol. Also, Cassi has apparently sabotaged Mandy's email account...take a listen...


MFP Ep 63 - Interview With Caregiver Jenni Plum Owner Of Maine Cannababes!

Guys, we had such an awesome conversation with a really awesome girl! Jenni Plum, cannabis caregiver and owner of Maine Cannababes, joined us via Skype and we had a blast! Check her out on the latest season of Viceland's Weediquette - Between Life and Dope to see what kind of cool contributions she's making to the Maine Medical Marijuana community with her fleet of sexy pin up models. And when you're done listening, go to her website and buy the 2018 calendar! All proceeds go to help the...


MFP Ep 62 - Merry Fistmas

Well gall darn, we went and ghosted you guys again. Sorry about that. Now that technical difficulties are taken care of, Cassi is back from acting a damn fool in Las Vegas, and Mandy has snacks and a bottle of wine at the ready, we're back in action! Check out this week's episode where we talk about crazy ass Christmas stories, Cassi's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas experience, and our stance on a few of the controversial issues going on in the world today. Alsooooo we're planning a tour...


MFP Episode 60 - Interview With Prison Coach RDAP Dan

Here comes a special episode with our guest RDAP Dan! We weren't sure what to expect when a friend of ours suggested we have his prison coach on as a guest, but as it turns out Dan's is pretty fuckin cool and had some crazy stories to tell! If you or anyone you know is about to get their ass locked up then take a listen because Dan really had some important stuff to talk about. It was a blast having him on, so take a listen and enjoy, my lil mackerel pouches!


MFP Episode 59 - Backyard Drunken Tales And High Home Improvements

This week Mandy convinces Cassi to help her move her broke ass washing machine out to the garage...so why not get high and slap on the lavaliere mics while we tackle the job? After the job is done a celebratory backyard smoke sesh takes place and old drunken stories are swapped. We're back on Monday release days you guys! Check out our Patreon page too because we have some special clips posted that weren't included in the show! Take a listen and enjoy the show, my lil almond snickers!


MFP Episode 58 - Live At LA Podfest!

Yooooo! Our live show from the LA Podfest is up and ready! Thank you to everyone that came to the show and to everyone involved in allowing us to be a part of the festival! Take a listen as we talk about our crazy travel tales, hobo poop tunnels, crazy ex-boyfriend stories, and muchos more :) Also....Cassi may or may not have been on 200 mg of edibles when this show took place. Soooo, yeah. Shit was lit, lol. Enjoy the show, my little Cheeba Chews!


MFP Episode 57 - Two Tone Dick Pics And Fluffy Kittens

Ever send Cassi or Mandy a dick pic? Well....it might be discussed on this episode, especially if you are uncircumsised, as Mandy believes uncut peeners look like crescent rolls and are the drop top convertible of the dick world. I mean...she's not wrong! This week we talk about dick pics in our DM's, the Las Vegas situation, the awesome 1920's themed party we attended, and smoke weed while playing with Mandy's new baby kitten Mabel :) This is the last episode we're posting before we head...


MFP Episode 56 - Ugly Boys And Bad Upbringings

We survived Hurricane Irma and have power and internet back! That means you get to listen to the new podcast...whether you wanted to or not. THis week Cassi and Mandy talk about ugly boyfriends, hurrican survival, and tell some awful stories about our youth. Enjoy the new episode my lil MRE's!


MFP Episode 55 - Bong Rips, Gamblin, And Florida Or Nah? Party!

Hey there my lovelies! This episode is ridiculous lol...join us as Cassi and Mandy do bong rips, go to the casino, and play a few rounds of Florida or Nah :)And these particular Florida news headlines used in the game are straight up crazy....like for real crazy. Enjoy the show my lil ice cream cups!


