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We Are the Champions

Scott goes on the “Bohemian Rhapsody” press junket and meets actor Rami Malek and the founding members of Queen, Cher is going on her 143th tour, Burt Reynolds passes, a “Cosby Show” actor is shamed by Fox News, Universal Studios updates a major ride, we’re not loving the West Gate, Ozark season two rocks!, “House of Cards” drops a hell of a spoiler, a $24 million wedding with Bruno Mars, and much more! Dale & Scott, LIVE on tape from Sin City.


Poisoned By a Loose Meat Sandwich

It’s back to school time; Criss Angel mystifies at Luxor; Netflix’ winners and losers; lots of notable people died; Roseanne is gonna die; Viking says no kids; Shameless comings and goings; is liquid nitrogen bad for you?; and much, much more. Dale & Scott, LIVE on tape from Sin City.


Born Free

The Park MGM rocks, Veronica Mars 3.0 is coming, Sheldon is a rich asshole, Aston Martin is making James Bond cars, more Brady Bunch house news, Pepsi buys Soda Stream, even more sitcom reboots, Animal Crackers unleashed, The Eagles beat Michael Jackson, the VMAs, and much more. Dale & Scott, LIVE on tape from Sin City.


Las Vegas Banana Hammock

Aerosmith is coming to Las Vegas! Downtown is getting a video upgrade. ALF and DESIGNING WOMEN returning to TV. Are Speedos homophobic? The Brady Bunch house goes to HGTV. Why don’t airliners have keys? And much more. Dale & Scott, with special guest co-host Jacquline Moore, LIVE on tape from Sin City.


Two Guys, A Girl, and a Podcast

A GIRL joins the boys to talk about The Brady Bunch house, The Eagles’ concert, social media defining you forever, CBS’ new sitcom The Neighborhood is perpetuating racism, Panic at the Disco vs. Fall Out Boy, lip-synching SUCKS!, an epic new Walking Dead trailer, more fucking television reboots, some questionable new movies, Hamilton coming to the big screen as is, and much more. Dale & Scott, with special guest co-host Kristin Talastas, LIVE on tape from Sin City.


Thought the Bitch Was White

Roseanne thought she was white, super cool new potato chip flavors are coming, Virgin’s adult cruise ships, the hot dog wars, Papa John’s founder is a douche, Hollywood is too damned PC, Cher sings Abba, TV’s reboot overload, Downton on the big screen, and much more. Dale & Scott, live on tape from Sin City.


Luminous Ultramarine

We’re talkin’ Air Force One’s potential new paint job; Thai cave overload; jock strap sniffing kids on TV; plastic straw insanity; Manifest coming to NBC; bets on Justin’s marriage; Bill Maher’s right on-ness; Roseanne & Papa John are all kinds of crazy; Kylie is RICH; and, no more peanuts at 37,000 feet. Dale & Scott, LIVE on tape from Sin City.


HBD, America!

Happy Birthday, America (but you’re drunk, so go home)! We’ve got more hot Walking Dead news, a Spice Girls reunion, a shocking May-December engagement, Roseanne’s quick comeback(?), $400 James Bond bathing suits, Divas Las Vegas closes, Vegas fireworks, and much more. Dale & Scott, LIVE on tape from Sin City.


The Summer Solstice

Our Summer Solstice episode is hot! Dale sees a vagina on the street; Vegas is sizzling; Disneyland’s VIP tour; MTV is mining their back catalog, i.e. Daria & The Real World; we break down our Top 10 Summer Vacation Movies; Calvin Harris says plastic straws are so not cool; AMC is taking on MoviePass; and, much more. Dale & Scott, LIVE on tape from Sin City.


The Future Will Be Better Tomorrow

The pop culture & silliness podcast returns with Ocean's 8, Ariana Grande's super-fast engagement, political Tonys, a Game of Thrones prequel, stupid IHOP non-name change, Louboutin's insane win, Heather's ax, rock star bus tours, and much more, live from Las Vegas to your ears.


