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Episode 107

Well this is it, what may end up being the biggest problem in the history of this show, the problem nobody wanted or saw coming: the end of shows. Sometimes shows run their course, and this is one of those times. After 107 consecutive episodes, this will be the final show for The Biggest Problem […] The post Episode 107 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 106

Heres our second best-of episode where we play the first-ever Weird Matthew McConaughey voicemail before we gave him the moniker, a classic Bono phone call and the origin of the go fuck yourself tag that started from a pattern of disparate comments and voicemail we received. Dick starts us out with Hoverboard Hoaxes and bemoans [] The post Episode 106 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 104

We open this weeks show with discussing the social media meltdown revolving around the word cuck. Over the weekend I made a simple meme that made fun of both major political candidates, as theyre both as likeable as a shot of bleach. Guess which side had a COMPLETE MELTDOWN? Turns out that these people, for [] The post Episode 104 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 103

We start out this show with voicemail like usual, which conveniently leads us to the first problemand definitely a problem of the first-world order: voicemail. Its obnoxious and the ones we play on the show are only a small fraction of the voicemail we receive. Maybe well make a supercut of voicemail that didnt make [] The post Episode 103 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 100

Happy 100th episode! Thanks for listening, and an actual, genuine thanks if you've purchased our bonus episode available now for low, low price of $1.33. If you haven't, what are you waiting for? A smart alecky comment? I hope so because that's what you just got. Welcome to the big one folks. The big 100. We've got songs, gifts, celebrities, and a bombshell problem from Sean, but first, we kick off the celebration with a scintillating argument about politics, race, and gun violence....


Episode 99

That's it ladies and gentlemen! This is the very last double digit episode. This is the very last time Sean will have not brought in a problem. This is the very last time alphanumeric sorting of our podcast episodes will be convenient. But if you think we're going to clear the 99th episode without a bitch being one, prepare yourselves because surprise special guest Asterios Kokkinos is back! Just kidding, I love Asterios. And he has a problem that will blow your mind. Maddox starts the...


Episode 98

Ever wondered what the podcast would sound like without Sean? You're going to love this one then. The Delete-o Bandito waltzes into the studio late in this episode with a drink in one hand and an excuse in the other, without a care in the world like he's pepper spraying student protesters at UC Davis. Just how late? You'll have to listen to find out. But speaking of protesters... I bring in Road Blockheads. Those morons who block the freeway for reasons of love, hate, or the love of...


Episode 97

There are only three more action packed episodes until everyone can finally have an opinion about the problem Sean brings in. Will it be hot stuff or horsepoop? Will it get deleted? Will it be about how no one helps Sean set up his audio equipment every week? There's only one way to find out! Special thanks to Harry’s for sponsoring this episode. Go to Harry's website and use the promo code “BIGGESTPROBLEM” when checking out to get $5 off your first purchase. This episode, I bring in...


Episode 96

It's time for another uninvited guest! This time it's famed "person who claims to be a DJ online" and star of his own Twitter account, DJ Tim Changzzzzz. Pew pew pew! If you love him, subscribe to his YouTube channel. If you hate him, subscribe twice so you can leave a mean comment on everything he produces; but know that if you do that, you'll be one of today's biggest problems. Maddox brings in ADHDD, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder. The extra D stands for DBPP or Diagnoses...


Episode 95

Stock up on your bags of sand and prepare for an informational flood of biblical proportions. Who shot JR? What's Kramer's real name? Fuller House sucks, right? These burning questions of our pop cultural era mean dog turd compared to the bombshell that is dropped at the end of this episode of the Biggest Problem in the Universe. And I mean the very end. You have to listen to the entire episode. But first... In this episode, we receive gifts in the form of brownies and cookies and, as per...


Episode 94

Like AC/DC we are back in black this week to round up the most controversial problem ever brought in on this show. Of course, I'm not talking about Being Black. I'm talking about friggin' Wallets. Dozens of passionate challengers called in to debunk Maddox's non-singular wallet lifestyle. Does he fold under the pressure? Or is the world about to be hit with a new fashion trend: Two wallets for show. Zero wallets for a pro. The post Episode 94 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the...


Episode 93

Lock your car doors, cross to the other side of the street, and give your back pocket a tap to make sure your wallets still there; weve got a very special guest on this week and were going to walk a mile in his shoes. Heads up, were going to get followed around a lot [] The post Episode 93 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 92

Several debates rage on in this episode: What is a stop? Are Q-tips still dangerous even if you dont shove them in your ear hole like youre loading a musket? Will Sean bring in a problem for the 100th episode or will he delete the hopes and dreams of thousands of fans? Or will enough [] The post Episode 92 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 91

Is there a doctor in the house? We're all going to need one after this episode because my Spidey/specious medical advice senses are tingling. But what set them off? I bring in the problem of Food Waste. Did you know one out of four calories produced in the world go straight into the trash? If only the same could be said of Tumblr posts, "think pieces", and celebrities. The world would be a much better place. It's even worse in the United States, where 30-40% of the food supply is wasted....


Episode 90

If you haven't purchased the most recent bonus episode for $1.33, none of this episode will make sense. Asterios Kokkinos is back! And this time he has a problem that will appeal to anyone who's ever thought of something and then expected to make a million dollars from it. Of course I'm talking about Unappreciated Creators. Imagine a world where the guys who created Superman and Wolverine and Ghost Rider are all homeless and giving hand jobs for sandwich meat in Battery Park. If that got...


Episode 89

If youre a fan of fuckface idiots, this weeks show is chock full of them due to the huge problem of affluenza. Its the phenomenon of rich people blaming their affluence on their inability to tell right from wrong. It turns out that being too wealthy can cushion you from things like consequences for your [] The post Episode 89 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 88

Asterios is back! And trying to impress a special lady friend while he's at it with his Wayne Brady-slaying comedy, his seductive Star Wars themed puns, and his erotic extreme-shouting about nothing. But he screws up by bringing in Last Call as a problem. If I was trying to impress a woman, I would have brought in a problem like Not Enough Celebrity Dancing Shows or Having Too Big A Penis, but to each their own. The post Episode 88 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 87

Sean is absent in this episode, stranded with his sticky icky in the Lands of Ass. He had a return ticket, but they deleted it. To make sure fans get the highest fidelity audio, I asked my Lyft driver, self-described "DJ of his generation", DJ Tim Changz to fill in. It was a huge mistake. The post Episode 87 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 86

Fans come bearing gifts in this episode; like the Three Wise Men of old, except instead of gold, frankincense, and mir, they come bearing cookies, DVDs, and a penis pump. If you're wondering why we're opening presents late, thank Maddox's old mail lady who should be replaced by a drone. The post Episode 86 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.


Episode 85

Welcome to episode 85. The one where I hate Star Wars. Mickey Mouse owes me 50 bucks or a night with Goofy. Did you spend too much on Christmas presents? I didn't, but boy did my life-coach, who schlonged himself for three grand when he planned to spend about a tenth of that. Learn your geography, kids. That's the lesson. It could save you a mortgage payment someday. Maybe my life-coach went to homeschool? The post Episode 85 appeared first on The Biggest Problem in the Universe.