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This is a show that mainly consists of arguments between writer/journalist/Trump-supporter Isaac Simpson and comedian/office drone/failure Charles Disney. Sometimes we argue with each other and sometimes with guests.

This is a show that mainly consists of arguments between writer/journalist/Trump-supporter Isaac Simpson and comedian/office drone/failure Charles Disney. Sometimes we argue with each other and sometimes with guests.
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This is a show that mainly consists of arguments between writer/journalist/Trump-supporter Isaac Simpson and comedian/office drone/failure Charles Disney. Sometimes we argue with each other and sometimes with guests.






When Listeners Attack: Heather Marulli Edition

Listener Dave of Kentucky calls in because he has been heavily criticizing recurring guest Heather Marulli. Dave thinks Heather is a narcissist who doesn’t add anything to the show. He also dislikes her standup. Isaac says other listeners complain about Heather and is confused by her persona. Charles is a big fan of Heather, thinks she brings a lot to the podcast, and wonders if the critiques of her have more to do with her being a woman. Also discussed: Sam Harris using the term “merch,”...


Since When Does the Left Hate Tariffs?

David Rosenberg returns to the podcast! Isaac wonders if the Florida bridge collapse was part of a Deep State operation to focus the country’s attention on infrastructure. Charles and Rosie are not sold on such conspiracy theories. The topic of Trump’s tariffs comes up, and Isaac wonders why members of the left are suddenly anti-tariff when in the past they would have been all for it. Rosie thinks there are more complicated reasons for being anti-tariff in this day and age. Also discussed:...


Minisode: New French Extremity and the Horror Movie Renaissance

A quick discussion about the recent artistic resurgence of horror films and an earlier movement referred to as the “New French Extremity,” which included movies such as High Tension and Martyrs.


Minisode: How Do Gay Men Know They’re Dating? An Investigation

Issac is curious about how gay men know they’re on a date and not hanging out and whether there is confusion. Gracie and Charles attempt to explain why this is a non-issue.


Minisode: We Are the Most Influential Podcast in the United States

Along with Gracie Dixon, Isaac and Charles discover their show is possibly the most important podcast in pop culture, as their topics are continually raided by writers! This stealing includes the episode on Southland Tales and the episode about the Steve Jobs biography. Isaac makes a prediction for this year’s best film. Also discussed: why do compliments make us uncomfortable, and why produce content for people to consume if we don’t want to talk to them about their consumption of it?


Jewish Sling Blade

An all over the place episode as comedian David Rosenberg returns for his first appearance since the episode listened to by thousands of Nazis! Isaac and Charles are annoyed with Rosie for being late because he was sleeping and having to leave early because of an equally infuriating reason. Isaac thinks the Mormon and Jewish communities are actually quite similar, and Charles shares his lust for Mormon missionaries. We learn about David’s sexual encounter for the year in Las Vegas, and its...


We Hate the Movies You Love

An episode devoted entirely to crapping on your most beloved films! Isaac and Charles are joined by oft-mentioned and long-suffering Gracie Dixon to talk about movies that everyone loves but that they do not. These include The Shape of Water, The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Fight Club, Dazed and Confused, Coen Brothers comedies, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ladybird, Black Panther, Wes Anderson films, and Quentin Tarantino’s post-90s output. Also discussed: whether Guillermo del Toro is...


Real Men Move In

Welcome to the reformat of Not a Huge Fan into a show about relationships! We’ll be focusing exclusvely on the methods you can use for a more nurturing and loving partnership. We begin with a visit from love expert (and fan favorite) Heather Marulli, who brings her wealth of knowledge on the art of romance to our alpha hosts Isaac Simpson and Charles Disney. Isaac inquires if women do indeed be shopping, but refuses to identify his birthday. Everyone’s astrological signs are examined and...


Minisode: Isaac and Charles Go On Other Podcasts #2

Isaac and Charles made a guest appearance on an episode of the very popular Unpopular Opinion podcast talking about the Olympics ( Cohost Brett Rader really disliked Isaac and makes it clear during the course of the episode. Isaac quizzes Charles about what his future in comedy will be and Charles laments the presence of old weirdos. Isaac and Charles both critique how useless it is to promote anything on social media.


Minisode: Left Wing Lynch Mobs!

Left wing lynch mobs are here to destroy us all! Or are they? The show starts with a look at the “SJWification” of movie critiques, where films are judged on factors irrelevant to their actual merits. Isaac includes Taylor Sheridan’s work in this category. Then a quick mention of Jordan Peterson where Charles gets to do his terrible JPetes impression. Finally, the Bari Weiss Twitter controversy from a few weeks ago is discussed: was she the victim of illiberal leftists or was she just...