It’s On The Street, The Heat Is On

All the big fat Vegas jackpots we missed out on; Kim's trip to DC wasn't a waste of time; it's way past time for Miss America to go away; Lady Gaga is going to get an Oscar; Dolly hits Netflix; Hangover Heaven will come to you; and, much more! Lots of silliness, direct from Sin City.


It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World

What is going on in this crazy world we live in? We thought we'd heard everything, but a Kardashian meets with POTUS; Roseanne implodes and takes hundreds with her; and, people bring babies to Las Vegas!; plus, we talk about scratch & sniff stamps, missing out on a huge jackpot, being teased at Dick's Last Resort, and much more!


1,299 Days Later - The Reboot Episode

After a 1,299 day hiatus, hosts Dale and Scott are back for the new, rebooted Swish Edition comedy and pop culture podcast. From their new studio in Las Vegas, the guys get you caught up on what they have been up to over the past 3.5 years; talk all-things Sin City; make fun of the Billboard Music Awards and people who think the world is flat; and, establish their new weekly segment: Drink of the Week!


SE238: Butt Sex 101

Dale & Scott kick it with a few beers for their November episode. Topics include actor Jon Cryer's non-gayness, Starbucks' drag queen commercial, Neil Patrick Harris' new variety show, Harvard's Butt Sex 101 class, and much, much more pop culture and gay news and commentary.


SE237: The Roof Is On Fire

Scott & Dale are back in a brand new studio and newly dedicated to churning out freshepisodes of the show the world has come to love! Well, a small fraction of the world, any way. This week, the boys talk about Facebook dissing the queens, Jared Leto's sizable package, JLo's new Booty, upcoming movie sequels and reboots, the new fall television schedule, who's outing who in Hollywood, and much more. Come set a spell with the originals. Grab a drink, settle back, and get to listenin'. And...


SE236: Sherry, Scott & Steve at Sea

It's been since our Christmas special back in December 2013 that you've heard from us, and we feel just horrible. But fear not, we're making plans to return with an all new season of shows this coming Fall! In the meantime, please enjoy this chat with the international drag sensation Miss Sherry Vine, that Scott & Steve taped on board an Atlantis cruise to theMediterraneanearlier this month. Find out about all the fun aboard the all-gay cruise and what Sherry's been up to in New York City...


SE235: A Swishy Christmas 2013

Dale, Scott & Steve are back after a four and a half month hiatus for their annual Christmas special.Listen as the boys tell you what they've been up to during the show's downtime, why they went away in the first place, why Beyonce is a genius, which Disney teen star is getting naked online, why the new King Kong Broadway show looks so gay, and much, much more. You'll agree, too, that it sounds like the guys were never apart!


SE234: At Sea with RSVP in Alaska Part 2

Dale and Scott are back with Part Two of the episodes they taped in front of live studio audiences on board Holland America's MS Oosterdam as a part of RSVP Vacation's Summer Alaska cruise last week. We were so thrilled to be invited back for the third time and this episode is so choke full of RSVP entertainment goodness...well...we were just on top of the world. First up, we welcome actress and singer Missi Pyle. This amazing woman has tackled everything. From television shows like...


SE233: At Sea with RSVP in Alaska Part 1

Dale and Scott were so thrilled to be invited back onboard an RSVP Vacation's cruise--our second this year! This time, we sailed from Seattle to the great state of Alaska with 2,000 of our new best friends, mostly gays, a handful of lesbians, a few transsexuals, and a smattering of breeders, who all seemed to have a blast in this most breath-taking corner of our country. While sailing toward Juneau, we taped this episode in front of a live studio audience in the Queen's Lounge on the great...


Swish Extra: Craig Ramsay

We're thrilled to welcome back celebrity fitness consultant Craig Ramsay, albeit via phone instead of in-person, like last time. Craig is most excited for his new series of fun and informative videos for ulive.com titled, 5 Minute Workout Anywhere. Watch along as Craig shows you easy, non-gym exercises that you can do while you're doing other everyday things. From the shower to the garden to the pool to the baby nursery. There's just no reason not to be active and it's so easy, too! (Plus,...