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Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.

Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.
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London, United Kingdom


Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.






September 2018 Trailer

FATTEST RICH - It's nearly time for the brand new series of RHLSTP, so here's a quick podcast telling you about who is coming up as guests (including some that have not yet been announced) and how you can help us make more shows (and get some free stuff too) and what you can win if you're a Dripster or a Badger. Here's the links you'll need... Buy tickets to the show here: Pre-order the new Emergency Questions book:...


Machynlleth Festival special: Jessica Fostekew and Holly Burn

RHLSTP (EATMCF) #3: Jessica Fostekew and Holly Burn - Michael Sheen's Mildly Nutritious Hand. Rich has just had the biggest gig of his career and now he's in a Tabernacle somewhere in Wales, but that's showbiz. At least he has met and very slightly affected the life of a man he loves. Two guests packed into the regulation hour here, with ex-zombie Jessica Fostekew and delightfully bonkers Holly Burn ramping up the laughs at this lunchtime gig. Jessica has been in a fight at the festival...


RHLSTP 182 - Mark Steel

RHLSTP #182: Mark Steel - Cunt or Wanker. It's the end of the series and Rich wonders how tourists in Kings Cross will feel if their last action on earth is to queue to stand by a fictional wall. His guest is a man who has a lot of stories about how he got into comedy, it's Mark Steel. They chat about eating pork pies with Joseph Heller, helping failed escapologists, an idea for a brand new Radio 4 panel show, whether you can stand for political office and still be a comedian, the...


RHLSTP 181 - My Dad Wrote A Porno

RHLSTP #181: My Dad Wrote A Porno - Vaginal Lids. Rich cannot win game shows even in his dreams, but is also convinced that he might be a robot, but these are small worries compared to his guests, Jamie, Alice and James from the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast. Find out how the gang met; what they blasted into space; why and how they came up with the idea for their world-defeating podcast; the mystery of female genitalis; rivets on the Titanic; celebrity fans; and can the paedo postman make...


RHLSTP 180 - Al Murray

RHLSTP #180: Al Murray - Jimmy Tarbuck's Bad Day. Rich has witnessed the miracle of the birth of some lamb chops near his countryside home and will be contemplating human birth with this week's guest, back after 101 podcasts, Al Murray. They chat about how Al (with Ben Moor) might have been in the running to replace Trev and Simon; time travel; the risks of app sharing with your children; what it's like to be sent to boarding school at the age of 9; how Rich and Al's ancestors may have...


RHLSTP 179 - Desiree Burch

RHLSTP #179: Desiree Burch - Do the Hokey Cokey. Rich muses on passports and the fruition of John Moloney's aged comedians TV show, before meeting the fiercely intelligent comedian and writer Desiree Burch. They talk about posters made up of penises, being a virgin dominatrix, the fucked up state of America, the laziness of racism, unwanted and wanted piano lessons, changing your appearance to gauge the reaction of the world, and why men send dick pics. But never to Rich. Plus the joy of...


RHLSTP 178 - Sophie Willan

RHLSTP #178: Sophie Willan - How To Twerk. Richard is marvelling about a new interpretative dance based on 'All You Need Is Love' but soon he will be dancing himself with brilliant new comedian and writer, Sophie Willan. They talk about how a trip to Ibiza with your techno-loving gran can ignite a love of theatre; what Rylan is like in real life; the therapeutic nature of stand-up (and whether it's healthy to work things through on stage); the intersection between madness and comedy;...


RHLSTP 177 - Maria Bamford

RHLSTP #177: Maria Bamford - STD from a Vulcan. Richard continues to be surprised by the difference of living in the country and surprises his neighbours with his specialised knowledge about genitalia, but is very excited to be welcoming American superstar comedian Maria Bamford. They talk about the difficulty of telling a joke to people who find out you're a comedian; how some people have no sense of humour; the difficulty of making love to music; how charity only has any value if it's in...


RHLSTP 176 - Pippa Evans

RHLSTP #176: Pippa Evans - Half an Orange. I mean there is so much of last week's podcast still to unpack, plus the extra 20 minutes that Rich and this week's guest - improviser and inspirational human being Pippa Evans - got in the dressing room. We had been Blessed. Thankfully we had at least had a week to recover. It's a somewhat calmer podcast, with some questions in it and a couple of words from the host, including some dark suggestions for new Muppet movies, Neil Buchanan's dental...


RHLSTP 173 - Katherine Ryan

RHLSTP #173: Katherine Ryan - Shooting Dust. Rich is disgusted to be back in filthy London and wondering if a man performs an act of extreme slapstick and no one is around to see it, will it still be funny. Spoiler alert - yes it is. His guest is a comedian who proves that it's possible to be wise, sane and still funny, Katherine Ryan. They discuss their shared and slightly disappointingly vanilla DNA heritage; how to plan a city; wanting to marry Adam Sandler; if Jimmy Carr has time to...


