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R. Mordant Mahon & Charles McFall Help Others Be Awesome (HOBA) through this comedic motivational show. They are your Level Up Guys - only on Success Freaks.

R. Mordant Mahon & Charles McFall Help Others Be Awesome (HOBA) through this comedic motivational show. They are your Level Up Guys - only on Success Freaks.
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R. Mordant Mahon & Charles McFall Help Others Be Awesome (HOBA) through this comedic motivational show. They are your Level Up Guys - only on Success Freaks.




SF #273 - When People Piss You Off

There are annoying people everywhere in the world and what are you supposed to do when one crosses you while crossing your path? You’ve got it together. You’re kind to people. Not much gets under your skin. But, every once in awhile, somebody just pushes your button. Grabbing you by the collar they take you off your high and drag you down to their low. What do you do then? When, through no fault of your own, you’re suddenly angry and ready to retaliate. What can you do... When People Piss...


SF #272 - Entitlement

What’s up with millennials today!? Or, so many of us for that matter! Ever feel like they wear their the-world-owes-me attitude like a badge of honor? They work hard (sometimes), putting in a good two-hour’s effort, then proclaim loudly how unfair it all is and quit. Sound familiar to you? How about from you? Where did all this Entitlement come from in the first place… and how close to home does it hit? Were we so coddled as children we have a hard time coping with the slightest amount of...


SF #271 - Less Bitching, More Fixing

Stuff is broken in your life and it needs fixing. From your washing machine just dribbling cold water, to your driver-side car window not rolling down (or back up again), to your computer going kerflooey…again! How can you not complain about all the wrong that’s not right in your life!? How do you draw the line, pump the breaks, and stop that downward spiral that comes from too much complaining and not enough setting things straight? Less Bitching, More Fixing is not only this episode’s...


SF #270 - No Follow Thru

Do you have a hard time finishing what you started? Ever begin a project only to find you have No Follow Thru? Buck up, Buttercup - you're not alone! Mordant & Kirsten go back and forth, sharing the many ways they have neglected their follow thru and what they are doing about fixing this personality quirk. From to-do lists to apps like Habitica to enlisting a follow-thru buddy, you will find enough helpful hints, anecdotes, and hilarity to help guide you away from the drudgery of having so...


SF #269 - Talk Love to Me, Baby

"Falling in love is easy. Staying in love—that’s the challenge! How can you keep your relationship fresh and growing amid the demands, conflicts, and just plain boredom of everyday life?" Join in on our Life Questions Game, as we delve into many different topics during this show. Today we ask each other many questions about life that are both thought provoking and interesting. You will learn from us, cry with us and start to ask questions of yourself that will cause you to stretch your...


SF #268 - The Life Questions Game

Life is full of questions. Today we bounce some of these questions off of each other. Check out this fun and thought provoking game and play along! Join in on our Life Questions Game, as we delve into many different topics during this show. Today we ask each other many questions about life that are both thought provoking and interesting. You will learn from us, cry with us and start to ask questions of yourself that will cause you to stretch your comfort zone and level up your life. Stay...


SF #267 - You Gotta Pay to Play

Everything you really want lies on the other side of a pain in the butt. Join us as we discuss why you need to pay to play in order to get what you want from this little game we call life. Are you going through life waiting for good things to fall into your lap? Have you noticed this strategy hasn’t been as successful as you would like? Learn from Mordant & Kirsten as they attempt to educate you on the positives of paying to play in order to level up your life. It is easy to know what you...


SF #266 - Soft on Sin

We all mess up from time to time. We are here to help you keep moving forward and teach you some simple changes you can make along the way. It seems that when the majority of us mess up, we let it get us down and linger on the disappointment for longer than necessary. You will find that although we make mistakes often in our daily lives, we have adopted ways to keep ourselves moving forward with our heads held high. We discuss different steps you can take to start feeling better now. You...


SF #265 - My Why is for Me

Welcome to the good feel, bad feel, everybody has feelings episode. Learn to choose your own path and feel the way you want, not the way others think you should. It’s not all about you, but when it comes down to your feelings and emotions, it is your job to feel the way you truly do. Don’t let others dictate how you feel. Do let us help you be awesome. We here at Success Freaks are big fans of affirmations and using them to better our lives. You are gonna get lots of ideas on how to come up...


SF #264 - Schooled on Scheduling

Schools back in session. Join us as we take turns sharing with the class ways to level up your daily, weekly and monthly goals and planning. The kiddos are back in school. Fall semester is in full swing. While you are enjoying your free time without the kids or taking a break from studying, tune in for an extra credit class with the professors at Success Freaks. Getting schooled can be fun! Let Mordant & Kirsten show you the paths they have taken to make their schedule a little easier. Set...


