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Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.

Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.
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Richard Herring chats with some of the biggest names in comedy, with guest spots from some of the best new stand-up comics.






RHLSTP 193 - James O'Brien

RHLSTP #193: James O'Brien - Sean Connery's Macbeth. Rich is back on terrestrial TV as a last minute guest on a new Channel 5 gameshow, so cheg on suckers, he's out of here. He always hated podcasts and was just using you to get back on the telly. But while he's waiting for the phone to start ringing there's time for another chat, this time with the journalist and broadcaster James O'Brien. Recorded on a particularly depressing week, but maybe not as depressing as the world you're living in...


RHLSTP 192 - Nish Kumar

RHLSTP #192: Nish Kumar - Not Michael Sheen. Richard's participation in a PTA quiz in his village led to an unlikely correspondence with one of his new neighbours, but he's really looking forward to meeting the star of Twilight and The Damned United - oh no, he had to pull out, so we got Nish Kumar instead. But lucky us (apart from the obvious bad luck) because we get to hear about Nish shitting himself on camera watching a man get down and dirty with a horse; being the worst Taskmaster...


RHLSTP 191 - Rose Matafeo

RHLSTP #191: Rose Matafeo - Ladybird. Richard has had a ladybird in his house and is reminded of the horrors of the 1976 ladybird invasion, but how it eventually paid off to his advantage, but there's no time to consider too deeply if he's had sex with an insect that has magically taken human form, because he's talking to 2018 Comedy Award winner and the quarter Croatian, Rose Matafeo, the third guest on this podcast series to have lived in a house just behind Richard's old house in...


RHLSTP 190 - Greg Davies

RHLSTP #190: Greg Davies - Bowl of Cheese. It's a showdown battle of who is best, Richard or Hugh Jassburn - in book form at least, but Richard is keen to bring back one of his all time favourite guests: the magnificent beast and Master of Tasks that is Greg Davies. They discuss schoolday soilings; dick-lifters; being related to a ghost; little Alex Horne; the exquisite pain of laughing when you're not meant to; sex with teddies; the saddest of bachelor meals; the death of two fathers; the...


RHLSTP 189 - Drunk Women Solving Crime

RHLSTP #189: Drunk Women Solving Crime - How Does She Know So Much About Parachuting? Richard has been publicising his latest book, but it's not popular with canines, but at least he's got daytime DJs asking some wholly inappropriate questions. His guests this week are Hannah, Taylor and a slightly familiar Catie, from the Drunk Women Solving Crime podcast. Can the inebriated females solve a mystery that has remained mysterious for sixteen years? What crimes has Richard had carried out upon...


RHLSTP 188 - Jess Robinson

RHLSTP #188: Jess Robinson - Doctors and Nurses. Richard welcomes an audience member who has come all the way from America JUST to see him, and boy is he pleased about that? His guest is the multi-talented singer, comedian and impressionist, Jess Robinson. She talks about the decision to do Britain's Got Talent and the seemingly shocking truth about some of the contestants; how she chanced into impressionism thanks to an acting audition; what kind of crimes Noddy can solve in this crazy PC...


RHLSTP 187 - Alice Lowe

RHLSTP #187: Alice Lowe - Horny Time Traveller. Rich has had the time of his life in Manchester and wants to leave the avocado-munching Londoners behind forever - is he no longer one of them? And it's time for him to create a work of art that will surely make him the richest man in the world, or just feel slightly sickened. But it's not like living in the country has driven him mad like a character from the dark mind of Alice Lowe. There's some chat about the insanity of giving birth and how...


RHLSTP - Manchester special - Glenn Wool

Manchester Special 2 - Glenn Wool - Werewolf Penis. Richard has had to stay in Manchester for another week so he can interview the most sane Canadian comedian in the world, Glenn Wool. They discuss changing taste in jokes, how much Mary Whitehouse would love Twitter, how to get a cheap London hotel, the poetry of the gutter and a weird coincidence revolving around mysterious genital apparitions. Plus late fatherhood, playing yourself in a film and more questions from the brand new Emergency...


RHLSTP 186 - Lou Sanders

RHLSTP #186: Lou Sanders - Cold Stones. Richard has some Hitchin-based stand-up, that doesn't play well with the self-obsessed London metropolitan elite and it's seat of your pants time for this podcast because booked guest Amanda Abbington is stuck on the M6 so we have parachuted in last-second replacement, crystal obsessed nutjob Lou Sanders. They discuss where comedy and madness meet, dodgy massages, shamanic healing, giving up booze, the sex scene that they shared and tooth-snaggles...


RHLSTP - Manchester special - Toby Hadoke

Manchester Special 1: Toby Hadoke - Blake's Seven Spoilers. Rich has travelled to Manchester to take part in a podcast festival and the live podcast-starved people of this fine city have snapped up all the tickets without even knowing who the guests are. Luckily Richard has made some brilliant bookings and first up is a man who is so much more than a massive Doctor Who nerd (I expect, we only talked about Doctor Who), it's Toby Hadoke. Toby demonstrates his skill of being able to name the...


