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Over The Line #118 - Roseanne, Egg Hunts, And Taco Shells

On Today's Show: Happy Easter! Guest Ed Francis in studio, guest Andrea Dixon calls in to discuss the next Columbus Libraries Social Event, the return of Roseanne, Joe tries to get some tacos, In and Out Burger prank turns into Undercover Boss but not really, Iowa town officially stinky, Flaming T-Rex robot, Snow the Canadian Reggae star makes a comeback, Popcorn Wars: Dennis Quaid, and much more!


Over The Line #117 - The Over The Line After School Special

On Today's Show: We tackle Joe's made up drug problem, guest Ed Francis hosts Popcorn Wars, Joe shows us his karate moves, an update on the Romanian dead man who isn't dead, lizard on the loose in San Diego, Mr. Rogers gets a stamp, Byron Allen from Real People buys the weather, K.B. Toys steps up for Toys-R-Us, warrant issued for Punxsutawney Phil, roosters go to an Arkansas jail, Rhode Island outhouses, Hallmark goes Christmas crazy, and more!


Over The Line #116 - Brackets, and Tigers, and Candy, Oh my!

On Today's Show: Guest Ean Boone has a cough, OTL Senior Sports Correspondent Mike Campana, Jack's daughter's NCAA bracket, R.I.P. Stephen Hawking, Indonesian were-tiger, COSTCO prepares for the end of the world, TV Reboots, Brilliant man sues Southwest Airlines, the end of an iconic candy, Popcorn Wars - Christopher Walken, Romanian court tells living man that he's dead, Katy Perry kisses, and more!


Over The Line #115 - Flipwich Review Outta Nowhere

On Today's Show: Guest Kevin Carr from FatGuysAtTheMovies.com and his son, the Over The Line Designated Young Person - Ben Carr, it's NCAA Selection Sunday! Captain Kirk and NASA will fly you to the sun, Blue's Clues reboot, Wife Swap reboot, Norm MacDonald's show moves to Netflix, Denmark has lots of pigs, Twitter bans tweetdeckers, Jack and Joe's Flipwich review, Amelia Earhart found again maybe, bloody tooth nuts, Popcorns Wars: Jennifer Anniston, child locks mom's iPhone for 48 years,...


Over The Line #113 - Electric Napkin Dispensers and Bigfoot

On Today's Show: California vs Bigfoot, A loose Fox in D.C. is not having it, British KFC runs out of chicken, T-Rex sighting in Philly, White Castle electric napkin dispenser theft, Lucky Charms gets new marshmellow, A vibrator that will order you a pizza when you're done - you know, the French find a painting, Curlers vs Kirstie, NYC still looking for a Night Mayor, Popcorn Wars - Matthew Brodrick with guest Ed Francis, and lots more!


Over The Line Show #78: Driving A Watermelon

Fake Weather, Joe Makes Dinner, Ohio State Lacrosse, Rival Bus Pictures, Roger Moore, Gregg Allman, Opium Mistake, Ellen, Dick Wolfe Vs Crest, Pills Cosby, Plinko Records, A Short Story About Beverages, Arby's Pizza, A-Rod, Nude Swan Statue Stealing, Popcorn Wars: Bruce Willis


Over The Line #77: Dumpster Traffic

Outdoor Festivals, Joe's Former Large Aunt, Clue Gets A Makeover, Jane Dashow, Nacho Death Cheese, The Ballad Of The Movie Texter, Middle School Teacher Hates Rich High School Prom Horses, London Two Pence Experiment, The Amazing Johnathan, Betsy De Vos Bear Report, Popcorn Wars: John C. Reilly, Uncle Fat


Over The Line #76: Calculator Tricks

Mother's Day Dine And Dash, Selling Spices From Door To Door, Superman Holiday, The Crime Report, Matthew McConaughey Ziplining, Social Media Pet Peeves, Celebrity Statesmen, Popcorn Wars: Billy Crystal, Candian Goose Hate, Nugget Boy, Birthday Cake Airline Troubles, Pickles, Robert Downey Goldilocks, More Pickle Foods


Over The Line #75: Thumb Hannity

Flushing Ashes Down The Toilets Of Ball Parks, Met's Photo Goes Viral, The Bank Of Minaj, Free Nuggets For Life, CAPA Movie Series, Joe Has Never Seen Beetlejuice, Buying Breakfast Forward, The Gong Show Makes A Comeback, Loretta Lynn, Revenge Of The Nerds, May The 4th, Lonzo Ball Shoes, Hell's Kitchen Comes To Vegas, Liam Nielson Eats For Free


Over the Line Show #74: The Magic Touch

West Side Jeff In A Sandtrap, DJ Pains, Paint Night, Cat Scams, John Mellancamp, Paula Abdul, Color Me Badd Memories, Delivery Apps, Pickle Soda Pop, Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, The Old Qube Cable System, Game Shows, Gin Recall, Hilary Clinton DUI, Popcorn Wars: Rosario Dawson


Over the Line Show #73: Ten Bands One Lie

The Cincinnati Gardens, Jonathon Demme, Roseanne Comes Back, The Worst Sitcoms Of All Time, Kenny G, The Plight Of Airline Passengers, Multiple Bunny Things, Airhorn to Jail, Spam Museum, Popcorn Wars Featuring Sigourney Weaver, Best Career For Your Zodiac Sign, Cheaters


Over The Line Show #72: Norm From Frischs

Easter Sugar Fallout, Jolly Pirate Donuts, Erin Moran, Sitcom Hookers, 100 Days In Office, Popcorn Wars, Southern Indiana, Three's Company, Avatar, Flight Attendant Bouncers, Bill OReilly, Shark Tank


Over The Line 71: Gas Stations Run By Kangaroos

Fancy Gap, Brad's Wife, Columbus Blue Jackets, Don Rickles, Harrison Ford, Attacked By The Dictionary, Popcorn Wars


Over The Line #70: An Unconventional Oil Change

Baseball, April's Fools Day, Groupon, Horses, Filming A Canceled Show, Bye Bye Dandelion Crayon, Master Of The Claw Machine, Boss Baby, Jon Gosselin