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Political comedy and commentary from the creators of the political cartoon “The End Times”. Join Mike and Kyle every two weeks for a lighthearted and refreshing review of the latest political news.


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Political comedy and commentary from the creators of the political cartoon “The End Times”. Join Mike and Kyle every two weeks for a lighthearted and refreshing review of the latest political news.






Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 28 – A Dark and Stormy Night in Alabama

Two episodes in a row? We're back, baby! Win a hunting trip with Donald Jr. as we hunt for his chin and missing shoulders. John Bolton and his mustache are now panhandling in DC. Trump is single-handedly trying to save Alabama from Hurricane Dorian but nobody, including all of science and common sense, will help! Also, the boys explore an insane libtard fan theory that the founding fathers might have been racist simply because they owned black people. Badasses and super friends of the show,...


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 27 – Five Months Dark

At least we think it's #27. We lost the historical records in the move. Anyway, after a 'brief' hiatus, the boys bring you a shocking reveal in the biggest twist in Slugnuts Radio Hour history! We talk about female soccer players and display our incredible sports knowledge. We're going global with G7 breakdowns then providing early thoughts on the 2020 Democrat candidates. And let's throw in some climate change discussions because we won't be able to talk about it after the world burns....


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 26 – The House with Trolls in the Basement

After another long absence the boys try to get this thing airborne again. They talk about Mike's recent trip to Australia so you'll have to play this episode backwards. A little discussion of the Cohen hearings and racism. Oscar recaps, politics of artists, and Captain Marvel. Only the Slugnuts team can artfully tie it all together like a ribbon on a gay wedding cake.


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 25 – Tough Times in Ted Town

Season 2 means you don't have to wait months between shows!! (At least for this episode...) Kyle and Mike discuss personal encounters with the Conservative hive then some discussion on record early voting and registrations in front of midterms. The guys try to solve the age-old mystery of how exactly Ted Cruz is Texas "Tough". No, seriously? Maybe Republicans have a different dictionary? Some very exciting info on new Slugnuts merchandise. Listen to the podcast to get the details before the...


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 24 – The Boy in the Long Black Robe

Episode #24 - "The Boy in the Long Black Robe" The guys officially kick off the highly anticipated Season 2 of their award-whining podcast. This episode brought to you by Kava-Nachos, the snack for judges who like beer. They talk about the Texas Senate race where Ted Cruz tries to score political points by constantly reminding everyone how cool Beto is. Also, a special, unreleased song provided by an awesome band and good friends of the show -Nonstarter.


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 23 – Two Boars in Singapore

Episode #23 - Two Boars in Singapore The boys dust off their microphones and cover the exciting times unfolding as America finally attacks its true enemy, Canada, and cozies up to North Korea. Putin is the kid on Christmas Day who realizes he's getting every present on his list. Also, a hilarious interview filed from our Singapore office covering the North Korea meeting. This episode eatures a field report from Slugnuts Asia Correspondent, Dave Austin. As mentioned in the podcast, Dave's...


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 22 – The Call is Coming From Inside the White House

Some crazy, homeless dude calls into Fox and Friends pretending to be the President. Eventually, the anchors catch on and cut him off after thirty short minutes in which he admits to the Stormy Daniels affair and ruins Michael Cohen's legal strategy. We've got soundbites of the best part including the Toby Keith song that starts the whole thing (and further kills the world's opinion of country music). Also, looks like Bill Cosby and his pudding pop are off to prison after convictions for...


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 21 – Deep in the Red

The episode so nice we recorded it twice! The guys heroically overcome technical difficulties to deliver another award-winning episode. Trump employs the military to fight his imaginary border invasion while starting a very real trade war on other fronts. Teachers stage protests in multiple red states. Apparently they've had enough winning... slugnuts! Help support the Anti-Ted Cruz billboard at the link below:


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 20 – Midnight Train to Nunberg

Midnight Train to Nunberg The Slugnuts team celebrates the one year anniversary of the podcast with the twentieth episode. Trump and Kim Jong-un are set to have a meeting of the mindless. We talk about those liberal, gun-grabbing carpetbaggers like Ronald Reagan, with a history lesson thrown in. We discuss how white people can protest to extremes with zero repercussions. And why not have a little talk about vampires for no reason?