RHLSTP 185 - Ross Noble

RHLSTP #185: Ross Noble Harder on the Balls. SPOILER ALERT: Rich gives a big spoiler about the new Harry Potter plays which will be bad if you like Harry Potter, but awesome if you hate him, and then there's a welcome return for the fizzling brain (and to be fair, the rest of him) of Ross Noble. Under discussion today: what it's like to kiss Harold Bishop, a potentially libellous discussion of who was almost cast in the Sky Halloween short instead of Richard, some important corrections about...


RHLSTP 184 - Alex Horne

RHLSTP #184 Alex Horne - High-Fiving the Pope. Rich offers to fill a school library with books, before introducing the multi-talented genius behind Taskmaster and much more, Alex Horne. Find out what it's like to sit bare-arsed on a cake; the secrets of Tim Key's kindle; the respective amounts the pair spent on their last hair cuts; and whether the first rule of Taskmaster is you can't go on Taskmaster if you ask to be on Taskmaster. Plus who will win the battle of the Christmas books:...


RHLSTP 183 - Jonathan Ames

RHLSTP #183: Jonathan Ames - The Herring Wonder. It feels so long since we were last here, but Richard is glad to be back for Series 14, even if life in the countryside seems to be driving him to stone-based madness. His guest has come from across the Atlantic and a personal hero of Richard's, novelist and screenwriter, Jonathan Ames. Will Rich once again shame himself in front of someone he hopes to impress? Let's hope so. There are some marvellous tales of incontinence, food-poisoning and...


September 2018 Trailer

FATTEST RICH - It's nearly time for the brand new series of RHLSTP, so here's a quick podcast telling you about who is coming up as guests (including some that have not yet been announced) and how you can help us make more shows (and get some free stuff too) and what you can win if you're a Dripster or a Badger. Here's the links you'll need... Buy tickets to the show here: Pre-order the new Emergency Questions book:...


Machynlleth Festival special: Jessica Fostekew and Holly Burn

RHLSTP (EATMCF) #3: Jessica Fostekew and Holly Burn - Michael Sheen's Mildly Nutritious Hand. Rich has just had the biggest gig of his career and now he's in a Tabernacle somewhere in Wales, but that's showbiz. At least he has met and very slightly affected the life of a man he loves. Two guests packed into the regulation hour here, with ex-zombie Jessica Fostekew and delightfully bonkers Holly Burn ramping up the laughs at this lunchtime gig. Jessica has been in a fight at the festival and...


RHLSTP 182 - Mark Steel

RHLSTP #182: Mark Steel - Cunt or Wanker. It's the end of the series and Rich wonders how tourists in Kings Cross will feel if their last action on earth is to queue to stand by a fictional wall. His guest is a man who has a lot of stories about how he got into comedy, it's Mark Steel. They chat about eating pork pies with Joseph Heller, helping failed escapologists, an idea for a brand new Radio 4 panel show, whether you can stand for political office and still be a comedian, the...


RHLSTP 181 - My Dad Wrote A Porno

RHLSTP #181: My Dad Wrote A Porno - Vaginal Lids. Rich cannot win game shows even in his dreams, but is also convinced that he might be a robot, but these are small worries compared to his guests, Jamie, Alice and James from the My Dad Wrote A Porno podcast. Find out how the gang met; what they blasted into space; why and how they came up with the idea for their world-defeating podcast; the mystery of female genitalis; rivets on the Titanic; celebrity fans; and can the paedo postman make it...


RHLSTP 180 - Al Murray

RHLSTP #180: Al Murray - Jimmy Tarbuck's Bad Day. Rich has witnessed the miracle of the birth of some lamb chops near his countryside home and will be contemplating human birth with this week's guest, back after 101 podcasts, Al Murray. They chat about how Al (with Ben Moor) might have been in the running to replace Trev and Simon; time travel; the risks of app sharing with your children; what it's like to be sent to boarding school at the age of 9; how Rich and Al's ancestors may have died...


RHLSTP 179 - Desiree Burch

RHLSTP #179: Desiree Burch - Do the Hokey Cokey. Rich muses on passports and the fruition of John Moloney's aged comedians TV show, before meeting the fiercely intelligent comedian and writer Desiree Burch. They talk about posters made up of penises, being a virgin dominatrix, the fucked up state of America, the laziness of racism, unwanted and wanted piano lessons, changing your appearance to gauge the reaction of the world, and why men send dick pics. But never to Rich. Plus the joy of...


RHLSTP 178 - Sophie Willan

RHLSTP #178: Sophie Willan - How To Twerk. Richard is marvelling about a new interpretative dance based on 'All You Need Is Love' but soon he will be dancing himself with brilliant new comedian and writer, Sophie Willan. They talk about how a trip to Ibiza with your techno-loving gran can ignite a love of theatre; what Rylan is like in real life; the therapeutic nature of stand-up (and whether it's healthy to work things through on stage); the intersection between madness and comedy; growing...