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TYCHWYE SHORTs #18: Zombie apocalypse protocol (ft. Kory Mathewson)

We would like to welcome back to the show, Kory Mathewson! In this episode we discuss the protocol for successfully surviving a zombie apocalypse. Download Subscribe on iTunes!

TYCHWYE SHORTS #17: Would You Rather #3 (ft. Heidi Johnson)

Hello great humans! Today, we welcome our guest, and Brandon's lovely human partner, Heidi onto the show! On this episode, take another look at would you rather! Download Subscribe on iTunes!

TYCHWYE SHORTS #15: Sliced Bread..

Hello great humans! Today, Brandon and Dave discuss the legitimacy of sliced bread. Enjoy! LoL, TYCHWYE Download Subscribe on iTunes!

TYCHWYE SHORTS #13: What's up with Time?

Time. Like.. what? Seriously the most confusing topic. Listen as we try to justify time, time travel, and infinity. Download Subscribe on iTunes!

TYCHWYE SHORTS #14: Would You Rather #2

Hello hello! Today, we are so excited to present the next best thing to Nathan Fillion, Kory Mathewson! Bringing his humor and whit from Rapid Fire Theatre, Kory joins us for another episode of would you rather! Brandon and Dave had to opportunity to see one of Kory's shows (Dirt City) at the Edmonton Fringe Festival the other day, and we would absolutely recommend the show, as well as some of the other shows Rapid Fire Theatre is putting on this week at the...

TYCHWYE SHORTS #12: Would You Rather #1 (ft. Heather Nicholson)

Hello great humans! Today, we welcome our guest, Heather onto the show! On this episode, we embark on a journey to the past where we play a daring game of would you rather! We also welcome onto the show, Brandon's wonderful, now x-roommate, Heather! Enjoy! TYCHWE Download Subscribe on iTunes!

TYCHWYE SHORTS #11: Debate #3 - Peanut Butter

Welcome, friends. On this week of TYCHWYE SHORTS, Brandon and Dave duke it out in a heated meta debate about the effectiveness of having a mouthful of peanut butter while debating. Make sure to listen to find out whether or not you should be bringing along a tub of peanut butter to your next debate challenge! Smile always, TYCHWYE Song: Waiting for Nothing Artist: The Fisherman Brandon's Unknown Words of the Episode: Hinderment, Mouthal Tissues, PPBL (Peak Peanut Butter...

TYCHWYE SHORTS #10: Improv or something like that

Hello All, Welcome to Episode 10 of TYCHWYE SHORTS! Today, Brandon and Dave take on their first attempt at "improv". Listen as they try to sing, promote random products, and play movie characters in the attempts to make all you lovely humans smile. Keep those sunglasses on. It's bright out there. With Love, TYCHWYE Song: When the Storm Came Artist: Talk Less, Say More Brandon's Unknown Words of the Episode: Squave, Didally Doddling Ps. The movie at the end we referred to is Seven...

TYCHWYE SHORTS #9: String Theory Explained?

Hello fellow pseudo-physicists! Through a new format we have begun, we explain string theory in the manner we feel it should be viewed. Other words.. we really have no idea what string theory is, but we decided to come up with a explanation as to what exactly string theory is. We hope you find this somewhat.. educational? Sincerely, TYCHWYE Song: Echo Alone Artist: Girl with the Gun Note: We sped up the song by 28% because we felt it needed to be faster.. :T Download Subscribe on...

TYCHWYE SHORTS #7: Foreign Slang

Hola, et velcommen to episodio numero 7 of CHOSES QUE VOUS POUVEZ ENTENDRE AVEC VOS OREILLES! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas/Hanukkah/Holiday/Whatever else. In this weeks episode, Brandon and Dave dig deep into British slang, in the attempts to further understand the British dialect. We hope you enjoy! This week's featured artist is A.M. Architect with the song "In and Out of Weeks". As you embark on your journey into the year of 2015, we hope to impart you with smiles and...


Hello you fine individuals! We hope your December is going well. With finals finished and Christmas around the corner, we are starting to pop out episodes on a regular basis again. This week's episode features Brandon and Dave talking about their ideas for revolutionary smartphone apps. We shall have you know - if any of you steal any of our ideas we will find you and sue you and what not. Don't do it.. it just isn't worth it. But anyway, have a great...

TYCHWYE SHORTS #5: TYCHWYE's Guide to Popularity

Hello, Welcome to episode 5 of TYCHWYE SHORTS. We must apologize for the drought of podcasts as of late - the end of semester has not been kind to all of us. However, fret no more! Episode 5 is finally here. In this episode, Brandon and Dave teach you how to excel in social situations by providing a few examples of how to elevate your position at parties/social gatherings by the use of a few simple jokes. These jokes, as many of you who are close with us know, can be used almost every day!...

TYCHWYE SHORTS #4: Impressions

Happy Friday! Welcome to yet another (of what will hopefully be many) TYCHWYE SHORT! This week's episode features your very own Dave and Brandon giving their best shot at some movie actor/character impressions. Please listen and enjoy! Have a wonderful week, weekend, month, or whatever you choose to have. Always smile, TYCHWYE Download Subscribe on iTunes!

TYCHWYE SHORTS #3: Predictive Text

Friends! Welcome to Episode #3 of TYCHWYE SHORTS! This week, Dave and Brandon dig deep into some deep poem/journal entries created by yours truly - the smart phone. There may even be some rapping in there.. who knows.. A special thanks to our participants, Aurora, and Christina. Thank you for the predictive text entries! Take a listen, and enjoy! Download iTunes

TYCHWYE SHORTS #2: Debate #2 - Trampolines

Hello. Welcome to another episode of TYCHWYE SHORTS. This week, Dave and Brandon dig deep into an intellectual battle of whits as they face off in a debate about an issue that is on all of our minds. We hope you are all having a great time in life, and wish you a great week and everything past that. Enjoy. Download iTunes


Ladies & gentlemen, sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, sisters and brothers, etc. etc. etc. It is time. It is time for us to expand our listener audience - we realize there are those of you out there that don't actually want to listen to us talk for an hour or so... so we have begun a new series of podcasts to go along with the current podcasts - TYCHWYE SHORTS! This first episode is the first installment of many 15 minute episodes where Dave and Brandon...