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This is a show that mainly consists of arguments between writer/journalist/Trump-supporter Isaac Simpson and comedian/office drone/failure Charles Disney. Sometimes we argue with each other and sometimes with guests.

This is a show that mainly consists of arguments between writer/journalist/Trump-supporter Isaac Simpson and comedian/office drone/failure Charles Disney. Sometimes we argue with each other and sometimes with guests.
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This is a show that mainly consists of arguments between writer/journalist/Trump-supporter Isaac Simpson and comedian/office drone/failure Charles Disney. Sometimes we argue with each other and sometimes with guests.






Pearl Jam Wrote a Song About Bugs

Mattio Martinez returns to talk with Charles and Isaac about the "imperial phase:" the segment of certain artists's careers when they are at their critical, commercial, and cultural peak. More interestingly, the show focuses on the post-imperial phase, where the artist feels most free to create but almost always ends up making something weird. Examples cited: Garth Brooks' alter ego Chris Gaines, the films of Steven Spielberg from AI onwards, and whether Kanye has exited his imperial...


Louis CK Shot the Parkland Kids

The holiday hiatus is over and the show is back! Hot news updates: Isaac is reading Harry Potter for some reason and Charles was almost bumped off a comedy show in London. Comedian Mattio Martinez makes his return to the podcast after two years away! This week's topic: the recent argument over Louis CK's alleged new, mean-spirited comedic tone. Is this actually new or is it just that the lens on him has shifted since his predilections were revealed? Was CK's public persona legitimate or...


A Very Fresh Movie Episode

In a Not a Huge Fan first, it's a movie episode about films that actually came out this year! Isaac loves the press-bashing of The Frontrunner and hates the quipping of Halloween; Charles dismisses the flag controversy surrounding First Man and is annoyed by the uneven qualities of A Star Is Born. Also discussed: the "build a cult" business model of modern gyms, the destruction of Hollywood via quipping, and finding a term for mountain climber groupies! Please note: this is our last...


When Listeners Attack: Forum Edition

It's listener feedback time! Isaac and Charles read through message board posts from ShadyLady, Heather and more! Controversial guest Cameron Johnson has stirred up lots of reactions and his two recent appearances on the show are closely examined. Post your own thoughts at or email us at Also discussed: does Charles behave differently around female guests? Is the media actually the people's enemy? And why did so many 90s bands have a...


Cucks Love Beto

The 2018 midterms are over and it's time to debrief! Charles boasts that his California ballot proposition recommendations mostly passed. Isaac thinks the election was boring and that fewer people should be allowed to vote. Isaac and Charles both hate Ted Cruz, are annoyed by the hype around Beto O'Rourke, and like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. Also: Isaac provides a shocking hot take on the presidential contenders for 2020 and more!


3 Screenplays Outside Hollywood, California

This week's episode explores the creative sides of your favorite podcast cohosts, along with comedian and first time guest Kelly McInerney. Everyone shares the details of a screenplay or pilot they've written: Isaac's afterlife romance, Kelly's political comedy, and Charles's Christmas horror. Vote for your favorite by emailing or visiting our forum at Also discussed: Dave of Kentucky's shocking new revelation, Venom, Atomic Blonde, and...


You're Probably Being Racist on Grindr

Controversial guest Cameron Johnson (@CameronJAwesome) is back! This week the topic is racial discrimination on dating apps, and how some platforms like Grindr are attempting to combat it. How much of who you're attracted to is innate and how much is cultural programming? Why do people post discriminatory statements in their dating profiles? Also discussed: gay mouth kissing, Cameron's collection of awful messages from men, and why straight men love looking at Grindr. Grindr's Kindr...


Minisode: Voter Identity Politics

Guest Sam Bivins describes his time canvassing for Democratic Congressional candidate Katie Hill, while Charles promotes Congressional candidate and Green Party member Kenneth Mejia to Isaac and Sam. Then: a brief look at identity politics w/r/t voter ID laws. Are these laws racist? Is citing dogwhistling just attempted mind reading? Isaac thinks voter ID laws are good! Charles and Sam think they are bad! It gets heated.


2018 California Ballot Proposition Voter Guide

90 minutes of the craziest, edgiest conversation you can imagine: discussing the 11 ballot propositions on the 2018 California ballot. It doesn't get any wilder than this! Sam Bivins joins Isaac and Charles on a rollicking adventure through the world of direct democracy. From the crazed bond-issuing housing perversions of Prop 1 to the decadent egg-cesses of Prop 12 (get it?), we've got the ultimate Not a Huge Fan guide to voting in California. And if you don't live in the state and all...


