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Comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson bring you adventures in storytelling. Grab a lawn chair and a coupla cold ones.

Comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson bring you adventures in storytelling. Grab a lawn chair and a coupla cold ones.
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Comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson bring you adventures in storytelling. Grab a lawn chair and a coupla cold ones.






The CrabFeast 333: Barry Katz

No you're not listening to a late night jazz session, that's just the smooth voice of this week's guest, Barry Katz. We have never had an episode more for our fans than this! Not only are you hearing amazing hilarious stories but these stories are about Tracy Morgan, Jay Mohr and many many other stand up greats! Barry has been a manager in the business for decades and has worked with some of the best names in comedy! Please enjoy this week's ep and share with your friends! #FTCF


The CrabFeast 332: Jay's Tour

Jay is heading out on the road to cities near you! Please enjoy this tour breakdown with some hidden stories throughout. It's just a quick reminder ep of his upcoming tour! Tickets are available at


The CrabFeast 331: Dave Stone

Whether you're driving or at home listening you'd be in the same place if you were this week's guest! That's because Dave Stone lived in a van for the majority of four years! No not down by a river! He could only be so lucky! More like near some homeless people and shelters! He's had more jobs than Ryan has cousins and he tells us a little bit about each one! This is an instant classic so please enjoy!!! #FTCF This week's episode is brought to you by


The CrabFeast 330: Ryan & Jay

The guys drop this mini ep to announce that The CrabFeast is coming to an end.


The CrabFeast 329: Live from Pet-A-Llama with Kate Willett and Rory Scovel

Find yourself a dumpster and get ready to build a boat because we are setting sail in Petaluma, CA with Kate Willett and Rory Scovel. This week's episode was recorded live at The Pet-A-Llama Comedy Festival. We love being in the same room with Feaster Nation for a podcast recording and this episode was definitely something special. Not only were we able to have two guests but they both knocked it out of the park. We recorded around 1:00 in the afternoon in a little basement bar with a bunch...


The CrabFeast 328: K.P. Anderson

I hope you like Soup? Because this guy was the show runner "The Soup" with Joel McHale! That along with a bunch of other great tv. But before all of that he was a stand up comedian and he ran with a great crew! KP Anderson is our guest this week as we discuss stand up back in the day, going from the stage to behind the camera and some other crazy stories that only happen to comedians! Take a listen and share with friends on social media or just email the people you like best, that's what...



Come check out The CrabFeast Home Run Derby! 8/25/18 - 12pm Clover Park / 2600 Ocean Park Bl / Santa Monica, CA 90405


The CrabFeast 327: Earl Skakel

If you asked Earl what life was like growing up in Bel Air, he'd say pretty middle class. With neighbors like Sylvester Stallone and Kareem Abdul Jabar, Ry and Jay would say, "Bro! You were loaded!" But Earl Skakel wasn't loaded because he's been sober since birth. But when you hear some of the craziness he's gotten into in his life you'd swear he was as high as Kareem's sky hook. It's showtime on this week's episode, so make sure to share with friends and get the word out. #FTCF This...


The CrabFeast 326: Sandy Danto

Grab your sun tan lotion and bathing suit because it's spring break with Sandy Danto and we are headed to... New Orleans? Ok, cool, for one night? To do what??? This week's ep has some amazing stories from not only the great Sandy Danto but also from Josh Adam Meyers! That's right, possibly Josh's best appearance to date on the podcast! This ep has so much to it! Imagine reaching for allergy medication and taking Molly instead! That's what this week's episode is like. So listen and share it...


The CrabFeast 325: Chris Distefano

There are New Yorkers and then there's Chris Distefano and then there's Chris's dad!!! High school couldn't have been easy when your dad shows up to school and threatens to beat your principal to death. And Yankee games can't be fun when your dad asks you to pretend to be someone you're not for better seats. But now Chris is a good as his own? We're not sure. Let's just hope his child doesn't swallow another magnet while Chris is 12 beers deep on a TOOZDEE. Such great ep, be sure to...


