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Two long time friends take a lighthearted look at things of the past, discuss the present and delve into the future, in an unscripted manner.


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Two long time friends take a lighthearted look at things of the past, discuss the present and delve into the future, in an unscripted manner.






The Saga of Being A Homeowner

Mickey & Rodney talk about how there is always something to do, or a problem, when you are a homeowner. Whether it's leaky roofs, backed-up toilets or faulty water softeners, owning your own home keeps you busy. They also discuss technology and how different credit card readers require different actions. Do you tap it, slide it or stick it in...it just depends on the card reader.


Paper Towels, Flushing Toilets, Flying Grease & Country Cooking

Mickey G. & Rodney T. talk about the art of buying paper towels, those blue toilet bowl tablets versus the white ones, how grease seems to fly around the kitchen, our wives and their messy cooking, washing dishes through the years, how we have gone away from serving bowls for meals and that good old country cooking.


A Problem With Shrinkage

Mickey & Rodney talk about the recent CNN Trump interview, how we're getting less food, for more money and how you can spend a hundred dollars for just paper towels and toilet paper.


Youthful Enthusiasm to Ruffling Feathers

Mickey & Rodney talk about how that young attitude that you can change the world changes to "I don't care" as you get older, how to choose your battles, a negative opinion of integration, Critical Race Theory, is Santa Claus white, giving back, the labor force and more lessons learned in the military.


Big Booty Reels and Blaxploitation Movies

Rodney and Mickey talk about those Big Booty Reels that appear on Facebook, Black performers trying to break into the C&W world, the changes in music in general, Gunsmoke & Miss Kitty and the portrayals of Black in ads, movies and TV programs.


A Little Bit of Everything

In this episode the guys are all over the place. They talk about artificial intelligence and how its taking over our lives, including Google searches, Alexa, and Facebook. They pay tribute to Bobby Caldwell and recount their days shopping at a local record shop, the days of being harassed by Olan Mills for portraits, hairstyles, Prince Harry and more...


Mickey & Rodney - Dealing With Drugs

Mickey and Rodney talk about their Air Force experience with pharmaceutical company representatives, the unique Air Force logistics system, resisting the temptation to violate the system for personal gains, what happens when you do wrong and get busted and the Air Force Office of Special Investigations and their undercover operations.


The Case of the Stolen Umbrella

Mickey and Rodney talk about door-to-door salesmen, roof repairs, a stolen umbrella, how repairmen always seem to have the part that needs replacing on their truck, how telling the truth can be the best way for someone not to believe you, that hilarious shingles commercial, how our grandparents would be shocked at the "personal" commercials on TV today and the crazy world of pharmaceuticals.


Cell Phones, Snotty Noses and Robitussin

Mickey and Rodney talk about what we would do without cell phones, even though we did without them forever, a couple of cell phone bloopers, this crazy winter weather and the problems it causes, including snotty noses. We also talk about how to battle the winter snots with the old-fashioned Vick's Inhaler and Robitussin. And by the way, what do you chase your Robitussin with , you can't drink that stuff straight!!!


Men Are From Mars...Women Are From Venus...And Never Forget That!!!

Mickey and Rodney talk about the differences between the genders, especially when it comes to our wives, how it's best to hold your tongue sometimes, the stress of a military career and a family and the things we've learned over the years.


Rumble At The Post Office

Rodney's talking about my Cowboys again!!! We also discuss race relations in America, road rage, how things can go bad when everybody has a gun and how Mickey thought he was about to witness a fight at the Post Office.


I'm 40 Million Dollars Richer

Mickey & Rodney talk about Mickey's good fortune (maybe), Facebook activities, Reality TV, those lovely ladies and media and the Black community.


Why Did They Move Thursday Night Football to Amazon Prime???

Mickey and Rodney talk about why they moved Thursday Night Football to Amazon Prime, what "streaming" means, sensationalized social media, clickbait, cell phone scams and how subscription services will automatically renew unless you cancel them.


There's Nothing Wrong With Being A Little Anal!

Mickey & Rodney talk about the way they seem to notice every mistake when people talk or when reading stories, how this "gender neutral" generation makes addressing some people complicated, Prince Harry and his marriage, the Royal Family, the latest NBA cheating scandal and other random thoughts.


What Was I Just Talking About?

Mickey & Rodney talk about those instances where you completely lose your train of thought during a conversation, brain exercises, how what food is good for you has changed through the years, and why as you get older, your conversation is more about your ailments and illnesses, than anything else.


Get Your "Stuff" Together

Mickey & Rodney talk about taking care of family members when they get old, our wishes when we get old and can't take care of ourselves, making final arrangements for our own final resting places, and we have a little fun talking about these serious, and somewhat sad, occasions.


Them Were The Good Old Days

Mickey & Rodney talk about old school music, (to include the group Maze), the TV show Unsung, how a lot of Black musical groups broke up because the lead singer wanted to go solo, unknown rumors about Marvin Gaye and them old days at concerts.


Farewell Serena

Rodney & Mickey talk about Serena Williams stepping away from tennis, that broke preacher that was berating his congregation because they weren't buying him Movado watches and other material things and Silk Sonic's remake of Love's Train.


Trust But Verify

Mickey & Rodney talk about the current political scene, playing life's "games", The FBI, how things used to be when Blacks were organized, Reverend Al, do your own homework and trust, but verify.


Metamucil...The Drink of Champions

Mickey and Rodney talk about their favorite named political candidate, Marshawn Lynch's recent DUI arrest, Serena Williams announced retirement, shopping at Sam's and using Metamucil.