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The Shiznit Show-194 Not Pockets!

This week on The Shiznit Show Donya/Wifey/Home Improvement etc Have you ever watched a movie because???? Do you think there is room for right and wrong in a relationship? Man Hospitalized After Injecting Own Semen To Treat Back Pain Jewelry thief arrested with four Rolex watches in her body cavity Fl, Delajurea Brookens, 29 Indonesian teens are now getting drunk on boiled tampon juice Missouri woman tries to force man to have oral sex by attacking him and sitting on his face: Police...


The Shiznit Show-193 Totally Becky

This week on The Shiznit Show: Donya getting carried away with the cooking. My House is driving me crazy!!!! S/O to Erica, B. Honest, Jason and especially Duce for checking in on me Guest Rebecca Jackson-Artis co-creator co-producer and star of Totally Becky New Research Says Drinking Wine Is More Important Than Exercise For Living Past 90 One serving of fried chicken a day linked to 13% higher risk of death, study finds Physicians Are Warning Women Not To Put Parsley In Their...


The Shiznit Show-192 That Stabby Kinda Love

This week on The Shiznit Show: Michelle Hadley never thought she had enemies, until she was framed for a heinous crime Masturbating at work is a doctor-approved stress reliever Highway Forced to Install Mile Marker 68.9 After Thieves Keep Stealing '69' Sign Burglar Breaks Into House To Watch TV, Convinces Homeowner To Give Him A Ride Florida man tries to steal car in jail lot on way out of jail, cops say Woman drinking wine from Pringles can banned from Walmart Man stabbed 13 times by...


The Shiznit Show-191 That's What She Said

This week on The Shiznit Show: Don Don Stories-learning to cook pump gas etc. OKC Man Shoots Up A Taco Bell Because They Didn’t Give Him Hot Sauce UFC fighter Polyana Viana robbed at ‘gunpoint’ Cops say a would-be kidnapper chased a woman 25-year-old Kenyan invents smart gloves AirLander World's largest aircraft. Prowler spends 3 hours licking doorbell at California home Coming to America 2 in the works Pips BAH #QOTW What do you do for a hobby or pastime? What do you like to do...


The Shiznit Show-190 Dino is Pissed

This week on The Shiznit Show: Security Guard Who Fatally Shot Suspected Shoplifter at Hollywood Walgreens Is Charged With Murder Florida Man Arrested After Yanking McDonald’s Employee In Dispute Over Straw, Kicked Another Employee Before Leaving McDonald’s customer arrested for allegedly pulling a gun on group of teens Police departments send condolences to Kentucky officers in mourning after doughnut truck fire Kansas teen will get high school and Harvard diplomas in same month A...


The Shiznit Show-189 Alexa & Rocco Sitting in aTree

This week on The Shiznit Show: What’s been up over the break? 4yr old in Taylor Texas gets an extremely happy meal from Sonic 4yr old girl lost in Siberia Rocco + Alexa = Swag The Amazon Alexa Eavesdropping Nightmare Came True Detective sues Netflix for defamation over 'Making a Murderer' VM (424) 261-4878 Twitter @TheShiznitShow @PipLilly @ Miss_DeJong Donations


The Shiznit Show-188 Dinos Family Feud Pt2

This week on The Shiznit Show The Funeral Last Xmas Cardi B. and Offset call it quits Offset Crashed Cardi B's Performance Last Night An Irish woman who married the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate claims the couple have split up. Kevin Hart Steps Down EMT worker suspended after racist comments on white supremacist podcast Roger The Kangaroo is Dead! Holiday Rescue Gone Awry Edible Anus Ohio State University can buy BACON from a vending machine Amazon's DVR for Over-the-Air TV Is...


The Shiznit Show-187 Dinos Family Feud Pt1

This week on The Shiznit Show The Funeral Last Xmas Cardi B. and Offset call it quits Offset Crashed Cardi B's Performance Last Night An Irish woman who married the ghost of a 300-year-old pirate claims the couple have split up. Kevin Hart Steps Down EMT worker suspended after racist comments on white supremacist podcast Roger The Kangaroo is Dead! Holiday Rescue Gone Awry Edible Anus Ohio State University can buy BACON from a vending machine Amazon's DVR for Over-the-Air TV Is...


The Shiznit Show-186 Burger For a BJ

This week on The Shiznit Show: Transgender prisoner who sexually assaulted inmates jailed for life Grandma mistakenly booked into a Miami jail as a man Florida Man Arrested After Offering Undercover Cop A Hamburger For a Blow Job Burger King offering 1-cent Whoppers if you troll McDonald's PA 300 pound woman guilty of crushing boyfriend Burlington man accused of assaulting stepfather with frying pan War on Porn Tumblr to ban porn after getting Dropped from AppleStore Starbucks bans...


The Shiznit Show-185 Horse Play

This Week on The Shiznit Show: All American wants Dinos House PreHistoric Islanders Kill Missionary Crossing the Divide Trans Men Speak up Controversy Behind Fortnite's Use Of Viral Dances Storage Wars Bobby Brown Sues Showtime & BBC For Multiple Millions Over Whitney Houston Doc Florida man arrested for having sex with miniature horse Florida woman accused of pulling knife on man who confronted her about her loud fart Mom accuses Southwest Airlines employee of publicly mocking her...


The Shiznit Show-184 White Chyna?

