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Each week Adam and Jp discuss the world of pop-culture through the eyes of geeks. From Superman and Mario to Zombies and Star Wars, these aren't the geeks you want, but the two you need. Subscribe, Rate and Review. This feed provides The Adam and Jp Show and The AJP Podcast.

Each week Adam and Jp discuss the world of pop-culture through the eyes of geeks. From Superman and Mario to Zombies and Star Wars, these aren't the geeks you want, but the two you need. Subscribe, Rate and Review. This feed provides The Adam and Jp Show and The AJP Podcast.
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Each week Adam and Jp discuss the world of pop-culture through the eyes of geeks. From Superman and Mario to Zombies and Star Wars, these aren't the geeks you want, but the two you need. Subscribe, Rate and Review. This feed provides The Adam and Jp Show and The AJP Podcast.






#332: Super-Sized Season 8 Christmas Finale (Star Wars, Avengers: Endgame, songs of 2018 & SOBOTW)

It's the final super-sized Pod Casserole of 2018 and Adam and Jp bring holiday fun like... Is Thanos' Snapture a good thing? Is Adam a Globalist? What will the anti-Christ be like? What were the best songs and movies of 2018? Plus, this week's #SOBOTW and of course...the Star Wars Holiday Special.


#331: Reindeer Games with Brooke Z. Brooklyn (Creed 2, Red Dead Redemption, & Fallout 76)

Adam and Jp welcome Brooklyn back for fun and games that include a Holiday movie version of Dead and Rotten and That Hits The Spotify. Plus, Adam has spoiler free thoughts on Creed 2 and Brooklyn and Jp chat Red Dead 2. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#330: Holiday Hot Takes With Brooke Brooklyn (Christmas 2018, Christmas Movies, Best Christmas Gifts and Halloween)

This week an Adam and Jp founding family member returns when Brooke stops by for some "Hot Takes", holiday memories, and do discuss hot holiday gifts from today and the past. email:ajp@adamandjp tweet: @adamandjp


#329: From Rocky to Creed (Rocky Movies, NWO and Creed II)

This week Adam and JP take care of some this week in NWO news and jump right into the Rocky goodness. Thanksgiving weekend marks the release of the next Creed and the boys invite Mike D. back to discuss the Rocky series from best to worst, how we get to Creed I and looking ahead to Creed II. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#328: A Tribute To Stan Lee (Marvel, Spider-Man, Avengers, and Iron Man)

This week Adam and JP welcomes back their old friend Mike D. Mike phones in to pay respects to one of the architects of modern pop-culture... The Amazing Stan Lee. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#327: Adam Throws A Hot Dog Down A Hallway or Holiday Movie Chat (Creed 2, PG-13 Deadpool, Overlord and Michael Keaton)

This week a very sleep Adam and Jp ditch the decided subject to just sit and talk for an hour. Subjects covered include: Holiday Movies, Adam's love of 50's and 60's music, the #SOBOTW, and Michael Keaton biopics. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#326: Year In Music: 1993 and Halloween Non-Spoiler Review (Will Smith, TLC, 2Pac & That Hits The Spotify)

This week Adam and Jp look back on Halloween 2018, including Adam's non-Spoiler review of Halloween. Pod Subject: Year In Music 1993 The boys look back at some of their favorites and discuss the biggest hits of 1993. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#325: Halloween Super Show 2018 Part 2 (Adam's Ghost, Bell Witch, Horror Movies and #SOBOTW)

As Halloween draws near it's the second half of the 2018 Super Show. Josh (Collection Connection) along with Mel (Two Dead Chicks) join the boys to ring in their favorite holiday. Included in this episode: Adam's Ghost, some real life horror, more scary movie chat, and the final 2018 Halloween wrap-up. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#324: Halloween Super Show 2018 Part 1 (The Walking Dead, Evil Dead, Universal Monsters & Haunted Houses)

Welcome to part 1 of the year's Halloween Super Show. The boys are once again joined by Josh (Collection Connection) and a new surprised guests. A Halloween tradition returns as the roundtable plays Dead and Rotten, and a new favorite for this year Halloween Hot Takes. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#323: Halloween 2018: The Twilight Zone (Venom, Captain Marvel, Twilight Zone and Adam's Ghost)

