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Episode 134: Prince Death Conspiracies

This week we welcome comics May Wilkerson and Zach Garner as we wonder, what killed Prince. Who was hit the hardest during this celebrity death? Hear theories behind his death. Is there a conspiracy to kill black artists? How do you think he died? Was Michael Jackson actually killed by his doctor or was he Conrad Murray this whole time. Listen as we discuss other conspiracy theories. What conspiracy theory do you believe? All this and more!!!


Episode 133: Bad Kids Club

Comedians Subhah Agarwal and Dan Harumi sit in this week as we wonder, what is zit porn? Can you tolerate all fetishes? Who was screwed by the gov’t this tax season? Do you hate hearing people talk about sex? Who wipes with their hand? Is that weird? Was KC a bad kid or just a psycho? Can you blame upbringing on all your bad decisions? Is it better to be a terrible kid or an adult? All this and more!!!


Episode 132: The 70/30 Rule

Comedians Kevin Gootee and Kareem Green sit in as we wonder; who’s the unhealthiest? Who’s getting bullied at work? Is someone just being too emotional? Should coworkers be friends? Can comics be sensitive? What problems does KC have with Kevin’s new show, “Comics Watching Comics?” Should the line between industry and comic blur? Is what anyone does a 100% righteous? All this and more?


Episode 131: Batman vs Superman is GREAT!!!

Comedians Neko White, Amber Nelson, and Tom Cowell as we wonder; how great is the new Batman vs Superman? What'd you think? (comment below) What is 4DX? Who tried to sneak in their significant other and almost got caught? Who thought they were almost in a shooting at a theater? Are exo-suits real? What are the Georgia Guidestones? Tom shares his perspective as an outsider looking at Americans. What conspiracy theories do you believe? Who sat beside a conspiracy theorist on a flight? Were...


Episode 130: Roid Rage

Comedians Ray Devito and Blake Midgette sit in this week as wonder, was Katt Williams in the wrong or right punching a kid? What’s your worst breakup story? Who was broken up with after travelling 20 hours to see someone? Ever hookup in public bathrooms? Ever do it costumed? How useless were anti-drug commercials? Who’s dealing with hemorrhoids? All this and more!!!


Episode 129: Hulu & Fill

Comedians Alex English and Paul Oddo sit in this week as we wonder; should you switch teams if you go too long without sex? Is there such thing as bi-sexual? How does porn make money? Would you watch black gay porn(VERY NSFW) with us? How amazing are the comments section of porn? What's a weird sex trait a partner of yours had? Do women like sensual porn more than men? Who didn’t take a porn cam ripping them off sitting down? All this and more!!!


Episode 128: Moist Madness

This week we welcome comedians Chrissie Mayr and Sam Evans as we discuss loads of masturbation. Where is your favorite place to knock one out? Can masturbation improve your sex game? The gang then goes into loud sex. Find out who hates loud men. Is yelling during sex uncouth? The gang finishes off with tales of sexual woes. Find out who used to love cybersex. Did you ever cyber? KC reveals his first (and only) Internet heartbreak. All this, having sex on your period and more on this week's...


Episode 127: Context C*unts

This week, we welcome comedian Selena Coppock and comedian Mike Brown as we discuss whether people miss context now more than ever? Mike Brown discusses the repercussions he faced appearing on The Anthony Cumia Show. Have you been misunderstood because what you said was taken out of context? Are we making a difference getting word out on social media? Has social media become the new echo chamber? The gang talks politics and wonders if meaningful discussions about politics are happening?...


Episode 126: Trump vs. Freedom

Comedians Kenny Deforest and Alvin Irby sit in as we wonder, is Donald Trump going to be President? How did we get here? Is there still hope with Hillary Clinton as president? How has racism come under new disguises? Who's sick of racist children’s books? How would you use a time machine selfishly? All this and more?


Episode 125: Dr. Love Can’t Breathe

Comedians Hadiyah Robinson and Jay Nog sit in this week as we wonder; who’s the nerd obsessed with Fitbit? Who’s Dr. Love and how did an 18 year old pretend to be a gynecologist? If you were charged with a crime, would you hold a press conference? Is this kid crazy? Is race an influence in this case? Have you ever conned someone? Are you happy Jeb Bush quit the presidential race? Who out of the group thinks he’s the legitimate candidate? Do you think Jeb was given a fair shot? What crime...


