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San Diego based pod-casters Ron Ripley and local music legend Filthy Rich opine on topics related to entertainment, music, comedy, and not so current events.

San Diego based pod-casters Ron Ripley and local music legend Filthy Rich opine on topics related to entertainment, music, comedy, and not so current events.
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San Diego based pod-casters Ron Ripley and local music legend Filthy Rich opine on topics related to entertainment, music, comedy, and not so current events.








The Struggle Brothers Show Episode 39 - “BYE, Tequila!”

WHAT A HOOT!! It’s 6/9 and Rich has the Tequila drag as Ron names off his favorite Bruce Springsteen songs! We got Kim Jong Un in a trebuchet, a bully that gets a taste of his own medicine, and the Brothers discuss punishments worthy of their crimes. Everything is broken this week but the show must go on! Be WELL!


The Struggle Brothers Show Episode 38 - Nomad Comedian Jason Flaster

THIS WEEK! The Energy is back as we become temporary roommates of “Nomad Comedian”, Jason Flaster! He pulls his swanky van up to Studio 395 and we have a patio table side conversation about van life, pursuing comedy, and our dreams of the freedom from the distractions that keep us from creativity… and sex. Click play and GET SOME PERSPECTIVE!


The Struggle Brothers Show Episode 36 - Tex Mex Polka in France

The Brothers end a two week hiatus to share stories of Cabo and Hollywood! Ron recaps a Royal Wedding sermon rant, and Rich finds out that everything he eats gives him cancer. Andrew Dice Clay tells Ron to ‘Fuck Off!’, and Rich confirms that taking a graduation photo proudly displaying your firearm at a college campus that suffered from gun violence is a “completely legal… but still douchey” thing to do. It’s episode 36 and even though everyone is dying one minute at a time, we will...


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 35 - Oliver North is In The Box

Oliver North isn’t REALLY our guest, but he’s totally our guest…. This episode is GOLDEN! Rich details his VIP treatment while we ridicule bougey doucheys for dipping 24k gold chicken wings in basic bitch ranch. And then we perv out on the weird nipples and bizarre gunfights in the Ian Flemming Classic, The Man with the Golden Gun just before we ask a timeless question: “What IS in the box?” Please help us find out what is dead in the studio…


The Struggle Brothers Show Episode 34 - Dysfunctional Struggles

Our first ever SKYPE Interview on the show! Our guest in DV Bonurwood from Dysfunctional Veterans! We talk about Healthcare and the VA. We get an overview of DVRadio and Dysfunctional Veterans mission helping the veteran community and also go into bref detail about an upcoming celebration of America in New England.


The Struggle Brothers Show Episode 33 - Cornfield Comedy Heat

In this “reflectionary” episode, Ron goes way back to his youth years growing up in the Southeast French Canadian town of Vermont where he saw his first comedy show in a cornfield. The death of Verne Troyer moments before the show forces the Brothers to take a look back at all of the other legends the world lost this week. Filthy Rich gets a taste of what he missed that time he ( allegedly ) dodged the draft, and Ron talks about aspirations in comedy. Melania Obama Walker Bush! Donald...


The Struggle Brothers Show Episode 32 - Gay Vibes and The #YouToo Movement

In this sexy episode, the Brothers opine on the #youtoo movement where we discover that people we know are in fact, human pieces of shit. Ron commits to his inner old man voice of reason, Rich’s wardrobe commands the presence of bitches in the studio. Also, Ron recalls masturbation life hacks from the late 1990’s and Rich fights off the NSA ghosts that terrorize our mixing board. Join us as two ridiculously famous San Diego icons discuss craft beer, FBI raids, changing life perspectives,...


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 31 - Big Easy Education and WonderCon Sharings

Filthy Rich finds great sousaphone music, nummy cajun food, and hard southern infidelity in the Big Easy. Ron almost drowned in strange during WonderCon in Anaheim. The Brothers opine on these life events as well as all of the shitty current events that they missed taking a few weeks off. This show is the Brothers first SYNDICATED show thanks to the sexy true believers at Dysfunctional Veterans Radio! Check them out on Facebook and all the social medias! We’re very proud that our kind of...


