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DAS-October 1st, 2017 Jason Verners

Steve talks about surviving another apocalypse and Dave talks about his first dating experience in decades. They also talk about not discounting your gigs during Christmas time. Their guest this week is local rising star, award winning, Jason Verners talking about working his weekly show on a hibachi grill and his new project this year titled The Millenniall

DAS-Sept 23rd, 2017 Siegfried Tieber

Dave talks about his 19th birthday and the genisus of his love for the old fashion cocktail. Then Dave talks about a horrible gig he had and a great date last week. Their guest this week is one of this seasons FU winners Seigfried Tieber talking about him moving to Los Angeles and working with his mentor Jamy Ian Swiss and joining forces with Jon Armstrong.

DAS-Sept 2nd, 2017 Jamy Ian Swiss

Dave and Steve start the show with their thoughts on the Mcgregor Mayweather fight and then Dave talked about his 30th high school re-union where he appears and then disappears. Our Guest this week is the mulit faceted Jamy Ian Smith to talk about his beginnings in magic and his special cocktail. The Jamy Ian Smith Aviation Crème de violette, 1/2 oz Luxardo Maraschino, 1 1/2 oz Gin, 1/2 oz Lemon juice and 1/2 oz St. Germain Elderflower Liquer. Garnish with a cherry.

DAS-Aug 26th, 2017 Dean Hankey

This week Steve and Dave talk about the eclipse happening in Victoria and how dangerous it is to take a strolling gig after leg day at the gym. We are joined by the Dean Of Success himself, Dean Hankey giving us and our listeners some amazing advice to boost your success in business and life. As a gift to our listeners Dean Hankey has given us some FREE success products to enjoy. (FREE!) (FREE!)

DAS-Aug 19th, 2017 Eugene Burger Dedication

This week we remember one of the greatest magical minds of our time, a teacher, a mentor and a friend to so many, Eugene Burger.

DAS-Aug 12th, 2017 Jessica Jane Peterson

This week Dave starts the show talking about the many layers of the bee keeping past of Steve Hignett and him writing for the religion section of the newspaper. Dave then talks about the importance of exposing yourself to more things other that magic to make your magic better. Their guest this week is, fresh off of Penn & Teller’s Fool Us, Jesscia Jane Peterson talking about her life after running away to join the circus.

DAS-Aug 5th, 2017 Suzanne The Magician

Dave and Steve start the show by talking about the BC Wildfires causing a brown haze over beautiful Victoria British Columbia. Steve also brings up the fact that the Magic Castle in Hollywood will be out of NPH Old Fashions when he and Dave head over to LA after the 2018 PCAM. Their guest this week is Penn & Teller’s Fool Us winner, Suzanne The Magician.

DAS-July 29th, 2017 Krystal Lawrence

Steve talks about his encounter with a true luddite and how he and Dave embrace emerging technology. Dave talks about how he doesn’t know anything and how important it is to keep failing until you hit success. their guest this week is Las Vegas magician Krystal Lawrence, the resident magician at The Golden Tiki Lounge.

DAS-July 22nd, 2017 Julie Eng Part 2

This week Dave and Steve talk about creativity and getting to the proper mental state for the creative process. Steve suggests that the two of them head over to sensory deprivation tanks for research purposes. This week is the second half of our interview with Julie Eng.

DAS-July 15th, 2017 Julie Eng Part 1

This week Steve and Dave talk about Paul Romhany’s topical Vanish Magazine and the social media storm about it. Dave also talks about the magic annual cycle, starting to work on Christmas bookings in the summer and Dave and Steve do their annual call out for the highest paying day of the calendar year. Our guest this week is Julie Eng talking about some exciting new projects and her incredible work with the charitable arts organization Magicanna.

DAS-July 8th, 2017 Jen Kramer

Dave and Steve start the show talking about celebrating Canada Day. Dave then talks about the creative process and the importance of associating with fellow magicians and being a part of your local magic club. Our guest this week is the brilliant Jen Kramer calling in from Las Vegas.

DAS-July 1st, 2017 Dave And Steve

Steve talks about avoiding his barber and Dave talks about his journey to getting back into shape. Then Dave dives into the hard work of getting used to rejection and booking gigs. Dave also talks about how magicians get bogged down in the technique versus the effect on our audiences.

DAS-June 24th, 2017 Silly Billy

Steve is loving that summer has finally arrived in Victoria and Dave talks about his absolute love for Vancouver Island. They also dive into the taboo subject of fees and what to charge when you are starting out. Our guest this week is David Kaye aka Silly Billy talking about what kids find funny and the psychology of entertaining kids.

DAS-June 17th, 2017 Richard Osterlind Part 2

This week Steve starts the show talking about the break from all the sports going on, Dave talks about winning a recent magic competition. On part II of our interview with Richard Osterlind, Richard goes into detail about how he devoted one must be to be a mentalist.

DAS-June 10th, 2017 Richard Osterlind Part 1

This week Dave and Steve are joined in the studio by AMS CTO Justin Louie. Dave starts the show talking about his latest dry grad performance and dealing with audiences with ADD. They also talked a little about Will Tsai and his coin matrix performance on this year’s AGT. Their guest this week is Richard Osterlind talking about the difference between presenting yourself as a magician versus a mentalist.

DAS-June 3rd, 2017 Andrew Gerard II

This week Dave talks about the struggle of selling your magic to people that are not professional event planners and those that don’t understand the value of good professioinal entertainment versus cheap entertainment. They also have the second half of Dave’s coffee date with Andrew Gerard.

DAS-May 20th, 2017 Zanthura - 2017-05-20, 6.26 PM

Dave talks about his recent eduvacational trip to Central America with his daughters and how horrible the humidity can be for working on your card techniques. Their guest this week is the sister magic duo The Magic Of Zanthera, Heather and Sandra McNeill talking about their introduction into magic and how entertainment is a family business.

DAS-April 29th, 2017 Keith Fields

Dave starts the show by talking about his surprise attendance at the 2017 Pacific Coast Association of Magicians. After working through the obstacles that kept Dave away from PCAM, he arrived and brought the normal shenanigans with him. Their guest this week is Keith Fields talking about his adventures in busking and carving out an amazing show on the streets.

DAS-April 24th, 2017 Dave And Steve - 2017-04-26, 6.25 AM

Dave and Steve in the studio after Easter and the talk about their love of died hard boiled eggs. They also talk about Dave not being able to attend his favorite magic lecture and they talk about the difference between card juggling and card magic.

DAS-April 15th, 2017 Banachek

We start off the show by talking about Steve’s angry pimple and Dave talks about the importance of furthering your education and expanding your scope of learning. This week Banachek calls in from Las Vegas to talk about his fascinating childhood and his experience working with The Amazing Randi and fooling scientist out to disprove paranormal powers of the mind.