Episode 124: Half Baked Ideals

Comedians Sam Haft and Daniel Perafan sit in as we wonder, how high did we all get before the show? Who's masseuse faked a racist accent? Is Valentine’s Day overrated? Is overt or subtle racism worse? Does the GOP have any chance at winning? Would Bloomberg be an ideal candidate? Is it good or bad that Justice Antonin Scalia died? Is this a win win for Obama? Should we respect the dead? Can we get rid of prejudice? How? What’s Neil’s theory on how? What music videos have you jerked off...


Episode 123: Where Did Politics Touch You?

Comedians Myka Fox and Eli Sairs sit in this week as we wonder, can Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton and the GOP come November? Who thinks Bernie Sanders will lose? How much sexism is Hillary Clinton really facing this election? How bad was the intro to the GOP debate? Who has the best-molested story? Is Bill Cosby or Jimmy Saville worse? Whose wife might get the idea to cheat on him? All this and more!!!


Episode 122: #AllHolesMatter

Comics Wendi Starling, Justin Flanagan, & Kareem Green sit in this week as we wonder, is being a sex worker ok? Who’s trying to be one? Are you a dom or sub? Who loves climate change? Did Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, or Amber Rose win their twitter beef? What was really lost? Should we be more open about what we do sexually? Do you masturbate with or without lotion? All this and more!!!


Episode 121: Old vs New

Blizzard be damned, the Nice Podcast trudges on bringing comedians Rae Sanni and Ben Conrad to sit in as we wonder, how did you survive the blizzard? Who risked it all braving the storm? What limits would you go take to make your partner happy? Should we feel sorry for people who die in snowstorms? Any habits you have in terms of relationships and how you interact with your partner? Do we sabotage relationships too much? Are romance movies dangerous to watch? Do guys not go down on women...


Episode 120: Humane Trolling

Comedian Kareem Green sits in as we wonder; do men get screwed in divorces more often than not? Would you reject a 900 million dollar divorce settlement? Are we too entitled now? Should comics be punched for being offensive? When is saying the n-word ok? Should something be made fun of still if violence results from it? Who thinks it’s ok to comment whatever on someone else’s social media? Is there a line? Who’s against Internet trolling? Is trolling truly bad? All this and more!!!


Episode 119: Creamy Chemtrails

KC Arora is out this week as Corey Reppond sits in to help Neil welcome comedians Mike Cannon and Tyler Richardson. They sit and wonder, is the new Star Wars overrated? What’s your favorite celebrity sex tape? Do white guys really want to say the n-word? Is the Earth really flat or is Tila Tequila too hot to tell her no? Is Bill Cosby’s lawyer just a tactic for him to get away with it? Do you do butt stuff? Would you try for a loved one? All this and more!!!


Episode 118: New Year Revolutions

Comedians Mike Feeney and Aalap Patel start off our 2016 as we wonder; are resolutions stupid? Is New Year’s overrated? Who’s moving in with their girlfriend? How fat is Neil? Can you believe “Making a Murderer” actually happened? Will prison labor replace the working force? Will the poor revolt? Is NYC real estate going to collapse? Are the Bundys a militia or terrorists? All this and more!!!


Episode 117: Holidaze Pt. 2

The saga continues with part 2 of our holiday special episode. Comedians Ian Fidance, Chris Cotton, Nate Fridson, and Neko White are still with us as we wonder, what are holiday traditions you can’t stand? Are there family members you can't stand seeing around the holidays? What’s so annoying about them? Is it worth holding onto? How do you handle funerals and emotions? Can you handle funerals? Do you think certain races hold in emotions more than others? Who's called out for being a bitch?...


Episode 117: Holidaze Pt. 1

On this two part episode comedians Neko White, Chris Cotton, Nate Fridson and Ian Fidance sit in as we wonder; are cyclists or car drivers worse? Who wishes death on bikers? Who was late to pick up guest Neko White? What are your Christmas plans? Which guest has a Christmas tradition that involves Whiskey and Basketball? Whose Christmas leads to beatings? What holiday traditions do you have? We wanna know! Tell us in the comments. All this and more!!!


Episode 116: Food For Thought

Comedians Stavros Halkias and Kevin Ryan sit in as we wonder, is Buffalo Wild Wings the greatest restaurant? Are New Yorkers too pretentious about food? How underappreciated are outlet malls? Is quitting fast food impossible? Is it really that bad? Have we lost our freedom on the Internet? Is there any way up for America other than going down? All this and more!!!