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Episode 41: "REAL Friends, How many of us? Featuring Antmo AKA "Fly Fonzarelli"

Be prepared. this episode is LONG! this is what happens when real friends talk to each other, straight up. SALUTE to the homie Antmo for coming on with me today!


Episode 40: "Black people DONT like Halloween, well SOME of us"

WE BACK! don't be alarmed at the change of sound halfway through. I didnt realize my dad had OFF today, he cam in and interrupted me lol! but he didn't take me out the groove, the Eat a dick segment this week gets prepared. Another dope episode, another dope week with ya boy Andrew. Its Suburban Dope. SHARE SHARE SHARE!


Episode 39: Deers look for pussy too! featuring Dallas Hanson AKA 'Mr. Critical'

SALUTE! its another week of the bullshit with your boy. This episode was fun, my Boy Dallas is on this one for a good hour. My man is a director and cinefile like myself so it was GREAT to have him on for the spoilers. He ran through the news with me as well before he had to go and be an ADULT lol! not many albums this week, but nevertheless, I'm here. I ENJOY doing this. SHARE SHARE SHARE! Suburban Dope!


Episode 38: "White Girls DONT Tote GUNS!"

YOOO! Whats good everybody! its another week of the bullshit lol! I express my hate for my new neighbors, White girls Toting guns is NOT will understand when you listen lol! This was a fun week, LOTS of dope music dropped, and we got to cover ALL of it. ALSO...starting TODAY, Drake is on will understand when you listen. Start your Monday and your week with ME.


Episode 37: "Holmes Hall for all Y'all Featuring Rich Lane"

This week, I would like to welcome one of my best friends on the show Rich Lane. Rich and I lived in the Holmes Hall Dorm at Bowie State University, he lived across the hall from me...and 12 years later we are still here. Rich is the most IN tune out of tune guy I know LOL! he is a father now too which is crazy. Rich joined for the whole episode and we touched on a few things, from the eminem interview, the kart williams "Hate", Brockhamptons new album,Bad Boys 3 taking forever to start...


Episode 36: "IM BACK! and the Level Up is REAL"

IM BACK! I don't think i missed too much last week lol! the move went smooth, I appreciate all the help from my friends here in jersey, you all really came through for me (PAT) lol! we have new neighbors that make way too much noise, but....we are only here for 4 months and we are GONE! a lot of music talk, a bit of Mac Miller talk (RIP). i LEVELED UP this week. i officially have a WELL put together show, and it will all make sense when you listen. SHARE this episode with 3 people this week....


Episode 35: "If you fuck with me, then FUCK with me"

Next week, I will be taking a week off. I will be moving next week and I will need all my attention on that. all still got an episode this week, its a nice LENGTHY one, with a LOOT to be covered....ENJOY the Labor Day next week and the 3 Day weekend...Suburban Dope will be back September 10th. Try not to miss me too much lol! and don't forget to keep listening while I'm gone.


Episode 34: Suburban Dope is Common Uncommon

Whats GOING ON! another week, another dope episode. Last week I had my first official episode that got 100 plays in the first WEEK, rather than 100 plays in a few weeks. I think people are starting to catch on, I believe I'm getting better each week. SO I wanted to keep the momentum going, and i felt that i needed to bring on a guest, and this guest is going to be NEW for some, and a welcome back for others. What I learned this week....if you have a friend that you haven't spoken to in a...


Episode 33: "Nicki Minaj is the Cleveland Browns of HIP HOP"

This move gets more real every week. 1-800-GOT-JUNK came this weekend to get rid of our stuff, i WASNT working lol! it was great. I realized my DAD is the type of customer I HATE, my guy just didn't leave them alone smh lol! I am in an emotional abusive relationship with Movie Pass and I honestly think I'm ok with it. They know that I'll never leave their services lol! I RIPPED into Queen in this episode, if your a Barbie....OH WELL! the truth HURTS, and thats just the way it is. Do you...


Episode 32: "These Black Pastors are TRIPPIN!"

Another week, another episode. This might be the blackest WEEK of the year, so much news happened and i get to ALL of it...SOO much music dropped this week, and we get to ALL of it. i play the new Ella Mai song that you all should play, More stories of suburban life.


Episode 31: "Basic Bitches listen to DJ KHALED

The rants and Tangents in this episode are the best yet! i was home alone for the weekend, and it was a taste of whats to come next year when I'm officially on my own. I felt so comfortable recording today, felt good to have NO pressure of being rushed, or having to pause and then get BACK into the groove. I pressed that red button and let it FLY today and it was awesome. ENJOY this one, cause come 2019...i plan to have every episode be as GOOD as this one. its REAL, its FUNNY, its PERSONAL,...


Episode 30: Twas a LONG!

So im gonna try something different. Im going got start telling you about my weekends lol! this weekend, I went to NYC to celebrate with my brother for his birthday. I learned a very valuable lesson, my BODY isn't "NY Built", in fact its the exact opposite. NO i didn't drink like i thought I was 19 again, but I definitely should not of had those 2 extra Tequila Sodas after drinking 2 margaritas that tasted like a straight up strawberry Daiquiri! nevertheless, I cured the hangover with bong...


Episode 29: HAMILTON is ALL THE HYPE!!!!

I Apologize for the last 10 minutes of this podcast. we are moving and i had to pause the show in the middle because someone was coming to look at the house, and when I continued on...the volume got messed up and i didn't realize till i was FINISHED lol! my apologies. STILL a dope episode regardless SPoilers( HAMILTON for the first 30 minutes of this episode, skip through if you don't want me to spoil it lol!) News ( Jorja smith tour, Kimbo slice movie, Thailand cave rescue movie, August...


Episode 28: "TIME to make a REAL Change"

Spoilers (WHITNEY, Ant man and Wasp, Deer Hunter, GLOW) News(Swizz Beatz, Trayvon Martin Doc, Tory Lanez) Singles ( Khalid, Russ, Young MA) Videos (WHACK WORLD) Albums (Future, Years and Years, Meek Mill) Story Time ( First altercation at college) One More thing (Blacc Chyna still dating children) Eat a Dick! (Every white person who continues to call the cops on US)


Episode 27: "Scorpion wins because white women love it"

Spoilers(TAG, Jurassic World, Uncle Drew) News(Jay Z, Dame Dash, Lee Daniels) Singles (Wiz Khalifa, Higher Brothers, Eric Bellinger) Videos(070 Shake, Blocboy JB, XXXTentacion) Albums(Scorpion) Story Time( The time i got arrested)


Suburban Dope LIVE!....Sort Of

I Watched The BET Awards! I figure why not make an episode of it. this was a LOTTT of fun! more of these to come


Suburban Dope: Episode 26 "ELEVATE that shit"

Im NOT DRUNK! Im back, and I'm Elevated SPoilers (Luke Cage, Love IS, MTV Movie and TV awards) News (Charlamagne, Daria, XXXtentacion, Jimmy Wopo) Singles(Bas, Ariana Grande, SKepta, Redman) Videos(Jay Rock, Jaden Smith) Albums(Teyana Taylor, Freeway, Kamasi Washington) Story Time(4th of july Drunk) One more thing( Barack Obama elementary) Eat A Dick( TOO many this week, just listen lol)


Episode 25: The Carters stole Nas' shine, and drake showed us he really is Aubrey Graham

Forgive me, i recorded this TIPSY and at 12:30 at night lol! super authentic lol!


Episode 24: "Kim! Get my BAG!"

Spoilers(Cargo) News(Lebron James, Kate Spade, Anthony Bourdain,Tyler Perry) Singles(Masego, Dej Loaf, Cannibus, Roy Woods) Videos( Curren$y, ASAP Rocky, Don Q) Albums( Kids See Ghosts) Storytime( Kanye West) One more thing( Orlando Brown, J Prince) Eat a Dick( 20$ bill harriet tubman)


Episode 23: "I AM my Brothers Keeper with Guest Jordan Barrow"

This week I called in my brother Jordan to have an interview-esque type of call, but also to come and hang out and go through this weeks entertainment. You get to know who he is as well as a person, what he has been through in his career of Acting and more. This was a lot of fun, and i too got to learn some new things about him Spoilers(Arrested Development, Unbreakable jimmy schmitt, Michelle Wolf, UPGRADE, IBIZA) News( MORE drake and push T talk lol, Jamie foxx, Playboi cart, regina hall,...