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Join Brian Posehn as he engages in a weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons with his funny friends Gerry Duggan (co-writer of Marvel’s Deadpool), Blaine Capatch (Comedy Central’s Beat the Geeks), Ken Daly (The Usual Suspects), Sarah Guzzardo (, and Dungeon Master Scott Robison (Mr. Sark). New episodes drop Wednesdays!

Join Brian Posehn as he engages in a weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons with his funny friends Gerry Duggan (co-writer of Marvel’s Deadpool), Blaine Capatch (Comedy Central’s Beat the Geeks), Ken Daly (The Usual Suspects), Sarah Guzzardo (, and Dungeon Master Scott Robison (Mr. Sark). New episodes drop Wednesdays!
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Join Brian Posehn as he engages in a weekly game of Dungeons & Dragons with his funny friends Gerry Duggan (co-writer of Marvel’s Deadpool), Blaine Capatch (Comedy Central’s Beat the Geeks), Ken Daly (The Usual Suspects), Sarah Guzzardo (, and Dungeon Master Scott Robison (Mr. Sark). New episodes drop Wednesdays!






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Episode 19 - Guardians of the Cloak

As the underground trials continue and a Twee of increasingly ambiguous morals lights a cigarette, our crew meets the three trials of the cloak head on. Clearly this artifact was never meant to me uncovered by the foolhardy, or people who hate riddles. Hopefully everyone will make a patience saving throw against that goddamned riddle from last episode!


Episode 18 - The Sacrifice

After some experimentation from our heroes, the room is filling up with nasty faerie spiders, and it may be time to figure out what the real function of the Chamber of Forgiveness is. Lucky for them, someone in the party did something impulsive and morally questionable in the campaign, and Dan is ready to leverage it.


Episode 17 - Pink Sparkle Pit

Determined to recover and destroy the cloak of a long-dead evil, the crew plunges into the depths of The Pit of the Second Sky. They have no idea what they'll find by following the mysterious feywild map, but they know there's probably not cuddly creatures ahead.


Episode 16 - Feywild Girlfriends

In a stroke of bravery or insanity, our party has decided to divert from the pattern of visiting mage colleges and head to a mysterious cave on the outskirts of Gostel. Far below, in another dimension (another dimension) lies an ancient artifact of evil that against all odds the party is attempting to retrieve. And who knows, maybe they kinda almost will.


Episode 15 - Never Stop Portalling

The stakes are high! With Dessa interrogated, it's clear that the Zinzerena death cult has some nefarious plans to not just do something to the moon, but to locate ancient drow artifacts. And what does our party do when the stakes are high? They recklessly cast spells and blow some stuff up.


Episode 14 - Dessa and the Cloak

Our intrepid protagonists have misfit wizard student Dessa cornered at the top of the tower, while some of the party tries to rush the valuable Drow history book "The Bottom of the Demonweb" out the front door. On the bright side they're not known for showing mercy. On the downside, people start screaming pretty quickly. Sorry there's no Blaine this episode or next, we had to schedule last second and he's apparently a popular comedian.


Episode 13 - Kord's Judgement

Having dealt with enough nonsense at the Mage College of Gostel, our heroes ascend the mage tower with an elder wizard and one of Gostel's most pretentious students in the hopes of uncovering whatever plot brought evil to this once super chill and pipeweed-friendly campus. Yet things may only get more screwy as they ascend.


Episode 12 - The Cult of Zinzerena

The College of Gostel nearly fell, but our heroes have managed to keep it in the balance! The plot of the strange Drow séances has begun to unravel just enough that, at the very least, this mage college's troubles seem to be traceable to one student. Now they must try to find a quiet corner of the rattled campus rest in, and before the night is through they may have to deal with some new unsavory characters of uncouth upbringings. Luckily, no-one is as uncouth as our heroes.


Episode 11 - Two Floors of Fury

Welcome to an episode of adventure where the combat continues over from when last we met. Things continue to heat up in the Gostel Mage Tower as the invading Drow and Lunar elves attempt to gain the upper hand. But there's one things they haven't taken into account- setting everything on fire does not scare THESE heroes. But Esmeralda encounters one of the death cult lunar elves in person, and things take a turn for the gross.


