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PBR Podcast: (formerly Pizza Beer Revolution) The Revolutions Surround Us... PBR will thrill and delight you with their hysterical anecdotes. From their trademark "Top or Bottom" to their "Armchair Futurist" segment, you are sure to be informed (at least 60% of the time) and most definitely entertained.


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PBR Podcast: (formerly Pizza Beer Revolution) The Revolutions Surround Us... PBR will thrill and delight you with their hysterical anecdotes. From their trademark "Top or Bottom" to their "Armchair Futurist" segment, you are sure to be informed (at least 60% of the time) and most definitely entertained.






EP138: Summertime

summertime noun (1) Save Word To save this word, you'll need to log in. Log In sum·​mer·​time | \ ˈsə-mər-ˌtīm \ Definition of summertime (Entry 1 of 2) : the summer season or a period like summer summer time noun (2) Definition of summer time (Entry 2 of 2) chiefly British : DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Examples of summertime in a Sentence Noun (1) We go there to pick strawberries in the summertime.


EP137: Fathers Day & Firearms

In this episode we talk all things Father's Day, answer a police questionnaire, hit a fun Top or Bottom and play a game about movie dads... One more episode on Zoom and we are promising to get back together in the shed to record a show. If Dennis coughs in the shed it will be the last thing Dennis does... Enjoy!


EP136: Brother Rejection, Pet Cemetery & Time Travel

After taking a week off because it just didn't feel right to have fun; we get back together to make some yuck yucks as the world burns around us. In this socially distanced episode we talk about how the highly anticipated game, “Brothers Know Brothers” is never going to happen. What's better, the birth of a child or burying a dead pet & Dennis hits a home run with a game about Time Travel. This one starts in the dark and ends in the light so sit back, relax and enjoy a fun episode of Pizza...


EP135: Rome is Burning

As the quarantine rolls on and the country starts to burn from the inside out we take a moment to get "together" and do a podcast... We try to keep it fun but let's be honest... What is going on people!? In this episode we talk about the state of our union, try to have some fun while doing it but we are in a dark time and we can’t see any light at the end of the tunnel as of yet… If the country hasn't completely fallen apart come next week we will bring you a new episode… fingers crossed.


EP134: Memories

Sorry for the delayed release but it has been a rough week. In this episode we talk all about memories… the good, the bad and the ugly. See you Monday!


Ep133: Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt

Week 8 of quarantine and the guys hop on another Zoom call to talk about spreading F.U.D, Hype Men and Murder Hornets. We do our usual Top or Bottom and play, "Hype Man or Band!" Another Dennis the Intern creation... We send our love and "well" wishes everyone... stay safe out there America.


EP132: Brian Quinn

Brian Quinn from Impractical Jokers joins us on Zoom during week 7 of the Corona Apocalypse. We talk Brian's new beer company Rubsam and Horrmann, the difficulties of producing beer and TV in a lockdown situation and why Marty McFly is a better time traveler than Bill and Ted. This is one of our favorite episodes in a long time and can’t thank Brian enough for taking the time out of his busy apocalypse to sit down and chat. We finally got all the technical kinks worked out and just hope it’s...


EP131: Tommy Corona Lives

After 6 weeks in quarantine the boys finally get the internet to work; friend and Covid-19 survivor, Tommy Corona, "Zooms" in to tell his survival story and Dennis the Intern attempts to ruin another show with a new segment he calls the 1 Minute Monologue. Enjoy!


EP130: Phobias

This shit is getting old. Lockdown can go suck it! This week we kinda talk about Phobias but we can't seem to shake off the Corona Virus... quarentine. Once again our internet is shit so our audio is less than par... We can't wait to be in a room together spreading germs. The one bright moment is that Sydney Lesperance our resident fact checker stops on by... Hope it makes you smile. Stay Safe world


EP129: Neighbors

The apocalypse continues and we are quarantined another week and forced to podcast apart from our remote locations. The sound gets a touch better, Joe Gatto checks back in for the second week in a row, Dennis still uses DSL and can't get a proper connection from the well and we all talk about our neighbors. The good neighbors, the bad neighbors and the ugly ones… don’t you sometimes just wish Brooke Shields lived next door? Enjoy the pod. Hopefully we'll get out of this mess sooner than...


