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My Favorite Things is a podcast hosted by Mike Truesdale where he and a guest talk about a shared favorite thing of theirs. New episodes every Friday!

My Favorite Things is a podcast hosted by Mike Truesdale where he and a guest talk about a shared favorite thing of theirs. New episodes every Friday!
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Los Angeles, CA


My Favorite Things is a podcast hosted by Mike Truesdale where he and a guest talk about a shared favorite thing of theirs. New episodes every Friday!




DIY with Kate Frisbee

Kate Frisbee (Quick Draw, The Middle, 2 Broke Girls) brings her handy ass over to talk about the wonderful option of DIY. We talk about all the nifty ways she's improved her own home, pitch a stoner home makeover show and she tells the story of how she found herself almost $2 million in debt at the tender age of 24. Know her when the apocalypse comes, she will save us all.


Jon Stewart with Michael Feldman

Michael Feldman (Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 & Over, Deadbeat, Former Daily Show employee!) joins me to talk about the legacy of Jon Stewart and his impact on The Daily Show, satire and fake news. We also help each other decompress and Feldman talks about his time as a young intern and P.A. at The Daily Show under Jon Stewart.


USC Trojans Football with Ryan Moore

Basketball coach and scout, Ryan Moore crosses the sports aisle to talk about our shared love for USC Trojans Football. We talk everything from OJ to Sark, Reggie Bush's vacated awards, tailgating, NCAA's convenient definition of amateur, beating UCLA, reluctantly liking Josh Rosen, when one should stop being a sports fan and I dust off my Petros Papadakis impression. We also talk about this, that and the other. Support Jay Miller's GoFundMe here:...

Mix Tapes with Florence Hartigan

Florence Hartigan comes bearing the gift of a mix tape for me as we talk about the construction of a good mix tape and our fond memories of mix tapes past. We also talk about Florence's musical upbringing in New Zealand, making music, High Fidelity, and how I didn't make her a mix tape before we recorded this podcast. Also, enjoy some music from Florence Hartigan at the end of this episode. Listen to the mix tape Flo made me here:...

Impressions with Lauren O'Brien

Lauren O'Brien (First Impressions, Comedy!) talks impressions with me. We also talk about shitty jobs, being Irish and for some reason we talked about racism for a second.

Bob Seger with Matt Cook

Matt Cook returns once again to the podcast to romanticize rock legend, Bob Seger. We listen to vinyls of Live Bullet and Nine Tonight and discuss following your dreams Against the Wind, the times I almost beat the shit out of Matt during those crazy Hollywood Nights and how learning how to fuck in cars is a timeless adolescent tradition.

Love with Courtney Pauroso & Eileen Mullane

Courtney Pauroso (Key & Peele, CollegeHumor, We Should Have A Podcast) returns to the podcast to have an impromptu and candid chat about love with me and my wife, Eileen Mullane. We play MASH for Courtney, talk about good marriages and why Courtney should be a cult leader.

Pride with Michael Rachlis

Michael Rachlis (Life's A Drag, Storytelling, Comedy!) is my guest this week to talk about and celebrate Pride. We also reflect on the horrific events of Orlando, he gives me some perspective on the Noah Galvin-Colton Haynes controversy and a lesson in drag. This episode is dedicated to all my LGBTQ+ people so I hope you don't hate it.

The 805 With Kassem G

Kassem G joins me this episode to reflect on the area we both came from, the 805. We also talk about starting in comedy, YouTube, Maker Studios, and surprisingly nothing about wolf shirts.

Life with Ross Marquand

Ross Marquand (The Walking Dead, The Mindy Project, Impress Me) enjoys a few Sam Adams with me as we talk about life. We explore the widely known fact that impressionists are the best zombie killers, do some impressions and talk about the fluidity of spirituality. Also, lots of clumsy bits from your host.

Impressions With Brock Baker

Man of a Kajillion Voices, Brock Baker drops by to grace me with more than a few of them. Brock is one of most talented dudes in voice acting today and his impressions are flawless. Hear some of his more recent ones as well as a lot from the world of animation. Brock also talks about being on Dana Carvey's USA show, First Impressions and sometimes you won't know who is talking, so that's fun.

Impressions with JQ Cole

JQ Cole graces me with his presence before he moves to London to attend the prestigious London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. We talk about our time on Impress Me, why we started doing impressions and how JQ's family is better than most family, my words not his. Donate to JQ's GoFundMe:

Chicago Bears with Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson (Blackish, Dry Hump, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) joins me to wallow in the joy and sorrow of being a Chicago Bears fan. We also talk about sports fan who need to grow up, politics for some reason and being in Vegas at the same time 10 years ago before we knew each other.

Lake Tahoe with Annie Cavalero

Annie Cavalero (2 Broke Girls, Heels in the Hills, An American in Texas) talks about one of our favorite places on Earth, Lake Tahoe. We also talk about weddings, how great 80's cover band, The Spazmatics are, and the upcoming film, An American in Texas.

Acting with Katierose Donohue

Katierose Donohue (Two Broke Girls, The Comeback, How I Met Your Mother) comes over to talk about Acting. We talk about favorite actors, favorite scenes, being weird for wanting to do it and we even act a little.

Having Babies

No guest this week because we had a baby. This episode, I ramble about having a second child, birth stories from a father's perspective, having kids in LA and outfucking the Duggars. Sponsored by Golden Road Brewery and Pluto TV.

Impressions with Piotr Michael

Piotr Michael graces me with his golden pipes as we talk about impressions. He tells me the tale of the time he tested for SNL, talks about working with The Howard Stern Show, getting his start on YouTube and we talk about working on the impression-based sitcom, Impress Me.

Video Games with Matt Cook

Matt Cook (Clipped, True Blood, Crit Juice)and I talk video games in this episode. We discuss our favorite titles, fond memories of playing with friends, and just how cool it really is to work with George Wendt.

Medicinal Marijuana With Courtney Pauroso

Courtney Pauroso (Key & Peele, 2 Broke Girls, We Should Have A Podcast) and I talk about the benefits and pitfalls of medicinal marijuana. We also get real deep into murky waters talking about privilege, race, taking yourself too seriously and the meaning of 'spell'.

Podcasts with Ilana Cohn

Ilana Cohn and I talk podcasts including our favorites and her soon to be released podcast, Yer Mama. We also talk about abusive foreigners, other parents, her time as a Phish-head and much more.