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The Shark Dropper crew countdown random subjects such as cocktails, movies, or bands they hate from 5 to 1. New subject matter each week.

The Shark Dropper crew countdown random subjects such as cocktails, movies, or bands they hate from 5 to 1. New subject matter each week.
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The Shark Dropper crew countdown random subjects such as cocktails, movies, or bands they hate from 5 to 1. New subject matter each week.




Top Five Memes

Jack Austin (voice actor for Dopple Avenue Hurt and Paralyzed) joins Jose and Robert as they count down their favorite memes. These are only picture memes, no videos or songs in this list. Follow @sharkdropper


Top Five Movies that Need to be Remade

JJ and Garrett return for this episode of Top Five where the fellas count down the top five movies that need a remake. We all know those movies that had the potential to be great but ended up lacking, so why not remake them? Listen here as we dicuss classics, cult films, and horrible two hour experiences. Don't worry, we also give our analysis on how to fix them. Don't forget to rate and review!


Top Five Cosmo Kramer Moments

On this special episode of Top Five, Robert takes the reigns as host to countdown the greatest Cosmo Kramer moments. Kramer is the barging-in neighbor of Jerry Seinfeld on the popular 90's sitcom Seinfeld. He is one crazy character with so many funny moments it's hard to only choose five. But we do. New to Top Five, Shark Dropper voice actors Victor and Alicia drop by to help count down in what is one laugh-filled episode. Enjoy! Don't forget to rate and review.


Top Five Overrated Actors

We count down the actors that make us say meh... These are the actors that people or critics love. The actors that seem adored... Just not by us. Follow @sharkdropper


Top Five Countries We Never Want to Visit

There are some countries that are beautiful, extravangant places full of rich history waiting to be explored. We all have those countries we can't wait to visit. On this podcast, we do NOT discuss those countries. Instead, we count down the five countries we never want to visit, and give the reasons why. Whether it's war, disease, racism, weather, or some other more ignorant reason, we break it down why these five countries will not make it on our bucket list. Follow @sharkdropper


Top Five Movies We're Looking Forward to in 2017

JJ and Robert get together to discuss the movies they're looking forward to this year. There are a lot of good movies coming out in 2017, but listen here to find out which ones make the Top Five cut. @sharkdropper


Top Five Movie Endings

JJ and Robert get together with special guests Ashley and Kris to discuss movie endings. Spoiler alert! We're ruining movies left and right. Don't worry though, most of these movies are quite old. Follow us @sharkdropper


Top Five Songs We Hate By Bands We Like

No matter how much you like a band, they probably have at least one song that you don't really care about. We dedicate a Top Five episode to this idea by counting down the Top Five Songs We Hate By Bands We Like. We like the bands but that one song sucks! Join Jose, Robert, and guest Brian Messick (Dopple Avenue Hurt) as they discuss the one song out of the band's catalog that makes their ears hurt.


Top Five Actors We Wanna F-

We're back! This is the lost episode of Top 5 originally intended to air after the Top Five Girls we wanted to F- episode. Well guess what? We found it baby! Join Robert, John, and your OG host Jonathan Maas as they count down their top five actor hunks they want to hook up with.


Top Five E3 Stories

Its time to talk old news! Just kidding, we're counting down our top 5 E3 stories tonight. So I guess it's kind of old, BUT STILL RELEVENT. Join Robert and JJ as they geek out about new and upcoming games from your favorite developers.


Top Five Conspiracy Theories

Everything is not as it seems. This is an episode where we question everything and seek the truth no matter the conciquence. JJ and Robert take to the podcast ather to bring you their Top 5 conspiracy theories. Everything from the Kennedy assassionation to the flat earth debate. We're talking about them all here.


Top Five Wrestlers

This show is for smart marks only, well mostly. Derrick from the oversell podcast hosts this episode as they count down their top 5 favorite professional wrestlers of all times. Find out which WWE legends make the cut this week. @DerrickOversell @ShaggyBlack @KFabeConnection @KyleWOTB


Top Five Guilty Pleasure Songs

Everyone has that one song that you love, but are afraid to admit you love. Well, the guys here didn't just pick one. They chose five guilty pleasure songs to share for the whole world. That's right! What crappy songs do the SD crew love to sing? Listen to find out! We're not embarrassed... Really... We're not... Follow Us On Twitter: @Sharkdropper Facebook:


Top Five Original Pokemon

This episode gets a bit weird as Robert decides to host and John and Jonathan sit it out. Instead Nick Engelhard, Adam Jetmore, and Amber Simpson come in to discuss their Top Five Original Pokemon. That's right. We're talking original 151... That includes Mew. Pika! Follow Us On Twitter: @Sharkdropper Facebook:


Top Five Anti-Heroes

Oh Anti-Heroes. We love them, we hate them, and we love to hate them. Anti-heroes are the guys you can't help but root for. They are the bastards of every tale. They come in all different shapes and sizes. Well on this episode of Top Five, Robert, Jonathan, Kyle, and John count down their own personal top five Anti-Heroes of all time. Find out where your favorites stack up. Follow Us On Twitter: @Sharkdropper Facebook:


Top Five Nintendo Characters

Pikachu, Mario, Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Samus, Kirby... What do they have in common besides all appearing in the crazy friend-bashing game Super Smash Bros? They are all Nintendo characters. Grab your controller because things are about to get fun! Don't forget to rate and review and check out for more podcasts. Follow us @sharkdropper


Top Five Hardest Boss Battles

The guys welcome a lady this time. Amber Simpson (Dopple Avenue Hurt, Snubbed) joins the podcast to discuss the hardest boss battles she has ever had to face in video games. We all know the struggle. The thought of throwing your controller against the wall. Listen to find what boss battles drove us crazy. Don't forget to rate and review and check out for more podcasts. Follow us @sharkdropper


Top Five Sidekicks

You can't have a good hero without a good sidekick. Well, you can, but sidekicks are still important. The SD crew explores every medium as they countdown the greatest sidekicks the world has to offer, from Robin to Chewbacca, we cover them all. Don't forget to rate and review and check out for more podcasts. Follow us @sharkdropper


Top Five Actresses We Want to F#@$

Jonathan, John, and Robert keep it classy on this special episode of actresses that the guys would love to spend a night with. Spolier: Things get dirty. Don't forget to rate and review and check out for more podcasts. Follow us @sharkdropper


Top Five Things That Annoy You

Everyone has bad habits, and everyone gets annoyed by things that others do. What irks our rambunctious Shark Dropper crew? Listen to find out. Don't forget to rate and review and check out for more podcasts. Follow us @sharkdropper