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Maybe leaders are like teachers

Alex and Rob get together after a six month hiatus! We touch on suburban life, changing careers, job interviews, and viewing skills in another way. Maybe being a leader is actually similar to being a teacher. This episode was live-streamed on Stereo! We’ll let people know on our Twitter and Telegram shortly before we start, […]


A note from Rob

Just a short hello, thank you, and update from Rob.


Catching up with Castaneda

It’s been quite a while since we’ve had a new episode here. A lot has been going on! In this episode, we’re easing back into it with just a casual catch-up chat with Chris Castaneda. Sorry his microphone isn’t so great. He promises higher quality next time around 😉

Sunday Hangout: Chiropractors, digital pianos

We tried and failed to do a live stream of this episode! Hopefully next time around Rob will have it figured out. When he does, the first broadcast will be here: In this episode, Rob and Alex take a while to hit their podcasting stride again but we hear about Alex’s honeymoon around Lake […]


Rambling about work with Mike

We’re off this week, so here’s some B-roll of my recent conversation with Mike Rapin. Before we got into our chat about Video Games + Roll Playing we blew off some steam about work. Mostly complaining, but kind of interesting to hear about common problems in tech work. Hopefully it can be interesting to a […]


Video games + Role playing games

This is a pretty specific episode, so feel free to skip it if RPGs and video games aren’t your thing. Alex and Rob have been thinking about playing Elite Dangerous (that space game we’ve mentioned several times) but with a role-playing twist where we stay in character and make decisions in the game based on […]


Sunday Hangout: COVID teaching and Universal media services

Ahhh – back to the old hangout. This episode is full of big life updates from both Rob and Alex. I’ll let you listen to find out what’s new. We do touch on being a teacher and going back to school right now, as Alex has to prepare for the school year. Rob has a […]


Sunday Hangout: Hans Zimmer Pt. 3

The final installment of our mini-series about Hans Zimmer! Don’t forget to start out with parts 1 & 2! Find it in your feed, or our website here. As a side-note, this was pretty fun to do and if you can think of something else you want to get some background info about, let us […]


Sunday Hangout: Hans Zimmer Pt. 2

Don’t forget to start out with Part 1! Find it in your feed, or our website here. We have cut the samples down and encourage you to hit PAUSE when we call out the track, look it up on YouTube or Spotify and then come back to the discussion. From Sherlock: Discombobulate [YouTube] Marital Sabotage […]


Sunday Hangout: Hans Zimmer Pt. 1

Alex and Rob got a hot tip from Mike Rapin that we should discuss Hans Zimmer’s music. In this episode we talk about Zimmer’s style in general, and break down a few samples from Inception. For reasons, we have cut the samples down and encourage you to hit PAUSE when we call out the track, […]


Byebye Spotify

A quick update from Rob. We only have one listener on Spotify so we won’t be maintaining our feed on Spotify. Please send us a tweet @sorrytopic Or hop into our super relaxed, free chat platform on Telegram. Look up the app to download on your device. Then you can follow this link to join: If none of those suit your fancy you can email Rob at: robrogan @ gmail


Warning: not compatible with birds

Mike calls in to offer a theory about what Josh brought up in the Quarantine Crossing episode.


Sunday hangout: gaming in the galaxy

We mostly talk about an immersive space game, Elite Dangerous


Sunday hangout: not so technical, don’t worry

This time we switch gears and get into other topics. To be honest, I edited this a week ago and have no idea what we talk about. Enjoy!


Sunday hangout: a boring, technical episode

Yeah being honest here. Alex and Rob just talk about computer specifications for about an hour as Rob just purchased a fully-upgraded iMac and Alex debates getting a new laptop or desktop. Feel free to skip this one. In the mean time!! Send us a tweet already 😉


Sunday hangout: Movie Music, The Revenant

The Revenant: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack is a soundtrack album for the 2015 film, The Revenant, composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Alva Noto with additional music by Bryce Dessner. Source: The Revenant (Soundtrack) wikipedia In this episode, Alex and Rob discuss the music from The Revenant. It’s minimal, but intense. Spartan, necessary, and profound. See also: Ryuichi Sakamoto: Coda (imdb link) Let […]


Quarantine Crossing

Josh and Rob catch up (finally!) and talk about tech, of course, but also why Josh doesn’t play video games, and other fascinating subjects. Grab a nice cup of something, put on your headphones, and enjoy the show while staring at a wall. Almost missing our commute at this point.


Sunday hangout: Classic games, Star Wars

Alex and Rob talk about some games they’ve loved in the past because Rob started playing Diablo III again. Have you played Age of Empires? It’s one of our favorites. Later we get on the topic of Star Wars and some of the story lines we might be missing (or could see in the future). […]


BONUS – Letters #2 Life

Dear Listener, In this episode, I received four letters in response to a letter of mine that was part statement and part question. Picking up where Habiba concluded the previous episode, I thought about the connection or disconnection of work and life. I asked Habiba to respond and invited three others to contribute their thoughts as well. […]


Sunday hangout: teaching, tea, & tech debate

Hi everyone, no notes today because… I’m lazy. If you’d like notes, or they are helpful to you, let us know and I’ll do better next time! -Rob