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Danny Lobell tries to learn Philosophy despite his ADD and poor academic skills. Each week Lobell is joined by comedians and friends as they attempt to tackle and understand life, perception of reality and the existence, or lack there of, of the world and its inhabitants.

Danny Lobell tries to learn Philosophy despite his ADD and poor academic skills. Each week Lobell is joined by comedians and friends as they attempt to tackle and understand life, perception of reality and the existence, or lack there of, of the world and its inhabitants.
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Danny Lobell tries to learn Philosophy despite his ADD and poor academic skills. Each week Lobell is joined by comedians and friends as they attempt to tackle and understand life, perception of reality and the existence, or lack there of, of the world and its inhabitants.






Colt Cabana and Carl Von Clausewitz

Colt Cabana comes by Daniel Lobell's Edinburgh flat (apartment) in Scotland at the 2018 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. They talk about Colt's career as a professional wrestler, getting into the WWE, and being fired from the WWE, which led him to doing the DIY thing. They discover together that they have a lot in common in their stories and somewhere along the line, even get into the ideas of Carl Von Clausewitz and get philosophical. Also, Daniel reveals some very big news at the beginning of...


Lola Blanc and August Comte

Lola Blanc comes over to Daniel Lobell's house to talk about her fascinating story of her childhood growing up in the Mormon church, her mother being taken by a deceptive false messiah and finding her way into music. The conversation touches on everything from dating Marlyn Mason to the philosophy of August Comte and this marks our first musician on the show! Enjoy!


Barry Katz and Herbert Spencer

Barry Katz is a legendary comedy manager and producer. He co produced the hit show Last Comic Standing. He managed Dane Cook, Dave Chappelle, Nick Di Paolo and Louis CK. He stops by to talk to Daniel Lobell about his story, his life after divorce, being a father and to talk about some of the philosophy of Herbert Spencer. Enjoy!


Jackie "The Jokeman" Martling and Jeremy Bentham

Jackie Martling invites Daniel Lobell over for a talk the ranges on everything from the Howard Stern show to addiction to marriage to the philosophy of Jeremy Bentham. Lots of fun and of course Jokes! Enjoy!


Myq Kaplan and Oscar Wilde

Myq Kaplan joins Daniel to discuss some of the ideas of philosopher/writer Oscar Wilde. Myq and Daniel have been friends for years and they catch up. Myq is also the voice of the new intro song lyrics written by Zach Sherwin.


Jimmy O. Yang and William Jevons

Jimmy O. Yang of Silicon Valley and Crazy Rich Asians comes by to talk to Daniel about philosopher William Jevons and his new book "How to American". They talk about family, childhood stories, comedy and how to evolve artistically when your motivations shift. Enjoy!


Luz Pazos and Giacomo Leopardi

Luz Pazos is the only Peruvian comedian working in the U.S. currently. She comes by the show to talk with Daniel about Giacomo Leopardi as well as her story of international travel that led her to Los Angeles and to becoming a comedian. She also happens to be a huge Giacomo Leopardi fan! Enjoy!


Manis Friedman and Thomas Nagel

Rabbi Manis Friedman comes over Daniel's house to discuss his new book "The Joy of Intimacy" and some philosophy from Thomas Nagel. The conversation covers his growing up in the Chabad movement and meeting with the esteemed Lubavitcher Rebbe of blessed memory, having Bob Dylan as a congregant of his synagogue and of course the subject of Intimacy.


Tony Hawk and Marcel Proust

Tony Hawk and Daniel Lobell sit down and discuss skateboarding, music, following your dreams, Hollywood and philosophy from Marcel Proust. Enjoy!


EPISODE 100! A LOOK BACK. (Featuring Maron, Burr, Bamford, Lewis Black and more)

Celebration of 100 episodes of Modern Day Philosophers with Daniel Lobell. Featuring: Matt Kirshen, Maria Bamford, Bill Burr, Lewis Black, Marc Maron, Carl Reiner, Jackie Mason, Doug Stanhope, Fred Armisen, Brian Regan, Mellisa Villasenior, George Wallace and Shelley Berman. Special appearance from Marc Frame.


Salvador Litvak and Adam Ferguson

Salvador Litvak the great writer, director and host of the Accidental Talmudist sits down with Danny to tell his story of immigrating from Chile, Umbrella Stabbings, Harvard rowing, bad performance art and Mexican weed. They also talk Judaim, the holocaust and of course about the philosopher Alex Fossella picked for them Adam Ferguson. Brought to you by Issue #2 now available!


George Wallace and Montesquieu

George Wallace and Danny Lobell sit down in an airport lounge near LAX and talk everything from politics to Seinfeld to being at Martin Luther King Jr.'s funeral. Its the first episode of SEASON NINE!! Enjoy!


Special Episode: Ralphie May; a journey through podcasts, stand up and life.

Ralphie May; a journey. In this episode I look back at my friendship with my comedy mentor, brother, boss and friend Ralphie May. You will hear old episodes of my various podcasts featuring me (Danny Lobell), David Kasten, Chris Iacono, Myka Fox, Andrew Schulz, Joe Materese, Justy Dodge, Lahna Turner, Dan Naturman, and of course the late and very great Ralphie May. I also make some calls to Skyler Stone, The Smash Brothers (Corey and Chad), Steve Lee, Billy Wayne Davis and my cousin...


SEASON 8 WRAP UP SHOW with Danny and Alex Fossella

Alex Fossella and Danny Lobell recount their favorite highlights from the season!


Tape Face aka Sam Wills and Alexis de Tocqueville

Tape Face joins Danny Lobell, host of Modern Day Philosophers. America's Got Talent's Tape Face guests on this episode of the show to discuss philosophy from philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville. They talked about the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, protecting your inner child, and the frustrations of social media. Tape Face went to clowning school, where he learned street performing, magic, and juggling, and failed at sword swallowing. Tune in to find out more.


Erica Rhodes and John Rawls

Erica Rhodes comes by and she and Danny names, Prairie Home Companion, comedy, philosophy of John Rawls (with a surprise cameo from Alex Fossella), music and Tanglewood and so much more. Enjoy!


David Koechner and Alexander Hamilton

David Koechner and Danny Lobell talk about having kids, addiction, Improv, SNL, the Midwest and politics. Enjoy!


Jamie Kilstein and Thomas Jefferson

Jamie Kilstein came over and discussed his longtime friendship with Danny and how the two wound up on very different paths over the years. Jamie addresses the scandal that he found himself caught in and where he was at in that point in life. The two delve into how and why Jamie had gotten there. It's an episode packed with introspection and lots of vulnerability. It is full of laughs along the way. The philosopher that Alex Fossella picked for Jamie this episode is Thomas Jefferson and Danny...


Phil Proctor and Karl Marx

Phil Proctor (of the Firesign Theatre) has Danny Lobell over his house in the Canyon to talk about his long exciting and at times Mystical career in the counterculture surrealist comedy group "Firesign Theatre" which put out classic comedy records in the 1960s. They discuss his new book "Where's my fortune cookie", The Manson murders, aliens, self hypnosis, a gangland shooting, naked swimming parties in the 70's, politics and of course Karl Marx. Brought to you by Stand Up! Records Enjoy!


Baron Vaughn and Simone de Beauvoir

Baron Vaughn comes by for a very in depth discussion about race, religion, his new album Blaxistential Crisis identity and of course our philosopher who in this case was Simone de Beauvoir. It's a great talk brought to you by the good folks over at The Fake Outrage Report podcast and GreenBlender. Enjoy!