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Just a couple of triggered Veterans raising hell and fundraising. Listen to us on: Itunes:…/sof-bad-monkey-pod…/id1380850354… SoundCloud:…/sof-bad-monkey-podcast-ep1 Stitcher: FOLLOW US on IG, Twitter & Facebook @sofbadmonkey

Just a couple of triggered Veterans raising hell and fundraising. Listen to us on: Itunes:…/sof-bad-monkey-pod…/id1380850354… SoundCloud:…/sof-bad-monkey-podcast-ep1 Stitcher: FOLLOW US on IG, Twitter & Facebook @sofbadmonkey


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Just a couple of triggered Veterans raising hell and fundraising. Listen to us on: Itunes:…/sof-bad-monkey-pod…/id1380850354… SoundCloud:…/sof-bad-monkey-podcast-ep1 Stitcher: FOLLOW US on IG, Twitter & Facebook @sofbadmonkey






EP. 66 Navy SEAL,18 Delta,Corpsman Steve Viola

The crew spend some time talking to retired SEAL SOCM Steve Viola .After 30 years Navy and 28 of those years SEAL Team , Steve shares some unique experiences and valuable insight into some alternative treatment options for post traumatic stress. Some serious topics are covered and serious shit is talked. From frog venom to Captain Kirk this is one episode you definitely don’t want to miss.


EP 65 Dr. Dale Comstock

In this episode the crew speak with Dr. Dale Comstock , former Delta operator with combat tours in Grenada , Panama , Somalia , Afghanistan and Iraq both times . They cover every topic imaginable from self realization to business success. Dr. Comstock has been there and done that and he absolutely continues to push the limits. You definitely don’t want to miss this show.


EP.64 Johnny Pain

Jumping into 2020 JD and Uncle Steve speak with a former Airborne Infantry pipe hitter. Johnny goes into some of his History, a few of his 22 published works and his fascination and passion for human optimization. The crew dives into neuro linguistic programming and other topics not normally covered. We also discuss Greyskull nation Johnnys fitness and lifestyle movement. The guys are heading into the new year with new topics and unusual subject matter so stand by for future projects and...


SOF BAD MONKEY EP 62 David "Bull" Gurfein of UAP

On this episode JD and "Uncle" Steve speak with David "Bull" Gurfein the chairman and CEO of United American Patriots(UAP). UAP is an organization which provides legal services to warriors of the armed services when our government fails them by enabling prosecutorial misconduct. From coercing admissions of guilt, the exclusion of exculpatory evidence, to their perspective commands utilizing the incidents as case study when the cases themselves have not yet been tried; hence, the spreading of...


Ep 61 Kris "Tanto" Paronto

On this episode the crew speaks with Army Ranger, State Department/ CIA contractor, Author and Hillary Clinton survivor Kris "Tanto" Paronto. The guys discuss a slew of topics such as father hood, depression, security contracting and training civilians in weapon proficiency to name a few. This episode dives pretty deep into his personal and professional life. Hope you listeners enjoy this one. -SBM


EP 60 US Marines Kini "the Black Unicorn" Cole and "Ray" Guasp Jr.

Uncle Steve and JD speak with former Reconnaissance Marine Kini Cole and former U.S. Marine Infantry Reinaldo "Ray" Guasp Jr. The guys talk about the first female Marine to graduate ARS and obtain the Reconnaissance MOS, Kini's own experience in the community, time doing under cover work, and his current endeavor, preparing young adults for success in the special operations community. We also discuss philanthropy and entrepreneurship with Ray Guasp Jr.. No warnings necessary if you're here...


EP.59 Chris Osman

In this interview the guys speak with former NAVY SEAL, security contractor and entrepreneur Chris Osman. We discuss his being detained in Haiti while on a security contract, his new tactical gear venture "Rugged", and his road to getting back into shape. JD and Uncle Steve discuss a slew of current affairs to include the possible involvement of MI6 in the obvious assassination of Jefferey Epstein. The SBM crew also kicks off a segment of "Ask Uncle Steve" and answer some great listener...



On this Episode (the premier of our webisodes)JD, "Uncle" Steve and Pauly "The Leather-man" speak with former Army Infantry Soldier Jay Fain. We discuss a wide range of topics. From his inspiration in joining the Army to him being wounded by an EFP in Iraq while simultaneously having his father working out of the same AO (Area of Operations)as a Contractor, Jay opens up and delivers an amazing perspective. More importantly he speaks about his recovery after the fact and his contribution to...


