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Monday Morning Laughs for Geeks

Monday Morning Laughs for Geeks
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Monday Morning Laughs for Geeks




The Poop and Nuts Show

Carl is feeling a little bloated. Mark and Karen join a commune. Carl shares a Satchmo tune by Solvo. Karen has her own amazing tale of poo, or is it a tale of amazing poo? Mark has three incredible stories of dumb. Horror Baby gets a new partner in crime. And, as always, Richard finds toys to satisfy his toyish desires.


The Christmas Show

Recorded December 5th, 2009, this one sat in the vault and got forgotten. Carl's so friggin lame. Mark and Karen announce Cockblock #7 and generally keep everyone abreast of their sexual exploits, Carl has some random lessons from the last few months, Mark discovers a dumb guy's dumb guy, Karen takes on Cosmo, and Richard (as always) finds the craziest shit ever.

Dwayne Goes to Hell

Mark and Karen tied the knot! Carl sends Dwayne to Hell on an important mission, Karen goes off on Glamour Magazine, Carl has problems with products and services, Horror Baby goes to the Aquarium, Mark's Dumbah subject gets thirsty for beer, Mark suffers the smackdown that is the nubby, Mark gets all ripply and shit, and Richard suggests a Beaver Stuffing Kit, among other fab toys.

Back with a Vengence!

Carl's got neighbor problems. Mark and Karen have a very disturbed child. New Franklin Brothers Music! Carl experiences *really* hot food in a new way. Karen goes off on Mrs. America. Dwayne returns. Mark finds the dumbest of the dumb. Mark and Karen have sex. No, really. Richard finds perhaps the most disgusting toy ever.


The Baby Show

Karen brings the baby to the show! Mark gets no sex for 8 weeks. Carl has rats. Baby gets motor oil for Christmas. Karen reviews a new connection film. You'll never guess who it's about. Mark gives the tards the respect they deserve, and Richard finds the coolest toy ever. Ever.


All we're saying is that true Mondays fans will be shocked. And not by the language (although we no longer bleep - you've been warned).

The Man-Boy Show

Lawrence makes his Mondays debut and wonders if he'll ever come back, Karen goes off on Miller's Man-Boyness during her rant on the art of neglect. Miller comes through with the "funniest Dumbah than Me Title Ever", Carl teaches his kids about the laws of physics at the amusement park, Richard says "screw you all" and comes up with a list of the worst bad toys ever assembled. Geoff is seen sweeping the hallway.

Richard is Dead

Richard dies, Carl and Mark explain why there hasn't been a show since October, Carl babysits two demons, Mark finds a discount phone sex line, Karen goes to the Oscars, and Richard comes back from the dead to show some of the most disturbing toys of all time. This show is NOT bleeped. Not Safe For Work (NSFW).

Karen's Ass

Carl tells of his tales of woe traveling to Amsterdam and his experiences in Bulgaria. Karen talks about how there's no such thing as a guarantee, Richard is forced to use TinyURL for his toys, and Mark is completely obsessed with Karen's ass.

Carl Turns 40!

It's an all-new show recorded live at Pwop Studios in front of a studio audience! Carl confesses to a crime involving hornets, Karen moves on, Millah almost comes to blows with Karen's husband, and Richard finds a guy online who built a 500-some-odd foot slip and slide!

The Target Show

Karen develops a target rash. Carl has an altercation at Jiffy Lube, Mark relives another harrowing tale involving small animals, and Richard tries to get a word in edgewise.

Mister Peepers

Mark steals the show with the dumbest Dumbah than Me All Star to ever grace the Mondays department of dumbness, The least-dumb of all the least-dumb emerges from the cryogenic freezer, Carl gets a lesson in peeping tom laws, Karen confronts the art of distraction, and Richard shows off electric tazer clothing.

Charlie has left the chocolate factory

Karen, Richard, Mark, and Carl are back for another Mondays! Carl considers the complexity of the female voice, Karen wants the local women to get real - and a bubble tub , Mark goes postal on the TSA, Carl doesn't quite get the last Wii at Best Buy, and Richard has a boob story.

I Said the Wrong Thing Again, Didn't I?

Geoff is out sick, Karen joins Carl, Richard, and Mark for the first show of 2007. Karen is in need of laugh therapy after dealing with the loss of her mother. Mark crosses the line over and over and over again. Carl considers the different versions of Vista, and Richard brings forth the most eclectic array of ah... .devices... ever assembled on Mondays. Enjoy!

Who the hell is Guy Fawkes?

Carl, Karen, Richard, Mark, and Geoff are together again .This time to discuss fetishes, Spanish meat, pe-seasoned duck shot, new and exciting uses for fireworks and the fate of a four hundred year old nimrod. And oh...Happy Holidays!

All Together

Carl, Karen, Richard, Mark, and Geoff are all together in the studio this week. Mark delivers what could be the funniest dumbah ever, Carl takes his cat to a questionable vet, Karen gets pissed at exploitive parents, and Richard... well, you know.

The Angry Show

Karen sets the tone for this show with stories of domestic dumbness. Geoff follows suit with an eruption against microphone touching, and Mark has stories of dumb that involve our fearless leader. Carl gives the dogs at the baggage claim an unexpected treat, and Richard finds some bad bad bad bad toys.

the Bluvaries Show

Carl, Richard, Mark, Karen and Geoff are back once again! The recurring theme of this week's show is not unlike the infamous Hawaiian Lackanookie syndrome. Bluvaries.

The Goat Show

Carl, Richard, Mark, and Karen are back! Goats are prominently referenced in this show, thanks to Mark Miller. Come to think of it, only a small part of the show has to do with goats. It's just that, well, you'll never forget it. This is for better of for worse. We don't know. Just listen