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Shift Run Stop is a free comedy podcast full to the brim with games, geeks and special guests.

Shift Run Stop is a free comedy podcast full to the brim with games, geeks and special guests.
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Shift Run Stop is a free comedy podcast full to the brim with games, geeks and special guests.




Episode 78: Easter special 2018

The ice is retreating, finally. To celebrate Aslan's return, your hosts gather in a pub at a noisy train station on one of the snackiest times of the year, with chocolate animal parts, questionable caramel, and a surprisingly tricky Easter-themed movie quiz, specially created for Roo, by Leila and Lee. With only a gossamer thread [...]


Episode 68: hot and sticky

Your hosts Roo and Leila are joined by treat-spert Lee for unusual snacks in Parliament Square. Chocolate melts and and baked goods become uncomfortably sticky under our scrutiny and the hot British sunshine. Big news: Roo finally prepares to grow up. Hark: is that the sound of wedding bells in Leila's future? Plus: Big Ben, bum bags, hairdressers, [...]


Episode 65: Christmas Special

Ho ho ho! Were you good boys and girls this year? Hush your lips! Obviously you were, hence this wonderful present. This year Lee Maguire joins us, and, like Magi of geek, the three of us bear anecdotes of obscure science fiction references and unexpected short-lived celebrity. The snacks don't disappoint, either. If you want to [...]


Episode 64: Leila and Roo

Trick or treat? It's that time of year again, a time for celebrating all things spooky and autumnal, and sitting in silence in the living room with the lights off until they stop ringing the doorbell. You're never alone with us though. As the soundtrack for your hallowe'en, we've made you a very different kind of [...]

Episode 60: Christmas Special – Stefanie Posavec, Sound Diaries, Jon Ronson

Yes, we are back! Well, for a one-off Christmas special at least. As it's been so long, and you've been waiting so patiently, we've tried to make sure this episode is bursting at the seams. Put your feet up (yes, even if you're driving, it's Christmas!) and join us as we chat to journalist and [...]


Episode 59: Neil Forsyth and Rhodri Marsden

It's the end-of-the-year show you've been waiting for. Spam-baiting humorist Neil Forsyth reveals how he winds up cyber crooks, andwe track down the bootleg of our live spot on London's recentRadio Roundabout where, lest auld acquaintanceRhodri Marsden be forgot,we interview him. All that washed down with a cup of kindness from snacks expert Lee Maguire [...]


Episode 58: Jo Neary

Happy Christmas or otherwise holidays! As you've been good this year, we've made you a very special extra-long holly-decked episode, featuring music, festive snacks and the glorious comedian Joanna Neary whotells us about everything from performing inTime Trumpet to her remarkable gloves. We're really pleased with this episode. Hope you like it too, and thanks [...]