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 19 – Prayed to Death

The boys are back after a long wait ready to make people laugh but....unfortunately we have to focus a whole episode, again, on another school shooting and the lack of preventative ideas from our leadership. Hard to mine comedy from a graveyard. We go over a giant list of ways to debunk stupid gun control arguments and we've made it available here:


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 18 – The Genius in the Stable

This episode is, like, really smart. Trump unveils a bold immigration strategy that involves insulting immigrants and the countries they come from. Quinnipiac is a poll not Trump's latest nickname for Elizabeth Warren. Thanks to aggressive tax breaks, Slugnuts can now repatriate all the comedy they've been hiding offshore. Fox News does their version of a one-man show.


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 17 – Christmas Comes Early (Xmas Special)

The much-anticipated, super-sized Slugnuts annual Christmas special. A collection of best-of clips combined with some new material and Xmas bits. A visit from the Elf on the Shelf and a holiday gift-giving PSA from Katie. Also a sneak preview of the White House Christmas wishlist. Christmas music provided by Calhoun, the Polyphonic Spree, and the Old 97's.


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 16 – The Cover Girl With No Time

Mike and Kyle talk about refusing People's Sexiest Man Alive cover because they didn't have time for the photoshoot. We ramp up for their upcoming Christmas Special Extravaganza Bonanza. Tune in for details or you'll be left out of the War on Christmas. We'll cover the Uranium One scandal and other totally real, not made up by FoxNews, controversies like flat earth and flying sasquatches.


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 15 – Don’t Torture a Listener

Mike and Kyle debut a new intro that's actually more annoying than the old one, prompting a return trip to the Slugnuts studio. Maybe next episode. Mueller has indictments aplenty so get in line now to reserve yours. A blue wave hits Virginia and the Northeast, last seen heading straight for Alabama. The guys talk about the future, Patreon funding, Xmas sales and doing business in the post-Slugnuts disrupted economy.


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 14 – The Creep Calls Twice…And Also Writes a Letter

Trump somehow makes calling war widows all about himself, surprising nobody. Kyle and Mike try (and fail) to find humor in the Weinstein scandal. FoxNews doesn't let a year of sexual harassment scandals stop them from blaming Hillary for Weinstein. Something, something, Benghazi! Come see us at the Open Carry Guitar Rally in Dallas this Sunday, October 22nd!


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 13 – The Island Saved by Two-Ply

Kyle and Mike discuss America's latest mass shooting...again. You can take our podcast when you pry it from our cold dead ears. Trump throws paper towels at Puerto Ricans after explaining what an island is. Kyle discusses his involvement with the upcoming Dallas Open Carry Guitar Rally and we have a very special closing song. You can download 'Heroes' by Barry Kooda and the gang here -


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 12 – The Grey Statue Falls at Midnight

Back from the Staple! Independent media show, Kyle and Mike are caught in a time warp where old topics never die: Healthcare, Confederate statues, protesting against protests, it never ends! Trump tests the theory that unclever nicknames can solve all our problems. A bit of help from Bo and Luke. Also, how can the South rise again when its monuments keep falling down?


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 11 – The Preacher With The Pot of Gold

Mike and Kyle hit the road for the Staple! Independent Media Expo in Austin. Climate change: Chinese hoax or Lithuanian prog rock band? Hurricane season is upon us but Rush Limbaugh is unafraid. Trump ends DACA, continuing his streak of "accomplishments" that are just reversals of Obama's accomplishments.


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 10 – The Killer Wore Khaki

Mike and Kyle celebrate ten episodes with an extra bigly dose of podcast. Bannon is out. We'll talk about Charlottesville, solve the Confederate monument issue, and defeat the Nazis (again)...unless we get Trumped. Also, tune in for details on our Slugnuts 10th episode giveaway. Listen and win! Ugh, did we just say that? Man, ten episodes in and we go full morning radio. Thanks for listening!


Slugnuts Radio Hour Podcast ep. 09 – The Congressman in the Ducky Pajamas

Mike and Kyle wonder how long Scaramucci will last as new Communications Director not knowing he would be fired by the times these show notes are written. Priebus and Spicer are also gone with Sessions on the bubble. We're one Steve Bannon away from a B-I-N-G-O! Efforts to repeal and replace Obamacare have been repealed without replacement...again. The boys lament another Texas political embarrassment.