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Moment of Clarity - Backstage of Redacted Tonight with Lee Camp


A 5-min 3-times-per-week moment of clarity by comedian/activist/writer Lee Camp. This is not a placid meditation but a comedic confrontation taking on any all subjects. Get more at

A 5-min 3-times-per-week moment of clarity by comedian/activist/writer Lee Camp. This is not a placid meditation but a comedic confrontation taking on any all subjects. Get more at


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A 5-min 3-times-per-week moment of clarity by comedian/activist/writer Lee Camp. This is not a placid meditation but a comedic confrontation taking on any all subjects. Get more at




#642 [Redacted Tonight] - Schools Erase Indigenous Children, Conflict In Israeli Politics, Interview with Awkword & more!

Recently the remains of 215 indigenous children were found on the grounds of a Canadian boarding school. Lee Camp reports on the cultural genocide perpetrated against the indigenous people of North America. Lee Camp is joined by the rapper, journalist, and activist AWKWORD for an interview about the prison abolitionist program he co-founded. The program is named "Ten Demands For Justice: The Road To Abolition." They have a ten point plan that addresses police brutality, mass incarceration,...


#641-The History Of McDonald's Labor Exploitation & more

McDonald's workers have filed a lawsuit against their employer and taken strike actions over low pay and mistreatment during this pandemic. Lee Camp looks into the fast food behemoth's exploitative business practices. From low wages, to their wage theft schemes, to using prison labor to make employee uniforms, to the factory farming that grows their meat, and the consumerist junk they use to market their Happy Meals the entire business model of McDonald's reflects the exploitative nature of...


#640-Abby Martin Wins, Last Shred Of Russiagate, TYT Loses It & more

Lee breaks down how the last bit of the Russiagate story falls apart. Plus he covers how Abby Martin won her case against censorship and why TYT attacked Aaron Mate!


#639 [Redacted Tonight] -The Truth About Anti-Semitism, The Koch Takeover & much more

Israel is trying to deflect attention from their crimes in occupied Palestine with propaganda about anti-semitism. Lee tackles their claims. Lee Camp interviews the executive director of UnKoch My Campus Jasmine Banks. Banks takes us through the Koch agenda on college campuses across the country. The notorious oligarchs have used their billions of dollars to fund campus activists and academic departments with a view toward pushing free market principles and undermining social welfare...


#638 - Cancel Culture Runs Amok, Pentagon's Money Laundering Scheme & more!

Lee talks a Gazan about what's going on, on the ground! Plus a conversation about the history of Colombia and Dan Kovalik addresses Cancel Culture.


#637 [Redacted Tonight] - The Chinese Forced Labor Lie Collapses

The corporate media are heavily pushing stories about child labor in China because they have a new Cold War to sell to us. Lee Camp brings you the slavery stories the propagandists won't tell you about. The corporate world is run on child labor from the precious metals that make our cell phones work to the chocolate that Nestlé delivers to the store shelves.


#636 - Whats Going With Israel w. Ariel Gold & Military Recruiting Kids With Cartoons!

From CodePink, Ariel Gold talks about what's going with Israel & Gaza! Plus a look how cartoons are being used as propaganda for the military!


#635 [Redacted Tonight] - Stop Calling Joe Biden Progressive, Israel's Violence Against Palestine & much more

Lee Camp has a moral line and the sociopaths in politics crossed it a long time ago. He compares Joe Biden's rhetoric to his actions past and present. It's easy for people to believe that when the president uses progressive language that he means what he's saying but any investigation of what the president really stands for will unveil an imperialist and a monster. Maybe this world would be a better place if we were all more certain about what we are and aren't willing to condone.


#634 - Why The Empire Must Fall (w/ Mike Prysner) & The Party The Democrats Truly Hate

Lee interviews Mike Prysner from Empire Files about what we have to do stop the expanding American Empire. Then Lee talks to Eynelys Garcia about the People's Party's search for a candidate!


#633 [Redacted Tonight] - Mass Incarceration Is Insane

Lee Camp dives into why we need to abolish the prison industry and much more in this episode of Redacted Tonight!


#632 - The Rich Are Fleeing, Walking Across The Country With Ed Fallon & CVS Fights Against Healthcare

Lee interviews Ed Fallon about walking across the nation and Climate Change. Plus CVS fights back against universal healthcare and why the rich are fleeing!


#631 [Redacted Tonight] - The Man With No Country, Prison Facts To Blow Your Mind & More

People just assume that the US's system of mass incarceration has always been this way. Lee Camp looks into the truth about prisons in the US. Imprisoning huge chunks of society is neither necessary nor beneficial to society as a whole and the stories that Camp explores here will blow your mind. The system is a racist continuation of slavery and we all need to understand that better.


#630-Dave Anthony Talks Comedy & Politics and Corporate Media Just Sh*t The Bed!

Comedian Dave Anthony joins Lee to discuss his new podcast breaking down the West Wing and the state of comedy & politics!


#629 [Redacted Tonight] - Don't Fall For Bullshit Solutions & How Earth Day Can Matter!

The US today is a sick, broken society. Late-stage capitalism doesn't offer any real solutions to the problems that people are facing as the economy falls apart. Lee Camp looks at the false solutions that corporations and the US government offer to people instead of addressing the root causes of the real problems that we all face. System wide problems require systemic answers but unfortunately it's more profitable to allow those problems to persist while selling solutions to the symptoms.


#628 - Brian Becker On Afghanistan, Ajamu Baraka On Derek Chauvin & Daunte Wright!

Lee interviews Brian Becker about what's going in Afghanistan and how America has influenced its history! PLUS Ajamu Baraka talks about what comes after the Derek Chauvin Trial.


#627 [Redacted Tonight] - The Fight Against Amazon Continues, Fox News Comedy Show & much more!

Fox News have a comedy show to compete with Redacted Tonight now. Lee Camp takes on Greg Gutfeld's new show which is meant to make right-wingers laugh. As you might've guessed the intellectual credibility of Gutfeld's opinions are about as funny as the jokes he made to an unamused live audience. He pushes facts that Camp is able to take apart in minutes on this episode.


#626 - Eugene Puryear On Politics, David Cobb on Post-Capitalism & the DSA Debate!

Lee talks to Eugene Puryear about current events and the state of politics. He also interviews David Cobb on the Post-Capitalism Conference. And Anders Lee joins Lee for the DSA Debate!


#625 [Redacted Tonight] - Biometric Data Becomes Big Business, Predatory For-Profit Colleges, Stock Market Reveals Itself & more!

Lee Camp looks into the US's long history of oppressed people fighting back against their oppressors. The story goes back to the arrival of the Mayflower and continues today as our corporate overlords seek to invade the privacy of workers. The capitalist system continues to try and crush the human spirit and turn workers into automatons but we can continue the tradition of fighting back.


#624 - AOC Goes Full Establishment, The Money Rebellion & Media's Hilarious Hypocrisy

Lee talks about how AOC has become an establishment Democrat, the Money Rebellion & how the media is hilariously failing!


#623 [Redacted Tonight] - War On Terror Comes Home, Ending Qualified Immunity & more!

Lee Camp opens the show this week on a recent report released publicly by the intelligence community to prove how little they are willing to tolerate free speech. Their list of "domestic violence extremists" includes a wide array of groups to be targeted. Lee interviews the economics professor and author of "Debunking Economics," Steve Keen. Keen's scholarship gives insight into the ways that neoclassical economic models misunderstand climate change.