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Danny Lobell tries to learn Philosophy despite his ADD and poor academic skills. Each week Lobell is joined by comedians and friends as they attempt to tackle and understand life, perception of reality and the existence, or lack there of, of the world and its inhabitants.

Danny Lobell tries to learn Philosophy despite his ADD and poor academic skills. Each week Lobell is joined by comedians and friends as they attempt to tackle and understand life, perception of reality and the existence, or lack there of, of the world and its inhabitants.
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Danny Lobell tries to learn Philosophy despite his ADD and poor academic skills. Each week Lobell is joined by comedians and friends as they attempt to tackle and understand life, perception of reality and the existence, or lack there of, of the world and its inhabitants.






Season 9: Ep.98: George Wallace and Montesquieu

George Wallace and Danny Lobell sit down in an airport lounge near LAX and talk everything from politics to Seinfeld to being at Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral. Its the first episode of SEASON NINE!! Enjoy!


Special Episode: Ralphie May; a journey through podcasts, stand up and life.

In this episode I look back at my friendship with my comedy mentor, brother, boss and friend Ralphie May. You will hear old episodes of my various podcasts featuring me (Danny Lobell), David Kasten, Chris Iacono, Myka Fox, Andrew Schulz, Joe Materese, Justy Dodge, Lahna Turner, Dan Naturman, and of course the late and very great Ralphie May. I also make some calls to Skyler Stone, The Smash Brothers (Corey and Chad), Steve Lee, Billy Wayne Davis and my cousin Marc. May Mr. May be with us...


SEASON 8 WRAP UP SHOW with Danny and Alex Fossella

Alex Fossella and Danny Lobell recount their favorite highlights from the season!


S8: Ep.97: Tape Face aka Sam Wills and Alexis de Tocqueville

Tape Face joins Danny Lobell, host of Modern Day Philosophers. America's Got Talent's Tape Face guests on this episode of the show to discuss philosophy from philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville. They talked about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, protecting your inner child, and the frustrations of social media. Tape Face went to clowning school, where he learned street performing, magic, and juggling, and failed at sword swallowing. Tune in to find out more.


S8: Ep.96: Erica Rhodes and John Rawls

Erica Rhodes comes by and she and Danny names, Prairie Home Companion, comedy, philosophy of John Rawls (with a surprise cameo from Alex Fossella), music and Tanglewood and so much more. Enjoy!


S8: Ep.95: David Koechner and Alexander Hamelton

David Koechner and Danny Lobell talk about having kids, addiction, Improv, SNL, the Midwest and politics. Enjoy!


S8: Ep.94: Jamie Kilstein and Thomas Jefferson

Jamie Kilstein came over and discussed his longtime friendship with Danny and how the two wound up on very different paths over the years. Jamie addresses the scandal that he found himself caught in and where he was at in that point in life. The two delve into how and why Jamie had gotten there. It's an episode packed with introspection and lots of vulnerability. It is full of laughs along the way. The philosopher that Alex Fossella picked for Jamie this episode is Thomas Jefferson and...


S8: Ep.92: Baron Vaughn and Simone de Beauvoir

Baron Vaughn comes by for a very in depth discussion about race, religion, his new album Blaxistential Crisis identity and of course our philosopher who in this case was Simone de Beauvoir. It's a great talk brought to you by the good folks over at The Fake Outrage Report podcast and GreenBlender. Enjoy!


S8: Ep.91: Jenny Zigrino and Hans-Georg Gadamer

Jenny Zigrino comes by discuss philosophy from Hans-Georg Gadamer. The episode is full of laughs and very sincere moments and covers everything from food to Nazis. This epsodoe is brought to you by: and Stand Up! Records Visit and use promo code MDP30 for $30 off your first week of meal deliveries. pick up JZ’s new album at


S8: Ep.90: Rob Bell and Richard Dawkins

Rob Bell comes over to discuss all things religion spirituality Christianity starting his own church and the philosophy of Richard Dawkins. It's a fascinating and enjoyable talk with a very insightful and different kind a guest then we normally have. Thanks to our Sponsors Stand Up! Records, Centered Health and Hello Fresh for supporting our podcast. Go to and use the code MDP30 to get $30 off your first week of deliveries.


Remembering Shelley Berman

The great Shelley Berman has passed away. Listen to my interview with him from season 2 and hear some stories of our friendship that transpired out of this interview. R.I.P. Shelley


S8: Ep.89: Jimoin and Edmund Burke

Jimoin and Danny record this episode from the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. Great talk about the philosophy of Edmund Burke, and Jimoin talks about growing up in Ireland and leaving to make his own way in the world and about getting older. Brought to you by Stand Up! Records and Renevatio Credit Enterprises.


S8: Ep.88: Steven Alan Green and Franz Kafka

Steven Alan Green comes by to talk Franz Kafka and Jerry Lewis and the showbiz struggle. Enjoy!


S8: Ep.87: Ophira Eisenberg and Martin Buber

Ophira Eisenberg (The Moth, NPR's "Ask Me Another") swings by the studio to talk about philosopher Martin Buber with Danny Lobell. They discuss NYC living, a tragedy that happened to her when she was a child and stayed with her throughout her life, and being a child of old parents and starting parenting at an older age in following with that tradition. She also tells a great story that involves her mom, World War Two, and a nun in a tree. To find out more, just listen. This episode is...


S8: Ep.86: Dana Gould and Thomas Sowell

Dana Gould talks with Danny from his hotel room in Phoenix Arizona while the two are there for the Bird City Comedy Festival. The two discuss philosophy from Thomas Sowell. The conversation also covers Dana's religious experiences as a kid, his marriage to a high powered executive, Dana's divorce and what his life is like now. This episode is brought to you by Stand Up! Records, Renevatio Enterprises and Centered Health. Enjoy!


Season 8: Ep.85: Fred Armisen and Marshall McLuhan

Fred Armisen comes by to discuss the philosophy of Marshall McLuhan as well as his upbringing in Long Island and how he failed as a drummer. Conversation also covers Fred's rise to fame after getting hired for Saturday Night Live and Danny's struggles with trying to become successful. Fred gives Danny great tips on how to do impressions. This episode is sponsored by Stand Up! Records and Number 1 Auto Transport. Enjoy!


Special Episode: Al Lubel and Patrice O'Neal

In this special episode Danny reflects on his talk in Season 7 with Al Lubel and then plays the now "famous" 2007 phone call with the late great Patrice O'Neal! Enjoy!


Danny reads fan mail and plays clips from The Mostly Bull Market Podcast

Danny reads some fan mail and plugs some upcoming shows. Then plays some segments from The Mostly Bull Market podcast featuring comedians Jason Webb, Emmy Blotnick and Thomas Dale.


S7: Ep.84: Bobcat Goldthwait and Jorge Luis Borges

Bobcat Goldthwait comes by the Modern Day Philosophers studio to talk with Danny Lobell about the philosophy Jorge Luis Borges. The conversation ranges on topics from the death of Robin Williams and Bobcat's unique friendship with him, why he set The Tonight Show on fire, how he went from an atheist to an agnostic, and why he thinks the worst thing he can be called is a professional.


S7: Ep.83: Ryan Conner and John Donne

Ryan Conner comes by to tell Danny about his very unique upbringing in Virginia proper, his love for Mozart and how he works himself to the bone writing comedy. We discuss philosophy from John Donne about isolation. Enjoy!