EP. 57. Jordy Laird

This episode JD and Uncle Steve interview Marine Scout Sniper Jordy Laird , @laird.abides. They discuss a huge range of topics , training, combat, separation, giving back and of course veteran suicide. This show takes a fuckin hard right into real shit and never goes off course. Give it a listen and give Jordy a follow


EP. 56 Jim "Smokey" West

On this episode JD, Uncle Steve and Pauly Fentanyl speak with the legend himself James "Smokey" West. West speaks to us about growing up tough, **joining the army and becoming a martial arts Instructor for CAG operators**. Smokey also speaks on training and arming rebels in the Iran-Contra Scandal and his martial art skills which took him to amazing places and exposed him to well known names of which he's personally trained with. Needless to say this episode is turned up to the max, Smokey...


Ep. 55 "Uncle Steve"

Ep. 55 "Uncle Steve" by SOF Bad Monkey


EP.54Justin Constantine

In this episode the crew discuss current events and have a great conversation (0:40:00)with Retired Lieutenant Colonel Justin Constantine. Lt Col. Constantine discusses his experience in Iraq his groundbreaking effort helping veterans with, and We also mention Doc Kirby and Lt. Col Constantine’s friendship and how reaching out goes a long way. You don’t want to miss it. Caution a few hangry rants are cut loose due to Uncle Steve...


EP. 53(b) "Slap'n Pee Pees"

On this episode the guys get together and re-cap last weeks affairs to include topics such as the scrutiny in which the SEAL community is coming under fire with their new grooming standards, and the controversy surrounding the firing of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo.


Ep.53 (a) "Shooter's Gauntlet"

On this episode JD and Uncle Steve speak with CEO and founder of the Shooter's Gauntlet, Bob Raimo. We spoke about current range operations and some tentative projects in the works at his Monroeton, PA. facility. We also discussed the pitfalls of Socialism along with a slew of other current affairs. Why you ask?.... for this holiday weekend we will release 2 episodes, keeping you guys entertained while you start running your "Grill operations".


Ep 52 "Clintonicide"

On this episode the guys record their first show at the new studio along with special guest host former Marine and NYPD Narcotics Det. "Pauly(Fentanyl". The boys cover topics from Epstein's Clintonacide to Tiny's go with the "Smashing Greens" Integrity Challenge.


Ep 51 Mitch Aguiar

In this episode the crew sit down with Mitch Aguiar, Pro MMA fighter, former Navy SEAL and successful entrepreneur. We discuss a wide range of topics from Stone the Ape theory, Ketosis and key bumps in Miami. Definitely the most humble Pipe Hitter you will ever hear. Don’t miss this episode !!!!


SOF Bad Monkey Ep. 50 "Clitorisaurus"

On this milestone episode the guys celebrate the 50th show and discuss what each other has been doing during our two week break. Returning with current topics and announcements, the guys bring back that tasteless humor you've missed so much. Go to to purchase SBM swag and read the latest blogs. Follow us on IG: @sofbadmonkey @Jdelgadoarte @Ralstonste @Official_jayFeely2


SOF Bad Monkey Ep. 49 "Brad Thomas"

On this episode JD and Uncle Steve speak with Brad Thomas (a former DELTA operator and successful businessman)about his current endeavor "SILENCE AND LIGHT" a band comprised of musically inclined former SOF veterans assisted by grammy award winning producer and former Marine Josh Goodwin. The guys also discuss a slew of current affairs, from the Belle Delphine bathwater debacle to the Jefferey Epstein Scandal. This episode is also a special one for us because it coincides with Uncle Steve's...


SOF Bad Monkey Ep. 48 "Mrs. Melgar"

In this episode the crew discusses at length the death of Special Forces Operator Logan Melgar with his wife Michelle Melgar. They also discuss several topics that relate to the incident but do not jeopardize the case. A behind the scenes look at all too human tragedy. During the recording Eddie Gallagher was pronounced innocent of main charges and the crew has a very real reaction. You definitely don’t want to miss this episode. Go to to purchase SBM swag and read the...


SOF Bad Monkey Ep. 47 "JP Cervantes"

On this Episode the guys kick it with former Special Forces 7th Group operator JP Cervantes. We discuss his recent "Tactical Games", the start of his Army career, his Puerto Rican heritage and experiencing racism for the first time, some of his young soldier's goofy antics, training foreign allies, and his current endeavor with his organization "Nous Defions Group" and their mission of rescuing children from the sex trafficking trade. And of course the tasteless dark banter you all love to...