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Welcome to Our Naked Podcast! Here we talk about everything from movies, T.V. shows, anime, and even some of our life experiences. Join us as we experiences new things together, as we laugh, cry, and make memories along the way.

Welcome to Our Naked Podcast! Here we talk about everything from movies, T.V. shows, anime, and even some of our life experiences. Join us as we experiences new things together, as we laugh, cry, and make memories along the way.
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Welcome to Our Naked Podcast! Here we talk about everything from movies, T.V. shows, anime, and even some of our life experiences. Join us as we experiences new things together, as we laugh, cry, and make memories along the way.




Our Naked Season 3

Kessler and Thomas are back for Season 3!!!! In this episode they talk about what has been keeping them busy, as well as new anime, video games, and movies that have grabbed there attention.


Our Naked Sound Euphonium

This week we bring back our good friend Sebastian to help us rate the anime Sound Euphonium! as well as talk about some new video game, and console releases including the new Red Crow DLC for Rainbow Six Siege. Make sure to email us at ournaked@gmail.com. Stay Naked!!


Our Naked Magical Girl Raising Project

This week we watch and review the anime Magical Girl Raising Project. Although the name threw us off in the beginning we found we didn't have very many bad things to say about it, but trust us, it wasn't perfect! We also talk about why we are confused on why anyone would pay for YouTube Red, and we ask you guys to help explain it if you can. We close up this weeks episode with a look back on one of our favorite Anime's, Dragon Ball Z, and why we are happy with the installment moving...


Our Naked Scorching Ping Pong Girls

Welcome back to Our Naked Podcast, the only podcast where you can be Naked and where clothes at the same time! This Friday we watched the anime Scorching Ping Pong Girls and rated it with the new "Anime Rating System", the scoring system is as follows.... 5 points for Writing 5 Points for Pacing 5 points for Originality 5 points for Soundtrack 5 points for Visuals Based on this 25 point scoring system, we have come up with names for 5 different levels based on the total score of all 5...


Our Naked Power Rangers

This week Kessler and Thomas Discuss how Kess dislikes the X-Men franchise, Battlefield 1, and the new list of fall anime. After Plenty of random tangents the duo finally lands on the topic of the new Power Rangers movie, where they discuss there hopes and fears as well as some of there best memories watching the crime fighting heroes. Check them out every Friday for a new episode, and remember to email any questions or comments to ournaked@gmail.com.


Our Naked Card Games

This week Thomas and I dive into the ever expanding universe of collectible card games. We talk about the main ones we see around today as well as some you may have never heard of. During our Game Time segment Thomas competes to see if he can become a Dual Master, and we also get a little sidetracked singing old cartoon theme songs. Remember to check us out on Itunes and leave a comment and Rating! Let us know any questions or comments at ournaked@gmail.com......Thanks for getting Naked...


Our Naked We're Just Gonna Talk

This week Thomas and I didn't do the research necessary for our episode so we decided that we're just going to talk. Today we talk about the movies, video games, and anime that we have been watching, and what we are excited for in the near future. To wrap things up we take a spoiler free look at X-Men: Apocalypse, and learn that Thomas wants to marry an Anime character......but it's best if we all look past that


Our Naked Super Heroes

Come get naked with us this week as we discuss who would when in a fight, the Justice League, or the Avengers. Kessler becomes a super hero during our Game Time segment, And we break Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice until we run out of topics. SPOILER WARNING! Make sure to check us out on Itunes, and to send us any questions or comments at ournaked@gmail.com. Check us out every Thursday for new episodes.


Our Naked Pilot

Kessler and Thomas are back! its been awhile but the two friends are back in action and better than ever. we are very sorry for our absence but the break was needed so we could collect ourselves and start something new. Our new email is ournaked@gmail.com. feel free to send us any topic ideas or comments!!! Thank you!!


Game Chronicles #9 You Aint Down For Incest (MGS2: Sons of Liberty)

Game Chronicles is back after a little break. We jump back into our story with Raiden having to find Emma, Octacon's sister and the one who can upload the virus and stop Metal Gear Arsenal. Though we come to see that Emma and Octacon's sibling relationship is extremely different from most......Also Rose thinks Raiden keeps girls locked up in his bedroom.


Game Chronicles #8 Cutscenes And Amateur Acting (MGS2: Sons of Liberty)

This week Kessler and Thomas travel down a cut scene filled journey to rescue the president of the United States. They shed some tears for there long lost friend Peg Leg Pete, and also discover that they just might.....not have a career in acting. All in all this week is a journey to find out more about the Big Shell, Solidus Snake, and maybe, a little about themselves as well.


Game Chronicles #5 Going Both Ways (MGS: Twin Snakes)

In this episode we wrap up our journey through Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes. We finally face Liquid Snake is some awesome boss battles and learn more about Grey Fox, Naomi, The Secretary of Defense?! and Fox Die!!!! Plus Kessler attempts to teach Thomas grammar lessons while we ramble on about Liquid's sexual conflictions


Game Chronicles #4 The Best Around (MGS: Twin Snakes)

Episode #4 We finally face Vulcan Raven and see which anime is better, the Snake or the Raven?! We also find out about Naomi's true intentions and even discuss who is the best member Foxhound has to offer excluding Liquid Snake.


Game Chronicles #2 Being Real Goofy (MGS: Twin Snakes)

Episode 2 of Game Chronicles the play through of Metal Gear Twin Snakes continues, email: Game.Chronicles0@gmail.com


Game Chronicles #1 Butt Cigarettes (MGS: Twin Snakes)

Podcast Date: 22 June 2015 First episode of Game Chronicles: We talk about video game story lines and have discussions on the game. We play the game for two hours then sit down and do the podcast. We hope you enjoy this first episode and provide us some feedback for our next episodes. Email: Game.Chronicles0@gmail.com


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