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S5E4 Unoriginal Hashtag

Yes they're back! (and about as welcome as a second term for Donald Trump). In this delectable slice of idiocy, the boys have an argument over a facebook joke, decide it's time for a show-sponsored charitable initiative and discuss unfair taxes. Dr Norman tries to support a positive attitude to gender fluidity by using a pigeon rape metaphor and it doesn't really work. There's a rambling explanation as to why there hasn't been any Mirth for 6 months and talk of teenage...


Episode 5.3: 50% More Chaos

Oh my lord! In this skip back in time (quite literally, this was recorded 3 months ago FFS!), Dr Norman has a speech impediment (not drink related) and has face aids. Some bright spark has the idea for everyone to do accents... and it's about as ridiculous as you would imagine. Along with the normal shenanigans, there's dicks, blasphemy and for some reason, cock jousting. Poor old Stephen Hawking is dead, and they're still banging on about his dick. Finally Dr Norman gets distracted by...


Episode 5.2: We may have said this before...

Crumbs you are being spoiled! A new episode in under 3 months - what's going on??!! In this new instalment of what no-one is calling "the Tupperware of comedy podcasts" (no I don't know either), the boys are worried that they may be recording pretty much the same episode as the previous one as they were so drunk they couldn't remember what happened (and recorded this before S5E1 had been edited). We have the world's quickest conversation about vegans. Dr Norman knows surprisingly little...


Season 5 Episode 1: That was a bit of a wait!

Well that was a bit of a wait! Your forgotten favourite podcast is back - and it's like it never went away. In this delectable slice of Mirth: There's an argument straight out of the gate, and Dr Norman apologises to one of the artistes who contributed to the Christmas special... River saw the Human Centipede 3 and has an itchy bum (not related). The boys have had an idea for Christmas...and it's big! Dr Norman gets emotional and has questionable experiences with cats, there was an...


Christmas Special 2017

Merry Christmas Everybody! Yes it's back for one last festive fling of the year. Well we say festive - as festive as a conversation about the nativity, flat earth and w@nk socks can be... But there's more than just inane chit chat (although we know you love it) as this year, Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi treat you to the Casa Mirth version of "It's a Wonderful Life" - featuring a star-studded cast in a (not entirely accurate) remake of the Christmas classic. We hope you enjoy the...


Episode 4.4: The Casa Mirth podcast Show

Roll up folks! It's another episode of that podcast you easily forget you've missed so much! In this delicious slice of Mirth, River Zambezi takes over - and can't remember the name of the show. There was so much covered in the first hour it was difficult to keep up with note taking so let's just say that River and Dr Norman Trousers discussed a lot. It all gets a bit spiritual at one point, River "doesn't read the Daily Mail" and shouldn't be allowed pets. No sketches but lots of the...


Episode 4.3: Unplanned

What??!! A second episode in the same month?? What is happening here!? Yes that's right - the boys are back in this (appropriately titled) Unplanned episode of your favourite podcast. Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi went to a beer festival ...all day. An impromptu recording session ensued, with virtually no planning - and it probably shows. In this slice of aural carnage, there's arguments about making tea and mobile phones, talk of fantasy women and recollection of a very deep...


Episode 4.2: Home Alone!

The boys are back and they've been drinking in the sun for 6 hours - so things start off as you would expect and go downhill from there! In this cataclysmic episode of the podcast that's like your favourite uncle who never turns up to family gatherings, Dr Norman had a health scare a while back and has recently been home alone. There's an unexpected argument about a fart and a brief discussion about vaginal steaming. Dr Norman dreams of jamming in a music shop and River likes a careless...


Season 4 Episode 1: Here we go again!

Yes folks - the proverbial bad penny of podcasts is back with a bang! Apart from not knowing what they're doing, it's like they've never been away...ok so they never know what they're doing... This episode can best be described by a phrase that most men wish they could say; "It might be long, but it won't hurt". Ok actually it's more like "It'll be over before you know it". In this funtabulous episode, Dr Norman Trousers attempts a retrospective of 2016 focussing on celebrities who died...


Christmas Special 2016

It's that time of year again folks! Roll up for the biggest, daftest, star-studdedest Casa Mirth podcast Christmas Special ever! Dr Norman doesn't know how to pronounce David Bowie's name, 2016 has not been a good year to be a celebrity and the boys ponder the immortal question - who would win in a fight between Santa and Jesus? Bonn Voyage pops up for a quick Christmas conversation and Dr Norman and River discuss what happened in the years that they were born. Alongside this, there's...