Minisode: Whisper Fry

A tasty podcast morsel in preparation for our California ballot proposition megasode later this week! Joining the show is repeat guest Sam Bivins. In this minisode we read listener email about the Kavanaugh episode, plug our new retro listener discussion forum at, and Isaac issues a correction demanded by his father!


Ban All Cars

Damien Newton from Streetsblog LA ( lends his transit expertise to this week's show, along with comedian Adam Yenser. The conversation goes in depth on LA transit issues like electric scooters, "road diets" and whether they hurt local businesses, Vision Zero, and numerous other transit nerd topics. Plus: a very special talk radio interview, the definition of a "bollard," and someone on the show was late! Can you guess who? Isaac's full interview with Mark...



Brett Kavanaugh has been confirmed and sworn in as the newest Supreme Court Justice, so now it's time for a debrief with guests Cameron Johnson and Adam Yenser. Adam is pro-Kavanaugh. Cameron is anti-Kavanaugh. Isaac is not pro-Kavanaugh but IS pro-Kavanaugh-confirmation! Charles is pro-weird Kavanaugh-related stories. Questions asked: do Kavanaugh's accusers have any reason to lie? What would serve as proof that Kavanaugh did not commit assault? Should you face consequences for something...


The Future is Nonmonogamous

"Ethically nonmonogamous" Mitcz Marzoni ( is this episode's special guest, along with obsessively monogamous fan favorite Heather Marulli. The topic: open relationships and how they function. Mitcz describes his dating life while Heather has PTSD flashbacks. Isaac wonders if the cycle of endlessly pursuing something new is even more of a prison than a monogamous relationship. Charles thinks people are less monogamous than they claim. Also discussed: Satanism, whether...


Minisode: Being Gay is a Choice!

A brief look at an important question: Is Isaac's seeming obsession with homosexuality an indication of secret gay desires? Charles investigates with the help of guest Evan Williams! Isaac complains of constant queerness being shoved in his face, while Charles laments the presence of fraudulent pansexuals pretending to be queer for the social cachet. The burning query: has Isaac been in love with a man? The answer may not be what you expect!


An Affirming Journey of Self Discovery and Positive Thinking

Isaac shares the deeply personal story of his walk from San Diego to Long Beach, a journey whereupon he confronted the dark truths of his existence and faced some of his most inmost fears. Joining the show is self-help guru Evan Williams, and he and Charles lend an ear to Isaac's tale in wonder and awe. Listen in to get inspired! The episode where Isaac's prophecy was delivered:...


The Bad Blood of Theranos's Elizabeth Holmes

On this week's episode, a mystery guest turns up to talk Elizabeth Holmes, Theranos, and the John Carreyrou book about it all: Bad Blood. Holmes's peculiarities are examined: her Steve Jobs emulation, her fake deep voice, and whether or not she believed in her own BS. Isaac wonders if she got as far as she did because of feminism, while Charles thinks it's standard tech industry goo-goo. Also discussed: terrible 9/11 social media posts, why companies behaving like cults is a good indication...


Everyone Should Do Drugs

Frank Traynor is back! This week we're talking DRUGS, a subject on which Isaac and Frank are both self-styled experts. Everyone shares their best and worst drug stories, which include Charles's edible paranoia and Isaac accidentally doing meth in Mexico. Frank tells the story of doing drugs on a camping trip with panty-removing daddy Dan D'Aprile. Isaac thinks drug use should be a special occasion, Frank thinks everyone should do more drugs, and Charles describes the time his mom thought he...


The Homeless Episode

Ask and ye shall receive! Time to talk homelessness with someone who knows something about it: Brad Robinson is the Director of Corporate Relations and Innovation for the Skid Row Housing Trust (, a nonprofit organization in Los Angeles that builds housing for the homeless population. This is a long and in-depth conversation about homelessness, its causes, and the various ways the problem can be addressed. Brad describes the mission and methods of the Trust, provides theories...


Minisode: Horrible Bosses

An episode all about working! The show will suffer when Isaac and Charles gain their podcast riches because they won't be able to share their awful office experiences. Isaac laments the power held by bosses and pines for the office culture of Bridgewater Associates and Principles author Ray Dalio. Charles advocates for buck-passing in interdepartmental corporate warfare. Some have complained the show is sometimes too negative! They are also addressed.


We Shouldn't Be Hurting People!

Brad Robinson of the Skid Row Housing Trust is this week's guest in preparation for his appearance on next week's "very intense" homelessness episode. This week the show looks at the ongoing Asia Argento story (and was recorded before any super-recent developments) and Isaac ties it in to his pet theory about Anthony Bourdain. Then a quick examination of the bicyclists who were killed in Tajikistan and why certain parties where so quick to turn it into a narrative about their pet issues....