Minisode: Stop Playing Music in Public

Isaac and Charles have both gone through bouts of abstaining from drinking with mixed results! Both “men” miss the way alcohol lubricates social situations. Isaac accuses Charles of being excessively judgmental and hostile in social situations. Charles claims he is usually simply annoyed by selfish behavior. This leads to a discussion of why people behave badly in public, from playing your music without headphones to urinating in public. Charles shares a story about fighting with a bus...


Columbine and the Cause of School Shootings

Controversial guest Heather Marulli (@FixedAirHeather) is back! She adjudicates a Twitter conflict between Isaac and Charles and then listens to the debut of an Isaac-made sound clip. Charles was in the middle of Dave Cullen’s book Columbine when the Parkland shooting happened and that serves as a springboard for a discussion about school massacres. Why are they happening? Why is it always the same type of killer? What can be done? Also discussed: the difference between a classic...


Trump Triumphs!

Just when we thought we were out, he pulls us back in! Isaac has disavowed Trump but not necessarily Trumpism, and he provides a list of Trump policy achievements to Charles as well as listener favorite Dan D’Aprile and special guest Unpopular Opinion’s Adam Tod Brown. These include eradicating third party payments, dealing with Salvadorean refugees, and getting rid of gender reassignment surgeries in the military? Isaac makes a strong and compelling case and everyone is on his side. Just...


Minisode: Introducing Vandal Press

A little bit of housekeeping today as Charles and Isaac wonder why they have so many episode downloads in the Netherlands. Dutch listeners: get in touch! ( Also discussed: people who live in the Pacific Northwest as well as our recent episode with Erik Escobar. Then Isaac introduces his new Web 3.0 media company Vandal Press (, which is pioneering the practice of peer to peer micropayments for content creators and removing...


2018: SJWs vs. Racists

Part 2 of a political trilogy with returning guests Seth Goldsmith and Joe Aprill! This week is all about elections over the next two years: will the SJW crowd vote for a white president? Is the “SJW crowd” even a thing, or just a part of the fevered imagination of the right? Also discussed: whither Steve Bannon, the lunatic Teddy Roosevelt, predictions for 2018 elections, and nuclear near-accidents.


The Trumper Trap

Seth Goldsmith (@InfiniteSeth) and Joe Aprill are back to join Charles in witnessing Isaac make a shocking announcement, one that has serious repercussions for the podcast! Then it’s on to the politics of the moment: Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, the new tax law, and who would be the best Democratic presidential candidate in 2020. Also, for some reason the 2016 election returns as the Bernie Bros are slammed and Zombie Hillary Clinton returns from the dead to eat the brains of the right.


Cucks Love The Last Jedi

This week’s topic: the most controversial and divisive film of the year! Pro-Last Jedi guests Seth Goldsmith and Joe Aprill argue the merits of The Last Jedi against haters Isaac and Charles, although soon the battle lines are not so clearly drawn. Also discussed are whether the prequels were racist, why people arguing about space movies always resort to physics arguments, and the age at which you first saw Star Wars determining whether you care about it or not. Furthermore, would John...


One of Our Attorneys is a Jew

The show shares some listener mail about the recent Conner Habib episode, including the accusation from previous guest Evan Williams that Charles was hitting on Conner, which Charles denies. Then Isaac and Charles decide on the appropriate anti-Semitism warning sound for the show. Send in your own clips! Speaking of Jews, Isaac and Charles differ on the appropriate displays of holiday accoutrements. On the crutch word front, Isaac tries to reduce his use of the word “but” with little...


Minisode: Aziz Ansari’s Fingers

A few minutes of fresh, topical content with guests Seth Goldsmith and Joe Aprill. The Babe Magazine article on Aziz Ansari’s possibly bad behavior is out and our panel of dudes investigates! Was it sexual misconduct or just a bad date? Also, what is going on with the fingers in mouth thing? Also covered is Aziz’s TV show Master of None and whether his character should be seen so sympathetically. This episode will assuredly age well.


The Assassination of Isaac’s Acting Episode by the Coward Erik Escobar

Inspired by a Reddit thread, Isaac has been planning an episode about great acting scenes in movies. Unfortunately, this week’s guest is comedian Erik Escobar, who constantly derails the conversation to make bad puns and discuss wrestling. Meanwhile, Charles debuts his new soundboard featuring multiple clips of Isaac’s crutch words and laughter. Isaac attempts to conduct a serious episode featuring good acting scenes from There Will Be Blood and Magnolia while Erik giggles hysterically at...


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