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Comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson bring you adventures in storytelling. Grab a lawn chair and a coupla cold ones.

Comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson bring you adventures in storytelling. Grab a lawn chair and a coupla cold ones.
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Comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson bring you adventures in storytelling. Grab a lawn chair and a coupla cold ones.






The CrabFeast 344: Brandt Tobler

Call up Ronnie Huffendick because we are headed back to the Vegas strip with Brandt Tobler. No need for tickets we are sneaking into this week's ep and hearing about a bunch of other sneak ins. Brandt has always been a top requested guest and this week's stories are the reason why. He's a cult classic for Feaster Nation and we are stoked to have him in the final 5. #FTCF This week's episode is brought to you by... Christmas Party season is upon us! Which means...


The CrabFeast 343: Gareth Reynolds

We are down to the final 5!!! Can you believe that? We are doing are best to get the best guests possible but unfortunately this week we fell a bit short and ended up with the 2nd best part of The Dollop in Gary Reynolds!!! Amazingly he was heavily requested and we begrudgingly had him on and as always he surprised us! Such a great episode and no better way to close out November and start off the final 5. Thanks for all of your support and love! #FTCF Christmas Party season is upon us!...


The CrabFeast 342: Carl D

Carl D the Drama King is back. And with no surprise he takes us down some of his embarrassing highlights from growing up and adulthood. Carl isn't afraid to open up the past and we are always stoked to have him on. Please enjoy and share with friends! #FTCF Pre-order Ryan's new album "Get Ahold Of Yourself"...


The CrabFeast 341: Derek Crawford

We're knee deep in the final 10 episodes of The CrabFeast and we wanted to change it up a little bit so we invited a first-time guest on to inject a little youth into The Feast. Ladies and gentlemen...officially the youngest guest in Feast history... Derek Crawford AKA Ryan's stepson...GETCHA ASS OUT HERE! Ah, to be 15 again! We go on a trip down memory lane and Derek shares some really great moments and stories. It's awesome to be able to look back at a time when you were 15 and laugh...


The CrabFeast 340: Daniel Van Kirk

We're in the final ten and here is another fan favorite, as well as a favorite of ours, Daniel Van Kirk! Enjoy the episode and share it with your friends! #FTCF Nowadays you can get everything on demand, like our podcast for instance. You can get it whenever, wherever! And you can do the same with postage! All you need is With you can buy and print real US Postage for any letter or package. All available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just click Print, Mail...


The CrabFeast 339: Danish & O'Neill

Well, we are in our final ten! And we decided to mix it up. We decided to get one of our most-requested guests from over the years who has never been on the podcast! So, if you think threatening someone with a gun, rancid piñata parties and degenerate motel stories are worth a listen, then you’ll be excited for today’s episode with Danish and O’Neill! Please enjoy and share with people you consider friends! #FTCF


The CrabFeast 338: Karen Kilgariff

You asked for it, you got it! She got out of Sacramento, grabbed a 30 Rack of Keystone and swung by for one of the last 10 episodes. We are so excited to have Karen Kilgariff back on the podcast! She is our favorite murder and one of our all time favorite guests! You guys asked for her and we got her! Please share on all your social media! #FTCF


The CrabFeast 337: Jen Kirkman

You asked for it and you got it! We are in the final 10 and who better than the Great Ronnie Kirkman's daughter?! We are so excited to have Jen Kirkman back on the Feast to talk about some new costume choices! And some new Ronnie Kirkman stories as well as some great stories from that Mama on the Kirkman's. The countdown has begun and as we are sad to see The Feast go we are also excited to have so many great fans and great guests lined up to close this thing out! Please enjoy and share with...


The CrabFeast 336: Shawn Pelofsky

This week's guest is the wind beneath OUR wings. And she lifts up this episode. You are going to live this week's episode with Shawn Pelofsky. She may have been primed for the theater but the ship she set sail on took her in another direction, and boy are we glad for that! Please enjoy this fantastic episode and share across all your social media platforms!!! #FTCF #***** This week's episode is brought to you by... Zip Recruiter Hiring? Every business needs great people, and a better way...


