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Two long time friends take a lighthearted look at things of the past, discuss the present and delve into the future, in an unscripted manner.


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Two long time friends take a lighthearted look at things of the past, discuss the present and delve into the future, in an unscripted manner.






I'm OCD and I Like It!!!

Mickey and Rodney talk about people who procrastinate, the benefit of doing things now, not later, our OCD-like habits (emptying the trash, filling the beverage fridge), a quick lesson in trash management, yard sprinkler systems and home building.


Dating...2023 Style

Rodney & Mickey talk about a recent dating incident where a lady was taken to The Cheesecake Factory and she told her date she was "too fine" to go to a chain restaurant; dating past and present, how doing the simple things can safe time later and other stuff!!!


You Got To Give It Up

Mickey and Rodney talk about how sports stars find it hard to give up their dreams as they get older, reminisce about those good old days playing basketball and some of the guys we remember, the saga of Dwight Howard, the interesting Damian Lillard divorce and how he wants his ex to give up his last name, why do some women keep their maiden names, the definition of a "long marriage" over the years, divorced couples living together, taking marriage advice and domestic violence.


Don't Be A Dream Killer

Mickey and Rodney talk about supporting your kids (and grandkids) and how their focus changes as they get older; striking that balance between being supportive and being realistic and the old "I walked five miles to baseball practice" and be telling the truth.


Bacon Up

Mickey & Rodney talk about this bacon grease you can buy in stores called Bacon Up, how regular bacon has just as many chemicals in it as Bacon Up, another Google search and another past acquaintance that died, why Rodney & Rosalind didn't have a church wedding and another discussion on religion.


Happy Anniversary & Sticky Notes

Mickey & Rodney talk about Rodney's wedding anniversary, the current mindset with marriage, how the circles you run in may affect your marriage, how it was hard to remember our anniversaries when we were newly married, our ever-changing calendars, using sticky notes to remind us of things and why we chose not to be landlords.


Chasing Rainbows

Rodney & Mickey talk about how you can't save the world and all you can do is try to set a high standard in life, being thankful for what you have, grandkids, the importance of naps as you get older, mowing the grass and the pains of aging.


A Little Ol' Fools Philosophy

Mickey G. & Rodney T. discuss if hard work pays off in the end, gentrification and how we let it happen, mutual acquaintances in museums, what's in it for me, economic power, being under the government's thumb and keeping hope alive.


Do I Look That Old

Mickey G. & Rodney T. talk about people who use the wrong words on social media, the craziest voice message ever, people your age that look a lot older, radio commercials and the images they provoke, personal injury lawyer commercials, recent shootings, guns, guns, guns, jealousy in society and the public private school problem.


Just Ask

Rodney and Mickey talk about customer service, or lack of, don't be afraid to say you don't know the answer, communications, trust but verify and sometimes you just have to ask the question, all they can say is "no".


It Ain't Cheap Anymore

Mickey & Rodney talk about inflation, marketing, haircuts, shoe endorsements, sports business, Kevin Durant, Magic Johnson, rags to riches and more.


That's Not Appropriate

Mickey and Rodney talk about the politics of today, why people bring big dogs to crowded gatherings, what's appropriate wear for church and funerals, traditions with fashion and how just because they make it, doesn't mean you should wear it, Buc-ee's, Pappadeaux's and the cost of eating out.


You Can't Fix Stupid

Mickey G. & Rodney T. talk about folks taking advantage of free handouts, you need a place to stay, but you have a pet pig, life choices, sometimes you have to help yourself, giving back, can you really be anything you want to be in this country and "It is what it is"


Retirement Nightmare & Today's Job Market

Mickey and Rodney talk about career choices, corporate restructures that ruin your retirement plans, folks that don't seem to take having a job seriously, when your main goal in life is to draw disability and how it's hard to feel sorry for folks that screw up a good job.


Lemon Lot & FIGMO...Do You Know What They Mean

Mickey and Rodney bring up some old military terms and acronyms as they discuss selling cars, the role of fathers as consultants, giving your kids driving lessons, going to the movies and current politics.


The Saga of Being A Homeowner

Mickey & Rodney talk about how there is always something to do, or a problem, when you are a homeowner. Whether it's leaky roofs, backed-up toilets or faulty water softeners, owning your own home keeps you busy. They also discuss technology and how different credit card readers require different actions. Do you tap it, slide it or stick it in...it just depends on the card reader.


Paper Towels, Flushing Toilets, Flying Grease & Country Cooking

Mickey G. & Rodney T. talk about the art of buying paper towels, those blue toilet bowl tablets versus the white ones, how grease seems to fly around the kitchen, our wives and their messy cooking, washing dishes through the years, how we have gone away from serving bowls for meals and that good old country cooking.


A Problem With Shrinkage

Mickey & Rodney talk about the recent CNN Trump interview, how we're getting less food, for more money and how you can spend a hundred dollars for just paper towels and toilet paper.


Youthful Enthusiasm to Ruffling Feathers

Mickey & Rodney talk about how that young attitude that you can change the world changes to "I don't care" as you get older, how to choose your battles, a negative opinion of integration, Critical Race Theory, is Santa Claus white, giving back, the labor force and more lessons learned in the military.


Big Booty Reels and Blaxploitation Movies

Rodney and Mickey talk about those Big Booty Reels that appear on Facebook, Black performers trying to break into the C&W world, the changes in music in general, Gunsmoke & Miss Kitty and the portrayals of Black in ads, movies and TV programs.