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 30 - “Gamer Warlord of North America” James Dash Patterson brings the RIOT!

We predict a RIOT with this one! Don’t chicken out just yet because the Brothers keep this episode “Gamey” as FUCK! This week, we’re talking turkey thats seasoned with just a DASH of spice! James “Dash” Patterson is the ESports host for RIOT GAMES and travels the globe to officiate, and offer analytical commentary on the Massive Multiplayer Online gaming phenomenon, League of Legends - while simultaniously avoiding most forms of social media. “How the FUCK does that even HAPPEN?” GREAT...


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 29 - Rule Britannia with Tim The Prophet!

Its a proper 395 Sunday Brunch with mimosas and brittish accents!!! Our Limey friend and “Lord of Profit Loss”, Tim White, tells us about his motorcycle travels around America and about the accents that inspire the stamps of his many Passports. Tim definetly represents a Brittish Gentleman’s perspective and talks Ron out of a police report all while we opine about nothing of importance. Join us for one of our last episodes that challenge copyright laws and promote human...


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 27 - Guns, God, and the Great American Debate

The Oscars aren’t the awards we’re focused on this week… Three ROTC students were awarded the highest military honor available to cadets, the JROTC Heroism Medal, for putting others before themselves at the cost of their lives during an attack on their school in Florida. Its a hard thing to take as a nation, and I encourage you to think of them as you listen to TAPS play. Salutations and respect to them, rest in peace good Americans. [I apologize if I mispronounced any of their names, I...


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 26 - A WHALE of a Tale with Captain Matt Pressly

This weeks episode knocked us right out of our wheelhouse! Our very real studio audience was very lucky to be with us as we hear him recount his tales of the sea as a “Harvest Diver”. Captain Matt on Youtube


Struggle Brothers Show - Episode 24 Ron and Rich discuss Crazy news

Episode 24 Ron and Rich discuss Crazy news. Arthur Jones, a self-described “national socialist”


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 24 - Tyrone Thomas Slaps Ron Ripley for $1.34

This episode is NOT for children who are curious about racism. This week, the Brothers are joined by a very “SPECIAL” guest, Sacramento’s ONLY clean comic, Mr. Tyrone Thomas! We listen to music and talk about Tyrone’s comedy spiral through some of California’s sluttiest comedy spots! Rich tries to talk net neutrality, Ron tries to get a pass on the “N word”, and Tyrone learns to avoid white people with bad haircuts. It’s “National Opposite Day”, so get angry and sober for this shitty...


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 23 - We Can’t Even

Hey sexy friends! Pop those pimples because it’s been a hell of a week! The Lead Singer of the Cranberries was found dead in Aziz Ansari’s bathroom with a Tide Pod in her mouth… Or something like that, so, as uninformed Americans, we feel we MUST opine. Rich and Ron watch youtube videos that are just ….. disgusting. Then, the boys talk all willy-nilly about how awesome it would be to experience the blunderfuck of government inbound missile alerts. Everyone loves a good annhiliation...


Episode 22- Ron and Rich Sitcom reboots

In this episode, Ron and Rich discuss sitcom reboots and other stuff


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 21 - Olivia Munn vs. Danica Patrick

In this Episode, Ron and Rich discuss Arron Rodgers trading down to Danica Patrick after breaking up with Olivia Munn. And some other stuff!


Episode 20 - Rich and Ron discuss Christmas, Candy, and Star Wars

Episode 20 - Rich and Ron discuss Christmas, Candy, and Star Wars.


Struggle Brothers Show Episode 18 - California Legal Weed

In this episode, Ron and Rich visit with comedians Chris and Tony and discuss the legalization of marijuana in California.