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Each week Adam and Jp discuss the world of pop-culture through the eyes of geeks. From Superman and Mario to Zombies and Star Wars, these aren't the geeks you want, but the two you need. Subscribe, Rate and Review. This feed provides The Adam and Jp Show and The AJP Podcast.

Each week Adam and Jp discuss the world of pop-culture through the eyes of geeks. From Superman and Mario to Zombies and Star Wars, these aren't the geeks you want, but the two you need. Subscribe, Rate and Review. This feed provides The Adam and Jp Show and The AJP Podcast.
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Each week Adam and Jp discuss the world of pop-culture through the eyes of geeks. From Superman and Mario to Zombies and Star Wars, these aren't the geeks you want, but the two you need. Subscribe, Rate and Review. This feed provides The Adam and Jp Show and The AJP Podcast.






Bonus Episode: Intern Barrett Enters The Spider-Verse (Spider-Man, Marvel Comics and DC Movies)

This one is for you True Believers! It's a full Adam and Jp Show to wrap up Barrett's Internship. He is joined by Adam and Jp to discuss all things Spider-Man.


#314: Adam and Jp Get Serious(ish) (Alex Jones, US History & Constitution)

What starts out as a conversation about Alex Jones and freedom of speech leads to an episode like never before. email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#313: Tommy Boy Revisited (Chris Farley, David Spade, Creed 2 & Black Panther)

Adam and Jp catch up on some movies they have seen...or haven't, including Adam finally watching a Clint Eastwood movie, Then, it's a discussion about what streaming services they would actually pay for. Pod Subject: Tommy Boy Revisited It's back to the 90's comedy classic starring Chris Farley and David Spade. Is this really one of the funniest films of all time? Adam and Jp discuss. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#312: The Complete Works: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (San-Diego Comic Con, WWE, Mars Water, and Teen Titans)

Adam and Jp start with a Friday song, some SDCC thoughts and this week in NWO News. NWO News: Water on Mars, Fresno Nightcrawlers and Supermoon Pod Subject: The Complete Works of "The Rock" From his WWF/WWE days to the upcoming Black Adam movie; the boys rundown the complete works of the people's champ. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


Bonus Episode: Intern Barrett Takes On The Transformers

The Pod Casserole summer intern Barrett is back with history of the Transformers in TV and Film. From the 80's to today, there is more than meets the eye when Barrett dives deep into Transformers lore.


#311: Year In Gaming 2011 (Skyrim, Arkham City, Fallout '76 and "2016")

This week Jp is surprised by a song he found on the recent billboard charts. Adam has a new favorite foreign film. Plus, a trip through a YouTube rabbit hole. Pod Subject: Gaming Year 2011 It's a trip back the year of Skyrim, Arkham City, Gears of War sequels and cartoon WWE games. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#310: The Complete Works: Stephen King From Books to Film (Carrie, It, The Stand and The End of the World)

In the first half hour: Backstreet Boys, alien abductions and how the world will really end. Pod Subject: The Complete Works: Stephen King From Books to Film The boys break down every Stephen King story that has been turned into a film or mini-series. Including... It, Carrie, The Stand and Maximum Overdrive. Tweet: @adamandjp Email:


#309: Floating and Dreaming with Bob Roth and Bob Hoskins (Depravation Tanks, Quentin Tarantino, 90's Movies)

In an old fashioned Adam and Jp Chat and Chew, the boys have no planned subject this week. Conversation involves, Adam in a sensory depravation tank, rotten tomato reviews and Bob Hoskins. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


Bonus Episode: The Voice of Optimus Prime, Peter Cullen (Transformers, GI Joe, Knight Rider and Predator)

While attending the 2018 Fanboy Expo, Jp joined Peter Cullen for a chat in a hotel bar. Peter talks about where he drew the inspiration from that gave a voice to Optimus Prime. He also discusses movie heroes, the fans and SCIENCE! Tweet: @adamandjp Email:


#308: Twinkie Challenge and Our (Possible) Five Favorite Songs Ever

Jp eats a twinkie and lives to talk about it. Pod Subject: (Possible) Five Favorite Songs of All Time If you had to name your five favorite songs ever, right now, what would that look like. Here, the boys do just that. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


Bonus Episode: Professor Barrett's Anime 101

Intern Barrett recaps some of the Anime one should check out to start enjoying the genre.


