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Episode 147: Axattack live at The (old) Radio Room

Download:MP3|OGG Columbia, South Carolina's Axattack performs live at The Radio Room on 6/23/2017


Episode 80: The Halloween Special

Download:MP3|OGGHideous chats with independent filmmaker, Henry Moulder about the good, bad, and overdone aspects of horror movies; how he started making movies; paranormal experiences; "Cinema Inferno", and his new short film, "Siphon"; pant-wettingly terrifying childhood pranks, and more! Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, pauses, and references to people or places. Playlist: Morgan of the Pines - New Blood / Conjure of Dominance Void Worship - With Only the Groaning Nothing to...


Episode 76

Download:MP3|OGGHideous drunkenly recalls the September 25th show at Makeout Manor, rants about how great Greenville, SC is and talks about the hidden message in each episode so far. Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, pauses and belches. Featuring live music from: Spew Primate ResearchI'm an IntestineAbacus


Episode 74

Download:MP3|OGGHideous hangs out with Crocker and AC-Nova as they discuss Pro Wrestling; Metallica; the most important part of the local Hip-Hop scene; their favorite TV characters; how to work a gimmick and so much more. Plus, fellow Lovelorn Records artist, D.C. joins via phone to discuss with AC-Nova who did better on their collaborative E.P. Drink when you hear laughter. Listen to the episode for further instructions. Playlist: Z Generation Rebels - Get Wild feat. B-White Saint Apollo...


Episode 73

Download:MP3|OGGHideous chats with Moldy Laundry Boys about their first tour; the craziest things they've seen at their shows; the Laredo, Texas music scene; who would get eaten first on a deserted island and more. Drink when you hear laughter or profanity. Playlist: Moldy Laundry Boys - Bordertown Moldy Laundry Boys - Sausage Fest Moldy Laundry Boys - Cheeseburger Moldy Laundry Boys - Diarrhea


Episode 69

Download:MP3|OGGPart 2 of the Gusto Fest 3 recap and the Hideous take on commercial rock radio, what works in a crowd of intoxicated people, the greatest hip-hop show to grace the stage of The Radio Room, the NOLYB newsletter, fake news sites and more. Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, glitches and "uh". Playlist: Sun BrotherMorgan of the Pines Rick Somethin Katalyst Z Generation Rebels Ramo


Episode 67

Download:MP3|OGGRecalling some of the highlights of a couple great shows at Makeout Manor and chatting with members of Centura about Charleston, SC's music scene; their best and worst shows; the music business; superpowers and more. Drink when you hear laughter, profanity, pauses and "uh". Playlist: Gay Dads - Absolut Bullshit (Live) Waft -Eternal Sigh (Live) Centura - One Nation Under Fraud Centura - Universal Healthscare Scrimmage - Body Bag (Live) Beef Spew - Full set from the "Bands...


Episode 66

Download:MP3|OGGHideous chats with Coffin Torture about Gusto Fest 3, "stories from the road", one-armed fireworks salesmen, drunken squabbles, meeting Jeff Hanneman and much more. Drink when you hear profanity, laughter, pauses and references to bands or places. Playlist: Coffin Torture - Ayalinasca Coffin Torture - Bolted Down, Boiled to Grease Orion Spur - Far Too Long Waft - Alamut (Live) Coffin Torture - Gustav Coffin Torture - Trench Hog


Episode 65

Download:MP3|OGGPart 2 of the thrilling conversation Hideous, The Apollo Theory and Crocker had hanging out in the backyard at NOLYB HQ, now joined by fellow Lovelorn Records artist, Genius aka Pure Genius. Drink every time you hear profanity, laughter and pauses. Playlist: The Bastards - What Would You Do feat. Genius & CrockerCrocker and Walter Kronkite - Baptism by Fire feat. Genius & The Apollo Theory The Bastards - Just Begun feat. Genius, Feather Fly Focus, Crocker & Walter...


Episode 64

Download:MP3|OGGPart one of Hideous hanging out with The Apollo Theory and Crocker talking about the definition of "freestyle rap"; old school, new school and "The Heist"; "Hip Hop Philosophy"; a bit of ranting and so much more. Drink when you hear profanity, laughter and pauses. Playlist: The Apollo Theory - 11th Hour The Apollo Theory - Live My Life Crocker - Doin' Me feat. Katalyst and The Apollo Theory The Apollo Theory - Break Lindsay Keane - Nebula feat. The Apollo Theory AC Nova -...


Episode 62

Download:MP3|OGGHideous is joined once again by his "Brother from another Mother", the mysterious and wild "Sicky Wife-Stealer" to reminisce about some of the completely ridiculous times they've had together. Topics range from street fights and parking lot brawls to the positive and negative energy that comprises everything in the universe. Things get weird and kind of crazy every time these two get together, enjoy! Drink when you hear laughter, every time a name gets changed and the words...


