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Moment of Clarity - Backstage of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp


A 5-min 3-times-per-week moment of clarity by comedian/activist/writer Lee Camp. This is not a placid meditation but a comedic confrontation taking on any all subjects. Get more at

A 5-min 3-times-per-week moment of clarity by comedian/activist/writer Lee Camp. This is not a placid meditation but a comedic confrontation taking on any all subjects. Get more at


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A 5-min 3-times-per-week moment of clarity by comedian/activist/writer Lee Camp. This is not a placid meditation but a comedic confrontation taking on any all subjects. Get more at




Redacated Tonight - #610- The Reason Why The US Fear Huawei, Impeachment Round 2, Spotify Royalty Dispute & more!

Lee Camp on why the US can't stand Huawei & an investigation into Obama-era funding of Al Qaeda. Naomi Karavani on Spotify's royalty dispute. Anders Lee on DC statehood & Kansas City housing rights activists. Plus Lee dives into the Trump Impeachment...again.


Redacted Tonight #609-The Man That Discovered The Missing $2 Trillion In the Pentagon, Julian Assange, The Capitol Insurrection & more!

Lee Camp interviews the journalist Mark Skidmore, who exposed a corruption story involving $21 trillion in "unaccounted adjustments" in the Pentagon's budget over 2 decades. PLUS Julian Assange will not be extradited, the Insurrection at the Capitol & the 200K voters purged from the rolls in Georgia!


Redacted Tonight #608-Force The Vote, Wonder Woman Is NeoLiberal Garbage & Activists Prevent Homelessness!

Lee dives into why Wonder Woman 1984 is neoliberal garbage, the Force the Vote movement and how activists are responsible for preventing homelessness!


Redacted Tonight #607 - Mickey Huff Of Project Censored, The Stimulus Bill, Force The Vote & much more!

Lee talks to Mickey Huff from Project Censored about the 25 most Censored stories of 2020! PLUS a look the Force the Vote movement, the Stimulus bill, Biden's Presidency and much more!


#606 - Best of 2020, Erasing Medical Debt, COVID Cure Not Talked About & more!

Redacted Tonight's Best of 2020! Plus the discussion of Medicare For All, erasing Medical Debt, breaking news about Iowa and more!


Redacted Tonight #605 - Tara Reade on Joe Biden, More Smearing On Venezuela's Elections, Biden Picks Raytheon Lobbyist & more!

Lee interview Tara Reade on Joe Biden & her new book. PLUS a look into new propaganda against Venezuela and Biden's newest war monger in his cabinet and so much more!


Redacted Tonight #604 - Largest Srike In Human Histroy, Billionaries Get Richer During The Pandemic, DHS Invading Privacy & more

Lee covers the upward transfer of wealth of during a pandemic. As billionaires get richer the working class is stuck in food lines for hours! PLUS The largest strike in human history just occured in India & a lot more!


Redacted Tonight #603 - Biden's Cabinet Is Full Of War Mongers, Bipartisan Anti-Science, Will Technology Save Us & more!

Lee talks about how Biden's cabinet is being filled with corporatists and war hawks! PLUS a look at how both sides are anti-science, how technology can help us and much much more!


Redacted Tonight #602 - What To Expect From Joe Biden, Canadian Propaganda, Trump & the Pentagon and more!

A Joe Biden Presidency will not be progressive! PLUS Trump's use of the Pentagon will shock you, why we should be like Crabs and much much more!


#601-The End Of The Drug War, Did Your War Criminal Win?, More Problems With Capitalism & more!

The War On Drugs has always been a despicable tool in the war against Black Americans and the hippy movement. PLUS the resignation of Glenn Greenwald, another War Criminal in the White House and more!


Redacted Tonight #600-The End of CIA Coups, Purdue Pharma Indicted, Election Chaos & more!

A good news episode! South America fights back the America Empire and CIA coups! PLUS a look in the new CAREN Act, the chaos of the 2020 Elections and more!


Redacted Tonight #599-Capitalism's Fraud, Supreme Court Is A Disaster, The Dwindling Climate Change Map & more!

Lee dives into a story that perfectly illustrates the stupidity of late-stage capitalism. Foxconn is a massive Chinese electronics manufacturer that became well-known for putting up suicide nets to stop its employees from killing themselves -- and for making the iPhone. PLUS the secret truth behind unemployment, the Supreme court's failure and more!


Redacted Tonight #598 - China vs. The Military Industrial Complex, How To Fight Evictions, Bolivia Defeats Imperialism & more

Lee dives into how the Military Industrial Complex is manufacturing propaganda against China, Bolivia defeats an American coup, how to battle evictions and more!


#597 - Who To Blame For A Biden Loss, Home For The Homeless, Twitter Supression, Amy Comey Barret & more

Lee dives who will be to blame if Joe Biden loses the election, the solution to the housing the crisis PLUS a new form of suppression on Twitter, what they won't ask Amy Comey Barrett and more!


Redacted Tonight #596 - Leaks the Media Won't Cover, OPCW Controversy, Election Manipulation & more!

Lee covers the Blue Leaks, the OPCW controversy over Syria, more on Election Manipulation and much much more!


Redacted Tonight #595 - What We Missed In The Debates, Interview With Nomiki Konst, Trump Gets COVID, Assange Updates & more!

Lee dives into what was missed during the debates, more updates on Julian Assange, Trump's taxes and COVID diagnosis and much more! PLUS a conversation with Nomiki Konst!


Redacted Tonight #594 - Trump Disrespects The Military, Uber For Evictions, Updates on Assange & more!

Lee dives into how Trump disrespects the Military, a few updates on the Julian Assange trial, an app to evict people and so much more!


Redacted Tonight #593 - Greenwashing, Joe Biden & the Patriot Act, More on the Julian Assange Case, Why BLM Is Important & more!

Lee dives into Greenwashing, the importance of the Black Lives Matter movement PLUS Prisoners are fighting Fires and a tribute to late Kevin Zeese.


Redacted Tonight #592 - AI In Your Brain, Assange In Kangaroo Court, Ignoring Climate Change and more!

Lee dives in putting Artificial Intelligence into your brain, plus a look into Julian Assange's extradition trial and how corporate media is ignoring Climate Change!


Redacted Tonight #591 - The Peoples Party, NBA Strikes, 7 Stupid Arguments Defending The Police & more!

Lee talks to Greg Palast about voter fraud! PLUS coverage of the People's Coverage, the NBA strike, debunking the arguments defending the police, Venezuelan coup and more!