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One Sketch Per Writer - Part 1

We’re looking back on sketches from our 300 episodes and pulling out no more than one sketch per writer. It doesn’t have to be the writer’s best sketch - though maybe it is. But it should be a sketch we haven’t repeated too much already, and that each writer only gets one. Also, this does cover everyone who has written for The Final Edition, mostly because it leaves out anything produced in New York. I left New York at the end of 2013 - so after that, I don’t remember who wrote what - and...



This is our 300th episode. So I’m matching it up with the movie “300,” which was about … war, I guess? I didn’t see it. Also, May 8th was just the 74th anniversary of VE Day, the end of World War 2 in Europe. Which means we haven’t had a World War in Europe in awhile. We’re about due. All the sketches this week have something to do with war and the military. This includes one of the many, many Ken Burns Civil War parodies we’ve done over the years. It’s probably not the one we did...


Mythical creatures - don’t touch them

This week, we have a lot of mythical things - a yeti, a genie, dungeons, dragons, an employed college English teacher. Simon, from “Simon says” - who’s a real person, by the way.


At least measles is still free

This week, we’ve got measles. Well, not us personally, but a lot of people. We also get heavily into the kind of things you encounter when you don’t have a lot of money. Cheap businesses. Cheap food. Weird financial arrangements. Big expensive movies that still seem like cheap movies. And the cheapest kind of entertainment of all, ASMR - which doesn’t require much more than, let’s say, wrapping paper. Or a Bob Ross video. Plus … we have condiments.


Get back in your head

This week, it’s pop culture and pop music and weird brain stuff. And speaking of all those things, it happened to be 4/20 this last weekend. So we talk to a member of our own cast who happens to work with — and report on — cannabis. You’ll never guess which cast member it is. You’ve already guessed. It’s Sam.


We return from the black hole

On this week’s show, we have … a show. Which we didn’t last week. Because my computer was broken. So we have two man-on-the streets because, over the last two weeks, apparently two things happened. We’ve got sketches about money and the next Woodstock concert … but I repeat myself. And outer space. And baseball. And of course, when you think about baseball, you think about sex - to make the baseball last longer. Anyway, sex is in the news. I assume. I mean, it always is, so …


Florida Man

This week, the phrase “Florida Man” trended more heavily than usual. We all did that game where we googled those words, along with our birthday, and got results like “Florida man accused of putting semen in coworker's water.” Just as an example. So we hear from the man himself, then we talk to a Florida woman. Also, we watch the news debase itself. Even further. We try to decide whether things are good or terrible. Don’t get ahead of me. And we discuss whether academia is good or terrible....


Two long sketches

We have - basically - two long sketches. While we’ve been trying to make our sketches shorter recently, we do have these two from before that are massive. So we’re going to start with a sketch that’s eight minutes long, and it’s kind of a Western. Eventually. Then we’ll have a promo or two and this week’s man-on-the-street - which is kind of an Eastern. Then we’ll have a sketch that’s nine minutes and twenty seconds, and it’s REALLY a Western. And that is the show.


Bad Sports

We make fun of the people who paid bribes to get their kids into college. Then we make fun of the people who make fun of the people who paid bribes. Also, Facebook crashed for a day or so. Then Samantha tells us what it’s like to be a woman. Plus, it’s springtime. So the theme in the second half is sports. Baseball and football and skydiving and our own general lack of interest in any of it. Except Mike Besaw, who actually goes to games. The rest of us are just awful.


St. Patrick - the Patron Saint of Patricks

A little more science, a little more heartache, a possible cure for HIV, one of those old Medieval mob scenes where someone is always holding a rolling pin for some reason, and an attempt at a good old fashioned political sketch that isn’t somehow apocalyptic. Wish us luck. ... Then in the second half of the show, we’re coming up on St. Patrick’s Day, so we threw in all our sketches that deal directly or tangentially with Ireland.


I Don't Really Need a Job That Bad

We have science, a bit of perversion, and Ebbie Parker’s dead-on script about college radio. Then in the second half of the show, we chat about our real-life terrible bosses - and as usual, whenever we talk about our lives, on or off the air - Jessica. Tops. Everybody.


Have Fun, Babe!

Ben tries to make a point about anti-semitism. I try to make a point about prescription drugs. Jessica doesn’t really make about about relationships. She just shows a really awful one. And Keith wrote a parody of War of the Worlds. Then he went to Japan. So maybe he knows something.


American Things

We start with a musical indirect nod to President’s Day. Then Ben has collected some of the lies that Millennials tell each other. Dominique reveals her inner thoughts - which I’d always wondered about. We have kind of an all-American section at the end, with Keith bringing the new Mary Poppins and Joe bemoaning the new Disney. And in the first half of the show, possibly our first crowd-sourced sketch - which came from a post on Facebook, and ended up being written by more than a dozen...


There’s no “We” in Valentine

Our Valentine’s Day show, with the kind of sketches about romance and relationships that you might expect from people who are hanging out in a recording studio on a Wednesday night because they have no particular reason to go home. Some new material - mostly up front. Plus, a lot of the sketches take place in cars. Not sure why. But it’s all about love - and a little bit about porn - and it’s just because apparently some of you are - you know - still trying? Which … good on you, heh?


The Coffee Show

All new sketches this week - but with a lot of things about coffee. And not just because the Starbucks guy is running for president for some reason. And they’re going to spell his name wrong on the ballot!! Anybody done that joke yet?! Huh?! Plus, Ben and Jessica each have announcements of things they want. Joe Davis in Baltimore has a sketch about … basically his own dating life. Valerie Van de Panne combines coffee and money. Gil Baron is obsessed with Linda Cardellini apparently. And...


Every Sketch Has an Actual News Story

In this week’s show, every news story in every sketch is true. … Most of the news stories. Other times, our sketches may be about poop. But this is a collection of sketches - including two brand new ones - with actual news stories from as far back as 2013. God. Remember the news in 2013? Wasn’t it so much better? These kids today - they don’t know.


The Hello Show

The bullshit distraction of the government shutdown continues. And some people are mad at Gillette for telling them not to be assholes. Note: When fishing a razor out of your protest toilet by hand, Gillette says not to take out your anger on your wife. Take it out on Alastair Bitner - Keith’s bit at the end of the show. Before that, Joe Davis brings us “Name That Fart." And Ari Stidham - Sylvester in the TV show "Scorpion" - is Jesus at the last supper - in the most awesome place ever for...


Doctors with Borders

This week, Samantha Gurewitz is a werewolf. Sort of. Keith Saltojanes is a swift tailor, and not, uh … well, I think you can see this one coming. Joe Davis brings another episode of Slash Frontlobe where leftwing revenge fantasies once again mean nothing. And Ben Kuerchner and Barry Lank each have a separate take on this whole wall fracas and government shutdown.


Weed, Coke, Bath Salts

Sketches about our New Years culture, including cast member Jessica Park’s horrible experiences on Uber. Plus Gil’s parody of the movie “Three Identical Strangers” - which maybe you’ve never heard of, but now you're going to hear a parody. Then at the end, an actual panel discussion called “Weed, Coke, Bath Salts.” Also, a sex scandal hits the Muppet Show. That’s from our writer Joe Davis, who lives in Baltimore and spends his time thinking about that kind of thing.


Short Sketches ONLY! - Vol. 2

Our second remix of sketches that are each no longer than two minutes. Enough time for one joke. Possibly three. No risk of a long sketch that goes nowhere. Because that is the worst thing that can possibly happen.