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SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep. 12 (Guest: Drew Dwyer)

BAD ASS ALERT: Marine Corps veteran and former CIA operative Drew Dwyer joins your favorite knuckles draggers and discusses his time and service in the Marine Corps with the Presidential Security Force Detachment and as a CIA operative that participated in clandestine operations across five continents during a ten year tenure. As well, we discuss the Donald Trump oval office eating paper allegation, the LA Zoo hippo spanking investigation, and a baby born in a Burger King toilet after mom...


SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep. 11

BAD ASS ALERT: Retired Army Infantry Command Sergeant Major Don McAlister joins your favorite Knuckle Draggers and shares some stories from the battlefield and post-service life. As well the guys cover current events regarding a grandma in Georgia that strangles bobcat, the NXIVM sex cult scandal, Actress Brigette Nielson's new pregnancy at 54, the DoD rating the Marine Corps as the raunchiest service and a man in Queens that kills his wife, ex-wife, 6-year-old son and himself over a custody...


SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep. 10

Your favorite Knuckle draggers finally made it to Episode 10! On this landmark episode the guys cover, the story of a Louisiana man arrested after dialing 911 to see if he had active warrants, cases of African swine fever in Ghana, Millennials outraged after baseball team advertises 'Millennial Night' with avocados, participation ribbons and napping stations and vandalism of LT. Michael Murphy's monument. Tune In, Drop Out and Let Your Knuckles Drag! You're Home Baby! As well, listen closely...


SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep.9 (Guest: Haley Lawrence)

BADASS ALERT: Director of Operations of Invader Coffee, Haley Lawrence, joins the guys and squares them away. As well, your favorite knuckle draggers cover the Thai Soccer team finally being rescued, a married woman and mechanic die from carbon monoxide poisoning while having sex in garage, in New Jersey, a man gets gored by bull while checking out used car in California, and a squirrel gets caught stealing a cops doughnut. Tune In, Drop Out and Let Your Knuckles Drag! You're Home Baby! VOTE...


SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep.8 (Special Guest: Adam the Inventor)

Special Guest: Adam The Inventor, joins the guys to shoot the shit. As well, your favorite knuckle draggers cover 4th of July festivities, the death of Former Thai Navy SEAL Major. Saman Gunan in an attempt to save 13 children trapped in a cave, the uselessness of soccer and Steve reflects on coming to grip with the past. Tune In, Drop Out and Let Your Knuckles Drag! You're Home Baby! Follow us on IG @sofbadmonkey Jason Delgado: @jdelgadoarte Steve Ralston: @ralstonste Jay Feely:...


SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep.7 (Guest: Pat McNamara)

BAD ASS ALERT: 22-year special operations veteran, author, and world renowned shooting instructor Pat McNamara joins the guys to spit some knowledge and wisdom on the mind, body and soul. The guys as well give insight on a stabbing murder of Lesandro "Junior" Guzman-Feliz in the Bronx that has gained national attention. Tune In, Drop Out and Let Your Knuckles Drag! You're Home Baby! Follow us on IG @sofbadmonkey Jason Delgado: @jdelgadoarte Steve Ralston: @ralstonste Jay Feely:...


SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep.6 (Guest: Wes Whitlock)

BAD ASS ALERT: Marine, Philanthropist, CEO of Rogue American Apparel Wes Whitlock joins the guys and shoot the shit! The guys as well cover Trump's new border policy and talk about staying true to their morals. Tune In, Drop Out and Let Your Knuckles Drag! You're Home Baby!


SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep.5

On this episode, special guest The Brave joins the guys all the way from Miami. A Minnesota Teen gets her head stuck in tailpipe at music festival, Mystic Marcus the pig predicts the world cup, Virgina Army National Guardman steals armored vehicle, Kids at lemonade stand are fined for no health inspection. Tune in and drop out!


SOF Bad Monkey Radio EP 4

On this episode the guys discuss Veteran suicide, Trump twitter laws, Drake and Pusha T rap Beef, and a bunch of other crap!


SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep.2

On this episode we cover the current state of Puerto Rico, the Tim Kennedy waterboard stunt, the murder of ARMY Ranger Sgt. Melger, family in the military and a Tiger in Miami that attended a Catholic school prom IG: @sofbadmonkey Twitter: @sofbadmonkey Email: Itunes:


SOF Bad Monkey Podcast Ep.1

Just a couple of triggered Veterans raising Hell and fundraising IG: @sofbadmonkey Twitter: @sofbadmonkey Email: