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A show that covers the SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK 'N ROLL lives of the people that are still up while all the wholesome people are sound asleep! Hosted by Patrick Jolle and night club promoters from, Nick (AlcoholNIK), Erran (SoFain) & Zach (T)

A show that covers the SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK 'N ROLL lives of the people that are still up while all the wholesome people are sound asleep! Hosted by Patrick Jolle and night club promoters from, Nick (AlcoholNIK), Erran (SoFain) & Zach (T)
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A show that covers the SEX, DRUGS, and ROCK 'N ROLL lives of the people that are still up while all the wholesome people are sound asleep! Hosted by Patrick Jolle and night club promoters from, Nick (AlcoholNIK), Erran (SoFain) & Zach (T)




Devil's Business Ep. 51

We're back! Patrick sits down with So Fain and talks about what happened to the podcast and where it's going. We discuss YouTube's monetization policies and why eating with women can be annoying. We also introduce a new segment, where the guys give advise and answer lives questions. The Vent/Rant include: So Fain's "Fucking Monetization!" story Patrick's "Fucking Ordering with Women!" Advise include: How to get a husband and child while being transgender. What YouTubers would you...

Devil's Business Episode 49

Blue Balls Would Have Been Better Episode. The guys are joined by Patrick's comedy partner Matthew Lumpkin. They share stories about sex that's gone wrong and discover their love of Scott Bakula! Also we have more "Tinder Wins of the Week!" Stories Include: Matty's "Dying Ostrich" Patrick's "Who Takes Off a Raincoat in a Rain Storm" Erran's "Hershey Kiss" The Vent: Matty's "Fucking Windows!" Patrick's "Fucking Why-ning!" Patrick's "Fucking Old Food!"


Devil's Business Episode 48

#HotGirlProblems Episode. In this episode the guys are joined by calendar model Sibahn. She covers topics from classic "Facebook creepers," to the very popular "Dick Pics!" Also we start a NEW SEGMENT called "Tinder Wins of the Week." In this segment the guys share funny Tinder profiles and swipe right. Show Order: Tinder Wins of the Week Facebook Don Juan Dick Pics The Vent includes: Erran's "Fucking Facebook Couples!" Patrick's "Fucking Say HELLO memes" Sibahn's "Fucking Unwanted Fit Fam"


Devil's Business Episode 45

The Celebrity Encounters episode. The guys share funny stories about their run in with fame. Some of them have good encounters with celebrities. Some have bad encounters and some just get awkward. Enjoy! Stories Include: Erran's "Fallen Angel" Patrick's "I'm Buddies with Dave Navarro" Nick's "Brian McCann's Intro" Erran's "The Nick Lachey Incident" The Vent: Erran's "None Service with a Frown" Nick's "Email Me, Texted Me, Leave Me"


Devil's Business Episode 44

The FEARS episode. The guys start the episode with a dedication to Brooke Holleman, whom they lost this week. Then they jump right into sharing their deepest/irrational fears! Stories Include: Erran's "Brooke's First Date" Patrick's "Fear of Small Mexican Women." Nick & Erran's "Fear of Spiders." Nick's "Fear of Being a Passenger." Erran's "Fear of Fish." Zach's "Fear of Being Found...?" Vent: Patrick's "Frankenstein's Monster!" Nick's "Know-It-All Middle Age Women!" Erran's "Christmas...


Devil's Business Episode 43

Dating Rock Bottom episode. The guys of My Favorite Sin are joined by new comer A.J. and discuss the finer points of dating bad prospects. Zach (T) rejoins the show for the first time this season and takes over The Vent segment, to bitch about fantasy football and managing. Stories Include: Nick's "18 & Lobster To GO" Erran's "Dine & Dash" Patrick's "Homeless to Hollywood" A.J.'s "Did Anyone Get the Number on That Camry?" The Vent: Erran's "1800s" Zach's "Fantasy Football" Erran's "I'm a...


Devil's Business Episode 41

The Nick episode or "Picky Nicky Nostrils and His 9 Nasty Nose Pickers!" In this episode the guys put the spotlight on Nick for his birthday and share embarrassing about him. This episode could also be used as a caution to all who meet Nick to better understand him. Stories Include: Erran's "Holiday Asparagus!" Patrick's "Nick Doesn't Get Banged!" Erran's "2000 CC's of Awkward!" The Vent includes: Patrick's "Fucking Babies as Profile Pictures on Facebook!"


Devil's Business Episode 40

Faking an Orgasm episode. The guys discuss the subtle art of faking an orgasm as a male. Nick admits he's never faked one and the guys don't let him live it down. They also open up about their group slang known as the "Fictonary." Fictonary Submissions include: "Flaired up" "Gay Sex" "Hobo-phobia" Stories Include: Erran's "This McNugget Doesn't get Dipping Sauce" Patrick's "Dick-topher Reeves" The Vent Nick's "Kaiser Perma-Nazis" Patrick's "Fuck All State" Erran's "Fuck School Transit"


Devil's Business Episode 39

Foot in the Mouth episode. The guys tell stories about digging a hole and putting their foot in their mouths. And Patrick discovers he's truly an asshole. Stories Include: Patrick's "I'm an Asshole Nick's "Worst Interview Ever" Erran's "In Case of Emergency; DOUBLE DOWN!" The Vent: Nick's "Cut off in Traffic" Patrick's "Throwback Thursdays" Erran's "George RR. Martin"


Devil's Business Episode 38

Drunken Injuries episode. The guys are joined by "Dirty Rotten Rides Girl" Kristin Krush and share drunken nights that ended in the Emergency Room. Stories Include: Kristin's "Here comes the Drunk" Nick & Patrick's "The Nick Bone's connected to the... Oh wait, It's Not" Erran's "Tequila Superman" The Vent: Nick: Fucking FIFA Patrick: Fucking Facebook Lovers Kristin: Fucking Tattoos, not Tats Erran: Fucking Patrick!


Devil's Business Episode 37

The Blackout episode. Guys invite Kyle "The Red" to join the show and share some crazy stories about what happens when you get blackout drunk! Also the NEW segment called "The Vent." "The Vent" lets the guys bitch about whatever they wanna get off their chest. Stories Include: Kyle's "Tijuana Go to a Donkey Show?" Nick's "It's Blackout in this K-hole" Kyle's "She's Not a Urinal but Close Enough" The Vent: Zach's "José Blanco?" Patrick's "Asian Drivers" Erran's "Everyones a Model" Nick's...


Devil's Business Episode 36

You're Never Too Young to Party/Underage Drinking episode. The guys tell hilarious stories about underage drinking and the problems that transpire. Stories Include: Nick's "I'm 19!" Patrick's "Who Made This Cat a Gunner?" Zach's "I'm Fiinughn" Erran's "Oh Shit, Tequila!"


Devil's Business Episode 35

Meet Brad episode. Sofain brings in an old nightclub promotion friend from Florida to join the podcast and share legendary stories from their promoting past in this episode. And by the sound of it they haven't changed their ways! Stories Include: "You're Grinding My Gears" "Tastes Like Booty in the Glass" "Stinky Jeans"


Devil's Business Episode 34

The Adventures in Babysitting episode. The guys share stories about having to babysit drunken friends. Stories Include: Erran's "An Now I Revel My Superpower" Patrick's "One House Automatic" Zach's "Wake Me Up When You're Ready to Go Go" Nick's "Sleepy Time Asphalt"


Devil's Business Episode 33

I Might Be Crazy episode. The guys share stories that don't necessarily paint themselves in the best light and might make themselves look less than sane. Stories Include: Erran's "You Want Some More?!" Zach's "Don't Talk to My Slut That Way" Patrick's "There's More Than Crazy In That Bag"


Devil's Business Episode 32

The Saints & Sinners Comedy Tour Album Release episode. Nick (of My Favorite Sin) takes over the hosting job as the guys of "The Saints & Sinners Comedy Tour" (Matthew Lumpkin & Patrick Jolle) tell crazy road stories from over the last 8 years of touring together. Stories Include: Patrick's "Punch Me in the Face" Matty's "Fallin' and I Can't Get Up" "Did I do That?" Stories Include: Patrick's "Sleeping with the Fishes" Matty's "Friday Night's Alright for Fighting"


Devil's Business Episode 31

Bitches Be Crazy Part II Episode. The guys share some more crazy stories about girls from their past. Stories Include" Nick's "Triple Combo" Erran's "Naked Zombie" Patrick's "Catfished" Nick's "Seeing Stars"


Devil's Business Episode 30

Awkward Sex Stories episode. The guys share stories about embarrassing moments in their sex life! Stories Include: Erran's "I'm Wearing One Right Now" Zach's "Chronicles in Narnia" Patrick's "You're Not Going to Fuck Aunt Genie" Nick's "SURPRISE, Butt Sex"


Devil's Business Episode 29

The "Fuck You, Cupid" episode with DJ Dack Patrick! Dack shares a story about getting incarcerated in Italy! Then the guys discuss horrible 1st date stories! Stories Include: Dack's "Thank You, NYPD" Nick's "Acid Influx" Erran's "She Said YES!" Patrick's "We Todd"


Devil's Business Episode 28

The Threesome Episode. The guys discuss internal monologs about talking themselves into a 3-way and share some funny semi successful threesome stories! Very funny! Stories Include: Zach's "Interracial Threesome" Nick's "Double Booked" Patrick's "Almost had a 3-way" Nick's "Yeah, I'm In!" Erran's "The Devil's negotiations" Patrick's "I Might Pork with this Pig"