Episode 10 - Legend of the Mosquito Coils

The jig is up at the mage school of Gostel. The lunar elf body is hitting the floor, Esmeralda is once again steered by a no-nonsense Sarah, and it's time for some lying NPCs to get their asses handed to them. Magic is everywhere and blood shall be shed. But ladies and gentlemen, inquisitive listeners, what in the ever-loving hell is a mosquito coil?


Episode 9 - Tower Treachery

The crew has had enough of whatever nonsense the Gostel Mage College is serving up in their pretentious waiting rooms. While half the crew rallies the students, the other decides to raid the tower floor by floor. Sadly no Sarah this week, but fear not for she shall return!


Episode 8 - Bonnkyl College Tour

After a brief tour through Twee's PTSD, our heroes arrive at Gostel, the second mage college that a strange cult is attempting to indoctrinate. Poor Bodhi is subjected to some extremely boring waiting around, and it only increases the chance of some major smashy smash. And a brief apology for the shorter episode- we wanted to record 3 in one night before Dan and Brian had to go on some long trips! We hope you enjoy the silly bonus nonsense at the end of the episode.


Episode 7 - The Wyrm Approacheth

Hello there, fine listener. Did you know that approacheth, an old but for reals word, is not recognized by spellcheck? Anyhoo, the opening gambit appears to have been a moderate success, as the creepy terrible inside out things scatter and the spire remains unopened. But oh, there are opportunistic creatures looking to pounce on the weakened Tinnat. And Blaine tells a moon god joke while other people are talking and it is so cheesy that if you listen to every word it will actually kill you.


Episode 6 - Revenge of the Inside Out

In addition to attempting to thwart a ritual at the base of the spire, our heroes face a huge swarm of those gross-looking inside out monstrosities. We're talking monstrosities that grab you, trap you in their ribcage like a venus flytrap, then try to run away with you while you kicking your legs in the air. Why Dan, why? And it looks like Twee may need a new plan, as he's feeling a little too emo to unleash his arcane nature. Will this be the final encounter already??


Episode 5 - The Fungal Spire

Why is everything in this world so gross? There's no easy answer as the party continues to carve its way through the magical school of Roke to find survivors. And they do find some, though Twee continues to be haunted by his arcane trigger finger. Will the crew figure out what the hell is going on with the new tower that has sprung up from the ground? That might take a while. In the meantime they will at the very least make some NPCs very uncomfortable with their choices.


Episode 4 - The Hug

The battle for the courtyard of Roke has intensified with more eldritch horror! Our heroes hope to search for survivors, but first elven bard Twee is tasked with escorting one young man to the poorly boarded up alley entrance that he apparently wiggled through by mistake. Luckily everyone is very powerful, so nothing could possibly go wrong.


Episode 3 - Satan's Marker

Our heroes are up to their ears in a melee in the courtyard of Roke, and Dan brought a grid map to draw on! With a marker! What could possibly go wrong?!? Turns out several things. Luckily Esmeralda knows the lay of the land, because the area is filling up with skittering monsters that may or may not have been students of the magic college at some point. Listen and see if one of our players dies!


Episode 2 - The Goddess

Hail and well met! Our heroes may not have stopped an assassination, and they may have melted the face of someone in the royal guard, but they can probably get out of this sticky pickle, right? This episode has everything from creepy monsters, to interrogations, to good old fashioned looting. Oh, and some really close dice rolls that the lousy DM just won't let slide.


Episode 1 - The Moon

Welcome to an all new campaign! Some things are the same. Tom, Twee, and Bodhi are trying to stop the moon from crashing into the planet or something. They don't know a whole lot about what sort of moon-based calamity they're trying to stop yet. But they do have a clever half-elf eldritch knight fighting alongside them, and a whole world full of awkward continent and city names (spelled Bonnkyl and Tinnat). Some things will seem as familiar as a warm glove, and other things will feel as...


Episode 42 - You Feel a Great Heaviness

More enemies of flesh and stone appear. Twee makes a cosmic gambit. Tom takes no Demelith sass. Bodhi stomps. Is the title of this episode a reference to our generous skeletal benefactor? Only time will tell.