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A podcast where three friends Jaime, Moe, and Nathan react to crazy stuff on the internet and have real conversations while budding heads. Come hang out and join the conversation, New episodes drop every Sunday.


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A podcast where three friends Jaime, Moe, and Nathan react to crazy stuff on the internet and have real conversations while budding heads. Come hang out and join the conversation, New episodes drop every Sunday.






The Aventures of ChaCha & Thoc: Part 4

Chacha and Thoc wake up in the Hag's clutches, chained to the walls of her lair. How will they escape this trap? Will they be able to face the Hag and come out on top or will their adventure end with their dead, greasy bodies in a Hag's cauldron? This is a wacky session, come along for the ride! Website:...


The Aventures of ChaCha & Thoc: Part 3

ChaCha and Thoc finally come face to face with the Hag and it is not quite what they expected. With danger and questionable mating practices abound, will our heroes be able to settle the town's debts and vanquish this menace? You'll have to join us to find out. Where the heck is jim? Website:...


The Aventures of ChaCha & Thoc: Part 2

Thoc and Chacha are deep into their first combat and it doesn't look good. The bandits clearly outnumber them. However! Jim the bandit had joined our heroes and has turned on his former compatriots. Will it be enough to turn the tables and seize victory over these bandits? Will Chacha ever get to hit with his firebolt? Will Thoc ever get laid??? Join us and find out. Website:...


Questing With The Guys: The Adventures of Chacha & Thoc - Part 1

Jamie, Moe, and Nate take a go at D&D. Let's introduce you to Thoc and Chacha, the two craziest bastards to ever grace the forgotten realms. In this intro adventure we explore the origins of Chacha and Thoc's unlikely partnership in their quest for booty! Things are about to get weird! Website:...


Oh... Chris Handsome!

The boys have a new project we'd like to talk to you about. That's right! We are starting a D&D mini series. Moe and Jaime have never played before. Let's see how messed up things get. I guarantee you we will be invited to join Chris Hanson on To Catch a Predator after this. Hey, which one of you guys is playing the booty warrior? Website:...


What about Neal Patrick Harris?

Dream Car What would you do with 10 Million dollars? Would you quit your job, buy a house, splurge on a dream car? The guys try to one up each other today with their crazy aspirations, death games, and sexy ladies. This is our longest episode yet so buckle in, put it on in the background and enjoy the sweet dulcet tones of Moe's voice as we work this out. Website:...


Happy Birthday Jaime!!!

Help us celebrate Jaime's 35th. He is an old man now and we have to give him some shit. Let's grab some tequila, maybe some vodka, and go to town. As always, we're sharing some funny stories. Thanks for joining us. Website:...


You Can't Trust Your Eyes

Can you really trust what you see or are your eyes playing tricks? Moe shares some stories from his past and we start to question his sanity. Paging Dr. Green Thumb! Not to be bested, Jamie reminds us how he had to suddenly buy a car to take his newborn daughter home from the hospital. Website:...


Six Months Left To Live

Welcome to the Almost Tomorrow Show, Winter Edition! We're freezing our bums off so you don't have to. In today's show we find out why Moe and Nate have questionable cold weather fashion sense and ask the question "What would you do if the world ended in 6 months". We are getting into the roots of human nature in this one. Thanks for chilling with us! Website:...


So is it Quest or a Mission?

Join us on a quest today, or is it a mission? Either way, you're in for a ride. We talk about doing stupid things with the guys, Nate learns what a $5 Holler is, and how we "attempted" to pick up women. Fake IDs, underage drinking, picking up women at the bar, and brewing your own prison hooch. This is not your mama's podcast. Website:...


Viva Las Vegas Baby!

The guys reminisce on past Vegas trips, Moe talks about his Vegas wedding and Jamie explains how to pick out the best showgirls on the strip. Join us for some ball kicking, self-amputation, and reality TV because anything goes in Vegas! Website:...


Happy 2022, The Robots Are Coming!

Happy New Year! In this episode, we talk about some of our unrealistic new year resolutions and how we plan on achieving or doing something like that. We get diet tips from the biggest member of TATS while discussing how robots are going to take over in 2022, don't worry we will soon all be in the meta-verse so will this matter anyways? Come join the conversation. Website:...


Happy Holidays From The Guys

Happy holidays! Whether you're celebrating at home or abroad, we invite you to take some time from the festivities to hang with the guys. Laugh with us as we retail you with stories from our Christmas past, present, and future. Its going to be one hell of a show! Website:...


"Moe's Getting Old or Is He?"

Moe is about to die. Come join us as we talk through Moe's existential fears regarding his age, why new music isn't as good as what you grew up with, castrated male choirs, living music legends, and much much more! Come along for the ride, we'll see you there! Website:...


Off The Top Rope with Angel Camacho!!!

LET'S GET DOWN TO TUSSLE! Today we sit down with Angel Camacho, an up-and-coming semi-pro wrestler. We talk all things wrestling: The showmanship, rivalries, and all the behind-the-scenes drama the public doesn't see. Come join us in the ring today! Jaime also tells us why he got snipped ... if you're into that. Website:...


Captain Nate's Thanksgiving Cruise.

Join us today as Nathan regales the guys with tales of his Thanksgiving getaway cruise destinations, the effects of COVID-19 on the cruise industry, and a peek into the darker side of things with cruise ship suicides. Not to be outdone, Jaime recounts the time he took a deep dive in a shallow lake. Come along for the ride as we get deep under the covers in this episode of The Almost Tomorrow Show. Website:...


Let's Talk Paranormal With Veronica Meek

Today we meet with Veronica Meek, an esteemed member of the Lakeview Paranormal group, to explore the world of professional ghost hunting. Join us as we talk about the highs, lows, dangers, and misconceptions of chasing down the paranormal. We discuss what evidence there is for the existence of spirits, get a behind-the-scenes look at real ghost hunting, and much more. Check out Veronica and Lakeview Paranormal: Or check out their channel on YouTube:...


The Guys Answer The Internet (Part 2)

Join in while the guys continue their conversation answering some of the internet's craziest questions. Check out the guys at: Website: (


The Guys Answer The Internet (Part 1)

Join us today where we tackle some of the internet's burning questions. Sex, love, and scat play; nothing is off the table. We get down and dirty here, come join us for the ride. Website:...


Stayin Alive In The Grocery Line

Join us this week where we break down the Japanese anime obsession with round eyes and high school guys. We also give a brief update on Alec Baldwin's situation and Nathan recounts the time he was almost accosted at a grocery store. To wrap up the episode, Moe triggers Nate's maternal instincts when he spoils the movie Bird Box and discusses adoption. Website:...