Episode 3.5 Bonn Apetit!

Just before you go about forgetting these two idiots, the Casa Mirth podcast is back! In this delectable slice of audio pie, Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi are joined by a very thpecial guest - Bonn from the Bonn & Obo Show, also known as Bonn Voyage from Strange Times and HandShandy786 on Tinder. Bonn's raised the game a bit and this episode shows that the hosts can actually be quite intelligent, with some interesting discourse. Sort of. River still loves a pickle, the spectre...


Episode 3.3 - Insects and Robots

Here we are again with another episode of your favourite podcast! River Zambezi and Dr Norman Trousers are back for another slice of daft. In this offering, the hosts discuss bad hand writing and chemistry lessons. Dr Norman has written a rhyme like you've never heard before and there's an almost intelligent discussion on the (host's) discovery of masturbation. There's a beautiful apology to a fan and both hosts are quite irritated by the thought of robots having rights. Even agreeing...


S3E2 Plus One take Two (part 2)

Part 2 of season 3 episode 2 is upon us! In this conclusion, Dr Norman works with animals and there's talk of dolphin masturbation and turkey sex (don't act surprised!) We also check in on Casa Mirth's Film Club and the long awaited third episode of the best show ever to come from a parallel universe - From Within the Actor's Head. Facebook problems, bizarre pet jewellery and a controversial question finish up this second part of the best podcast that no-one listens to.


S3E2 Plus One take Two (part 1)

Well it's been a long time coming, but your favourite podcast is back! Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi are joined by a very special guest for what is only the second episode of the year (but on the plus side, it's a two parter). There's legal beagles, censored material and ninjas. In part one, there's talk of animal husbandry, Hitler and cheesy balls, as well as the Channel Mirth News. River laughs, the special guest gets really stuck into proceedings and Dr Norman has an...


Season 3 Episode1 : Rally the Troops!

Social media and booze breaks; very dubious discussions of a sexual nature; new quiz show Celebrity Brainwave and disaster! Join Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi in another bonkers episode of your favourite podcast! It'd be the best if you can spare the time to rate and review the show on iTunes. Check out for more show notes. Follow us on twitter @CasaMirth Enjoy the show!


The Christmas Special 2015

They're back. Yes, a very drunk Dr Norman Trousers (having had an afternoon of Christmas drinks at work), and the first person to ever attempt to perform a magic trick on an audio-only podcast, River Zambezi. In this festive spectacular, we find that River doesn't like pastrami and Dr Norman's never had a spam fritter. There's an update on (and a song for) Ralph, River's new saying doesn't go down too well and there's a bit of a dark revelation about Finding Nemo. There was a bit of...


Episode 2.6: Hysterical (part two)

They're back! Here it is, part two of the pant-wettingly funny final episode of 2015 (well apart from the Christmas Special...) To be honest, there wasn't much of a cliff-hanger to part 1, but to avoid mirth-overload we thought it best to split the episode in two. So here it is - number two. Literally. Yes, you won't believe the main subject matter of this smaller, but still (we think) hysterical chunk of Casa Mirth. In this laugh-gasm of epic (and just plain wrong) proportions -...


Episode 2.6 (part 1): Hysterical

Here it is folks! Episode 2.6 of the world's most infrequent podcast. The episode that was so long and hilarious, we had to cut it in two for public safety reasons! In this first part of what turned out to be a smorgasbord of hysterics, Dr Norman wants to play his ukelelebanjo because he wrote a song and there's talk of an interview which led to the show's first negative review. River nearly sharts and neither host agrees with participation medals. Finally a discussion about charity...


Episode 2.5: Gimme a 'D'

In yet another episode from the Halley's Comet of podcasting, we join Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi for more daft discussions and comedy gold. (ok white gold admittedly). In this show, an off-the-cuff comment leads to a disturbing discussion regarding sexual preferences (kind of), we find out that Dr Norman doesn't like mushy peas and has been refused booze again. The boys have been to a wedding (and got busted being a bit naughty), there's an elaboration on the tank paintballing...


Episode 2.4: Horny Dead Badgers & Dutch Ovens

They're back! After a bit of a break, Dr Norman Trousers and River Zambezi bring you another episode of your favourite podcast. A slightly different feel to this one as "the process" was changed for the pre-show prep, so not so many tangents to be found in this one (normal service will resume for 2.5). In this show - Dr Norman is home alone and River doesn't know what a dutch oven is. There's tales of extreme breastfeeding, toilet paper issues on planes, swearwords and "meh" words and horny...