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This fresh new reboot of the classic comedy and pop culture podcast, finds hosts Dale & Scott living and playing in Sin City. Live on tape from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the entire world.

This fresh new reboot of the classic comedy and pop culture podcast, finds hosts Dale & Scott living and playing in Sin City. Live on tape from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the entire world.


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This fresh new reboot of the classic comedy and pop culture podcast, finds hosts Dale & Scott living and playing in Sin City. Live on tape from Las Vegas, Nevada, to the entire world.




Holy Water in a Squirt Gun

A quarantine-era web show gets acquired by CBSViacom; Chef Jose Andres does good around the world; Americans are finally sending folks back into space after 10 years; Pink Shorts Boom Guy passes away; “Batwoman” quits after one year; Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox split; all about the Jake at State Farm guy; they’re going down to Titanic to get a telegraph machine; a Nebraska woman sues ALL homosexuals everywhere; a priest uses a squirt gun to delivery holy water in social distancing; and,...


Let Them Eat with Mannequins

It’s all about John Krasinski bringing you some good news; Hard Rock could return to Vegas; NFL stadiums might be empty this Fall but we’ll hear and see fake fans; Cher goes Spanish; don’t ship cremated remains; Richard, Jerry, and Roy have passed; Masterclass is on sale; Ryan Murphy has a lot up his sleeves; Queen Latifah is coming to your TV to settle some scores; “Defending Jacob” is the shit; and so much more, this week, on the Swish Edition. LIVE from Las Vegas.


Phase One

We’re talking about small businesses doing good things; Stephanie Meyer’s “Twilight” prequel is coming; Betty White return in time for Christmas; CBS makes all the changes; a new standalone “Star Wars” movie is in the works; Tom Cruise is going to space; Neve Campbell is in talks to make “Scream 5;” my cousin will be in a new Food Network show next week called “Bakeaway Camp;” “SNL” wraps season 45; there’s a new cell phone with a rotory dial; and, much more, live from Las Vegas!


Reserva Especial

We’re back outside talking about the broadcast networks running out of content; Netflix adds 16 million subscribers; you can make Mickey beignets at home; Anderson Cooper gets a baby; reporters without pants; Mumbais flamingo invasion; our friend Rob Nagle pops up everywhere on TV; Kelly Clarkson channels Madonna; what airports might look like in the future; and, much more, live from Las Vegas!


Quartyard Qocktails in Quarantine

Dale and Scott are outside talking about the new ageism in Hollywood; Shake Shack and Sweetgreen come to their senses; IKEA meatballs; Jason Bateman and his “Ozark” predictions; “Will & Grace” wraps it up again; “The Batman” is pushed to late-2021; “Scoob!” is coming to your TV first; Dolly Parton produced “Buffy the Vampire Slayer;” Ryan Murphy’s “Hollywood;” all the great new stuff coming to HBO Max, including J.J. Abrams originals; and much more, live from Las Vegas!


To Nomi Is To Love Me

We’re talking ninja face masks; a 3-legged dead bunny; making lasagna; the Las Vegas valley Thunderbird fail; a new “Showgirls” documentary is coming; a new “Mandalorian” documentary series, too; how about $8.2 million in your checking account?; Disney releases theme park recipes; everyone hating on Ellen; Scott’s cousin on a new Food Network show called “Bakeaway Camp;” Leslie Jordon’s hilarious Instagram videos; and much more, live from Las Vegas!


All Our Eggs, One Basket

Easter in isolation and we have no white eggs to color and no ham to eat! The horrors. Speaking of horrors, Dale gave Scott a haircut! It’s not pretty. We’re also talking about Quibi shows, gun permit background checks skyrocket, homemade jockstrap masks, Roseanne is still looney, is Janeway coming to CBS All Access?, a new Robin Hood, Dead to Me season 2, Scott’s new book, and much more, live from Las Vegas!


Do Not Look Behind the Curtain

Dale & Scott are playing with their new video server, talking all the free streaming music and video available to everyone, Quibi is coming for short attention spans, Kim Kardashian is helping our broken criminal justice problem, Wynn wins, and so much more!


It's The End of the World As We Know It

Oh man. What can we say? Here's what we think you should be watching instead of looking at the news.



We're back, bitches! We're talking about our RV trip, Scott's 50th birthday, and all the shows and movies you should be watching during your social distancing. We miss human contact!!!


Walla Walla, What?