Step beyond this door...go ahead...cross over into the Twilight Zone. Adam and Jp break down three of their favorite episodes of the 1960's classic, plus chat a little about Twilight Zone: The Movie and look at some of the attempts to update the series. Plus, Adam's Ghost and some comic-book movie news. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#322: Halloween 2018: From Psycho to Bates Motel

Halloween 2018 continues with a look at the wacky misadventures of Norman Bates and his mom. From the 1960 classic to the recent Bates Motel series, it's all about a favorite psycho killer. Email: @adamandjp Tweet: @adamandjp


#321: Halloween 2018: Adam and JP's Trick "R" Treat Bag (Halloween Candy, Halloween Costumes & Adam's Ghost)

It's the first Trick "R" Treat Bag of 2018. The boys chat favorite Halloween candy by state. Best selling costumes by year. Trick or Treating memories and an installment of Adam's Ghost. Send Adam's Ghost Request: Sweet Tweets: @adamandjp


#320: Halloween 2018: Revisiting Scream 3 & Scream 4 (Wes Craven, WWE Films & 90's Horror)

Before jumping back into the Scream franchise; Adam and Jp take a detour through WWE Films and Studios. Plus, Adam's scary dental procedures. Pod Subject: Scream 3 and Scream 4 The boys start with what is considered by many to be the lowest point of the Scream franchise, the third installment. Then, the comeback eight years later with Scream 4.


#319: Halloween 2018: Revisiting Scream 1 and Scream 2 (Halloween & Wes Craven)

This week Adam and Jp really get into the Halloween spirit by looking back at Scream 1 and Scream 2. The Wes Craven series redefined horror through the remainder of the 90's and into the early 2000's and it all started here. email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#318: Halloween 2018: The Curse of Black Hope Cemetery (Unsolved Mysteries, Halloween & Alex Jones)

Adam and Jp kick off Halloween 2018 with some chat about a Halloween favorite treat...that leads to breakfast cereals. Alex Jones is in NWO news and a shout out to the #SOBOTW Pod Subject: The Curse of Black Hope Cemetery Using an episode of Unsolved Mysteries, the boys examine what really happens when families move onto property that was once a cemetery...oh yeah, the bodies are still there. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


#317: Adam's Undercover Halloween Episode (Scream, Halloween, SOBOTW, and Dragoncon)

It's an old fashion chat fest...that Adam kind of turns into a Halloween show. The boys chat creepy real life deaths. Jp has some adventures at a county fair. Adam has a new gig. Plus, Dragoncon memories and the SOBOTW


#316: Ready Player One and Dated Song References (Taylor Swift, Journey, the 80's & That Hits The Spotify)

The boys both finally watched Ready Player One, they have some thoughts. It's a music episode so, Jp challenges Adam to a round of That Hits The Spotify, featuring acts playing around Nashville in the coming weeks. Pod Subject: Dated Song References From songs centered around outdated tech and travel, to pop culture references that might not be understood 20 years later. Adam and Jp chat some of their favorite dated songs. Email: Tweet:...


#315: The All Hallows Eve Pre-Show (Halloween, Adam's Ghost & Horror Films)

School is back in session, baseball season is in it's final weeks, and Halloween candy is in the stores. So, Adam and Jp dip into some Halloween fun with the first ever All Hallows Eve Pre-Show. Sure, it's August, but you know you love Halloween. Email: Tweet: @adamandjp


Bonus Episode: Intern Barrett Enters The Spider-Verse (Spider-Man, Marvel Comics and DC Movies)

This one is for you True Believers! It's a full Adam and Jp Show to wrap up Barrett's Internship. He is joined by Adam and Jp to discuss all things Spider-Man.


#314: Adam and Jp Get Serious(ish) (Alex Jones, US History & Constitution)

What starts out as a conversation about Alex Jones and freedom of speech leads to an episode like never before. email: Tweet: @adamandjp