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Group of friends talk openly about dark and funny things, improvise comedy, play some music, and make each other laugh.

Group of friends talk openly about dark and funny things, improvise comedy, play some music, and make each other laugh.
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Group of friends talk openly about dark and funny things, improvise comedy, play some music, and make each other laugh.




Gigolos, Bax, and Wedding

The gang talk about the show Gigolos, Max and Mango’s wedding, JRE and flat earthers, and a bunch of other stuff. Uncle Bax drops by to tell us what’s been going on in his life. Music for this Episode: Populous - Bon Bon Pour Les Rappers Download Episode|Vote for us on PodcastLand


The Night Of (Max’s Bachelor Party) Part I

We recorded for several hours after Max’s bachelor party. We were drunk, tired, and horny, but we stayed up all night podcasting. This is the first part, before it devolves into us drunkenly berating Vinny for being a Trump supporter. Stay tuned for that in the next episode. This episode is presented mostly unedited for that rawdog feeling that we all love. Music for this Episode: Charlie Bucket - Thrupence Download Episode|Vote for us on PodcastLand


The Return of the Cricket Leg

Cricket Leg joins us after a very long time for a special end of the year session at Max’s apartment. This is the first of probably 3 episodes from that session. We talk about all sorts of things, including Max Power’s hood-rat neighbors, Leo and the bear rape from the Revenant, why trailers suck, Amy Schumer, the book “S”, J.J. Abrams, Star Wars (with some very minor spoilers), Vinny rants about society and reddit commenters, TV shows, Adam Sandler and the Ridiculous 6, Lamar Odom, music,...


Mr. Brown Goes to Washington (part 2)

The session with Mr. Brown continues. We bond by sharing our favorite types of porn with each other, Mr. Brown questions if he is racist because he doesn’t like black on black porn, then we discuss our favorite TV shows. Reverend Ray Thompson III makes an appearance with his reverend brother. Music for this Episode: Other Lives - Tamer Animals Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand

Highlight Reel 3

The third and last highlight reel till we return with new episodes. This one has everyone’s favorite Uncle Bax, impressions of Chris Hansen’s smarminess, and Sandman’s Tenga. Music for this Episode: David Bowie - Sound and Vision Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand

Highlight Reel 1

You didn’t think we’d make you go cold turkey without the DBP during this hiatus, did you? This is the first of three compilation episodes we’ll release where we highlight some of our favorite moments from the show. This one features Rodney Dangerfield, a story about a haircut, Althea Jackson, pubic hair grooming tips, and the Game of Thrones rapist. Music for this Episode: Los Lobos - Kiko and the Lavender Moon Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand

Wayback Wednesday

This week, we go back to episode 24 where we look back on our college days and what got us there, talk about some of our first jobs, then Cricket Leg joins us after the break. He brings some cigars for us to celebrate him becoming a new dad. We were actually eating in the middle of this episode…it really shows how far we’ve come. Music for this Episode: Kendra Morris - Banshee Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand


Roo Loving American Sniper

We talk to an Australian who has some interesting stories about how he met his wife in the outback and the unfortunate event that took his manhood. After that we get into a discussion on the American Sniper controversy and war movies in general. The chat with our Australian friend continues, then we give an update on the Dave from Generation Oddcast has challenged the DBP to out-gross the extremely disturbing Blowfly Girl’s Maggot Story that is read at the end of the...

The Forgotten Episode

This was from an impromptu podcast session Vinny and Sandman recorded early December 2014 that we never got around to releasing. We talk about work, the Serial podcast, marijuana, what kids are into these days, and the alleged gay gene. It’s a short episode. Music for this Episode: Local Natives - Ceilings Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand

Holiday Special 2014 (Part 2)

The new year party continues with the lady Bedouins as we discuss the most intimate details of Vinny and Bibi’s relationship, we talk a bit about cheap people and Miss Gilt’s manipulative moocher friend, bisexuality, then we get into Sandman’s dry spell, dating, threesomes (the good and better kind), infidelity, and finally our favorite topic…porn. We hope you’ve enjoyed having Miss Gilt, Mango, and Bibi on the show and we wish everyone a very happy 2015! Music for this Episode: The...