#307: E3 and The Space Force (E3, Fortnite, Fallout 76 & Elder Scrolls)

During a week of sickness, Adam watched all the Back to the Future movies again and has some thoughts to add to episode 306. America now has a Space Force and the boys have some thoughts. Pod Subject: E3 2018 Adam reviews some of the highlights from this year's E3 and confesses to being kind of a Rocket League bully. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#306: Adam and Jp Go Back to the Future (80's Movies, BTTF, Spotify and Motorhead)

The show starts with an Adam comic reading. Then, That Hits the Spotify featuring 90's faves. Pod Subject: Back To The Future The boys fire up the DeLorean and head back to the 80's classic, Back to the Future. They chat Doc, Marty, and the sequels. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


Bonus Episode: Intern Barrett's Greatest Marvel Crossover Events

The Pod Casserole summer intern, Barrett, returns to review his greatest marvel crossover comic events. Plus, some U2, Deadpool, and Solo.


#305: Han Solo Thoughts, Fallout '76 & Video Game Plot Twists (Morgan Freeman, HQ, & Solo: A Star Wars Story)

The boys start with giving thoughts on a movie they haven't seen Solo: A Star Wars Story. This Week In NWO News: Is Morgan Freeman who you think he is? Halfway though, Adam and Jp play HQ for 100K Pod Subject: Video Game Plot Twists In some video games, things aren't what they appear to be. So, Adam brings a list of the greatest video game plot twists. Plus: Fallout '76 email: tweet: @adamandjp


#304: Bad TV Premises and Network Television Premieres (Infinity War, V: The Final Battle, Beck and 80's TV)

While Jp introduces the Friday song, Adam pulls together his MCU ranking list. The boys revisit the by-gone era of Network Television Premieres and Movies of the Week. Pod Subject: Bad TV Premises The history of television is littered with empty husks of bad ideas. The boys run down some of the most ridiculous ideas that actually became TV Shows. Email: Tweet: @admandjp


Bonus Episode: Intern Barrett On The New Golden Age of Television

Meet the official Pod Casserole Summer 2018 Intern, Barrett. Barrett's first assignment: "If we are in the new golden age of TV, what are the five most influential shows of this new golden age." Barrett sits down with Jp to discuss his findings. Plus, a little MCU and Avengers: Infinity War chat.


#303: Thanos Theories and The Genius of Weird Al (Infinity War, MCU, Art Bell and Weird Al Yankovic)

MINOR INFINITY WAR SPOILER WARNING!! The boys start with some fresh thoughts about Avengers: Infinity War. NWO News: The first story is an an Art Bell update and then Adam and Jp dive into the theory that a video game company is actually a front for the Japanese mob. Pod Subject: The Complete Work of Weird Al For nearly 40 years, Weird Al Yankovic has had his finger on the the pulse of pop culture and his accordion. The boys celebrate his work and sample his hits and their...


#302: Adam and Jp Summer Movie Special 2018 (Jurassic World, Deadpool 2, Incredibles 2 and Solo)

Adam and Jp dig into the summer movie releases for 2018. From Deadpool 2 to The Meg. They chat what they will see in the theater, wait for DVD or skip all together. Plus, a return to Pooh Corner. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#301: Avengers: Infinity Spoilers

(SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR) Jp had a weird day, but brought a Friday song. Shout outs to this weeks #SOBOTW The origins of the Pickle Rick Challenge. Pod Subject: Avengers: Infinity War The boys review and recap what some are calling the most epic of the MCU films. Did they like it? Were they sad? Were they able to Hulk out? Find out in the SPOILER filled episode. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp