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Group of friends talk openly about dark and funny things, improvise comedy, play some music, and make each other laugh.

Group of friends talk openly about dark and funny things, improvise comedy, play some music, and make each other laugh.
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Group of friends talk openly about dark and funny things, improvise comedy, play some music, and make each other laugh.




Peaches and Cream

The guys are back and try to make up for a whole year of not podcasting. We cover too many topics to list, try to stay away from politics (and fail), and debut an episode of the Caribbean Court. This episode was recorded late March. Music for this Episode: Tom Waits - In Shades Download Episode|Vote for us on PodcastLand


Gigolos, Bax, and Wedding

The gang talk about the show Gigolos, Max and Mango’s wedding, JRE and flat earthers, and a bunch of other stuff. Uncle Bax drops by to tell us what’s been going on in his life. Music for this Episode: Populous - Bon Bon Pour Les Rappers Download Episode|Vote for us on PodcastLand


The Night Of (Max’s Bachelor Party) Part II

The long night of podcasting after Max’s bachelor party continues. We’re way more drunk and much less comprihensible. The first half is fairly free of any politics. Sandman talks about his fear of public restrooms, Cricket talks about the ephemeral nature of art, Vinny and Max get some things off their chest. The second half is all Trump talk. Vinny tries his best to defend our commander in chief, but Max and Sandman are having none of it. Cricket tries not to take any sides and does his...


The Night Of (Max’s Bachelor Party) Part I

We recorded for several hours after Max’s bachelor party. We were drunk, tired, and horny, but we stayed up all night podcasting. This is the first part, before it devolves into us drunkenly berating Vinny for being a Trump supporter. Stay tuned for that in the next episode. This episode is presented mostly unedited for that rawdog feeling that we all love. Music for this Episode: Charlie Bucket - Thrupence Download Episode|Vote for us on PodcastLand


Making America Great Again

Mr. Brown joins us again for some shennanigans, we talk a bit about travel experiences and then Vinny brings us some new and uncomfortable sponsors. Music for this Episode: Lone - Jaded Download Episode|Vote for us on PodcastLand


Post Election Discussion

Vinny and Sandman have a fairly serious discussion about President-elect Trump and what his presidency could mean for the country, some of our hopes and fears, and what we’re going to be looking out for. Stay tuned for Reverand Thompson’s reaction to the election at the end of the episode. Music for this Episode: REM - Bang and Blame Download Episode|Vote for us on PodcastLand


Max and Sandman

Vinny bailed on us, so Max and Sandman talk about some other podcasts, seeing Bobby Lee live, politics, a couple olympians, creepers getting massages, and sex tourism. Download Episode|Vote for us on PodcastLand


The Show Must Go On

This is not the last episode, but we just can’t do that many with how busy our lives have gotten. We’ll keep getting together every once in a while to put something out because we enjoy doing this as much as we hope you enjoy listening to it. This one is long to make up for lost time, and be warned, we get pretty serious at times. This was recorded the day after the Dallas sniper shootings. We talk Game of Thrones, Hillary and Trump, Cricket Leg joins us after a bit to talk about fatherhood...


Mattress, A Love Story

The guys are joined by a couple of mouthy broads who are crazy enough to ask the Dead Bedouins for some parenting advice. We share our wisdom and talk about child birthing, porn, tampons, the presidential candidates, and play a game along the way. This session is presented pretty much uncut from beginning to end. Check out their show and send your love to the ladies of the mouthy broadcast. The Mouthy Broadcast Music for this Episode: Nightmares on Wax - Fire in the Middle Download...


Elections, Deflections, Erections

The session with Cricket Leg continues. This week we get into Sandman’s new toy, the potential of virtual reality, Star Wars, the presidential hopefuls, race relations in the USA, Peyton Manning’s steroid use allegations, black holes, oh and Vinny recites a poem… Music for this Episode: The Lightning Seeds - You Showed Me Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand


The Return of the Cricket Leg

Cricket Leg joins us after a very long time for a special end of the year session at Max’s apartment. This is the first of probably 3 episodes from that session. We talk about all sorts of things, including Max Power’s hood-rat neighbors, Leo and the bear rape from the Revenant, why trailers suck, Amy Schumer, the book “S”, J.J. Abrams, Star Wars (with some very minor spoilers), Vinny rants about society and reddit commenters, TV shows, Adam Sandler and the Ridiculous 6, Lamar Odom, music,...


Gavin McInnes, Gay Donovan, General Tupac

We’ve got a Generation Oddcast sized episode for you today! We start off with a couple of jokes, share Vinny and Max’s good news, talk about recent perplexing JRE guest Gavin McInnes, have a riotous reading of another Gay Donovan scene, then we meet new guest General Tupac Shakur, talk to a new caller, and catch up with our old friend, the Dragon Slayer. Happy Thanksgiving DBP fans! Music for this Episode: Superpose - Silver Head Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand


Soap on a Ropa

Topics of discussion include the song Signs, the Civil War, interns at work, attractive geriatrics, Sandman’s last date, religion and evil people, the pope’s visit to the US, Donald Trump, ISIS, and some other stuff. Music for this Episode: Ratatat - Drift Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand


Gay Donovan and Booty Perfume

We are back after a couple of months of being too busy with real life shit. We premier the first scene of the new DBP show Gay Donovan, discuss some headlines that we missed while we were off including Jared and Donald Trump, Max tells us some scandalous stories from various philanderers in chiefs, Vinny talks about an uninvited guest he had at his house, and then we meet Booty Perfume, a very entrepreneurial pimp. I don’t know when the next episode will be, but probably not next week, so...


Mango, Bibi, and the Republican Candidates

The session from last episode continues as we talk about Orange is the New Black, the rapper Stitches, then the Sandman has a conversation with Mango and Bibi about relationships. After that, we roast a few of the republican presidential candidates. Music for this Episode: Broken Bells - Perfect World Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand


Obama, True Detective, and Carl Sagan Jr.

We’re back and recording in Max Power’s sexy new apartment in the heart of our nation’s capital. A perfect setting to get into some politics. We talk about the recent shooting in Tennessee, Obama’s interview with Marc Maron on WTF, the second season of True Detective and how it’s not living up to expectations, then Sandman recounts some more memories from his childhood in Pakistan. Finally, we are thrown into a conversation with Carl Sagan Jr. who won’t stop taking phone calls in the middle...


The Poon Hunt Continues

The guys talk about their sex life with their Asian girlfriends, we review Mad Max Fury Road, Cricket Leg tells us about his love for Flula Borg, we have a debate on the talents of Reggie Watts, Vinny complains about Amy Schumer not getting enough attention, doming comes up, The Streets, R. Kelly’s Trapped in the Closet, Elliot in the Morning, Eddie Murphy, and of course, Louis CK. Music for this Episode: Alabama Shakes - Don’t Wanna Fight Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand


The Poon Hunt

The start of a crazy session we had with Cricket Leg and new guest Parker, who serves as our legal counsel. I don’t even think we pause to take a breath on this one. It was a bit chaotic, we were a bit drunk, but there were a lot of laughs. We cover some unpopular favorite movies, Uber drivers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Caitlyn Jenner, Vinny’s wedding, and probably a bunch of other topics that we couldn’t stay on without getting derailed. Music for this Episode: Alpinestars - Burning...


Mr. Brown Goes to Washington (part 2)

The session with Mr. Brown continues. We bond by sharing our favorite types of porn with each other, Mr. Brown questions if he is racist because he doesn’t like black on black porn, then we discuss our favorite TV shows. Reverend Ray Thompson III makes an appearance with his reverend brother. Music for this Episode: Other Lives - Tamer Animals Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand


Mr. Brown Goes to Washington (part 1)

We have returning guest Mr. Brown on the show with Vinny and the Sandman. Max is off on one of his sex tourism trips to Mexico. The three of us discuss roofies, Bailey Jay, loud talkers, crimes of the mind, Mr. Brown’s new coworker, the 2016 presidential hopefuls, the middle east, gay marriage, and the Duggars, 19 Kids and Counting child molestation controversy. We also have special guest Satan who, as it turns out, is just a misunderstood fellow. The session with Mr. Brown will continue...