The CrabFeast 335: Jake Kroeger

Remember the 40 year old virgin? Well how about the 30 year old kissing virgin? Yeah that's right! This week's guest Jake Kroeger has never been kissed. Sound amazing? Well how about the fact that he was left at a church because the Cartel was after his mother? Sound crazy? Well try on the fact that no one in Los Angeles knows more about comedy than him!!! This is a truly amazing ep and we hope you enjoy and share across your social media with friends. #FTCF


The CrabFeast 334: Josh Wolf

As dads we know that humor is abundant in our kids! But Josh Wolf knows that the older they get the better it gets. Josh also knows that the older HE gets the better the comedy gets. There is a downside though, like your body not working quite the way you would want and that's why every now and then you need to take a poop on your front yard! So many great stories in this weeks episode! Take a listen and share with your friends across all social media. #FTCF


The CrabFeast 333: Barry Katz

No you're not listening to a late night jazz session, that's just the smooth voice of this week's guest, Barry Katz. We have never had an episode more for our fans than this! Not only are you hearing amazing hilarious stories but these stories are about Tracy Morgan, Jay Mohr and many many other stand up greats! Barry has been a manager in the business for decades and has worked with some of the best names in comedy! Please enjoy this week's ep and share with your friends! #FTCF


The CrabFeast 332: Jay's Tour

Jay is heading out on the road to cities near you! Please enjoy this tour breakdown with some hidden stories throughout. It's just a quick reminder ep of his upcoming tour! Tickets are available at


The CrabFeast 331: Dave Stone

Whether you're driving or at home listening you'd be in the same place if you were this week's guest! That's because Dave Stone lived in a van for the majority of four years! No not down by a river! He could only be so lucky! More like near some homeless people and shelters! He's had more jobs than Ryan has cousins and he tells us a little bit about each one! This is an instant classic so please enjoy!!! #FTCF This week's episode is brought to you by


The CrabFeast 330: Ryan & Jay

The guys drop this mini ep to announce that The CrabFeast is coming to an end.


The CrabFeast 329: Live from Pet-A-Llama with Kate Willett and Rory Scovel

Find yourself a dumpster and get ready to build a boat because we are setting sail in Petaluma, CA with Kate Willett and Rory Scovel. This week's episode was recorded live at The Pet-A-Llama Comedy Festival. We love being in the same room with Feaster Nation for a podcast recording and this episode was definitely something special. Not only were we able to have two guests but they both knocked it out of the park. We recorded around 1:00 in the afternoon in a little basement bar with a bunch...


The CrabFeast 328: K.P. Anderson

I hope you like Soup? Because this guy was the show runner "The Soup" with Joel McHale! That along with a bunch of other great tv. But before all of that he was a stand up comedian and he ran with a great crew! KP Anderson is our guest this week as we discuss stand up back in the day, going from the stage to behind the camera and some other crazy stories that only happen to comedians! Take a listen and share with friends on social media or just email the people you like best, that's what...



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The CrabFeast 327: Earl Skakel

If you asked Earl what life was like growing up in Bel Air, he'd say pretty middle class. With neighbors like Sylvester Stallone and Kareem Abdul Jabar, Ry and Jay would say, "Bro! You were loaded!" But Earl Skakel wasn't loaded because he's been sober since birth. But when you hear some of the craziness he's gotten into in his life you'd swear he was as high as Kareem's sky hook. It's showtime on this week's episode, so make sure to share with friends and get the word out. #FTCF This...


The CrabFeast 326: Sandy Danto

Grab your sun tan lotion and bathing suit because it's spring break with Sandy Danto and we are headed to... New Orleans? Ok, cool, for one night? To do what??? This week's ep has some amazing stories from not only the great Sandy Danto but also from Josh Adam Meyers! That's right, possibly Josh's best appearance to date on the podcast! This ep has so much to it! Imagine reaching for allergy medication and taking Molly instead! That's what this week's episode is like. So listen and share it...