EP128: Quarantined

Three week into a global pandemic and the boys are still podcasting, albeit from remote locations. Please pardon our appearance (audible appearance). On this episode we talk about how it's been under quarantine, Joe Gatto pops in for some Top or Bottom & Dennis the Intern shows how useless he is when it comes to technology... and basically everything else. Enjoy!


EP127: Kevin Goh

We welcome YouTube personality and gamer fenom Kevin Goh out to the Shed to chat it up just before the quarantine… Note: None of us have the virus… yet… Dennis may be dead. We talk chasing your dreams, building an audience and end up discussing Gonk Droid vs Wifu… me either but I enjoyed the conversation. Kevin is one of a kind and we love him dearly. Check him out on YouTube, TheKGohPro and across all other social media like Twitter: @KGogPro. Enjoy!


EP126: Guilty Pleasure

This episode was recorded literally one night before the world went on lockdown. Lucky for us we round tabled where we thought the world would be just one week into the Corona Virus outbreak…. You’ll be shocked by our answers. We also talk about guilty pleasures, sister Stacie makes a surprise cameo via call in & Dennis gets excited about next week's guest, Kevin Goh. @kgohpro Keep safe everyone and please, please, please stay 6 feet away from your device while listening to this episode....


EP125: John McAfee

Live from the Shed; Mike & Joe Skype in the elusive John McAfee. We talk Johns youth the evolution of computers, #Bitcoin and conspiracy that will make your head spin. John was a gracious guest and we hope you enjoy listening to his rhetoric as much as we enjoyed probing him for it. After all, it's not every day you get to probe the one and only John McAfee. Enjoy!


EP124: Female Friendly

The guys are back in The Shed and finding their softer sides... We get a little lovey dovey on this episode and talk love, marriage, FMK and 50 shades of Dennis... Enjoy!


EP123: Red Carpets

Welcome to Revolution studios... In this episode the guys talk all things Red Carpet after Mike aka Franz Goldberg enjoys a night out at the Impractical Jokers Movie Premier. The guys record AGAIN at their new home, The Shed! Things are looking up for the future of the show and Revolutions studios. Big things on the horizons, we are open for business so if you're looking for a new studio to record in or learn how to podcast, Revolution Studios is for you. Enjoy!


EP122: Cancel Culture vs Comedy

We kick off this episode with our new favorite caller, Ferik D. (fake Derek D.) who calls in and tries to cancel Joe. The Post Modern Patriot stops by to sit in on Top or Bottom as we leave John McAfee on hold once again while we discus cancel culture, comedy and the upside down state of our union. Enjoy!


EP121: Rejection

The boys get together at A Shared Universe Podcast Studios on the Asbury Park Boardwalk to talk all things rejection! Mike Zapcic sits in, Roommate Rob sits in the corner on his phone, the PBR Posse calls in and we leave John McAfee on hold till we are ready to have him on the show. Enjoy!


EP120: $Bitcoin

This week Brother Frank calls in to share his infectiously enthusiastic view on Bitcoin, rings and Kobe Bryant. Followed by a slightly lass vibrant break down of chicken sandwiches, games and figure out what money will look like 35 years after the Cat Genocide. Enjoy!


EP119: Super Bowl

John McAfee gets rescheduled for February so the guys talk Super Bowl Sunday, the "Corona" Virus, how to open cans and the future of sports. Someone may also claim that the Wu Tang Clan Virus can be wiped out with one well placed missile. We all know that The Wuhan Clan ain't nothing to F**** wit!