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Come join Andy, Bill, and Brent for some twisted commentary and twisted points of view****Warning this show may contain explicit language and is intended for mature audiences****

Come join Andy, Bill, and Brent for some twisted commentary and twisted points of view****Warning this show may contain explicit language and is intended for mature audiences****
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Come join Andy, Bill, and Brent for some twisted commentary and twisted points of view****Warning this show may contain explicit language and is intended for mature audiences****




Episode 400 Hitchhikers, Guns, and Cars!

Wow! Look at us! Big milestones with this episode, not only is it episode 400, it's also the 10th anniversary of this podcast! Way back in March of 2008 we started this shit show and we're still at it!!.... Sort of anyway!! Well this episode doesn't really commemorate anything (we'll be working on that for the future), we'd still like to thank the long time listeners that have been there since day one or damn near it! You guys and gals are awesome! On this episode we talked about Mel...


Episode 399 Routine Traffic Stop

This may or may not be the last episode before Christmas (with us you never know) so we'll start off by wishing everyone a Merry Christmas or whatever holiday you may celebrate. We managed to poop out a quick pre-Christmas show, though there are no topics related to Christmas in this one. We discussed Brent's routine traffic stop, nothing is ever 'routine' for Brent. Thanks for tuning in!


Episode 398 Fingering the Clam

Welcome to yet another addition of the NH After Hours Show! Tonight's show kicks off with Mel's obsession with some lady on the internet who opens and fingers clams, a must hear. We also discuss the Bowe Bergdahl case, and we round things out talking about some travelling. Thanks for tuning in!


Episode 397 Elio Update

Welcome to episode 397! Tonight we have an update on Mel's car that she's been waiting for now for several years at this point, and it's not good news. That doesn't stop her from staying optimistic about it! Which is the only happy thought Mel has today, she was on a rampage!! Thanks for tuning in! #WHYNOTUS


Episode 396 Welcome Back!

I know it's hard to believe BUT we are back!! After taking the summer off we were finally able to get together and record a show. Lots to talk about, lots to catch up on. This show is on the long side, we hope you'll enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it... Other than the typical technical issues, as per the norm. Thank for tuning in!!


Episode 395 Autonomous Debauchery

We're back! We managed get together to shit out another episode. We are still having issues with audio quality and we're trying to fix that but at the moment this is the best we could do. With that said, in this episode, we talked about labor laws in Europe vs America, Mel's birthday, and some car talk to include autonomous cars. We want Mel using it but for everyone else, no way! Thanks for tuning in!


Episode 394 Bill's New Car

Welcome to episode 394! It's been a couple of weeks, due to sickness and work schedules, but here we are. Back for more punishment. The biggest news we had/have is that Bill bought a new car. We talk about that, Florida being the thumb sucking capital of the world, and Bill's movie review of Wonder Woman. Thanks for tuning in!


Episode 393 The Power of Grayskull!

Don't you love when your wife or whomever says "We need to do this or that".... When in actuality that is code for "You need to do this or that?" I think we've all been there. We discuss this and a whole lot more on this episode. Join us!


Episode 392 Cooking with Plastic!

After a couple week hiatus, we are back! For all you folks who dislike a lot of political talk, you will be happy with this episode. Very little political talk tonight!! We discussed Mel cooking with plastic (and eating it apparently), a few different TV shows we're watching, and of course a bunch of other odd ball shit happening in our lives. Thanks for tuning in!

Episode 391 Tea Bagging Extravaganza!

Bill is on his way down to Florida so he can tea bag Mel, all day and all night! She even agrees to it! Even if she didn't realize it was in her contract! Ha!!! This show was a bit off the rails, no real direction nor any real topics to speak of. Just the three of us hanging out and chatting. We have to apologize for Mel's audio, it's real quiet. She accidentally turned down her record volume while leaving ours at normal levels. We didn't know while we were recording otherwise we would...


Episode 390 Driving Antics

Welcome to another episode of the NH After Hours Show!! Only 10 more episodes until the milestone, 400! Amazing, especially since I thought it would take a couple of years to get there at the rate we were producing episodes! Thankfully Bill's new job has fixed that issue! On tonight's show we discussed Mel's driving antics, going to IKEA (God help us), some Trump antics, and more! Thanks for downloading, be sure to check Mel's blog for the photo of her broken car mirror we talked about on...


Episode 389 Out of Touch

This is a mixed bag show, much like the previous two episodes. We talk about being out of touch in life. We also talk about new movies, what we wanna see, what we have seen etc. Bill also covers his typical political rant of the week. Live from his submarine! We hope to get the audio squared away by next week. Till then, talk to you all later!! Thanks for downloading!


Episode 388 Lone Gunmen

We're running short handed tonight. Mel had a family emergency and couldn't attend the festivities. We wish her well and hope she's able to return next week. So Bill and Brent did the best they could running without her. Topics for this episode include. The Dukes of Hazzard? Germany's carnival floats, and of course some usual political BS to cover. Thanks for joining us!


Episode 387 Wicked!

Hopefully this episode isn't a single channel audio mess! Though we'd like to preface by saying Brent was driving home from work while recording this so it still won't be the greatest sounding recording but you get what you pay for, as they say. On tonight's show: Bill gets a new job! We discuss Mel seeing the musical Wicked 40 million times, some migrant/refugee talk, and a few other odds and ends to wrap up the show. Thank you all for tuning in!


Episode 386 Mixed Bag

It's been months at this point since the last episode. Well, we're back, finally. Some catching up and general conversations. We talk about a couple of new purchases and of course touch on some politics. Join us!


Episode 384 Election from Hell

Finally after two months of nothing, here we are! Back! Somehow, the gods were with us today and allowed us to record. Since it has been a couple of months since we last recorded, this episode was spent just getting our feet wet again. We, of course, talked about the upcoming election and last nights third and final debate. We hope to be back next week, fingers crossed


Episode 383 YouTube Stars

No, we're not YouTube stars but we talk about a couple of big ones and how much money they are making from filming the most mundane things in life. We also play a little catch up since it's been about month since our last show. Come join us!


Episode 382 Anger Management

There was quite a lot of anger to go around in this episode. It was nice to 'vent' and get it off our chest. I know I feel better! Will you? LOL, doubtful, but if you wish to hear what we are angry about, you'll have to download to find out!


Episode 381 Germany's at it Again!

I swear, Germany F's with it's people just because they can. I believe they do it because they have some weird, twisted sense of humor. It's either that or they are truly some angry ass people who get off on pissing people off. Either way we talk about a few things happening in Brent's world and how, of course, it's pissing him off. That's not all of course, but you'll need to download to get the rest! Thanks for tuning in!


Episode 380 Harry Potter in Rehab

Welcome to this week's edition of the NH After Hours Show! This week's show includes topics ranging from Mel's cat wanting to kill her (even though she won't face the facts) to Harry Potter going to rehab. Come join us, it's free!