Our friend Robbie joins us from Walla Walla, Washington to discuss Instagram and Facebook’s ridiculous new policies; Madonna’s chronic lateness; Cher is going to live forever; people killing for Popeye’s chicken sandwich; James Dean comes back to life; “Knives Out” looks amazing; reboot mania is still alive on TV with “Weeds,” “Revenge,” “Gossip Girl,” and “Good Times;” Vanna White’s day to shine; 90210 axed; and, much more, live on tape from Sin City!



With Jacqueline in-stuido with us, we’re talking the Washington Nationals!; Halloween; “Zombieland: Double Tap;” Daylight Savings Time bullshit; John Witherspoon; James Holzhauer; “Punky Brewster;” Disney’s puppet talk show; “Game of Thrones” prequels; and, much more, live on tape from Sin City!


Oh, Mexico

We’re talking about our recent Mexico cruise; “The Facts of Life” sorta reunion; Coppola and Scorsese hate superhero movies; a woman is banned from Royal Caribbean forever; Lady Gaga falls off her stage; NPH in the “Matrix 4;” “The Walking Dead” is damned good this season; we’re getting ready for Halloween; and, much more, live on tape from Sin City!


The Nevada Saboteur

It’s all about JLo and Shakira at the Super Bowl; The Far Side might be coming back; “Downton Abbey” has its own gin…and you can stay in Highclere Castle; Erika Jayne is going to “Chicago;” Madonna is always late; lots of casinos are changing hands in Vegas; Kelly Clarkson is a cruise ship godmother; Jane Lynch and Cyndi Lauper are channeling “The Golden Girls;” “Saved By The Bell,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and “Mad About You” reboots; the original stars of “Jurassic Park” are coming back;...


Take Me Home Tonight

It’s a crazy cocktail party with Dale and Scott’s in-studio guest host Kristin Talastas. The vodka-soaked threesome are talking about Scott’s book club appearance for his novel “The Maine Nemesis;” the “Jay & Silent Bob’s Reboot” is coming!; a super, super dirty new music video has hit the internet; Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick will star together on Broadway; Eddie Money and Ric Ocasek have passed on; “Grace & Frankie” gets a 7th and final season; “SNL” is having problems with...


Your Show of Shows

We’re taking about Bellagio; Mandalay Bay; United Airlines miles; the “Game of Thrones” concert experience; Matthew McConaughey in Austin; What/If on Netflix; Gillian Anderson on “The Crown”; The “Saved By The Bell” reboot; Hooters is leaving Las Vegas; the Colosseum gets a reboot; Mike Tyson does cannabis; and, much more, live on tape from Sin City!


Lifeline and Sinker

Scott’s sister Laura is a co-host in the studio this week while we talk about the Blue Man Group; Disney’s Haunted Mansion turns 50; Larry King is getting divorced at 85yo; McDonald’s is bringing sweet potato fries to the world; streaming services; “The Morning Show;” “Dancing with the Stars” stars??; James Bond 25 gets a title; Tracy Morgan joining “Coming 2 America;” “Matrix 4;” and, much more, live on tape from Sin City!


Barefoot in the Lavatory

We’re talking about modern air travel (it sucks!); the Janet Jackson concert; Sabrina on Netflix; “Chrisley Knows Prison” might be a new reality show; NBC wants to revive “St. Elmo’s Fire;” TVLINE wants to spoil everything; you’ve got to see Kathy Griffin’s new movie; “Friends” is coming to a theater near you; and much more, live on tape from Sin City!


Alligators in Your Crawlspace

Dale and Scott are joined by movie aficionado Melissia Taziar with “Yesterday,” “The Lion King,” and “Crawl” reviews—PS, “Crawl” sounds horrific!; we also talk spoilers; second-guessing “Yellowstone;” Apollo 11 projected onto the Washington Monument; “Veronica Mars” came early; summer game shows; will we like “Gossip Girl” w/o the original cast?; CBS and AT&T ain’t getting along; Sting is coming to Las Vegas; a new “Walking Dead” spin-off; and, much, much more, live on tape from Sin City!


The Scoundrel

Back from our summer vacation, we’re talking about Aerosmith; JLo; $6,000 slot machine wins; “Orange is the New Black;” “Veronica Mars;’ AT&T’s fight with local stations; The Taco Bell Hotel; the new Batman; “Back to the Future” on stage; “White Chicks” might be coming back; A “Flintstones” reboot; and, much, much more, live on tape from Sin City!