Holiday Special 2014 (Part 1)

We pulled off one last end of year session with very special returning guest Miss Gilt, Vinny’s finacee Bibi (aka Bibimbap/Noodles), and Max’s girlfriend Mango. The fun will continue with the second half of this session next week! Music for this Episode: Pretty Lights - Finally Moving Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand

The Beginning of the End

We evaluate a possible change of destination for Vinny’s bachelor party, then get into the future of the Dead Bedouins after our planned “final” 100th episode. We continue to tease Cricket Leg about resembling the Hound, almost ruin the movie “Gone Girl”, and read the insane plot of “A Serbian Film”. After the end credits, Vinny sings an improvised song that will forever prevent him from holding any kind of public office. Related Links: Wash Yo Damn Nuts, Tourettes Guy Compilation, The...

Uncle Bax, Chris Hansen, and Tweets

Uncle Bax returns to tell us some more stories from his very confusing life. After that, we discuss some TV personalities like Chris Hansen and Vinny tells us why he’s convinced that Hillary Clinton is a lesbian. We close out the show reading some tweets. Related Links: Homophobic Attack at Texas Airport, The Melting Music for this Episode: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Dear Believer Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand

#fortheloveofpod interview

Several months ago, we had the pleasure of being interviewed by Jake Calland of the #fortheloveofpod show. Some of you might not have heard it and since we’re off on vacation this week, this seemed like a good idea to post. We really appreciate each and everyone of you that tunes in each week to listen to our nonsense. Happy Thanksgiving! Related Links: #fortheloveofpod Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand


Cricket Leg, Interstellar, Poo Detective

Cricket Leg returns to join us on episode 70! We talk about DVDASA’s epic return, Max shows how little he knows about Twitter, the Sandman and Vinny review Interstellar, Cricket Leg tries to explain what gamer gate is about, and finally we continue the hit show Poo Detective where Bozeebus and Mama Zeebs wreak havoc in Michigan. But first, we take a call from the Dragon Slayer. We’ll be taking next week off. Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the turkey and familial alchoholism! Related Links:...

Improv Sketch Compilation 3

For our third improv sketch compilation, we’ve got Uncle Bax, Antonio Janitorio, Althea, Frank Underwood, Rich Hedberg, Dimitri, Gordy Sinclaire, and Papa Giorgio. We’ll be back next week with with Cricket Leg. Don’t forget to check out the melting pod! Related Links: The Melting Music for this Episode: Broken Bells - The Mall and Misery Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand

Melting Pod, Haircuts, and Panties

We officially announce our allegiance to the new Melting Pod network! We talk about some of the shows on the new network and where it came from. Vinny tells a hilarious story about an awkward incident with his future in-laws. We talk about our experiences getting haircuts. After the break, we go back to the drunken remnants of our last session where Vinny tries a new take on News with Vinny, we analyze a recording of a cop trying to bust someone for possession of weed, and then close the...

Waiting for Vinny

It’s the Max and Sandman show again. This is from the same session as our last two episodes, but before Vinny arrived. We talk about living in San Francisco, women’s sexuality, James Cameron, Steven Seagal, Pink Floyd, recent guests on Joe Rogan, the eating habits of bears, and ancient civilizations. Related Links: Steven Seagal - Kill Switch Clip Music for this Episode: Swans - A Little God In My Hands Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand

Dominican Republic and Joan Rivers Roast

The drunken session from last week’s episode continues. We talk to AJ Lopez, an anti-bullying advocate. Max Power reports on his recent trip to the Dominican Republic. We talk briefly about the Scottish referendum vote that failed. Then, a Scottish comic roasts Joan Rivers. Music for this Episode: Radiohead - Weird Fishes / Arpeggi Download Episode | Vote for us on PodcastLand

The Fappening, Poo Detective, and Guardians

There was some drinking involved in this episode. Nobody got hurt, but there’s a lot of yelling and laughter. We talk a bit about Joe Francis (of Girls Gone Wild) and Max Hardcore (dirtbag pornographer), toss an idea around about a possible Pink Floyd themed podcast inspired by U Talkin’ U2 to Me, then get into the celebrity nude pic extravaganza known as “the fappening”. That leads to a discussion on Guardians of the Galaxy and other movies which continues after we debut a new scripted...

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