This week on The Shiznit Show: Blac Chyna is branching out Snoop Dogg Thanks Himself In Hollywood Walk Of Fame Speech Feds Warned Tekashi69 His Life Was Threatened, Then Indicted him 50 said don’t call me call yo mama! Hail Satan, Netflix's Sabrina series has settled its lawsuit over that chill goatman statue Dec. 14. Dubbed Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale The Christmas Chronicles Homecoming Game Of Thrones' Final Season Release Date Has Been Officially Confirmed...


The Shiznit Show-183 The Surprise

This week on The Shiznit Show: The CA Wildfires and the mass shooting Kim and Kanye hire private firefighters Save Neighbors' Homes Too Man sets home on fire after using blowtorch to kill spiders Former NFL star Rae Carruth set for prison release ‘Ray Donovan’ Star Pooch Hall Faces 6-Year Prison Stint For DUI & Child Abuse Tamar Braxton Fuckery! 50 teases Power Prequel Bad Boys Sequel is a GO! L.A.'s Finest: Bad Boys TV Spinoff Gets Series Order Jennie-O recalling ground turkey in...


The Shiznit Show-182 Satanism vs Sabrina

On this episode of The Shiznit Show: Suzanne Somers breast cancer: 'I believe this happened to me because I was a sex symbol' Man sues Elvis Presley's Graceland for hurting his marriage Satanic group 'taking legal action' against Netflix Sabrina reboot for copyright violation Indiana man calls police for help with the crack dealers Man arrested after calling police to have his drugs tested A Doctor Dyed His Patient’s Vagina Purple “As a Joke” and—Surprise! Tyler Perry reveals he is...


The Shiznit Show-181 Dee Dee's Triple D's

This weeks topics includes: Uber Works Lyft driver has mental breakdown 50 vs Ashanti 50 vs Ja Rule ‘Power’ Spinoffs Planned As Creator Courtney Kemp Seals New Lionsgate Deal DC Universe Titans Sabrina the Teenage Witch REBOOT Sherlock season 5 delayed as creators confirm new Dracula series for BBC The Rock to Star as John Henry on Netflix Richard Pryor Bio pic update DeeDee’s Triple Ds VM (424) 261-4878 Twitter @TheShiznitShow @PipLilly @...


The Shiznit Show-180 Meghan Sparkle

This week’s topics included: 15 Dying Professions You Should Avoid Like the Plague US Citizenship Test - Could You Pass? Meghan Markle is the family Biz! Black Chyna's Mom Is HOMELESS . . . AGAIN! Teen baked her grandfather's ashes into sugar cookies and brought them to school AC Casino Booked Up For Free Room Offer For Florence Victims Pip BAH #QoTW What's a show that you watch that isn't super popular but you feel that people sleep on and should check out? #QFNW What is something...


The Shiznit Show-179 Murders Rapes and Bludgeonings Oh My!

This week’s topics included: Couple arrested for 'raping, killing 10 women' in Mexico Ramon Escobar Arrested In Bludgeoning Of 7 CA Men College Student Is Arrested After Using Dating App “Plenty of Fish” To Fund A Gunman To Kill Her Boyfriend Limousine crashes in NY, killing 20, after failing to stop at intersection, Banksy painting 'self-destructs' moments after being sold for $1.4 million at auction Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nominees 3D’s #QoTW Name something the hype from other...


The Shiznit Show-178 GateWay Pu$$y

This week’s topics included: This Gender Reveal Party Resulted in a Massive Wildfire and $220K Fine 'Dine-and-Dash Dater' Felony charges dismissed Houston mayor pushes back against 'sex robot brothel' L.A. Man Fined $550 for Riding Bird Scooter While Intoxicated, Knocking Over 64-Year-Old Pedestrian FBI Agent Shot by Killer Wheelchair at Indiana Jones-Style Booby-Trapped Home LAPD Arrests 4 Suspects In Celebrity Home Burglary Ring Case Netflix Is Responsible for 15% of the World’s...


The Shiznit Show-177 Sex on the Beach W/ a Puerto Rican

This weeks topics includes Pill Cosby America's Dad is doing 3-10 Jesse Williams to direct Till Brian Banks Wanetta Gibson Roger D. Washburn, 71, Ind, Pistol whips friend of 50 yrs Amber Guyger Has been fired FBI says there is a 40% chance you can GAWM Kenan Thompson getting his own Show Space elevator 60,000 miles up: Space elevator could be built by 2025 2035, says new study Pips BAH #QoFTW If you had the choice of being a different person every day and coming home to the same family or...


The Shiznit Show-176 Wanda Smith vs Katt Williams

This weeks topics included: Snochia Mosley: shot 7 killed three and then killed herself in the warehouse Suge Knight Strikes 28 yr Plea Deal in Murder Case Great-grandmother and Livingston, Texas mayor, Judy B. Cochran, hunts 12-foot, 580-pound alligator Being Single Will Kill You Faster Than Obesity Wanda Smith vs Katt Williams Bruno Mars Will Reportedly Play Prince In Upcoming Netflix Biopic Woman smears dog poop on neighbor's door De’Jongs 3Ds #QoFTW if you could pick a song as the theme...


The Shiznit Show-175 Kyle Green Wants to be Your House N

This week's topics include A Dallas Police Officer Shot Her Neighbor The Dine and Dash Dater Paul Gonzalez 45, charged with 10 felonies up to 13 yrs. Oklahoma Zookeeper 'Joe Exotic' Indicted for Allegedly Trying to Have an Animal Rescuer Killed “Justice for Sanjay” Is the Latest Rallying Cry in HIV Crime Cases Kyle Green Man Fined $124 For Kicking Seagull The Highest-Earning Hip-Hop Artists Of 2018 Pips BAH #QOTW What is the right age to lose your virginity, what age did you lose yours? QFNW...