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Twisted comedy and not-so thought provoking talk hosted by the one and only Primal.

Twisted comedy and not-so thought provoking talk hosted by the one and only Primal.
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Twisted comedy and not-so thought provoking talk hosted by the one and only Primal.








Episode 25 – Welcome to Twitch, Bitch

Primal’s first official episode on Twitch (and YouTube)! Things start off talking about the changes to the show as well as being yelled at for going back on the air. After some shameless plugging, we get into the weird news of the week including Infinity War movie date rules, the upcoming game Agony, God […]


Episode 23 – Return of the Nonsense

After a 5 week break, the man returns…..with not much. In this episode Primal talks about his time away, discusses male birth control, a tattooed fool calling himself the Joker and various other nonsense.


Episode 21 - Still Screaming

Holy Shit! He's back and he's prepared! After missing a week due to outside factors, Primal returns to the air. This time Primal tells us about watching Trailer Park Boys season 11, The Mockstrosity Tour with Mac Sabbath, Okilly Dokilly and Metalachi, finally watching Rogue One and buying JNCO Jeans. The second half rolls right into the stories of the day including Brad's Wife, Peepza, crazy girl texts, The Cage Cage, and Artie Lange being arrested for drugs! All of this along with plenty...


Episode 20 - A Real Dumpster Fire

Primal shows up unprepared and confused! (What a shock) Things kick off talking about St Patrick's Day, a sparking refridgerator, and a visit to the casino! Thankfully Primal took a few minutes to prepare some stories for the day and moves right along into talks of New Monopoly game pieces, a cooler of weed being donated to Goodwill, a bull gores a bullfighter in a very uncomfortable place (like the back of a Volkswagon?), and Stephen Hawking visiting space. The show raps up with a very...


Episode 19 - Pour Me Another

In yet another drunken talk-fest, Primal starts off talking about a trip to the casino, getting locked inside his house, the new season of Trailer Park Boys, and some new equipment before launching into the day's stories. This episode's stories included a man smuggling cocaine in his pants, weed being flung across the Mexican border via catapult, a wedding band cockring mishap and a substitute teacher drinking box wine. Primal also re-introduces Larry and his segment Racism with...


Episode 18 - Rage For Days

Episode 18 starts off quick with Primal knocking back Jager and talking about the lack of drama this week, his first ride & fall off an ATV, new equipment for the show and his love for Surge soda. After stumbling through the personal stuff, the show rolls on with a semi-serious discussion about WikiLeaks and the CIA, pineapple on pizza, sex on lunch break in Sweden, all pink Starburst, a Taco Bell wedding dress and it wraps up in overtime with long distance oral sex by licking your phone...


Episode 17 - Ready For Anything

A brand new episode filled with fun and a new green screen studio! Primal discusses texts from the ex, a unwanted visitor at his home, his grandmother and more about the upcoming Bored Defeated podcast! All this while taking on a group of haters who arrived to try and cause problems! After all that, he gets into the recent stories including the Oscars mishap, Suicide Squad winning an Oscar, a man who pretended to be a member of Nickelback, Zombie outbreak warnings, Pink poop from Peep...


Episode 15.5 - If You Don't Like It...

Primal returns to clear the air about Episode 15 and it's aftermath as well as his recent breakup. He goes on to discuss Trump, a monk caught with Meth pills and a YouTuber eating a celebrity's picture everyday. The show closes out with Primal addressing both fans and haters while promising he's not going to back down. (Download Episode 15.5 - 2/18/17)


Episode 14 - Cutting Through Bullshit

Primal returns again to discuss the baby situation, being single, 4/20 and more about the future of the show. He also talks about a few documentaries about Atari and Scientology before closing this short episode. (Download Episode 14 - 4/20/15)


Episode 13 - The (Not So) Triumphant Return

Primal returns to the mic for the first time since November! He talk about what's gone on since the last episode and what to expect in the near future. The Primal Podcast has returned....again.....kinda(Download Episode 13 - 3/28/15)


Primal Podcast Episode 9

Special Guest: Fred the "Fuck Her Right In The Pussy" GuyPrimal starts off the show excited as ever and takes some time to talk about a Florida man with 50 dead cats in a freezer, a man bringing his daughter along to rob a house, a girl who married a dog and a mysterious death during a car accident. After the break, Fred calls in and gives us podcast gold!Primal and Fred discuss the FHRITP history, Fred's home life, they take a call from a fan, talk beer and more! A must-listen...


Primal Podcast Episode 8

Special Guest: Xander Demos-Apologies to Xander for the 'attack' prior to his call. I sincerely thought he bailed and motherfucked him a bit. He ended up being awesome.-Primal has a train wreck to start the show. The phone system was failing again and things were not prepared. He discusses the richest rappers as well as freaking out about things breaking before taking a call from good friend and fellow M.C., SuperKing Armor. SuperKing and Primal chat it up a bit before Primal bitches about...


Primal Podcast Episode 6

The Emo Show. Primal gets personal and discusses his life outside the show. He discusses woman problems, his less than excited mood about doing the show and complains about his day. He also takes a call from "Master Bader", discusses new guests and a possible sponsor, talks about a man that ejactulated into a co-workers coffee, and takes a call from Ryan who will soon be hosting a tech-talk show alongside Primal Podcast. The show ends early as Primal decides he can't quite finish the 2...


Primal Podcast Episode 7

Special Guest: Chris "Mangina" MagennisMangina returns to the show and this time Primal makes sure to record it! The show starts with Mangina's triumphant fog machine entrance and the fun begins quickly. The boys discuss the mishap of Chris' last visit and Primal's lack of pot smoking. Primal makes a big announcement about his life and Chris announces his new project "Mangina: The Web Series". The nonsense keeps coming as they talk about their sexcapades, eating habits and then Mangina...