SF #263 - Time for an Adjustment

Ever find yourself going merrily down your chosen life-path when all of the sudden BLAMMO! you’re hit with an unexpected turn of events that forces you to rethink all your plotting, planning, and forward momentum? What do you do then? How do you recover from all the grief and anguish, not to mention the embarrassment, of having to slam on the brakes and make a three-lane adjustment right in the middle of rush hour traffic? Mordant & Kirsten share and learn from each other on how to change...


SF #262 - Social Media Laundromat

Welcome to the “Hi. I don’t care. Thanks.” episode where we dive into how many social media users fall into the bad habit of oversharing and bringing unnecessary negativity to our lives. Learn with us as we chat about some ways to avoid comparing your life with those you see daily on social media. We dive into reasons why you should avoid the anger and negativity that can be found as well as ways to deal with run ins with real life conversations. From time to time you will run into negative...


SF #261 - Helpful Life Hacks

Learn some of our favorite life hack apps, tips and tricks that we use to make our life awesome on the daily. We know us here at Success Freaks are not perfect, so we use apps to help us stay on track. Join us in a discussion about different life hacks that are bringing us value day to day. You are bound to find one or two new ways to improve your life, or at the very least help someone else you know be awesome. After trying some of our suggestions we would love to hear about your...


SF #260 - It’s Keerstin (again)

Join us as we welcome Keerstin back for her second show on Success Freaks and her debut as co-host alongside Mordant. In today’s episode you get to meet Keerstin (again), our brand spanking new co-host of Success Freaks! Listen along as she tells about a recent “swimming” excursion she went on and fills us in on what she has been up to prior to joining the team. Mordant & Keerstin dig deep into their first listener question together as well as give some advice on being happy, getting out of...


SF #259 - All Good Things….

Travel along the SF timeline from the initial dating, marriage, conception, the raising of their baby and “divorce”. Learn with us, as we realize the path we took is the one we needed to be on and where our paths are leading now. Join us as Mike, our producer, moderates our discussion as we look back at where we came from, where we were and where we are going. We talk about the good, the bad and the “beautiful”. Reminisce and learn along with us as we reflect on our ups and downs. When you...


SF #258 - Grow with the Flow

When the river of life changes directions you go with it to get to a better place. Mordant & McFall discuss upcoming changes and the growth they are experiencing. Mordant and McFall share the struggles & realizations they have encountered along their path of breaking up as co-hosts of Success Freaks. For those who aren’t aware - you will be by the end of this episode - Charles is leaving and Mordant is tossing around ideas of what direction he wants to take the show. While both have grown...


SF #257 - What a Relief

Today it's Mordant at the offices of IRUSA live interviewing peeps and things. This episode, we here at Success Freaks get the opportunity to interview individuals working for our sponsor IRUSA. You are going to get an inside look at some of what goes on at IRUSA. Prepare to learn first hand about how IRUSA helps not only the Islamic community, but also the US public as a whole. They are involved with many projects including US and worldwide relief help. Learn how you can join the mission of...


SF#256 - Podcast Mavens~ Brian Ibbott

Brian Ibbott is the nicest guy in podcasting, but he is also one of the most successful. Hear him share his stories of how he went from the corporate world into awesome media. We start off this show with a little “mind honking” and then segway into a great interview with the wonderful Brian Ibbott. You will find out how Brian first got into podcasting - or mp3 blogging as it was referred to back then. Brian then fills us in on some of his successes as well as things he has had to overcome...


SF #255 - What I Like About Me!

Instead of an “attitude of gratitude,” how about truly enjoying yourself and the moment? Mordant & McFall dive into the ability to love who you are and the life you have by gaining perspective and, really, the desire to be happy. Today we invite you to open up your mind. Look at everything in your life from a new, brighter perspective. Everyone is always thinking about what they want, which is great. But, take a moment to think about what you already have. Once you have done this you will be...


SF #254 - When the Going Gets Slow....

Mordant & McFall tackle the idea of the trough of Sorrow and how you can get through the times that nothing seems to be progressing. There are plenty of things that will bog you down throughout life. Sometimes the fun becomes work and then you decide it isn’t worth it. But, maybe it is and you just need to know how to deal with the situation. Join in with us and learn some simple ways to make it through the Trough of Sorrow. Take a seat, plant yourself like a tree, and tell the world to go...