MFP Episode 52 - Butt Cabbage Dinner Party

Well hello there. Look at how cute you are today ^-^ In this "re-do episode" we have a little dinner party at Mandy's with the travel mics and make our family favorite - Butt Cabbage! Take a listen as we stink up Mandy's house, talk about Toby Keith being the King of Try Hard Country, and play a lil Florida or Nah! Enjoy the show, my lil sausages!


MFP w/ Special Guest Ian Edwards

Hey y'all! This is another super special episode! Mandy couldn't come record, but Cassi has a special guest host...Ian Edwards! Say whatttt? Take a listen as we walk around UCF, eat tacos, and get attacked by sprinklers! It was way fun to record this episode and hope to get the chance to have Ian on again soon! Enjoy it, my lil avacados!


MFP Live At Nerdmelt w/ Special Guest Graham Elwood!

Here it is! The live show from Los Angeles! Woooooo! We had so much fun doing this show with our buddy, comedian Graham Elwood! Take a listen and make sure you aren't anywhere where you wont be allowed to laugh really fucking loud....bc its gonna happen on this episode. We've got tons of funny stories and Cards Against Humanity comin atcha! Enjoy the show, my lil California rolls!


MFP Live in Austin TX w/ Special Guest Jomo And The Possum Posse

Here it is! The Live show from our trip to Austin, TX at The New Movement with special guests Jomo and the Possum Posse - those loveable fellas behind the Guy on a Buffalo videos! We had a blast playing musical Cards Against Humanity with them and talking about crazy Texas stuff. Enjoy the show, my lil BBQ sammiches!


MFP EP 49 - Suns Out, Buns Out! (...and Bong Rips)

Why hello there podcast listeners. Have you lost weight? You're looking pretty nice today ;) Now that we have wooed you and made you feel beautiful, go on and listen to episode 49, where Mandy does some kind of Michael Jackson impression and Cassi gets turnt on that jazz cabbage. Many laughs are waiting for you! Enjoy the show, my lil teddy grahams!


MFP Ep 48 (for real this time) w/ Special Guest Graham Elwood!

Heyyyy! I know you all are sick of hearing about technical difficulties, but the studio is mostly put together now and HOPEFULLY all the kinks are worked out, so this will be the last MFP you have to hear that sounds like it was recorded with a toaster -_-" This episode we have a special guest - comedian Graham Elwood, co-host of Comedy Film Nerds podcast and director of Ear Buds - The Podcasting Documentary. This was such a fun interview and he thought we were so cool he wants to join us...


Mixed Feelings Podcast LIVE! Clearwater, Florida

Guys!!!! We done it! Here is our first ever Live Podcast hosted by Jungle Bill's Tiki Grill in Clearwater, Florida. Lots of laughs, technical difficulties, narrowly avoided a couple of mental breakdowns, vodka drunk and high on edibles tryin to fix shit, family members heckling us from the audience (thanks mom)...I mean, who could ask for a better show?! Actually, it all went super well, plus at the end...a lil special drunken somethin somethin for ya. Sorry to keep you waiting guys, enjoy...


MFP Episode 46 - Up Your Nose With A Rubber Hose

Welcome back! This is our first episode back after out break and we sure did miss you! Sooo many updates, announcements, and good news all the way around :D Join Cassi and Mandy this week as they plan for their trips to Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX, swap electrocution tales, and Mandy has a few gear grinders to share. Also we have 3, count em 3, Mixed Feelings Mafia beat-ins at the end of the show! Take a listen and enjoy, my lil bacon bits!


MFP 46 - Milk And Cookies Bonus Episode

Monthly Freebie! Here's another MFP Milk and Cookies Bonus Episode! Basically we decided we love you all so much we want to give you more content. Every episode will have a bonus episode available for download. The 1st Milk and Cookies of the month is free, and the rest are included in our Milk and Cookies Subscription, which is only be $3/month. $4/month and you will also get the Milk and Cookies Gazette. Go to mixedfeelingspodcast.bandcamp.com to sign up :)


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