The CrabFeast 324: Dave Ross

Dave Ross is back on the Feast and boy are we glad he stopped by! Let's just say he's the most unlucky lucky guy in Vegas, well at least with women. Going to the bathroom in public has never been easy for him but doing doughnuts in a police station parking lot has been. Oh and he tells us the most drunk he's ever gotten. How Drunk? Let's just say he blacked out for seven hours! Be sure to share on all of Social Media and #FTCF This weeks episode is brought to you...


The CrabFeast 323: Matty Fontana

We are getting some serious Boston love on this episode, unless you're the New Kids! Matty Fontana joins the boys in the studio and he's got quite the hot streak. Just ask Seal, no, not the mama, the singer. Or the old Lady at The Bel Air Hotel! "He's a smart one" this kid, just ask Don Rickles and Bob Newhart! This episode has a little bit of everything! #FTCF This week's episode is brought to you by... Summer is here and the beach, pool, and lake are calling....


The CrabFeast 322: Josh Nelson

You know it's always an honor to have All Juco Ryan Sickler in the studio but to have an actual Juco National champion?! I mean, come on playas!!! But that national title is just the tip of the male cheerleading pyramid. Just check the base and you'll find this week's guest, Josh Nelson. But he isn't embarrassed to be a male cheerleader, nor should he. But he might be embarrassed by his sleep-walking, or for his party hosting skills and for finding his way out of an awkward hook up. We had...


The CrabFeast 321: Vlad Caamano

Well, this week we find out that the Kentucky Derby ain't nothin compared to the "Kenducky Derby!" We sit down with Vlad Caamano and hear how he and Ry met at a diversity showcase. (Yes we know Ry isn't diverse.) But you don't need a horse or a duck if you have a '93 Civic like Vlad but just don't let his Dad see it because he's obsessed with them! So, set a pick and roll dirty on this week's episode! Take a listen and share on social media and then go get your "Kenducky Derby"...


The CrabFeast 320: Eleanor Kerrigan

Oh boy, look who's back! We are back in South Philly and just passed the typewriter shop to sit down with Eleanor Kerrigan and that was the best thing we did all week. As usual this episode never leaves the neighborhood and why would it if you were able to get into fights with mob tied chicks, kick it with bonafide safari animals and per the norm had 9 brothers and sisters to gossip about! As always Eleanor is instant gold!!! Have a great 4th tomorrow and be sure to share this week's episode...


The CrabFeast 319: Geoff Tice

Are you good enough to play division one college basketball? Neither was Geoff Tice. But were you bad enough to cut twice by the same coach at two different colleges? Not enough? What about catching wombats, meeting Dennis Rodman and Pete Rose in the same trip to Vegas and getting punched by a woman with a dudes name?! Tune in and share on Facebook, twitter and IG. Why not? Don't you wanna be cool? #FTCF This week's episode is brought to you by Brooklinen. Hands down the best sheets...


The CrabFeast 318: Jessimae Peluso

Hop on your horses and take your shirts off because we are riding with Jessimae Peluso on this week's episode. And if Horses aren't your thing she's bringing a pet monkey! Not hers and not to the podcast but she'll invite it to her sister's wedding!!! So take a listen and see how her excuse to sneak into meeting Gene Wilder went! And then share it with friends or on social media! #FTCF #***** This week's episode is brought to you by Birdwell. Summer is here and the...


The CrabFeast 317: Adam Lustick

Tune in this week for some hilarious stories from comedian Adam Lustick! If you enjoy the show, please tell a friend!


The CrabFeast 316: Neil Garguilo

If you have ever been to a Murder Mystery dinner theater then you may have seen this week's guest Neil Garguilo. Or maybe you were just a guest at a work conference and you happened to get punched by Neil? Well, either way you are going to love this week's ep as Neil takes us under cover into some amazing stories of how he "got started" in the business. This week's episode is brought to you by... Firstleaf, the only online wine club that uses your ratings to make...


The CrabFeast 315: Carl D

We hope you took some time yesterday to celebrate our troops and have a couple in their honor. You won't need any booze to get through this episode because one of our favorites, Carl D the Drama King is back. And with no surprise he takes us down some of his embarrassing highlights from growing up and adulthood. Carl isn't afraid to open up the past and we are always stoked to have him on. Please enjoy and share with friends! #FTCF This week's episode is brought to...