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Shift Run Stop is a free comedy podcast full to the brim with games, geeks and special guests.

Shift Run Stop is a free comedy podcast full to the brim with games, geeks and special guests.


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Shift Run Stop is a free comedy podcast full to the brim with games, geeks and special guests.




Episode 80: splendid isolation

Isolation continues, but we continue to defy the microbe by finding fresh ways to connect with you across the airwaves. This time we take to live-streaming service Twitch for a special interactive episode of Shift Run Stop. Obviously it's not live now, but don't worry if you missed it: next time you're washing your hands [...]


Episode 79: lockdown special

It's been a long time, but like your geek guardian angels or an unwanted announcement from a Government official, Leila and Roo can always be relied upon to emerge at times of crisis to interrupt your day. Whether you're staying in at home or staying in at home, this special isolation edition of Shift Run [...]


Episode 78: Easter special 2018

The ice is retreating, finally. To celebrate Aslan's return, your hosts gather in a pub at a noisy train station on one of the snackiest times of the year, with chocolate animal parts, questionable caramel, and a surprisingly tricky Easter-themed movie quiz, specially created for Roo, by Leila and Lee. With only a gossamer thread [...]


Episode 77: Christmas special 2017

What’s that I hear? Is it sleigh bells in the distance? Well, clear the snow off the roof and put a sherry out for Leila and Roo, and a carrot out for Lee, because another Shift Run Stop Christmas Special is about to land, and we’re ready to force some goodies down your ear chimney. For [...]


Episode 76: Christmas special 2016

Yes, OK, it's been a little while. Alright a big while. Other podcasts have come and gone. World leaders have come and gone. But wait patiently enough, resist the urge to unsubscribe on iTunes, and when you least expect it there we suddenly are, streaking across your downloads like "dirty snowball" Halley's Comet, grit, chocolate [...]


Episode 75: novelty automata and serious snacking

Yes, alright, it's been a while, but we're back with an earnest pledge to try to produce at least two shows this year. There are snacks, sickness and surprises, and Lee joins us again, of course. There's talk of fatherhood, films and the Marvel universe, a Minority Report from physicist Alby Reid, a real life field trip to [...]


Episode 74: cackle and pop

Your hosts gather outside, once again, to take in the park's field sports and open-air cocktail artists. There's a field trip to the seaside, far too many sweets, an effervescent revival, and nothing short of a miracle as we carefully manage to avoid spoilers while chatting about recent geek movie releases. Here's one to try [...]


Episode 73: The power of geeky hobbies

It's Shift Run Stop al fresco season again so your hosts meet in a park to come clean about their geeky hobbies. Chat covers public lock-picking, 8-bit graphics, DIY effects pedals, Hack Circus and the meditative power of geekiness. Our resident Charlie Bucket, Lee stops by with some Wonka bars and edible pebbles, while fresh [...]


Episode 72: Whisky, lock picking and Red Dwarf

The first episode of Red Dwarf; the first episode of Shift Run Stop since Roo became a dad, and the first outdoor recording of the year. Your hosts have watched a bit too much Red Dwarf over the years: finally an opportunity to share our knowledge and opinions. Stick on your H, pour yourself a lager [...]


Episode 71: Xmas Special

Christmas comes around quickly in "Shift Run Stop years", and here we are again, just five episodes later, with holiday snackfood and 45 minutes of talking about, around and over an early episode of The X Files. Crackers! You won't believe your mince pies! It's time for films, games, festive chain cafes, and partially melted [...]


Episode 70: Halloween and Hack Circus

With All Hallows' Eve nearly upon us, it's time for the yearly testing of seasonal spooky snacks. We learned that there are a lot of them. We also talk about Hack Circus, Iceland, Tom Cruise, costumes, listener correspondence and lots more besides. Links: Roo's newsletter | Leila's newsletter | The SRS forum | @ShiftRunStop | Hack Circus | Buy [...]


Episode 69: where do games come from?

It's back to school time, and as the summer draws to a close, chat turns to our memories of school days. How is it possible your hosts both know the same playground games and rhymes despite growing up in different parts of the country? Do you know them too? Did your school have a haunted [...]


Episode 68: hot and sticky

Your hosts Roo and Leila are joined by treat-spert Lee for unusual snacks in Parliament Square. Chocolate melts and and baked goods become uncomfortably sticky under our scrutiny and the hot British sunshine. Big news: Roo finally prepares to grow up. Hark: is that the sound of wedding bells in Leila's future? Plus: Big Ben, bum bags, hairdressers, [...]


Episode 67: Nat Buckley

The beards theme continues in #67, an acoustically-diverse episode mixing cafe atmos, Other Podcasts, and a section recorded in a stairwell on a telephone. We chat to professional hacker (it's even on their business card) Nat Buckley about everything from Happenstance to Alarum to their hair and amazing dad. Digital Willy Wonka Lee Maguire returns with the [...]


Episode 66: Dogs and beards

What does a beard sound like? How do you pronounce 'Gif'? Which is the worst episode of the X Files? What's the political significance of Tab Clear? Which major US interactive festival do none of your hosts want to go to, ever? Find out in this brand new, hairier than average episode of Shift Run [...]


Episode 65: Christmas Special

Ho ho ho! Were you good boys and girls this year? Hush your lips! Obviously you were, hence this wonderful present. This year Lee Maguire joins us, and, like Magi of geek, the three of us bear anecdotes of obscure science fiction references and unexpected short-lived celebrity. The snacks don't disappoint, either. If you want to [...]


Episode 64: Leila and Roo

Trick or treat? It's that time of year again, a time for celebrating all things spooky and autumnal, and sitting in silence in the living room with the lights off until they stop ringing the doorbell. You're never alone with us though. As the soundtrack for your hallowe'en, we've made you a very different kind of [...]

Episode 63: Dave Gorman

Share our pleasure chatting about magic, coincidences and games with the fascinating Dave Gorman, then feel our pain as a tarry soft drink promotes the question: "What IS 'malt' anyway?" Yes, it's like a trip back in time to the early days of the show, as once again we find ourselves hijacking someone else's office without asking, scouring [...]


Episode 62: Dr Eben Upton and the Raspberry Pi

We were slumbering, as usual, in our misty Shift Run Stop cryo-pods, when through the liquid nitrogen we heard it: the unmistakable call of a Raspberry Pi in the wild. So here we are again, temporarily reanimated for a very special and rare chat with credit-card sized computer creator, Eben Upton. As Eben reflects on a trajectory [...]


Episode 61: Ed Jefferson

After a bit of a break, Shift Run Stop is back in your ears – on an occasional basis, at least. This month, we meet Ed Jefferson, aka Ben from @shippamspaste, Danny O'Brien (from episode 34) tells us about the life of an Englishman in New York and Lee Maguire is back with Snack Time. We also work [...]