RHLSTP 172 - All Killa No Filla

RHLSTP #172: All Killa No Filla - Chinese Hymen. Red-nosed Rich is still down with the lurgy and a bit befuddled. After an awkward chat with an accountant and a student, it's time to meet the stars of the All Killa No Filla podcast, Rachel Fairburn and Kiri Pritchard-McLean. They talk about whether serial killers are the stand-up comedians of the world of crime; whether any comedians have made the crossover into serial killing; what drives our obsession with the darkness of true crime and...


RHLSTP 171 - Mackenzie Crook

RHLSTP #171: Mackenzie Crook - Hucknall Forest. Rich forgot to do a bit of his tour show for the people of Cardiff so we start with a comity contest, which unexpectedly leads to the podcast being blocked by penguins. Rich's guest this week is the laid back, all-round genius Mackenzie Crook. Will Rich screw things up as badly as last time he had someone from The Office on? Not quite, but he gives it a fair go. They chat about double-teaming Muppets, the best metal detector, why UK sitcoms...


RHLSTP 169 - Trev and Simon

RHLSTP #169: Trev and Simon - You Are An Idiot. Rich is looking forward to International 'When's International Men's Day?' Day, but for now it's International We Don't Do Duvets Day, as his guests are Saturday morning TV heroes Trev and Simon. They chat about the Banana Splits, long-eared rabbits, music legends with tummy troubles and BO, fire alarms with The Young Ones, going to school with Bros, double acts on a 70/30 split, the preparation that went into creating such diverse...


RHLSTP 168 - Danielle Ward

RHLSTP #168: Danielle Ward - Sting's Bloody Toilet. Technology delivers a cruel blow to Richard as it deletes his carefully crafted opening monologue about Cheddar Man, but he has a crack at it from memory. Richard is giddy from tiredness caused by nasty bugs from his stupid children and his guest, Danielle Ward, had a complicated and scary birth only 13 weeks ago, so it's no surprise that things go a bit giddy and occasionally over the top. How many revelations about Prince Andrew and...


RHLSTP 166 - Adam Kay

RHLSTP #166: Adam Kay - Degloved Penis. This week's guest is doctor turned comedian turned best-selling author Adam Kay. They discuss his hilarious, harrowing and politically important book - This Is Going To Hurt, - witnessing death and birth and sexual misdemeanours at close quarters, the ethics of paying for parking, the past, present and future of the NHS, the stories that were too grotesque for the book, Prince Phillip's love for Tom Lehrer, performing comedy...


RHLSTP 165 - Kathy Burke

RHLSTP #165: Kathy Burke - I Don't Do Blow Jobs. Richard's living in a house of horrors and has heard a ghost, so he's glad to be back in the safety of lovely, undangerous London to find out if Kathy Burke is as cool and amazing in real life as you really hope that she is. She's cooler than the coolest cool kids. They chat about the many paths taken from Educating Marmalade, where you might unknowingly have first encountered Kathy, when Perry met the Manics, who is best Harry Enfield or...


RHLSTP 164 - Dave Gorman

RHLSTP #164: Dave Gorman - Nigel Havers-based Injustice. Richard celebrates 10 years of podcasting by blowing your comfortable views of the film Toy Story apart like Spike with a firework. His guest has come prepared in an attempt to Louis Theroux Herring, but he isn't Louis Theroux, he is Dave Gorman. They discuss why Dave stepped down as team captain on the panel show What The Dickens?; how to get the Happy Feet knock off Tappy Toes at a knockdown price; how Dave and the...


RHLSTP 163 - Paul Chowdhry

RHLSTP #163: Paul Chowdhry - Brian Glover's Walkman. Richard is mourning the non-existent victims of the Oxford Circus incident and the personal connection he had to them, but life goes on for all of us not killed in that delusional event and so it's time to welcome a man with the second best moustache in comedy, it's Paul Chowdhry. They chat about making movies with Tim from The Office, John Malkovich and Jim Davidson, sadness versus depression, how Paul filled Wembley arena despite a...


RHLSTP 162 - Katy Wix

RHLSTP #162: Katy Wix - Burned Bunting. Richard hits comedy gold and finds the person with the perfect job to riff about for as long as an hour if he wishes, but he doesn't wish to, as he has the multi-talented comedian, writer and actor Katy Wix to chat with. They discuss clammy handshakes, horror car crashes, dragon-based misunderstandings, working with Dick and Dom, Princess Fergiana, Hattie Jacques, meeting Dire Straits, an 11-year-old girl's pebble, the professionalism of the young,...


RHLSTP 161 - Johann Hari

RHLSTP #161: Johann Hari - Cannibal Chicken. The question of ham hands versus suncream armpits has gone international and been introduced to a new generation in the most charming of ways. But hat confusion, decade old Big Brother news and chicken restaurants aside, it's a pretty serious podcast in which journalist Johann Hari discusses his fascinating new book, 'Lost Connections'. Are our views on depression and antidepressants correct or do we need to look at these subjects in a new way?...