Episode 61

Download:MP3|OGGHideous hangs out with Katalyst and talks about "smart, angry black people" and the origin of modern music; home recording versus professional studios and the importance of using the right plug-ins; finding samples; the thriving artists of South Carolina; shady business deals; unification and much more. Drink when you hear profanity, laughter, pauses, exhales and the word "feel". Playlist: Katalyst - She in Love feat. Jay-R and Rello Rick Somethin - Janet intro Katalyst -...


Episode 60

Download:MP3|OGGHideous hangs out with Rubrics and talks about all the wild, awesome stuff they've done since the band started, what their goals are for the future, farmhouse brawls, border crossing and much more! Drink when you hear profanity, laughter and references to people or places. Playlist: Rubrics - Indigenous Man Knows No Borders Now In 3D - Cashout Revolt Plan 8 - (Insomnia) Rubrics - Tick Tock Death Clock Interstellar Upstarts - Life Is Painful The Francis Vertigo - Conscience...


Episode 59

MP3|OGGHideous talks with Canadian grindcore band, Crease about their recent formation, experience at a battle of the bands, practical jokes and more. Drink when you hear profanity, references to people or places and things that are gross. Playlist: Crease - Symptom of Uncleanliness Crease - Cry for Help (Live) Deboned - As you Bathe in Flames Uncle - Louse Thick Piss - I'm not Punk RetardNation - Prisoner of Life The Avulsion - Charred Skin Path to Extinction - Indoctrination of Filth...


Episode 58

MP3|OGGHideous chats with Micheal and AC Nova of Z Generation Rebels about their solo albums; inspiration; what they've learned along the way; Gusto Fest; past lives and all kinds of other awesome stuff. Drink when you hear profanity, references to anything or anyone and the phrase "shout out". Playlist: Micheal - Easter Zombies Z Generation Rebels - Placenta Micheal - Free Will AC Nova - Back For The Summer feat. Hillary Keane Tonio Skates - stuk Jay-R - Mafia Music Micheal & AC Nova -...


Episode 57

MP3|OGGHideous chats with Tripp from Deathstill. Topics include: Skateboarding, Motorcycles, Gardening and of course, the South Carolina music scene. Drink when you hear profanity, names of cities, band names and "uh". Playlist: Deathstill - Pools Abacus - Liars Prosper They Eat Their Own God - Occlude/Swallow/Conflagrant Deathstill - The Losing End Of Gift Giving pt. 1 FK MT. - Out Ov It


Episode 56

MP3|OGGHideous takes a hazy, beer-soaked trip down memory lane with El Decapo, "master of many trades and jack of none". Topics are all over the place, which should be expected. Drink when you hear profanity and the phrase "I know so many more ____ than you" Playlist: Get Greens - Intoxifaded Hideous - On A Cold Morning Oiltanker - Ignorant Bastards Jesus Christ Vs The World - We Care About Politics, But We Don't Vote (Punk Anthem) Dilapidated Hooker Twat - Somebody Wuvz Me (feat. Piss...


Episode 55

MP3|OGGHideous chats with Adam Broome of Enthean about their most recent tour and appearance at West Texas Death Fest; local music: the good, the bad and the boring; guitar playing and all kinds of other stuff. Drink when you hear profanity, bleed-thru from other recordings and the phrases/words "let me see", "I don't know", "right" and "money". Playlist: Enthean - Ekpyrosis Marrow Of Earth - Examiner Enthean - Tones Of Desecration Voyage Of Slaves - Inferi By The Masses


Episode 54

MP3|OGGHideous talks about DIY music and the music industry with Sean Kneese of BSing with Sean K; responds to the Episode 53 troll; chats with Armon Nicholson of and reveals the lineup for Gusto Fest 3: Attack of the Gusto. Drink when you hear profanity and the words "music", "bands" and "animals". To check out Sean's Podcast visit Playlist: Licrest - Regret Eternal Oblivion - Lifetaker Licrest - I Want To Watch You Die Murderbeast - A...


Episode 53

MP3|OGGHideous is joined by infamous South Carolina emcee, Crocker to discuss local Hip Hop and in the process they wind up covering virtually every topic you can imagine. Hillary Keane also joins in to chat about her upcoming album. Drink when you hear profanity, long pauses, references to anyone who doesn't rap and whenever the topic changes. Playlist: Shaun Sluggs - If This Is Goodbye feat. Flawless Mercilless Muzik - Bigger Than I Jospec Flowflex - What Is Black? feat. Reggie Paxton...


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