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Witness the strange goings-on in the bizarre town of Monagami, Ontario. Meet the citizens who inhabit this impossible place, populated by the hilarious characters performed by Illustrated Men.

Witness the strange goings-on in the bizarre town of Monagami, Ontario. Meet the citizens who inhabit this impossible place, populated by the hilarious characters performed by Illustrated Men.
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Witness the strange goings-on in the bizarre town of Monagami, Ontario. Meet the citizens who inhabit this impossible place, populated by the hilarious characters performed by Illustrated Men.




Monagami - Episode Fourteen - The End!!

... the end is in the beginning Well, gosh, it's the last episode in which we have to wrap everything up. Where has the time gone? Now you can find out what Matt Cutter, MD has to tell the town of Monagami about the Spillage Disease. And find out what becomes of the nefarious Board of Directors and their plot to rule the world. Sam and Ella Toad come to a final momentous decision and Lewis Vesterberian finally finds a home. Hope you enjoyed the ride, listeners. Vaya con Dios! (For now...)


Monagami - Episode Thirteen - Concert 3

... the best for last OMG... We're almost at the end of the series. Only one more episode to go after this one... So better make the most of it folks! In this, the last of the concert episodes, we meet Shakespearean actor, Sir Rodney Wanker, The Black Poet and mentalist Rigatoni Tortellini plus we hear the Monagami Workers Choir sing the town anthem! Ella Toad runs into trouble and the Drindle Brothers have it out. Will Britney Spears finally get to sing her song? Tune it in, people, tune...


Monagami - Episode Twelve - Concert 2

... the trouble with Britney We're midway through the Spillage Benefit Concert now and things are really starting to heat up. Famous people are dropping in and not-so-famous people are shouting at them. The Drindles have a spat and Sam Toad is falling in love with Ella all over again... sort of. Join us as The Monagami Police Choir and The Dance of The Gingerbread Men perform. Oh, and there's a special guest appearance by Illustrated Men! Wow!


Monagami - Episode Eleven - Concert 1

... a benefit with friends Well, this is it! The first of the three-part series of episodes set at the Great Spillage Benefit Concert. How exciting... Everyone is there: Sam & Ella Toad, Bob Dylan, Dwayne & Darryl Drindle, Britney Spears, Mayor Dick Wiener, Bono and a host of others determined to end the Spillage Disease. Little do they all know that the nefarious Board Of Directors is infecting the whole lot of them! Gad Zooks!


Monagami - Episode Ten

... the best laid plans In this, the 10th episode of Monagami, we find out who it was that actually shot Odnarb the Alien... what a shocker! Dan Standish's child army nervously await their first deployment to Easter Island. And the Prime Minister gets a nasty surprise when he addresses the troops on the day of their departure. My goodness!


Monagami - Episode Nine

... what's that in the road? A head? Week 9 of our beloved Monagami series finds Smith & Wesson, the musical-comedy writing team, frantically trying to meet a Spillage Benefit Concert deadline from hell. Also in this episode, the alien bounty hunting team encounter the Double Z zombie family with unsettling results. Will brains conquer brawn? Only one way to find out...


Monagami - Episode Eight

... panic in the streets Oh my, what a disturbing episode number 8 turns out to be... Monagami is devastated by The Spillage! Dobbie Diamond, owner of The Pecker Club is struck down while singing his favourite song; the town dissolves into mayhem; thugs roam the streets (well, more than usual). Who can save them now?!


Monagami - Episode Seven

... they're just words, man My goodness, time flies! Here we are seven episodes in... half way through in fact. This week Ella goes to boot camp while Mayor Wiener hires Thaddeus J. Porker to come up with the talent for the Spillage Benefit Concert. Meanwhile, on a bus to Monagami, some of that very talent meets an ugly end. And if you've ever met an ugly end you know it ain't pretty.


Monagami - Episode Six

... the plot thinkens In this dark and disturbing episode Matt Cutter, MD finds out the truth about Mr. Tweedle; Dan Standish meets children's entertainer, Captain Gash to get him to help out with the war; Ella Toad signs with the army; we meet Putsy the Pigboy, cartoon character; and at the evil Neckwear Tie Factory the evil Board of Directors unleashes their evil plan! Can you stand it?? Okay, don't answer that question.


Monagami - Episode Five

... cool my fevered brow The frightening speed at which the new disease is taking over Monagami is matched only by the disturbing reality of its cause. Mr. Tweedle visits the hospital as Matt Cutter, MD learns to fear the worst and how a mystery plot actually works. Rock Hard appears in a movie while super-spy Dan Standish finds an unlikely ally in high-school guidance councillor, Jack Helperin. We also meet Rock's pathetic side-kick, Tim Pot for the first time. All this and more...


Monagami - Episode Four

...Of Monsters And Men Holy smoke, it's Episode Four already! Today we find Sam & Ella trying to make a go of it in their temporary lodgings at the Motel-Hotel Inn when Ella decides to enlist in the army. Police Officer Daly has a run-in with an undead tow-truck driver as Lewis Vesterberian (the kid wandering around in a daze) finds himself a new friend. Meanwhile, the Prime Minister gets a visit and some help from super-spy Dan Standish. Oh yeah... and there's a vampire.


Monagami - Episode Three

... Let Slip The Dogs In this tense and terse tertiary episode, Monagamites are conflicted about the upcoming war with Easter Island and argument is rife. Sam Toad invents an award-winning tie while Dwayne & Darryl Drindle, the owners of the Double 'D' Diner decide to enlist just as a dreadful new disease breaks out right in their dining room! Meanwhile the army's recruitment drive has started but with unusual results. Whew!


Monagami - Episode Two

...Some Burning Truths In this exciting second episode... Sam Toad has his first day on the job at the Neckwear Tie Factory and finds out that tie-making is not as simple as it looks; The aliens get closer to Monagami but make a huge mistake; Ella visits with her estranged father and learns some bitter truths; Stevie & Johnny report the alien invasion to the police but the boys get a surprising response. Be sure to subscribe to this page to be notified of further episodes!


Monagami - Episode One

Illustrated Men (Bruce Hunter, Dave Huband and myself) are excited to bring you the first episode of our extended cartoon-for-the-mind set in the town of Monagami, Ontario. Follow the characters of this strange burg as they fight off aliens, deal with deadly man-made diseases, get towed by zombies and, in some cases, try to find work. Done in a retro-radio style, this podcast is, at the least, an amusing way to close your eyes, relax and smile for 15 minutes or so each week. ...In The...